Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What You'll Need For National Fine Arts

Hey y'all! I've missed blogging on here, and I want to say I was too busy to blog, but if you've seen my Tumblr, you know that's not true. Now you know why I used to be so against Tumblr? It's addictive, and it's ruining everything--- my novel-writing, my songwriting, my blogging, my piano, my violin, my summer reading, my arts and crafts, my math (I'm kinda homeschooling myself right now to prepare myself for freshman year), my science, my SAT prep, my Olympic watching, my vocal solo--- everything. Why? Because I'm on freaking Tumblr all day!

I've had all kinds of post ideas, but... Tumblr is ruining everything. There's also an entire playlist of DIY things on my YouTube, so while I'm gone, I might schedule them to publish. But as of now...

National Fine Arts Festival is like, the Comic Con of the Assemblies of God (which, I've never been to Comic Con... and this year I really wanted to go)--- everybody goes. It's more than just competing for scholarships, bragging rights, callbacks, and eternal spots on the Top Ten board on the website. It brings us, the youth of the AG churches all over the nation, together as one big happy family. If you could just see us in the hallways.

Only at Fine Arts can you start to play Ninja with four kids from your church and end up playing with forty other kids that you don't even know. Only at Fine Arts can the entire city be full of Christian teenagers and pastors. Only at Fine Arts can you sing about God and no one look at you weirdly. It's just Fine Arts, and what makes it awesome.

Well, this year, we're hitting Louisville, Kentucky. In less than a week. Be prepared for a lot of T-shirts, nights on the town, and callbacks (if you've been practicing hard enough). And... it's taking forever to type this. Yes, I'm on Tumblr.

So, here's what you'll need to have on you:
A suitcase (not included in the picture, due to not being able to get a suitcase out of the closet without making a mess), a bag to carry to and from the convention center (the gym bag), an over-the-shoulder purse for the ladies, and a folder.

In your suitcase:
You might want to take your hairbrush to the convention center in your convention bag, but start out with putting this stuff in a suitcase. A lot of this you may want in your beach bag for when you swim. The olive oil is great for getting out chlorine, so in case you can't take a shower right away, it softens the chemical's effect on your hair. And make sure you comb when your hair is wet, using the wide teeth first, blow drying a little, small teeth, blow drying a little, Perfect Results oil-stuff, blow drying, paddle brush, air dry, bristle brush. And the sheen hairspray is great for heat styling protection once your hair has dried.
You gots to keep dat mouth CLEAN! This is especially important for you singers out there--- I've found that mint and a clean mouth helps my voice be more articulate and have better tone quality. Plus, who doesn't like fresh breath? You're gonna be sitting in a car or plane (maybe trian) with people all up on you, and you don't want to smell like last night's omelet. Trust me--- After Phoenix 2011, on my plane a kid had garlic breath, and it was miserable (we had to get up at three, so I didn't brush my teeth either). If time allows, throw in that extra step to eliminate odor.
Guys, you're bound to swim, and unless you're there for General Council, Kids Council, or National Youth Convention, you're bound to compete. And when I say guys, that means BOTH GENDERS. So, don't you wanna look cute, ladies? And guys, don't you wanna look put together for the band performance? What I love about straightening irons is you can curl, crimp, or straighten whereas with curling irons you can only curl. And they help you look like you never even wet your hair. And this iron specifically is great because it gets hot quick (like, two minutes kind of quick) and it doesn't get too hot. So all hair types can use it--- really. Remember, as white as I sound I am a black girl, and my hair is coarse and thick. And this works great on me. So: Get a cool-temperatured straightening iron.
Earrings are glamourous. If you're like me, your ear holes are beginning to close up because you never wear them! So, NFAF is a great opportunity to get back into it! With a lot of nights in the city, don't ya wanna look like you belong there and not like a fanny-pack tourist? That's what I thought.
These are shirts that show the city I'm from specifically. These are community service shirts, my home school (Wayne High) shirt, my gymnastics shirt, and my actual school shirt. The gym shirt isn't really relevant, considering I'm not doing a worship dance or human video. But it brings back memories (if only a few things happened differently and I'd weighed a little less and had been a little shorter, I would have a chance of representing the U.S. in Rio in four years. But whatever).
I gotta admit, some of these shirts are inappropriate--- I wear wife beaters, crop tops, shirts that are cut in crazy ways, shirts that reveal skin below the belly button, and shirts that would otherwise be see through without a tank top. So bring a few.
Maxi skirts and aztec-styles have totally been in this summer. So bring that bohemian vibe with you. These skirts are as comfortable as pajamas, but way cuter. And if you're gonna be living in T-shirts this week, why not wear something cute?
No kidding, it's gonna be hot. But those days inside the convention center or your hotel room are bound to be cold. So do yourself a favor. Get yourself some skinnys, boot cuts, and colored jeans.
HATS! They're so cute, and every hat has a story here. I need a green hat--- as you see, where normally the green Olympic ring would be, I have a light blue hat (come on... it was the closest shade to blue I had... I deserve some credit) and where the yellow ring should be, I have orange and yellow. So, the dark blue I got from my Aunt Rose (she was on the 1996 United States Olympic Commitee) and it is two years old, which I got it in Atlanta. The black one I bought myself, and it is my favorite so far. My pink one was my first and it is three years old. My light blue one was my second, I bought it at a thrift store in North Carolina, and it is two years old. The orange one I bought at Phoenix 2011 and it is almost one year old. This year I plan to buy another one. These come handy because I never wear sunblock (I don't want cancer, but I do want a tan, so I usually just cover up the skin that is most likely to burn), and they're like a tree that follows you.
I couldn't find my rainbow pajama pants, so here's an old sixteen-year-old polo from Atlanta 1996 that I wear to bed. My Aunt Rose gave me this. You know, she was on the Olympic Commitee so I kinda have an entire box of this kind of stuff.
I love doing my nails. If I want to spontaneously change up my colors or just have fun with the girls, it's nice to have my nail bag with me. Remember nail polish remover!
A nice outfit for when you just want to sit by the pool but not get in. Also nice for a laid back day around the city.
Everybody needs a pair of Converse, boy or girl. You're gonna be walking all day, every day for a week--- you need something comfortable that protects your feet. Graphic tees add that edgy feel, along with shorts and neon leggings. This outfit was inspired by this.
MORE SHOES! Heels, wedges, gladiators, flip-flops, Converse.
Socks are so important if you're gonna be wearing Converse or tennis shoes.
Most churches will want you wearing a one-piece bathing suit, but I could only find this tankini. And guys, I'm really not that fat--- it's supposed to flow like that.
It is so important to feel clean and smell fresh. It's summertime, and you're gonna sweat. Plus, I always feel shy and awkward when I feel less than fresh. "Are they cringing inside because of me?" "Do my armpits fill the room with sweat?" So it keeps me from doing what I want. So, deodorant is a must. That goes for you, seventh grade boys. And lotion is a great aftershave. A shimmer spray makes you look glamourous for your performance, and a normal perfume is great for the whole week.
This Neutrogena Acne Wash works so well! My skin is really clear because of it. And no, my skin isn't clear because I'm prepubescent---because I hit puberty a LONG time ago (I was nine when I started my period)---but probably because my mom didn't have acne growing up. My dad did, s I'm still rather acne prone. If you have time, use a peeling mask to help get rid of callback stress. A toner removes excess mask or face wash.
Don't forget your razors, guys and gals! Don't forget shaving cream or body wash, either!

In your convention bag:
Gotta accesorize your hair!
Make sure you have a Bible and notebook. You're gonna want to remember the sermons you've heard. And when you're sitting around your hotel room, why not read your Bible a little?
Make sure you have some books with you. I included "Sixteenth Summer" because I'm almost done with it and "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen because it is a huge book to keep me occupied on the road. And every youth group has that one kid that is either crazy or annoying. You need something to keep you occupied.
Music feeds the soul. Some songs I downloaded for Louisville are: "Begin Again" by Measure, "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry (don't laugh), "Wonderwall" covered by Landon Austin and Chad Sugg, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" covered by Donny Osmond, "Echo" by Jason Walker, "I Am the Doctor" by Murray Gold, "Follow Your Heart" by The Good Mad, "Anywhere Place" by Katie Costello, "Lay Your Head" by Athlete, "Superhuman Touch" by Athlete, "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray, "Happily Ever After" by He Is We, and "With You I Never Lose" by Athlete.
If you forget to bring this, you are DOOMED. If you're a dancer, BRING YOUR LEOTARD (yes, it's a gymnastics leotard, but hey, I was a gymnast, not a dancer). If you're a solo musician, BRING YOUR DRESS OR SUIT. If you're doing a sermon, BRING A BUSINESS CASUAL OUTFIT. If you're in a band, wear something epic (it really depends on the genre you choose). If you're in a human video, WEAR YOUR UNIFORM WITH A UNITARD UNDERNEATH.

And if you have room, put your purse in this bag so you don't lose it.

In your purse:
Keep the colors natural. Put on just enough to feel decent, moisturized, and glowing. You don't need to attract any hot guys at a Christian convention.
You might need to blot your lips every once in a while, so make sure you have a pack of tissues with you. Plus, what if your nose starts running?
The fun thing about AG youth activities is that, even if you never go back to camp, you will always run into your friends from camps, conventions, retreats, and DFAF. Therefore, you want your hands to be germ-free! No one wants to come down with a fever in the summertime.
Keep dem eyes protected! Seriously. You don't want to hurt your retinas.
You should see yourself in the mirror. You'll have one in your room, but it's nice to have one on-the-go.

In your folder:
Everything I could have possibly missed is on this list. make one for yourself, according to what church you go to, what events you do, and how long you're staying.
Yes, those are the chords to "Excuses" by Deas Vail. Remember to bring your lyrics if you are a songwriter, in a Christian Band, or on the Worship Team. It's not worth losing two points over a sheet of paper.
If you're in a drama, you might want to study your script a few hundred more times to make sure it's flawless!
The previous year's schedule gives you an idea of how many people might be up against you and what workshops might be offered.
ONCOURSE is always conected to the schedule, but bring an old one just for the memories (:.
BRING YOUR SCORESHEETS and make sure to bring a paper from a self-evaluation! The best critique you can get is from yourself (because YOU are the most critical judge), so a self-evaluation paper is necessary. And your official score sheets are reminders fo what you should have worked on, and good tips for when you're about to get going.
Bring a list of the things you want to do to prepare for next year and little words of encouragement for yourself (don't ask why I wrote "Jesus, I love you").

So! This is what we'll need! Are YOU going to Fine Arts? Let me know so I can see your performance!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Womens' Music: Megan and Liz

Name meaning: Their names are Megan McKinley and Elizabeth Morgan. Megan's name goes first for the way it sounds/looks and because she is one minute older than Liz.

I first discovered Megan and Liz in the summer of 2011. I saw them in my subscription suggestions and figured I'd just subscribe to their YouTube. I didn't listen to any of their stuff until like, October. Then I heard their cover of "Stereo Hearts" by the Gym Class Heroes (which was a nominee for "Best Cover of 2011" in the Blogspot Awards!) and was like, "These twins are awesome."

Genre: Pop

Though these girls are twins, they make me wish we were triplets!

Don't you love Megan's hair? She's the one playing guitar. I've tried that hairstyle so many times... it's not even funny.
This song reminds me of the feeling I get when I have to unpack. I'm thinking all these memories. "Here I go, randomly thinking about you."
This song is cute. Not my favorite, but still. It's got a good point. People used to think of love so differently. Nowadays it's all about um... must I have to say it... sex and rushing things and hardly anyone stays married anymore. People treat marriage like getting a boyfriend/girlfriend and divorce like a breakup. It's not even sacred anymore. But, their point is a little more fluffy than that, I'm just overanalyzing again.
This is probably one of the most beautiful songs and videos I've ever seen. Megan and Liz's writing is usually not that deep, but this song is just plain beautiful.
This song describes my relationship with Andrew Garfield.
I love Boyce Avenue so much, and Megan and Liz sound like angels here.
Liz's harmony and Megan's rapping <3
Perfect song to listen to when you're freaking stressed.
I've never been through a breakup, but these lyrics are amazing. I kinda miss their old songs...
Now, THIS one, I can relate to.
The video is so peaceful. Looks like they're in... Colorado? It looks a lot like the Local Natives video for "Who Knows Who Cares." For fans of: Maddi Jane, Katy Perry, He Is We, Tiffany Alvord, Hot Chelle Rae, Ellie Swisher.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Womens' Music: Ellie Swisher

Name meaning: I think "Ellie" means "Light" or something (but I think her full name is Elaine or Eleanor). A swisher is a cigarette. But hey, it's just her name.

I don't remember when I discovered Ellie, but it was during my eighth grade year (just a way of making myself sound old--- I'm only a freshman). She has been such an inpiration ever since. She is unsigned (don't ask me why), and she lives in the same state as me (O-H-I-O!), just a few counties and two hours away. She performed in a free concert in Genoa, but freakin' Fine Arts had to be scheduled the next day. Ugh.

Genre: Acoustic, alternative, pop

I am a huge fan of Ellie. She reminds me of that great feeling I have when I'm at home. Probably because we both live in Ohio. But whatever. You'll just have to listen to this kid. She's like an angel on earth.

You heard this during my Landon Austin post on here. Don't they both sound like angels? And 3:07 is still my favorite part--- beautiful bass note!
This song is so pretty--- I've never even heard the original, but now I'm gonna have to buy it! I'm loading up my iPod for NFAF, and Ellie has helped me discover more artists day by day. "This could be the end of everything...so why don't we go somewhere only we know?" Why not?
I don't like this song too much, but I do like Ellie's version. Notice she's wearing a Landon Austin shirt?
I love this song so much! I don't know who the heck it's dedicated to, or if it's dedicated to anyone at all, but all I know is that it is so relatable. It's everything I want in a guy in a song. "I'm so lucky that I have you. I couldn't say what I'd do without you... you're the best friend that I could ever ask for... you're the perfect ten, I wouldn't trade you for anything... you're everything that I couldn't be, you're the other half of me... can't sleep, too busy laughing... you say life is sweeter 'cause I'm in it. But trust in me, I'm the one that's winning... I can't describe what I feel inside every time you walk into my life!"
Stop messing with your hair. Nevertheless, we still love you, Elle! For fans of: Katy Perry, Landon Austin, Nicole Nordeman, Katie Costello, He Is We, Danielle Lowe, Megan Nicole, Sara Bareilles, Marie Digby, Brooke Waggoner, The Good Mad, Maddi Jane,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing Old Songs Like Memories

Ever listen to a song that you used to obsess over and find yourself obsessed again? That's me. One moment I'm, "Hmm... I used to love this song. Let's see if I still do." Next moment, I'm playing air-violin (I have a real one, but why bring it out if I can't play that song on it?) and screaming out-of-tune "I don't need a wallow fa-a-a-a-a-ace. I just need a pla-a-a-a-a-a-ace. I can call a name my own. My anywhere place. My anywhere place..."

So, wanna hear some memories? And just a note: Womens' Music week is next week! The artists so far: Ellie Swisher, He Is We, Katie Costello, Yael Naim, Deas Vail, Megan and Liz, Kiersten Holine, and more or less. It'll be epic. But for now, it's time for some oldies (well, kinda. When I say old, I mean like, as recent as a month ago, haha. Remember, I'm thirteen).

I think this is on the playlist. This was one of my first Deas Vail songs and it remains one of my favorites.
I used to be obsessed with this song. I've got it learned without chords on piano now, and you can check out my lyrics for it.
"Stranger" was my first Katie Costello song, which ultimately lead to the song I was singing above (you'll find out what it was soon). Check out the lyrics.
I love "Anywhere Place" so long. It inspires me to keep making music every time I hear it.
Yael Naim's voice is just amazing--- most of us starting hearing her after loving her hit "New Soul" from all those Apple commercials. Now we love her for her less popular music. You can see the lyrics for this, too.
Many of us first heard this song on a JCPenney commercial for last year's back-to-school sales. Now, I continue listening for a little pick-me-up.
This song is so haunted. I love Evanescence, but this song is probably my favorite over all the others I've heard.
This song brings me back to my human video days... but since I don't wanna cry (RainyMood.Com and "Why" don't mix), I'm changing songs pronto.
Ever heard a song on YouTube and you're jamming to it... and then suddenly you realize you've owned the song for years? That feeling totally describes this song for me. I didn't realize I'd owned the song for over ten years until my parents were playing it. I was one happy chick--- saved me a dollar!
Remember when I was obsessed with this song last year? It happens to be one of my favorite lyric posts.
When I first became a fan of Relient K, this was my song. I have the lyrics written on my HHYMCA gymnastics shirt.
I still love this song. I love Megan and Liz, just don't think I'll say that in public.
I used to love this song so much--- still do! VersaEmerge is one of my favorite mainstream bands ever! I wanna be like Sierra one day!
Everyone loved this song at one point in their life. It's one of those songs that all you remember is screaming "everything everything will be alright alright!" but you never really looked it up. For me, I've known the song since I was like, three, and it's followed me my whole life.
Who doesn't like this song? It is seriously the only 30 Seconds to Mars song that I know, and I am in love with everything about it (except for the crowd. Good thing this version cuts out all that crap).
"Let mercy come and wash away WHAT I'VE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This song never gets old. It just doesn't.
This song has been an inspiration for over three years now. Kris Allen was (or is) the worship pastor at a friend's uncle's church, so of course I was happy when he won American Idol. I know he didn't write this song, but it's still very inspiring.
I remember when this song first came out and I was freaking out because I knew it was time for a new album! Then I got an autographed poster. And the CD. And a wristband. And there's an obsession.
I would link to my lyric post, but the lyrics are kindsa right there, so...
This reminds me of the Yellowcard lyric, "My worst pains are words I cannot say."
Who doesn't love this Joe Nichols song?
"There is life in the desert."
This song has suddenly become super popular since it was on the Spider-Man movie. Johnny Cash was supposed to sing it with them (it's an oldie).
Will be my last dance at my wedding.
My favorite FFH song ever.
Remember "Growing Pains"? Love, love, love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Musical Men: Landon Austin

Name meaning: Well, it's his name. You can ask his parents why.

I discovered Landon in... I want to say February, but I'm thinking it's more like... March. I found out about him from Ellie Swisher (I'll blog about her during the womens' music week), when they did their "Safe & Sound" collaboration (she has some free music on Facebook--- don't miss out!).

This twenty-three-year-old, class of 2006/2007 high school graduate, has over four million views on YouTube. But, that doesn't automatically mean he's a star. His videos each get as little as a few hundred views and as much as a hundred thousand. This guy needs some serious help, because I know he can make it big, if we attract more bloggers to him. Though he's classified as mainstream, he's soooo indie. Yet still he has his claims to fame--- collaborations with Luke Conard and Ingrid, Chad Sugg, and his amazing vlogs--- they're like blogs, but they're videos (*open mouth thing!* You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the vlog I'm gonna embed here)! He'll get big, sooner or later. And I have a feeling he'll "make it there, sooner than later." (quoting Mat Kearney's "Sooner or Later".)

Genre: Indie rock, pop, covers, YouTube artist, country, acoustic, it's-Landon-you-can't-find-a-genre-for-him

I've talked enough. As you know, talk is cheap. Talent however is not, so I better quit talking and start embedding. Trust me, it's impossible not to fall in love with Landon.
Thank you, Ellie Swisher, for collabing with this guy. Thank you, Landon, for finding her (no, they're not dating--- she's like, nineteen). I'm extremely picky about this song, as you saw in my special battle of the covers. They like, nailed it. Ellie sounds like an angel. Landon has the voice for this--- it's the male voice I wish I heard in the song. I mean, yeah the guy from The Civil Wars sang, but they only did backup and I wish they had a bigger part in the song than just "ooh ooh ooh ooh"-ing, you know? In this, instead of hitting a cymbal, at 3:07 they have a huge bass note. It adds more emotion in there. And Landon looks adorable at 3:14-3:18.
Yup. He's a proud blogger vlogger. And don't worry, boy. I can't whistle either. My attempts sound the same as yours. And I love the theme song (of course, he recorded it *girly sigh*). "Hello there/welcome/how'd you get here?/I don't really know but um/I'm glad you're here/'Cause this is my vlog:)". Isn't it so cute? Even the drawings are cute! Landon, I'm glad I'm here, too (you made me glad I came! Ha, see what I did there? If not, he covered "Glad You Came"!). But if you really wanna know how I got here... okay... I wanted to see what your house looked like. If it looked normal, I would have a chance of interviewing you. If not, well then, I better get started on that Journalism major the second I graduate! It looks normal... so we have a chance of dating I have a chance of interviewing you. In fact, I have some questions for you right now. How many shoes exactly do you have (you mention them at 1:55, 2:09, and 2:48. I think they're all the same pair...)? And why are you so awkward... it's so cute but distracting...? I love ya--- little stalker 2:49! 3:49--- "It's America's freedom. And you should be free from moving." I feel so bad for the kid--- I know how stressful moving is, (cross-country moving in my case) even though I was so young. 3:54 made me crack up... little creeper! 4:06 is the open mouth thing, LoL! 4:41-5:01 is totally how I am with my bloggies--- "I liked most of your posts, but I had a problem with this one---" and I'm like, "Holy no no no, don't tell me what you didn't like!" And 5:31, I cracked up. Landon, you're a little behind, I see (this was filmed a few days ago)! And I am so jealous of you--- you've got black gospels, Radiohead, Johnny Cash. Lucky. 7:20... hmm... why does that sound like something I would do.... And 7:52. I really needed that hug.
I really love how Chad Sugg and Landon Austin sound together. They both have such unique, raspy voices. I'm glad they're friends. Because I love them both, and them singing together makes my heart jump.
I love this trio here! I am not a fan of Ingrid's voice, I must admit. Luke admitted that he uses Auto-Tune (though I've heard him sing without it and he really doesn't need it), so I hear quite a bit of tuning on Ingrid. She's a nice beauty guru, but singing... um... at least she's trying. However, surprisingly her part was my favorite: 1:29 through to 1:47. I love how there's a whole bunch of snare on her solo, and I always find myself singing "...Wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to kno-o-o-ow..." So catchy. But, Landon. His thirteen-second solo (0:26-0:41) was so... I can't even... gah.
I hate the original. I love this. Even his dog is cute.
Wanna hear him NOT AutoTuned? This is him, unedited. Not even Photoshopped (okay, that's a maybe).
Maybe it's just me, but Landon always seems more camera-ready than Luke! I love this. The acoustic seems less mainstream, though. I love it. Anyone else thinking of Spider-Man? Come on--- he can't fly but he can definitely take you on adventures, he won't move at the speed of light but if you need him he'll be there. For fans of: Ellie Swisher, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Glen Hansard, Chad Sugg

Monday, July 9, 2012

Local Natives

Name meaning: It is what it is. Kinda like those people that have been living in your town for decades and decades. They live in your area, they've been there for like, ever. Which, that makes them local natives.

I discovered the Local Natives in around November or December from a friend. He introduced me to the band's song "Airplanes" (which, I've blogged about many, many times--- just check out my label for the Local Natives and you'll see) and eventually I got so hooked on it that he gave me the Gorilla Manor album. Trust me, I had to really nag him about it.

These guys made it big in 2010, when their album (Gorilla Manor) was published. Of course, they're still classified as indie, but they're a very popular indie group. They have performed on the same radio show (KCRW) that artists like Gotye ("Somebody That I Used to Know") have performed on.

Genre: Indie folk/rock

Wanna know why this California band is big in Britain?
"Wide Eyes." This is their most popular song, along with the hit "Airplanes" (which I will embed in this post). I learned the guitar lead on acoustic--- it's so easy! You just put your fingers in a down-diagonal on the last three strings starting from the space between the first bar and the second on the last string and then going down with the others. Then, you pluck from the last to the first fingered, then pluck the second, then back to the last. The rest you can figure out (can't give a guitar tutorial using just text! Sorry!). "All the men of faith and men of science had their questions. Could it ever be on earth as it is in heaven?"
I love how this song never even says the word "airplanes," but that's the title of the song. And for those of you who thought this song was about a breakup, no, it's about Taylor's late-grandfather.
"World News" is the perfect song to listen to in the car when you're dealing with road rage, or just plain angry. Ever had one of those days when just nothing is going your way? Maybe this is you: "The lane next over is always faster and you wait so long until you're so bothered but right after you complete your merge, the lane you started in gets going... you don't like anything on the radio... a cloud covers your car at just the right time for you to see the dark on your face in the mirror... your phone goes off with a picture of your mother. It's five to six, and she can't find your brother..." Ever had one of those days? And "while normally you'd yell and scream, instructing her to go and find him on her own," that's when things start going right and "calmly you're exiting, telling her that you are headed on your way home." Yeah, everyone has those days when they feel so angry they could die. But you know what? "The bad feeling so bad makes the good so good!"
"How is the language we're speaking the same? Shape Shifter, have you discovered a change?" I love this song. "Your eyes, they swell like a riot... deranged. Tomorrow you're laughing like a child again."
The video for "Who Knows Who Cares" looks like it must have been fun to shoot---This song is so carefree and perfect for summer. He starts out kinda without confidence like "Is my life about to change?" Then he gets more confident in the second verse and in the bridge he admits, "it's all about to change." But, whatever. "Who knows... who cares?"
"Sticky Thread" has quite some message. No, he's not just singing about spider webs. Besides, I'm deathly afraid of spiders--- I would have hated this song (but I sure love Spider-Man!) is that's what it were about. But it's about fights in relationships. "Why didn't I say anything until now? So much is said without a sound." How they're essential, I guess. It shows passion. I don't know, I'm no marriage counselor. These guys may have abstract lyrics and beautiful (but distracting!) music, but what I love is that you can interpret the message any way you want. Even when told the meaning, you can still find a way to connect it to your religion, your relationships ("Cards & Quarters" and "Cubism Dream"), your problems ("World News"), your life. Their copyrights, your jam.                                  

This band is for fans of: The Decemberists, Regina Spektor, Yael Naim, Arcade Fire, Kiersten Holine, Chad Sugg, Coldplay, Glen Hansard, Athlete, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Music Returns Monday!

I know yesterday I was supposed to blog about the Local Natives. Wanna know what's up with that?

Monday through Saturday next week, is AMAZING MEN week. Musical men, actors, artists, poets--- you name it.

So excited about this... especially with this Andrew Garfield disorder I have.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman!!!!!!!

"Peter Parker, if there's anything you are, it's good."

The Amazing Spider-Man. Only one word can describe it.


And guys, movies usually aren't that good--- "epic" is not a word to be used lightly. But goodness... this movie really WAS amazing.

This is basically a prequel to all of the other Spider-Man movies, and in a way it's also a re-telling. Instead of Mary Jane being Peter Parker's girlfriend, Gwen is. Just small changes. And if you don't know anything about the original SM, well, go to Wikipedia. On your own. I refuse to link to something that you should know about.

So basically, a high school senior named Peter Parker. He's known for his photography, love for science and awkwardness. He sneaks into a science center during an internship to learn more about his father's death. He enters a room full of spiders (it's hard to explain...) and plucks a string that makes a whole bunch of them fall on him. But these are not ordinary spiders, they've been tested. When he leaves that room, a spider that was still attached to him bites him, and thus the beginning of his spidy powers! (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention his uncle dies.)

Turns out, the scientist, Dr. Curtis Connors, is given an equation Peter has created for a formula to supposedly make his arm grow back (it had been previously amputated). Needless to say, his arm grew back! And much, much more. It turns him abnormal, but into a much more dangerous creature. Even more dangerous than the city thinks Spider-Man is.

How will Peter save the city from Connors' plot to turn everyone into reptiles (it's not as fourth-grade-ish as it sounds, I promise) and still protect himself? Is it worth risking the city, Gwen, and his life?

My expectations were not met well at all. If this were a paper written for school, I think I would have given it a 100000000000%. That's A LOT of extra credit! Yes, this movie was way better than I expected it would be! So much better, in fact I think it might become one of my obsessions. It was a perfect balance of humor, romance, and action (why I loved "INCEPTION"). The script-writing was great, as well as the acting. Great beginning, great ending. And what's best? NO DRY PARTS OR FILLERS! Yeah, I just said that!

I recommend this amazing movie to fans of action movies, especially. But you will also adore it if you like romance, hot guys (and if you ARE a guy, you might enjoy watching Emma Stone, I guess), comedies (though it only has a fair amount of humor), sad movies, and so on. Pretty much, ANYONE would like it! But some people were disappointed with this movie, so if you don't like it, don't blame me.

If you're a fan of the original SM movies, "INCEPTION," or "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," you are pretty much guaranteed to like this. I think Andrew Garfield DEFINITELY did Toby Maguire AND Peter Parker justice. So, hats off to him (in my case, floppy beach hats!).

And besides, who doesn't love an explanation of the SM movies all in one, flying stunts, men in unitards doing back handsprings (rather entertaining), humor, high school drama, geeks, science, cute relationships, forbidden love, self-discovery, bad guys, good guys, and hot guys? It's simply irresistible!

Thus the most fun I've ever had while writing a review.

So, if it's not obvious, I loved this movie. I wanted to see it to support Emma Stone's career, but now I'm Andrew Garfield all the way! I mean, look at his face...
Okay, maybe that's not a very good picture of him. Let's try something else...
Oh, yes!
Gah, it never gets old...

But that's beside the point. Yes, he's hot. Yes, he's my celebrity crush. But anyways, we're moving on (though it's oh so hard to do--- look at him!!!!!).

I would do anything for this movie to get more publicity. I really hope it gets a great amount of money. Today was opening day, and there were only ten other people in the theater when I saw it, but I hope the midnight showing was packed, because these actors, their producers and directors really deserve it. I see passion in this, not just money.

My complaints? Must I have any?
Well, as much as I loved Peter, his reactions were WAY TOO SLOW. I know he was supposed to be awkward, but it annoyed me how long it took for him to respond to things. Still, it was great character development and I loved him. Who doesn't love a cute male protagonist? And then, the criminal that killed his uncle--- there was so much foreshadowing on him, but then as soon a Connors became a monster, they like, got rid of him completely. I would like it if he were dead (that doesn't sound nice!). And then, don't you think it was a little soon for a reboot? The first SM was released only ten years ago, and the most recent sequel was made five years ago. But whatever. I love how they ended it. Can't tell you though--- watch it!

Nevertheless, this movie still deserves five stars. Andrew, your looks saved this movie from being a four-and-a-half star for me!

Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures.
136 minutes.

Good luck, SM crew and cast! This was an amazing production! Surprisingly, I think it's my favorite movie ever!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Music: Cubism Dream

Sorry, but my computer is being super annoying right now and won't let me type in the format I use for lyric posts, so I'm gonna have to settle for just the video. It's still a fun song, though!

I love so many Local Natives songs, but I had to pick this one for what was Music Monday. It has that summer vibe, ya know? Besides, you'll hear some others on Friday! Then, I can chat about all the reasons they're one of my absolute favorite bands on Earth. :)