Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey, Soul Surfer

Today, I finally got to see Soul Surfer! If you've seen my Blogger profile lately, you might be wondering why I've had that movie listed in my favorites for months. Literally, months.

I had it listed already because I knew I was gonna see it one way or another, and I knew I was gonna like it, one way or another!

It was great. I saw it with my friend Brittany, and to my surprise, Kayla was there, too!

You wouldn't believe how Christian that movie was. During Alana's (Lorraine Nicholson's character) photo shoot, this Britt Nicole song came on:

And, during Bethany's (Annasophia Robb's character) training, this Francesca Battistelli song came on:

Legit. Plus, there was some quoting of scripture! They talked about how you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength... the whole movie was great. I only remember hearing maybe one cuss word.

It only proves that nothing is impossible for you.

Five stars!

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