Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Four turn-offs.

Huh???? Clueless.

  1. If "turn-off" means making me mad, I hate it when people use stereotypes.
  2.  Another thing that turns me off is when people say certain things aren't a sport, like cheerleading, (many guys don't think that's a sport) luge, (*COUGH* Nathan *COUGH*) and many others. 
  3. I strongly dislike people who are over-dramatic, and I just hate it when people lie straight to your face, and you know they're lying and you're trying so hard to keep yourself from screaming at them.
  4. Yeah... ^^^Like that^^^............. another thing is when I sing, you CANNOT step in the bubble, which normally has a twenty-foot circumference and I can't sing around tiny groups of people because it makes me EXTREMELY nervous. But, because of Fine Arts, I have to just get over it, let the bubble be only 15-foot circumference, (but the bubble still exists, guys, so I'm serious, DON'T step in it) and minimize the amount of people I sing in front of. I call this a turn-off because it turns off my voice when people are in the bubble or paying attention to my singing. Yes, unlike many people, I'd rather you not pay attention while I perform anything--- ESPECIALLY human videos.
So yeah... quite an awkward challenge because I barely knew what they were talking about by "turn-off", but oh well.
I got this from Kayla's blog:

"That was funny, but I don't like you, so I'm not going to laugh."

Ahh.... good times.

"The time I'm wasting can't say where I've been..."

PS: I'm skipping the next challenge because I don't understand it.

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