Friday, December 31, 2010

See Ya L8r

I should be back next year....

It's New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year! Do you know what YOUR BLOG's Song of the New Year is????

It will always be "Forgiven"! If I'm right, it was last year's song, too, so I am not gonna do a sermon on it or anything. Here's something that will help you step into the new year. When we stepped into 2010, we had to remind ourselves that 2009 Is Gone.

So if the old has passed away, what can we do to make this the best year?

First of all, for me, this year is gonna bring a lot of change. I'm turning thirteen this year in November, (basically I just turned twelve) my blog will turn two years old, I'm trying to get a book published for real this time, it'll be my first year of Fine Arts, I'm entering the Greene County Royalty competition, I might start helping in JAM, I'll be a junior leader at Missions Extreme, and it might (only might, my fam. isn't sure) be my first year of public school.

So how can a person like me make it the best year?

Some people are naturally moody. Try to lighten up the mood! If your own blog is getting older, try to blog about really cool stuff! Try to raise your grades! Find a sport you like! Enter a competition! Help in church activities! So much you can do!

Try new things. Never been to a spa? Make your own spa! There are many ways to have a spa at home! Aromatherapy, (my favorite) pedicures, manicures, (you can skip the nail polish) facial treatments, foot baths, etc.
Never had a public voice? Write! I encourage everyone to start a blog! If you need help, ask me anytime on my page above, and I'll be so happy to help you get the latest gadgets, the best music players, best templates and designs, and everything. Who said just because you blog, you can't have a little fun?

Happy new year to everyone! I hope that you bring in a great new year! I don't know how you'll spend it, but let it be so fun, you'll know it'll be a great year!

Get Joy,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, Here's My Life...

Totally random, slightly disorganized.... that's my life! Fabulous, fun, full of literature, that's me! How to describe me? Sometimes geeky, in a fun way, sometimes too technical, in Olympic and grammar ways, sometimes the last person to understand a joke. But I have to say, it's fun being me!

Here's a small snippet of my life and how fun and weird it can be being me. Some videos I watch, (not always in English) some photos I like, some things I own.


I LOVE coffee. It's so delicious. I like it with just a little bit of creamer and just barely any sugar. I used to drink it with loads of creamer and barely any coffee, but now that I drink it less, it seems that when I do drink coffee with a lot of creamer, the more I add, the more it tastes like black coffee. So I add a lot less.

This cup is actually my mom's, she got it for Christmas 2009. I love coffee a lot, but I gotta say that I like tea ten times more.

With coffee, you have to refill and refill and refill. With tea, you keep the same old bag and drink more and more and more and more and more.... etc. I am a tea addict.

"I've got to have it, I'm what they call a tea addict, tea addict...."
"Doctor Oh Doctor I've got an emergency I just can't enough of my T-E-A drink!"

So yeah, I wanted to show you my cup. It makes tea taste delicious. You should try it!

This was the 100-day countdown song for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I discovered this song not because I'm an Olympic fanatic, but because it was Chinese and Faith does Chinese instead of Spanish for school! I found out it was Olympic and wasn't surprised, because an Olympic girl knows when something is Olympic! And for you to know, the English translation is at the bottom of the video.

I'm not Sarah's biggest fan, but I love her show. What's really cool? Her intro features our song of the week!! Can you guess who sings it?? If you listen to Christian music, you can guess...

HEY... YA..!

In the video it says I don't own the game. Funny, Faith got the game for Christmas! Real fun!


This song is so fun on JUST DANCE!!!! Did you know that James Brown invented the moonwalk, NOT Micheal Jackson? Bet you didn't know that!

That's enough for 2nite! Luv ya, bye!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Imagine Your Nation: Prayer Camp Days 61-70!!!!!

Oh my gosh.... today would have been day 71!!!!!! I could have sworn it was day 69!!!!!!! So I went over my amount of days and kept on praying??? Better than ever!!!!

I can't believe I did it!!!! 70 days of no YouTube, no hair mascara, no Twitter, no high heels, (my addiction) no gymnastics, (that one is continuing until Feb.) no makeup products of any kind other than lip balm. Now, it's over!

Dad, you can give me back my lip gloss! You can take it out of hiding!

Mom, I know this isn't the happiest moment for you, because on Sunday, if you don't mind which I know you do mind, I'm wearing your high heel boots! Sorry, but I haven't worn them in nearly a year! I also know you're not so happy that I can wear lip gloss again. But hey... a girl loves her lip gloss!
Imagine YOUR Nation

There's billions of people in the world. We all have our own story. But what do we have in common? One person loves us all and died for us all.

You are only one person. I am only one person. We don't believe in the same things. There are some Buddhists, some Muslims, some Shintoists, some Mormons, some Catholics, some Christians, some Atheists. What is the right choice? Christianity, of course!

If you are only one person, what can YOU do on earth? If you have a blog, what can you blog about? One thing I hate? Typing a URL and ending up at the wrong site. make someone want to stay at your sight. Let them know the true God, and who He is. How will they stay?

Imagine your nation. If you have an imagination, be original. Don't go by the standards of the world. use not-so-matching-colors. Do everything the world says NOT to do. (but nothing that's illegal!) Your imagination is your sweet escape. What sweeps you off your feet. What brings music to your ears. What makes you smile. What smells like flowers.

Write it down. Write your experience in those thoughts and write them down like a list. Look at it, and you can write a story from there. Who knows what you'll come up with, make it Christian, make it a fairytale. Make it beautiful, but don't make it perfect. Perfect is almost unreal. Imperfection is the key to being real. You want your blog/stories to seem so real that the reader can see it in their imagination, almost like they're there. If you can capture a reader's heart, you're sure to get awards. That's the secret to great writing.

I can't say much more. Thank you for reading my blog during this time of prayer, and all I can say is that you mean so much to me!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Just Doesn't Feel Like Christmas.

I tried to get really excited for the holidays by adding fun Christmas music to my blog, including the 2010 Coca-Cola song, "Shake Up Christmas" by Train. It actually worked!

But Christmas Eve and Day just felt like any other day. Christmas Night was normal. I had no problems sleeping, and I went to bed on Christmas Day. (12:06 to be exact.) in the morning, Charity was in the spirit, but I was like, "Five more minutes..." and usually I like getting up at 6 a.m. for presents, but this year I was like, 'whatever, let's get up'.

I guess it's because I'm getting older and I didn't ask for much... Well, in my eyes I didn't. So I didn't expect much.

This brings me to think: what was the best Christmas that I actually enjoyed??? Christmas 2006. I'd been given a pink acoustic guitar. I'll never forget it. Left-handed version, making it more expensive. LOVED it, because I always wanted to play guitar, most likely because my dad can play all varieties of guitar. Bass, electric, acoustic... You name it.

Last Christmas I didn't exactly get what I want, but Jesus was what made it a happy Christmas. This year, I got the book I wanted, ("Unlocked"... Yay!) a foot spa so I don't have to heat up my own pedi water anymore, sanitizer, nail polish for zebra stripes, some journals, jewlery, and tonight I should be getting some more jewelry... If not that, it's:

"Money money money money, MoNeY!!!$$$$$$$$$$!!$$!!$$!!$$!!$$!!$$"

"Good things, bad things with it..." remember to vote on my quiz so that your pick will win. Are you a music lover? Movie watcher? Fashionista? Well then I need you!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

...And a white Christmas it will barely be! Merry Christmas from your blogging BFF, have a very fun and safe holiday! May God bless you as you travel, and may you get the presents you want. And to God I pray, help me to be a gracious receiver as well as a giver. Remember what Christmas really is, a baby born to die.

Again, have a very merry Christmas!

Shake up Christmas!
Hope (Ho, Ho, HOPE!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"For Narnia!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Now is the time to be strong!"

Oh my gosh, I saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader today! I actually, kind of.... didn't like it.

If you haven't seen it yet, let me tell you: It's worth the money and time, but it's not worth five stars.

Aslan plays his part as great as usual. He relates to God so much! (As bad as that may have come out, you know what I meant.) He reminds me of the beauty and the forgiveness of our God. "We are the sons and the daughters of our God..." Aslan plays his role perfectly, and reminds me: "Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are HIGHER than any other! Our God is healer, awesome in power, Our God! Our God!"

The White Witch? As witchy as always. This may sound twisted, but I always laugh when she tempts Edmund, because his facial expressions are like, "Oh, Turkish Delight! Oh, I want to be the king!" But the witch has a new way of being evil this time.

Prince Caspian. He's older! I'm surprised it hasn't been 1300 years! However, I don't like that after being in love with Susan for so long, he nearly likes some blue star girl. (Don't ask...)

PETER!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! One thing I didn't like was that Peter only appeared once. And it didn't even count, because he appeared in a dream! But for you girls out there, Peter hasn't lost any of his cuteness!:)

Susan. Ugh. I usually hate that character. Christians shouldn't hate, but Susan isn't real. Sorry C.S. Lewis, but I HATE Susan. She appeared on and off every so often. At least her face did.

OH, MY EDMUND.... EDMUND, DEAR, YOU CAN BE MY KING.... I love Edmund! He is cute as always! But along with that, he's kinda stubborn.

The first movie: Turkish Delight Syndrome. Candy Addict.
The second movie: Stabs the witch's back. Good boy, Ed.
The third movie: I-Wanna-Be-King Syndrome.

Ed soon gets tired of Peter and Caspi---- HEY!!! Why am I spoiling the movie for you??? Nevermind...

So yeah... great movie.
My Craaaaaazy Night

It was a night with girls that I didn't know. I went to a party/sleepover for my friend Sarah, so yes, I knew why I was there, I just didn't know most of the others. They all---most---go to Dominion Academy, so it was a bit awkward, with them talking about people I knew nothing about whatsoever.

(P.S. I'm watching Prince Caspian right now!! It's at the beginning on SyFy Channel! You can still catch it, if you're reading on time.)

We watched "13 Going on 30". GREAT movie!
A Sad Story

Here's a story I found on the internet that reminds you that if you love someone and you're just too shy... you'll see why.... it's about a boy who loves a girl who's "just too shy" and "doesn't know why".

10th grade

As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

11th grade
The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

Senior year
The day before prom she walked to my locker. My date is sick" she said; he's not going to go well, I didn't have a date, and in 7th grade, we made a promise that if neither of us had dates, we would go together just as "best friends". So we did. Prom night, after everything was over, I was standing at her front door step. I stared at her as she smiled at me and stared at me with her crystal eyes. I want her to be mine, but she isn't think of me like that, and I know it. Then she said "I had the best time, thanks!" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

Graduation Day
A day passed, then a week, then a month. Before I could blink, it was graduation day. I watched as her perfect body floated like an angel up on stage to get her diploma. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. Before everyone went home, she came to me in her smock and hat, and cried as I hugged her. Then she lifted her head from my shoulder and said, "you're my best friend, thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

A Few Years Later
Now I sit in the pews of the church. That girl is getting married now. I watched her say "I do" and drive off to her new life, married to another man. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn't see me like that, and I knew it. But before she drove away, she came to me and said "you came!". She said "thanks" and kissed me on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

Years passed, I looked down at the coffin of a girl who used to be my "best friend". At the service, they read a diary entry she had wrote in her high school years. This is what it read: I stare at him wishing he was mine, but he doesn't notice me like that, and I know it. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love him but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why. I wish he would tell me he loved me! `I wish I did too...` I thought to my self, and I cried.

Isn't it terribly sad???
Hey!! Before You Waste Your Money....

Natalie Portman is in a new movie, "The Black Swan". For your own good, don't watch it. I saw reviews. They are scary. Yes, I will spoil the movie for you so you won't watch it. She ends up dying. How is too freaky. Now you don't wanna see it because you know how it ends!
Musical talent is yours, too!

If you would just click here. you could play a Narnia song! Without chords, so it's twelve times easier! Take it from a Narnia fanatic!
Did you know that the director for the new Narnia movie isn't the same? The old director is gone, making it different.
Did you know that Georgie Henley (Lucy) is fifteen years old?
Okay, I'm totally boring you out by talking about Narnia, so goodbye!
P.S. Time!
-I got the new Third Day CD!
-At the mall, I parked next to a G6!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmastime Is Here Part 2

Music Playlist at

*Pause the sidebar music before pressing "Play". Please, listen to this music. It will help get you in the mood of this post. To pause the other music is to go to the top right corner of the playlist, and your controls are right there. Remember, you can click on any song you want and it will play right then.*

Okay... Well... here's the fun part of Christmas!

We've all seen at least one Charlie Brown classic, I hope. Charlie is so cute! He's been my favorite cartoon since... ever! I love him! I remember just one line from Charlie Brown that I've known since I was five.

It's the part where Linus sticks out his tongue when they're in the snow and he says, "It tastes like sugar"! For some odd reason, I've always remembered that line. Weird, huh?
What does Christmas really mean? Ask Linus anytime.

Charlie Brown has been through it all. These couple days, so have I. So what does he do? He goes to the Psychologist, Lucy. "What's wrong, Charlie Brown?" She asks. (Something like that, at least.) "Well, I feel depressed." He says. Lucy is not the doctor you wanna go to. "Is it ...phobia? That's the fear of *blahblah*." She goes through a huge list of diseases that Charlie doesn't exactly have.

"Well then... what are you afraid of, Charlie Brown?"
"Everything!" He yells.

So what's up with Charlie? He doesn't know the true meaning of Christmas.

He puts on a play, and the kids know they're doomed. They ask Charlie to get a tree for them. So he does as asked. Almost. Him and Linus go get a tree. "But, it's not as festive as the other trees," Linus says about the tiny tree. "Don't worry, we'll decorate it and it will look so pretty," Charlie says.

He takes what is now called the Charlie Brown Tree to the theater, and Lucy absolutely hates it. All of the kids laugh at his tree and leave him alone. The tree with one ornament on it. It's just him and Linus, now.

Charlie is completely defeated. Already not in the Christmas spirit, he gives up, still not knowing what Christmas really means. So Linus takes the floor and explains it to him. The REAL story of Christmas. The story of Jesus.

Charlie all of a sudden becomes happy, with Linus' voice recording again in his head. "Now is born a Saviour."

Charlie takes his tree, places it in front of his house, (even though Snoopy's house is number 1) and gladly smiles as he walks to his house.
What is this telling you? The maker of PEANUTS was most likely a Christian. Another thing? It's one of the few Christmas programs that don't say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry X-Mas". They say that Jesus is the shining star.

"Noel... Noel... Noel... Noel..."

Born is the king of Israel.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmastime is Here Part 1

Christmastime is here... With one less person. Again.

I was just about to tell you the amazing story of uncle Charles, how he survived cancer and thought he'd die fifteen years ago and is still alive, and to pray for him because he isn't doing great, I heard the shocking news. Uncle Charles, who I think I told you about, passed this morning. I didn't know him well, but he knew me well. I didn't know him from the day he was born, but he was there when I was born. Now, he's gone.

It was already a sad day to begin with. Today is my grandpa's 50th anniversary, and he has no one to celebrate with, since my grandmother died last year on August 6th, which I'm sure I blogged about. It's even sadder for Grandpa, because Uncle Charles is his brother. He has 9 other siblings, and only seven excluding him are living. Overall, 8 kids are alive. My aunt Rose, (I blogged from her house on the post "North Carolina & Georgia") is planning the funeral. If you've recently had a family death, you feel the same. God bless. Luckily, Uncle Charles is with Jesus.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 47-60

Dude... I haven't blogged in EVER! I can't even use the "I've been busy" excuse! It's really that bad! However, with being gone for so long, that means a lot that's happened, a lot of events coming up, and some stuff to show you! And prayer tackles all of that! It'll be a looong post!

Lately, I've been getting headaches and head rushes in the mornings. It's sooo annoying. Some days, the headache lasts all day, making me not in a blogging mood. And if I drink Mountain Dew.... that's a migraine that lasts one and a half days! And my hip (I know this sentence is slightly fragmented...) is killing me again. This morning, I felt like I was gonna collapse. One injury gymnastics has caused that won't ever be the same again. Let's hope I get better, so I can blog and talk even more!!!

Sure is one adorable puppy! We got snowed out this past week or two, and Lexi loves it! She was rolling around and jumping about today... so cute! She digs her nose in the snow and when she comes up, she has a pound of icy powder on her head! If you could see her now...

Yesterday was the Cappuccino Christmas! I liked it! I sang some Karaoke with Mrs. Janette and Becca, and the food rocked! I had nice fun! Yes, I got coffee on my nice dress, (that I am sure to write about!) but so what? Kaitlyn showed up, (she has a blog, but never posts on it.... START BLOGGING AGAIN, KAITLYN!:) and after not seeing her forever, it was nice. I love seeing everyone dressed up and having fun! GO NEXT YEAR!

Ten days.... and Prayer Camp finally ends! God, I love you, but.... I can't wait to wear my lip gloss and lipstick and lipstain! I can't wait to Tweet again! I can't wait to wear my high kicking boots again! 'Tis the season for high-heeled boots! I can't wait to get myself some semi-permanent red hair dye! I really wanna dye my hair! I don't know if my mom will let me, though. After these next ten days, I am a free girl!!!! Yes!!!!
2011 is a greatly planned year! There's books soon to be on the market, giveaways, awards, T-shirts, a new blog to be published in late 2011. More fun to be continued!

My Books on the Market... FINALLY!
I've been procrastinating on publishing my books, but I've realized that the older I am when I publish the first book, the less interesting it'll be. I wanna still be in middle school when this book comes out... let people know that age is nothing big when it comes to writing!

What will it be this time? No one knows, not even me! Participate in Prayer Camp in the last ten days, sign up right here and maybe you'll win! It could be anything... Maybe an entire book of Bible Challenges... who knows?

The Blogspot Awards
You heard me! If the blog can't spot it, it doesn't exist! Everything people love will be nominated... Movies, actors, Health&Beauty products, best blog of 2010, most inspired blog of 2010, books, best social networking of 2010, best clothes, music, and store.

My T-Shirt!
What's a better way to put my blog on the street! Make a tee! SHHH.... No details.....

New Blog for Older Readers!
Next year, I will be turning thirteen, meaning I can make a blog for teenagers and everything else. I can blog about more political things and blog about more serious things than ever! Like... Good Music vs. Bad Music, Problems with Our World, Friends, Dating, and more. Finally, a blog where I can really speak my mind! It will be published after November 22, 2011.
Your to-do list!
-Post on your very own blog TODAY
-Follow @gymnastics1710 on Twitter... in eleven days, she'll follow you!
-Sign up for Prayer Camp and post about it
-You can nominate your own stuff... The Blogspot is readers' choice!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Come On Y'all... It's Christmas Time!

Are you happy??? I sure hope so! I'm happy! You'd think I'd be sick since I had four cups of soup today:) but I am happier than ever! Right now, I'm giving myself a facial and thinking about Christmas.... and the controversy. And, I'll be strong like Daniel... the soup had A LOT of veggies!

Okay, have you thought about it? (Thought about... what?) Thought about how many children have once believed in Santa Claus versus children who believe in Jesus? Let's see...

72% of children believe in Santa--- or at once believed in him. One quarter of children with parents who earn less than $25,000 a year did not believe in Santa.

92% of Americans believe in God... or say that they believe in God. But, only 71% really love God. Most of the 92% are not sure, and most probably didn't speak truth, considering some of them said they were atheists, yet they believe in God? Impossible. 8% said they were absolutely sure. Can't be possible if you're an atheist. Why even be an atheist?

So, can you believe it? 72% of children believe in Santa. 71% believe in God, including adults. I had expected for Santa to outdo Christ anyway, but I didn't think Santa would beat God by only 1%!

Christians: We were SO close! One percent! They beat us by only one percent! But, we've got a lot more work than that. First, our baby step is to get that small 1%. Next, we need to get the remaining 28%. Next, we need to enhance their salvation.... you know, give them a reason to believe!

What's frustrating is that more kids believe in a (if you believe in Santa, don't read any further.) character that barely exists, (Saint Nick was real, but he's dead.) than kids and their parents that believe in God. God is real, Santa isn't! Why would they choose Santa over God?

Santa gives one gift... and the parents pick up the rest of the tab! God is better than gift-giving, I mean, he gave us Jesus, didn't He? That's enough to believe right there.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 40-46

Angel of Mercy, how did you find me? How did you pick me up again???
The small city of Huber always sleeps. There is no evening traffic. There are no malls or outlets in this town, you'd have to drive thirty minutes out of your way to find a mall in Fairborn. There is one place to take gymnastics. There are no Dillard's stores. Finding a prom dress is rare; you must go to Kohl's; there is only one newly-opened boutique. There is no K-Mart, it closed about a year ago. Nothing is very popular in this tiny suburb, we don't have many AVON women or news reporters.

But we have a football team. We are known nationwide. Our games are always featured on ESPN. Our quarterback was in Sports Illustrated. We have won many games. Colleges are fighting over our magazine-worthy Braxton Miller. We are a very civilized community. We have a great library. Our athletes are outstanding. We are friends.

We are: WAYNE.

We are going to the State Championships. Millions of people will watch us play. Michigan fears us. (Braxton is going to Ohio State.) We can only say that we have been transformed!

We used to lose basically every game. We used to be a school in the shadows. But the LORD of mercy has picked us up again! We are now staggering at the top! No school can ever steal OUR swagger ever again!
Another story of being picked up that doesn't have to do with football? I went skating yesterday and was going down a steep step, while wearing my skates and fell flat down onto my back. It really hurts right now. But, in the midst of what could have been, I am very happy. Could've paralyzed myself. But I'm free!
Here's another good story based on the true fact that the shoe doesn't fit unless God picks it out for you!

It's always fun to talk about a good deal, isn't it? Well then, shhhhh, because this deal is secret. I haven't told ANYONE about it.

Yesterday I went shopping at Goodwill, and I desperately need a dress for Cappucino Christmas. I went to the Ladies' Dresses section, and I found a wedding dress! With a train and everything! For only five bucks! I was like, WOW.... that's amazing! You can get that for $5,000 yet here you'll get it for $5.

So, here's what is REALLY important: I was looking through the dresses, (AFTER the whole wedding situation) and was trying to find a Christmas dress.

"Ugly, ugly, EWW! How'd that end up in ANY kind of store??? Ugly, ugly.... too pink, too blue, too green, too short, too prommy, weird-looking, ugly, ugly...."


"Hey! A dress fell! Okay, if this dress fell," I said, not even knowing what color it was yet, "There must be a reason. I just know that God wanted it to be there." I took a deep breath and bent down.


I can't wait to wear it! I can't give you details, because I've already told you too much. You'll see it on Wednesday, December 15!!! I'll take pictures afterwards for those of you who won't see me soon, (especially my volleyball peeps:*( Miss ya!) but otherwise make sure you go to ThExperience on the 15th! Most importantly, go on the 8th! $3.00 in advance, $5.00 at the door!

"I know something the prince never knew... All too soon, the clock will strike midnight, and she'll, Be, Gone."
What's Cappucino Christmas???

E-mail this blog today, and I will let you know the church address,
what to wear,
what to bring,
 what to pay,
 and who's the mastermind behind this spectacular event! (Idk who the mastermind is, but if you ask, I'll just say Pastor Corey.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"It Snowed...."

Oh my gosh..... "Everybody's happy because it snowed last night!"

It snowed EVERYWHERE last night, except for where I live. How did I find out? One word. Technically TWO words. Facebook.

My sister was on Facebook. Christian (not all of you know him... I've known him since I was eight and he goes to Faith's school now) says.... "snow:)". Snow? Where? Maybe it's because he lives fourty-five minutes away.

Sarah (you know her from church) says... "SNOW!!!" So now I'm like, "COME ON!!!" She lives like, ten minutes away!!! There is no way that it's snowing near her and not near me. Her house is ten minutes away. Her school is walking distance from me. There is NO WAY it wasn't snowing here. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

But today... IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like, four feet high or anything, but everybody's happy because it snowed last night! That is why it is the first song on the playlist.

Take note that the song on the playlist, although her voice sounds just the same as on her CD, the guitar at the beginning is supposed to be trumpets, and there's also supposed to be a piano somewhere in there. So I didn't get the original version, but it's still a great song!

"How merry... How bright... a snowfall turns the world into a lovely sight!"

So as you can tell, the playlist no longer has seventy songs on it, it only has nine. Christmas classics you'll love, and maybe some new songs you've never heard before! And guess what? Yesterday, I discovered a not-so-new The Fray song, (you might recognize them from "How to Save A Life" the song) called "You Found Me". It's a Christian song!

"Lost and insecure. You found me, you found me! Lying on the floor. You found me, you found me..."

(You can buy that on iTunes or search it on YouTube !)

So that's a band that I like a bit better than Paramore!!!
New songs!
"It Snowed"-Meaghan Smith
"This Christmas"-Who-Knows-Who-Sings-This?
"All I Want for Christmas"-Mariah Carey
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"-The Ronettes
"Above the Northern Lights"-Manheim Steamroller
"Mary, Did You Know?"-Kutless
"The First Noel"-David Archuleta
"O Holy Night"-BarlowGirl
"Christmas Shoes"-NEWSONG
"Happy Birthday, Jesus"-Brooklyn Tabernacle Childrens Choir

"All I Want For Christmas" (Is You!)
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (although you might've heard Micheal Jackson's version)
"Mary, Did You Know?" (but maybe not by Kutless.)
"The First Noel" (David does this song justice!)
"O Holy Night" (BarlowGirl adds some rock to this classic!)
"Christmas Shoes" (it's TOO sad)

"It Snowed" (Wish upon a star!)
"This Christmas" (We're caroling through the night!)
"Above the Northern Lights" (You just might fall asleep...)
"Happy Birthday, Jesus" (It's SO cute!)

"Wish upon a STAR.... it snows again! To....night!"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 33-39

HeyyyyyOhhhh!!!!!!! Wellp, as I call it, this year is coming to a close. It sure was fun. 2010 was a year that... basically... NO ONE will forget.

And, with that, we have less than A MONTH until Christmas! Are you going to be a Super Santa this year???? (Speaking of which... never mind I'll bring it up later.) If so, WHO, WHO, WHO'S on your list??? Your mom? Your dad? Your grandma? Grandpa? Some friends? Maybe even me?

Wellp, if I really am on that big list of yours, you need to know that there are many items that I really like this year! (Don't expect them to be the cheapest.)

  • "Play" for Her by Givenchy
  • "Dark Kiss" lipgloss---- I got the fragrance, lotion, and shower gel already for my B-Day
  • "Unlocked" (it's a book) by Karen Kingsbury
There's more.... AND, I also really like the WOW Hits CDs, and I absolutely love, love, LOVE any sort of amazing gift card from iTunes, Bath&Body Works, (And if you buy a WOW Cd, PLEASE do not buy the 2010 version--- I don't know ANY of the songs off of it. Buy the 2011 version if anything.) and Books and Company. That's my list.

Who's on MY list?? Well, not too many people to be honest, but only the friends that have either bought me something that I never did in return, or always deserved it as a simple thanks for being my friend. So you just might know who's on MY list... maybe you've found out that it's you!
So... how was your turkey day? Mine was great! It's hot in Cleveland! Okay, so, it was actually kinda cold in Cleveland, cuz you know.... it's right by Lake Erie, which is right by both Michigan AND Canada.... you get it.

This was my fourth time back in Cleveland since Missions Extreme '10... MeMoRiEs.... it was great. I went to Aunt Niecy's house and it was very fun!!! Nobody argued, everyone was happy. My Uncle Dale's chair broke and like, he fell back out of the blue and like, his legs were dangling.... it was hilarious, even though I was worried that he got hurt.

Aunt Niecy (Real name; Denise) has an African staue person in her living room, named Malarke. (Pronounced Ma-*as in Magician*-Lark-*Lark like Bark*-E.*E like Money*.) I was standing in front of it, probably laughing, and made Malarke fall on his nose, straight to the floor. "You made Malarke fall!" She said. And, I scratched her floor when Malarke injured his nose. If you wanna know more about Malarke, you just have to talk to me in person, because I gotta start talking about the prayer stuff!
These last days I have been practicing thinking before I speak. It's working, and God has told me that I can prevent arguements from happening if I'm careful what I say and do!

What's worse than waking up with a cold? Waking up with a cold on THANKSGIVING. I mean, hello, I just got my flu shot.... why now???? And what's worse than that? I got my flu shot on my birthday. But on the bright side, I don't have to catch the swine on my twelfth year!

How do I feel about being twelve now? Honestly, I feel the same, I look the same. But I smell different and my nails will look ten times more sassy and appealing. I got like, everything that smells like "Dark Kiss", and I got sparkly nail polish, gold nail polish, pink nail polish, and black nail polish. And, here's my favorite: AVON cake decorating kit!

My birthday's over. But God will make 2011 the best year for me to turn thirteen, I just know it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: Prayer Edition

Have a merry Thanksgiving and a happy Christmas! Can you believe that we only have one month until Christmas??? 2010 was a VERY fast year! Now is the time to worship God for all He has done! I am thankful that I have you reading my blog!!! You are a gift from God, because you have greatly blessed me by reading my posts! Jesus loves you!

The prayer way to celebrate this Thanksgiving is to cut back a little on the turkey and tofu. God will appreciate your self-control, you'll appreciate it, your friends will appreciate it, your family will appreciate it, and the scale will appreciate it. Your number? If you leave the house ten pounds heavier, you did a bad job. If you leave normal sized, you and your pants alike will be happy. Tell God what you are thankful for, and pray... 70 times 7!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My 334th Post AND My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

It's my birthday! I'm twelve! It's been a great birthday, being twelve, no school for Thanksgiving break, physical and a shot:(, Red Robin, and cake and presents soon to come!!!! (For nosy people, the cake is Red Velvet.)

Too bad my birthday is on a MONDAY. But, I'm enjoying it! But along with that, there's a lot of blog editing work to be done... *SiGh*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prayer Camp 26-32

Hansel & Gretel. Roller skating. Volleyball games. Shower mishaps.

Oh my gosh.... WHAT A WEEK! Monday was boring, because Monday is just Mondaine.

Oh my.... this was the WORST DAY EVER!!!! In History class, I had the weirdest headache. Like... it hurt, but it didn't hurt. It throbbed, but it didn't kill. It split, but it didn't split. So weird.

When I got home, I couldn't find my kneepads. I needed my kneepads! But after twenty minutes of searching, I realized that the kneepads weren't crawling back to me anytime soon, and just went without.

But there's a catch... I was NOT going to practice without first shaving my legs! (Don't ask....) So I ran to the bathroom to shave in time for practice, even though it was already 6 o' clock and I was late no matter what. But before I could reach for my pink razor, I had to turn on the shower. When I turned it on... I was like the 'Dumber' in "Dumb and Dumber". I turned on the shower head, while my head was right below it and....


I ran out of the bathroom. "What?" My dad asked. "Why are you wet?" And I was so furious. "Can we just go to practice now??? I'm late as it is." I said.

I went to practice, with a small bit of fury left inside, with damp hair and a wet shirt. But like they all say... the hard spikes really do get the anger out!!! It's better than gymnastics in a way, because if you're angry, you have to hold it in. In volleyball however, you can take it out on the ball. And I have friends who can help cool me down... and dry my hair!

Today was... good. Church rocked.... nothing else to say.

Spike it, girl! Thursday  Game day was fun! My serve got more points than I can count. I've improved greatly! it was our last two games, but not like we won or anything. But I have a new injury to talk about!

I was playing in front right, and the balls kept coming... TO ME!!!!!!! So exciting and fun to have the weight of the team on your shoulders, right? NO!!! One ball even came to me, dropped right by the net, and I had no choice but to spike it. I spiked, I failed, I bent my pinky back. But what was injured? My wrist. But I played on, (we ended up losing) and ended up being "player of the week", in other words, someone who showed a lot of effort.

And my cheerleading background helped a lot to cheer my team on!

Hansel! Gretel! Maria was in a play for the Kettering Childrens Theatre, and this time, her play was "Hansel & Gretel". (Hansel is a boy, but a girl played him. Gretel is a girl.) It was so interesting! I wasn't following it at first, but at the end, it all came together. First, Maria was a bearded LADY dwarf. Second, she was a bratty kid. (Most of the time she was a bratty kid--- in the play.) Then she was a hot pink-haired, black-winged fairy. She did great!!!

It would be so fun if I could do KCT! But I'm not going to because I don't want to copy her or seem clingy. but just saying, it would be so much fun to have the part of Gretel or something like that!

I spent the night at Maria's, and had a lot of fun! In fact, she should be leaving for her next showing in a couple of minutes. Pray for her and wish her great luck! Tomorrow is her last showing! And my wrist is getting better, thank God!
Pray for those who need Jesus as a savior. And my birthday is on Monday! Don't forget to visit YOUR BLOG on November 22!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Torn between two decisions.

I've always wanted to be a princess. (please don't laugh!)
I've always wanted to be a Fine Arts legend.

I saw Fine Arts (state) and was like, "Man, I'm sooo gonna do this and am soooo going to nationals in Phoenix next year!" Yeah. I'm craaazy upset now, and now I am torn between my two dreams.

There's a next year for Fine Arts, and there WILL be until my last year of high school, and that's a way to go. However, there is no next year to be the princess of my county and get to do this:

Greene County Fair Royalty 2010.jpg
Hello---- they get to ride in the back of a PICKUP truck!!! No way!!!!

This is why I must compete next year to win the title. Not just for me, but for everyone of my ethnicity. From what I've seen, there has not been many African-American 4-H queens and princesses. If I do this, I will be so glad that I did it, even if I lose. (But that would be sooo devastating, since I'm already practicing my interview questions and posture.) And hello--- Pickup truck!!! And I get to wave like a queen!!!

So, this might leave you wondering.... WHY CAN'T I JUST DO BOTH??? If I do amazing in Fine Arts in April, I get to go to nationals in Phoenix. On August 1st through to the 5th. If I win the title of princess on July 27th next year, though, I have to be at the fair every day until August 7th. I will have to completely skip Fine Arts.

I have a passion for BOTH, though. It would break my heart to hear that my friends had a great time competed and hearing a sermon, but it would also hurt my self-esteem if there was a princess--- a princess that wasn't me.

So where am I standing??? My choice so far is the royalty competition, but tell me what you think.

I guess I'll pray, God knows best.

"What would YOU do???"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 22-25

This blog has come a long way. Just think: how many people have you and I inspired to start blogging??? Maybe a few. But the thought of simple weekly questions, posts, and five chapter long stories switched to Bible Challenges, articles to help you fully understand how important grammar is, to extended stories.

It seems like every single thing I've wanted is impossible, except for writing. Writing makes me feel like everything is possible. So I keep blogging. Keep typing. And that Neutrogena face wash??? Found it!!!

As you've noticed, we have a song of the week. It's called "Love Out Loud" and it's by Jaci Velasquez. It's a lot like Natalie Grant's "Human", but it's much more entertaining. I usually like Natalie Grant's music, but I really don't like her new CD, Love Revolution. It sounds too much like she's trying to sound "in", and not like the Natalie I enjoyed hearing when she was "relentless".

Love Out Loud (2008 cover) is saying that just like we need to be "human", we need to love each other, not silently, but OUT LOUD. We have to do better than what we're doing, because the pain in this world won't ever change if we save love for another day. This is the time for us to see the vision. Now is the time to break the silence and:

1) love out loud, let your loving be your voice
2) love out loud, together we can make some noise
3) love out loud, without fear
4) sing a song and let the whole world hear.

We need to be His hands, be His feet, be the people we were called to be. Take His love to the streets, and don't keep it to yourself.

That's all I can say. This is why we have talents. This is why you're a pageant queen and I'm the first runner-up. This is why you're the football quarterback and I'm a basketball cheerleader. Why you're a pastor and I'm a blogger. To spread the word. Pray for those around you, that they may find God. It's all a treat. It's not a trick. Love out loud.

(buy "love out loud" from iTunes today!)

Friday, November 12, 2010



I wonder... Do you know Him???

Okay, so maybe I didn't make that up, but there's a pickup truck that I've passed on the street twice that says that, and it's cool. MASH is a good lesson for today, since yesterday was Veterans Day and all.

I wrote this post to honor my peeps! I'm a military brat, and what's better than to blog for your dad!

Thank you to the veterans who love our country!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 19-21

Of all I've given up, I have to give up my absolute FAVORITE band. Paramore.

I was talking to my friend in the car about how much I despise Skillet, (never turns out well because she LOVES Skillet) and then I brought up how much I LOVE Paramore.)

"Aw, you know 'CrushCrushCrush' is about *stuff* right?" (if you feel me, you know what that particular "stuff" is.) Turns out, my mom was in the car. Turns out, "CrushCrushCrush" is my favorite song. "You are NOT to download ANY MORE of their songs, Hope!"  Said Mom. I was like... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(okay, so we pretty much know who this was, now.)

I LOVE PARAMORE! And thanks, Becca, now I can't download any of their songs! But despite how upset I was at the moment, I am not mad at you. It's just that I can't live without my Paramore.

^^^That's Paramore right up there^^^

So yeah. That's what I get, LoL! What is some of their song lyrics?

Go get your shovel!
And we'll dig a deep hole!
To bury the castle,
Bury the castle!
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da!!!

Nothing compares to
A quiet evening alone
Just the one,two
I was just counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than
This now!

That's what you get when you let your heart win,
Whoa oh whoa oh oh
That's what you get when you let your heart win,
Whoa oh oh oh
I drowned out all my sense with
The sound of it's beating
Whoa oh whoa oh oh.

How did we get here? I used to know you so well
How did we get here?
Well I think I know oh oh oh
I think I know!
Yeah, I can't listen to Paramore. Or T.I. (no wonder.... but he prevented someone from jumping off a building!) Or Alicia Keys. Or Rihanna. But, I can still listen to EVERY SINGLE SONG right here, on YOUR BLOG! And I can still listen to my OnErEpUbLiC<3!

I guess that our God must really be for us, because He gave me parents that love me... parents that will do anything for me, even though they sometimes make me pull my hair out. (Dude, there should like, totally be a "7 Things" song for parents!)

You know, it's awesome that no matter how far we go away from God, he's always one prayer away. It's sad that He does everything for us and is right there when we call, but when He tells us something as simple as where to go, He's like the GPS.

Here's how the GPS works: My parents are on a way to a.... WEDDING RECEPTION. They have our totally NOT updated GPS with them. "Turn-right. Take-exit-right."

First thing my mom does: "HONEY, IS THIS THE RIGHT EXIT???"



(ME) "Just TURN, Mom!"

She quickly moves over, just in time to turn. But we show up to the reception... late.

That's how we are. God is trying to tell us, "This is where to go. Come on, this is your opportunity!" While we are looking and saying, "Is this it??? Is this right for me?" God is saying, "Yes! It is! Can't you trust me?" While we're still doubting, saying, "But I know that the Olympics are best for me, maybe I shouldn't join the Air Force." But God is saying, "Do it NOW! Stop stalling! You were meant to fufill a purpose, so what are you doing now?"

And just like that, we miss out on what God wanted us to do. We show up late, and by the time we realize that God was calling us to go somewhere, we can't do anything about it, yet when we could have, we turned our backs from Him. Listen. Do you hear your calling? Are you ignoring it?

When I was five years old, going on six, I watched the 2004 Olympics. LOVED gymnastics. When I was seven, going on eight, I watched the '06 Olympics. Loved figure skating. I was obsessed. There's something about figure skaters that makes them beautiful, male or female, whether they're pretty or not. They always look confident. Somehow, I feel like I missed out on figure skating. So I'm trying not to miss out on anything I feel I want to do.

What's next? Acrobatics in a pair. Me and a guy. Acro is just like cheerleading, but the stunts are more life-threatening, but the tumbling is pretty much the same. So it's cheerleading... for the circus and World Champs.

If you want to pray with me, feel free! I have not been tempted lately, thank God!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 12-18

I'm back y'all! I've got great news! I can blog from my iPod now! So wherever there's WiFi, there's a new post!

The focus of my prayers??? That I'd be careful in all I say and do. But today??? Hectic.

Fridays alone are busy. Two birthday parties. One day. Two girls named Autumn. Exact same party times. So what's a girl to do... When she'd like to be at BOTH parties???

I showed up to the older Autumn's party first, which was at the mall in Fairborn. There was a scavenger hunt and we ate at Spinoza's. I missed cake and presents, but it was fun being with all my church friends.

Second, I went to the YOUNGER Autumn's party. It was way out of our way, in Centerville, at a suite hotel. That was SO fun!


However, I nearly lost my purse at Autumn M's party. And I did lose my NEW Neutrogena wash. It was good while it lasted. Prayer camp is going well, but my lips hurt so bad. I need lipgloss! So help me, God!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 9, 10, & 11

The focus of my prayers in these days have been pretty much the same as in the last days.

Okay, here's a new technique that's less time-consuming: I'm blogging about camp weekly, so that I don't have to get on my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. (But still I am praying seven times per day.)

New rule: This is not a rule, it's an option. Ever used the excuse, "I can't read my Bible very often because I'm CRAZY busy"? Well, here's something for those of you who can't drive yet. (Sorry Kayla...) On the way to these "places" you're going to, just bring your Bible, (for ladies that's easy, just carry a purse!) and read until you get there! No special times, just do it! I'm trying to read the books Esther and Job, but you choose the rest!

BC3: Today was Bethel Christian Community Connection! (to make a long story short, BC3.) I face-painted, and oh gosh, I had to paint like, five tiger faces! It's not hard, but it's crazy time-consuming... I also did an Ohio State "O". Yeah, it's pretty hard to mess that up, but I did! It was so fun, though! I painted with  and later, I talked with . It was fun!

Freedom Walk: I'm going on a freedom walk with WOTC today, and it'll be fun! This will be my first night EVER being outside on Halloween!
Hope Angelica Ezell.

Halloween is a holiday full of parties, tricks and treats, Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin, and all the candy a kid could possibly want. Some kids, like Charlie Brown, even get... rocks.

But what's Halloween... for real? Why do people dress as witches and ghosts? Why does everyone give away their candy? Hope Angelica Ezell investigates.

Where did Halloween originate?
Halloween is originally from Ireland, just to get that out of the way.

What's Halloween REALLY celebrating?
Halloween is a druid holiday, which in other words would be like the belief of trolls, dwarfs, and so on. So what's Halloween really celebrating? It's just an evil holiday that some of the Irish celebrated. Carving pumpkins has lots to do with it, but I like pumpkins, I have no problems with pumpkins.

What's "Trick Or Treat"?
You know what it is: some kids in costumes go up to your door and beg for candy and you give them candy. They say "trick or treat!" and you look at their cute faces and give them candy. But when they say that, have you dared yourself to say "trick"? They never give you tricks anymore! Just saying... But anyway, trick or treat was actually Christians trying to Christian-ize the holiday by giving to the poor. Sorry whoever did that, but it really didn't work... so now the trick or treat-ers are dressing up as monsters and vampires.... it just didn't work.

So if  Halloween  is everything you say it is, why do we still celebrate it?
I honestly do not know why we still celebrate Halloween. People used to sacrifice their children for this holiday, and yet us Americans are still willing to celebrate it. This is not another cute holiday, people! Wake up, America!
Well, it's time to go! I gotta go visit Izzy's blog and add some more music to our Mixpod playlist.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 9

Wow... it's day 9 and I'm still alive.... GOOD SIGN!

I knew today was not gonna be a good day, so I prayed for those around me. That they'll have a good day.

For God to help me feel good.

For my dad's leg, it's been bothering him all day.

In church the song, "Open the Floodgates of Heaven" was playing, and I kind of took those words to heart and prayed.

Good night, everyone! It's not Friday, but thank God it's Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 8

"More than my next breath, more than life or death, all I'm reaching for: I live my life to know you more. Leave it all behind... to know you is to want to know you more!"

Of course, I wanna know God A LOT more. But today, I swear, I earned a big, fat, F.

I didn't pray when I woke up, I didn't pray at breakfast, I didn't pray during school, I didn't pray at lunch, I didn't pray when I got home, I didn't pray at dinner... OKAY, so maybe I didn't pray AT ALL today. What the heck happened to seven times per day?

It's good that God knows my ways, and knows that even though I am not someone who manages time well, I'm not gonna let one long day get in the way of me and God.

In the morning, it was the usual... take Faith to school, go to work, go to HOUSE, go to Maria's, come home for 20 minutes, go to volleyball practice... and overall I wasn't feeling good with a cough, runny nose, itchy throat, and to make it worse, a stomach ache. In a girly way.

On the bright side, my coach didn't make me run in practice today! (Some drill...) and, I saw two (really three) girls from gymnastics/tumbling class today, and like, the moment I said hi, Maya was like: "Why did you quit gymnastics??!!!" And I was like, "I didn't really QUIT... it's a really long BREAK..." (and a really long story.) I guess the people are really missing me there, because she forgot to say hi...

But yeah, today rocked. So here's my seven prayers:

1. God, today rocked! Thanks for all you're doing!
2. God, I've survived one week in camp, can you help me survive another?
3. God, please help Lexi's people to completely spay her
4. God, help me to not be tempted. My main temptations are YouTube and lip gloss, but I don't need it! Please help me to know it!
5. Um... God... can you help me to know what to pray?
6. God, help me to remember what to pray.
7. Thanks for listening to me all along, even when I don't think so!

And it all ends with an...


Monday, October 25, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 7

I prayed that today would rock like crazy:) Rock what you got!

I prayed that Bible Study would go well and that Miss Janette's baby shower would go well.

Between classes I prayed that today would continue to go well, but most importantly for my dad's knee and his left leg. And that he'd get a better dentist, because he refused to go to Sinclair today because last time his student/dentist did a horrible job.

I felt sorry for the people on those shows like "Jershey Shore" and "The Bachelor" and whatever, and I was thinking about how bratty those people are, (I don't watch those shows, just thinking about them!) but then I felt snobby for thinking about the people in such mean ways. So I asked for forgiveness.


It lead me to YouTube!

Dear God,
You know I went to YouTube on accident. Can you forgive me, AGAIN???

Well it's almost time for the baby shower and an anonymous friend is over (to give it away, Becca) and we're gonna eat soon. She's helping me play "How to Save a Life" on piano so I can show it to all you guys! The real reason she's here is to go to the baby shower.

Dear God,
I am so hungry. Thank you for the food on the table and please help me to not go to YouTube again until January. It seems that everything I want to do is forbidden, but when I COULD do it, I didn't care. Help Lexi to get well so she can be herself. (the dog.) And help me to know that even if everyone seems better than me, we're all different in spectacular ways. Amen.

I'm so tired. The baby shower was fun! I played with Brayden (I'm also working on new teens' novel, "You, Me, All of the People") and we all enjoyed the cupcakes and punch.

Dear God,
Thanks for the awesome day, and today WAS the day, tomorrow will be also. I love you with all my heart, soul, and mind.

Blair Underwood says...

"Because of camp, I fell in love with the outdoors." (You know, Blair Underwood from THE EVENT.)

Hope says... "Because of camp, I fell in love with my personal LORD and savior... Jesus!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 6

Yes! I've survived almost a WEEK of this prayer boot camp! If you can pray for me, that'd rock:)

Wake up, America! Say no to the TV! Say yes to church! I didn't exactly... have the time... to pray at home, so at church during worship I prayed there. I prayed that God would light the way for this camp. Yesterday, I was extremely happy. My anonymous friend who has an anonymous blog who's only eight years old decided to do the prayer camp, only for less days and prayers that were already made into her own personal book and different guidelines.

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject: So in church we sang a song that said "He will light the way, he will lead us home..." and I knew that God would light the way and that I'd succeed in this camp. And what's cooler than being able to say that I prayed 7 times a day... for 70 days! I got rid of the things that I made a huge roll in my life, and put other things first, like magazines, books, blogs, and school.

I prayed that service would fly by, even though I didn't eat breakfast, and that I would get SOMETHING out of this message.

We had fellowship time, just to talk or "catch up", and... okay, so maybe I didn't pray AT ALL at that time, but I promise that eventually today it ended up being seven prayers.

After church, I went home and ate a chicken sandwich. (the coldcut kind.) Prayed for the food, and the regular schedule, you know.

I prayed that this week, I wouldn't be the next big failure, but that I'd be revived.

At LifeGroups, we all did prayer requests and such and such and what not, (but what was said in the Speice House, stays in the Speice House.) and my request was all about this camp, again, that I wouldn't epically fail. And when we prayed, they prayed that seven times per day wouldn't just be a routine and headache to remember, but something in my heart. So that's something I gotta keep in mind!

Ugh. Blogging girl is sooo tired. Let's just say three words describing last night:

Lack. Of. Sleep.

So right now I pray to God that I will have a wonderful night of full sleep and that I will be able to wake up at 6:30 sharp tomorrow. And God, please help me to do good for BC3. Because I'm face painting and who knows what condition my hands will be in. You are an amazing God, and I love you so much. I'm sorry for every sin that's been committed. Thanks for listening to my prayers and being patient with me whenever I do wrong.

You Rock,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 5

Ahh... Breathe in, breathe out. It was a GREAT, but very hard week. I'll be praying for a very long time, and won't be able to do the things I love again until next year.

What do you think a blog is?

Speaking of today's question, I think it's to have a voice. Show me what it is to you. And, for a fact, this blog has 2, 253 hits. My blog is the probably the most popular kids' blog in my half of Huber Heights. (not to boast or anything.) To narrow it down, my entire street. That's better.

I woke up at Bec's, and after washing my face I prayed that the day would rock and nothing would go wrong.

I had... PIZZA for breakfast??? Okay, so there WERE bagels, but it was 11 a.m. anyway, who DOESN'T want pizza??? I prayed that my dresses I tried on would fit me.

HELLO, it's SATURDAY! I wouldn't have prayed at all if I didn't realize I was doing camp! So I prayed, I just don't remember what I prayed about...

I thanked God that at Kohl's when the censors went off on me, no one thought I was stealing anything! (However, I had to be really careful whatever I did afterwards.)

I tried on a prom dress for the first time and fell in love! I felt so beautiful! I also realized that I look 100% beautiful, even without the lip gloss. And I don't even have to say what I prayed because of that.

We ate tacos, and then I left Bec's house. I had a great time, and thanked God that we all had fun.

Thank you, Jesus! Thanks for protecting me oh so well! While practicing back walkovers, back handsprings, back tucks, and somewhat-aerials, I could have seriously gotten hurt. (and front tucks.) But every time I fell today, you protected me. When I carried my prom dress out of the fitting room to the rack, you protected me from tripping myself and landing on my head and seriously getting a concussion and ending up in the hospital. Prom dresses can kill, LoL!

Jesus, you are my protector and healer forever. I love you, In Jesus' name, amen.

"Give thanks to the LORD, our God and king..."

Colin--- I found out what you'll get, and it's much cooler than before! You won "The Interstate", extended edition with more chapters than ever, WITH a few chapters from "You & Me (and all of the people)".

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 4

Wow... Blogger looks so different now. I can't believe I'll be twelve next month! Still standing at 5'8", I am so excited.

"Today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it, today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. And I won't worry 'bout tomorrow, I'm giving you my fears and sorrows, where you lead me I will follow, I'm trusting in what you say, today is the day!"

This morning, I felt that today is the day. I was ready to leave the house smiling and tackle anything on the outside. I knew that God hade made this day for me to rejoice and be glad in it. I won't worry about tomorrow, I'm giving God my fears ad sorrows, where he leads me I will follow, I'm trusting in what He says, today is the day!

After knowing that today is the day and giving God my problems, I went to eat four hashbrowns, (they're delicious) and prayed for my food but not only my food, but for a great start to the day (as usual) and... such and such that I still don't remember.

Okay, so during school I prayed that TNO would go well and that everyone would have a great time. I'm still missing my "SWAGGER WAGON", that's for sure, and I really love all of my lip glosses, but if God wants me to stick with this camp that I'm still horribly failing, I will.

Sorry... I didn't eat lunch so I didn't pray much. I don't remember what I prayed.

Again, I prayed for TNO to go well, and that Faith's school went well.

However, here's a new problem. I'm still allowed to watch TV, but that's the problem. I like to watch "Criminal Minds" and "Made" (on MTV) and stuff that has to do with criminal justice and what not. Well, I realized these shows are very inappropriate for a prayer camp and are putting bad images of murder and what not in the mind of someone hosting prayer camp. So I'm gonna try not to watch it, but I'm still allowed.

Well, I was at Teens Night Out, (and technically still there) and Mr. Bud (Sarah and Bec's grandpa) prayed for the food, and I agreed, and if two agree on anything, it will be answered, and I agreed, so I prayed, LoL!

Well, I'm probably wasting a lot of time at bec's because they probably think I'm wasting time on the computer and not socializing, but I'm gonna pray one last prayer so I can hang out with Sarah and Bec.

Dear LORD, please help tomorrow to be a good day and that Brian has a good football game, (same for Chris) that I have a good day tomorrow, and that I can survive this challenge. I realized how long these camp challenges are, and Oh my gosh, I don't think I'll survive, God, LoL! But I know that you can help me to survive and that I can live without my fave lip glosses... oh so many... but you can help me with all theses camp days... so continue to help.



Prayer Camp Day 3

Sorry I'm running behind on my camp, but Faith had to remove our computer mouse for a History project and... yeah.

I prayed for a good day, like always.

Prayed for my food, and that class would go well, that my homework would get a good grade.

On my way to class, I prayed that everything would be great and that my report would be good, that I wouldn't be nervous.

Prayed for my food.

I prayed that my salonist wouldn't accidentally burn my scalp while relaxing it. (however, it burned A LOT.)

I thanked God that I had a good day, but prayed that I could get out of the salon earlier than 9 p.m. next time.

I prayed that Lexi would be okay and that I wouldn't be tempted to do everything I wasn't allowing myself to do.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 2

I prayed that today would be the best day ever! But it wasn't. One thing that I thank God for though, is that I had NO math today because I had to go to the vet (I'll explain that in a minute) and I helped Dad change our sink fosset thing.

I prayed for my food and that I would do good in school. I noticed that this prayer camp was not starting out so great. I had nothing to pray about, and already broke one rule. My lip balms all were colorful, like my lip balm "PINK!" from VICTORIA'S SECRET and "SLICK TINT" from AVON in the shade "rosy". (i think.) So I prayed that God would make all things right.

I prayed that Lexi's time at the vet would be GREAT. I prayed that church would go well tonight and that I would give it my all.

Okay, so Lexi's time at the vet was pretty good. She didn't pee or poop in the vet's office, so that was A. okay! But...

Lexi's been very swollen down south. It's been discolored, but don't worry, that's normal. But the swelling was bad. "Is she spaed?" asked the friendly veterinarian on Base. "Yes," my mom replied, and I quietly nodded, as if the lady noticed.

So like adult women do, they chit-chatted and finally, the lady said that Lexi's spay job was kinda... horrible. A bad job.

Lexi is from Columbus, originally. She was adopted from the Humane Society, for she was a stray. My friend Adela who's currently at Ohio State University adopted Lexi, and was sure that Lexi got spaed--- which Lexi IS spaed--- but that's the problem.

She's goin' through some weird time right now and it's like... really complicated, but it causes swelling in the female area to go UP&down. She still has some Ovarian tissue down there [most likely], and she needs to be spaed again. But if she still has some of her Uderus down there, she could develop a life-threatening disease.

So yeah... I prayed for my dog, because when she gets surgery, she has to wear a funnel thing on her head, which I'm totally gonna blog about, and I want her to feel fine. This however, isn' cheap. We're not getting it done on Base, so... we totally except Ca$h! LoL!

At around 3:15, me and Mom went to pick up "the girl" from school. But the girl decided to wait until we had been there twenty minutes waiting, to tell us she was going to stay for study tables.

So we went down to Family Christian Stores and I read a few books. (not the whole thing, of course!) First, I read a few pages of Karen Kingsbury's new book: "Unlocked". Then, I read a little bit of the devotional I'm doing with Kayla, Maria, Bec, and Faith. Then, I read "23 Questions About Hell". I really wanted to know!

I read all 23 questions and soon enough, I knew enough about hell that I didn't even have anything else to ask! However, no one fully understands Heaven and Hell except for God.

The last question was really something: "How do I know that I won't go to hell?" I always wondered that. What if I had it completely messed up and was sure to go to hell? Well, first of all, we ALL are deserving of hell. So if you believe Jesus is LORD, hell is nothing, for you're going to Heaven!

We know good people can't go to Heaven for just being good alone, but: who's standard of 'good' is it? What I think is good may be third world to you. Or vice versa.

I prayed that hell would not be a place for me, because it's no one's destiny.

I looked up stuff about Unity Churches and Labrynths and was like... "this does NOT measure up with God's word!" They believe all religions can make it into Heaven. They believe in meditation.

But what really ticked me off a little was that they think of Jesus as a "way shower".
Dear National Unity Churches:
Yes. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But not all religions are making it to Heaven. And I read your statement of faith and you called Jesus a 'way shower'. Yes, he shows us the way, everyday.

Here's what's wrong Unity Churches everywhere: You left out one extremely important fact. What was it? "I'm forgiven..." Yep. Not just my favorite Sanctus Real song, but you left out the fact that Jesus died for YOU. You seemingly purposely skipped over that part, probably to not favor one religion. But let me say it how it is.

Jesus is the way show-er. For me, he's a savior. For you, he just shows ways. If you don't believe that he died with you in mind, the 'ways' you're learning are not teaching anything. Because you forgot the best and most important sermon.

Jesus is how to save a life.
Today was a Wednesday, as you can see by the date on top. Well, it wasn't too long of a day, but it was quite stressful. I'm so tired. So tired, I can't even wash my face or brush my teeth. (but don't worry, I'm brushing my teeth anyway.)

ThExperience was an experience! The sermon by Pastor Corey PERFECTLY described this camp that I am just repulsively (yes, that bad to the point of grossness) failing. I've forgotten nearly EVERY prayer time. But I will survive. I just need to devote more time to God. I need to pray for great days. I need to do good in school. I need to worship God with all my heart. I need to pray for good dog appointments. I need to pray to be with Jesus forever. I need to pray for other religions.

I need... to listen and stop doing all the talking.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 1

Okay, so, first mistake. I forgot that I wasn't allowed to wear lipgloss--- in fact, I forgot I was even DOING a prayer camp this morning--- and piled on some nice, sheer, pink gloss. Yeah. At least it had no color!

So that was a bad start to prayer camp.

I'm a lazy gal! I had to get up at 6:30, and my covers wouldn't let me up... there was no way I was getting up anytime soon. So, as you would've guessed, I was too lazy and didn't give this prayer my all:

"Dear LORD, I hope I have a good day today. Amen!"

I had to pray this prayer while still in bed, because those covers really tape you to the bed.

Tomorrow, God, I'll get up BEFORE I start praying!

I didn't eat breakfast, so I prayed on the way to school. Faith's school, that is. I prayed that I would simply have a good day in History class and that I wouldn't injure myself in any dumb ways at volleyball practice.

Okay... so when you're homeschooled, there's no such thing as "between classes". So in my head, I prayed during class that the day would continue to go well... or get better, at least

I prayed for my food, does that count?

I thanked God for the great day I had! It was really fun---even hysterical---and I enjoyed every bit of the day. Thanks, God! Now make tomorrow a good day, too!

I'm done with volleyball, and goodness... boy do I scream A LOT. I got to go down the big slide in the jungle gym next to where I took gymnastics with Jayda, Yasmeen, and Abby. It's HUMUNGOUS and we went backwards. I was screaming my head off! But I seriously had some big fun! I was in a small rush because my dad was waiting outside to pick me up, but SHHH... don't tell mama, LoL!

I prayed that this blog would reach millions of others and that I would do outstanding in volleyball games. I prayed that all of my temptations from lip gloss and YouTube would go away so I would be a more organized Christian who can separate God from the world, and just shut it all out.

I just realized that Grandaddy sounds just like "Santa Claus"! He called, and at the end of the voicemail he left, he was all like "Ho Ho Ho" but I think it was supposed to be "Ha Ha Ha". He rocks! 67 years old and still hammin' at the Hard Rock Cafe. (no, seriously--- he has a membership there. Let's just say he lives really close to Atlanta...)

I was making some tea and I'm just like... "Okay, WHERE'S the honey?"
"If you scream one more time, you're in trouble." (Dad)
"I said: WHERE'S THE HONEY???!!!"

So I was thankful that today was great and prayed to God that tomorrow would be better!