Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschool Convention!

The title says it all.

I'm going with Kayla and Maria (also, my mom and their moms) to the Homeschool Convention! I've never been so happy to go somewhere with my mom ever. Change the word "happy" to "Excited. ECSTATIC!"

So, I'm posting today to announce that while I'm out hanging out with the Duggars, (If I get that close) RandomNess Friday will be cancelled. So no, I won't be blogging again until Monday.

In return of my absence, I will try and only try to get an interview with one of the Duggars. I don't have their names memorized, like, at all, so I'll just guess.

"Ummm... you're Joanna. Wait no.... is there a Jessica?"

I can totally picture the ^^^^ABOVE^^^^ happening to me!

I am very sorry that my goal to make this blog professional is failing. I am behind in the book I'm reviewing, but on the brightest side, I got accepted to another company, and I haven't applied to Zondervan--- just yet. I feel it is very important to be noticed by them, because believe it or not, soon I will be one of the authors you track.

I'm going the publish The Perfect Race Trilogy first, because I feel that it is very important for me to get mainstream attention. This saga, I am very ashamed to admit, has nothing about God or the Bible in it whatsoever. Amanda (my main character's name) is supposedly a Christian. (Supposedly??? I don't know my own imaginary people? I need help...) There are also a few Biblical verses in the trilogy, so that it will be evident that at least the author is a Christian.

So who will publish that book? I don't know... Scholastic? If they'll even take a kid author seriously???

Anyone wanna know my pet peeve?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Born Again

Okay, I had another walk, but it scared me SOOOO much that I stopped it. You see, I have Spider-Phobia and I was talking about why. But my fear of eight-legged creatures kept me from publishing. I need a doctor.... Some Dr. Pepper!

So now, I went back to my original walk I was gonna do before that.

Okay, since I cancelled the last post, I've been blank on ideas and just forgot what the "original post" was. As y'all know, I have short term memory loss, which I've mentioned in that link.
So here it is.

I don't remember the day I got saved.
I don't remember the date. I don't remember what season it was. I do remember the year, though. I was five, (or maybe four...) so it was either late 2003 (I'm a November baby!) or early 2004. So yeah, the year is difficult to remember when you were really little, and you were born late in the year.

I wonder if I really thought about it.
Being really little when I got saved, I didn't fully understand the concept. But it doesn't matter now, because now I do, and I'm so glad I prayed that prayer! 2010 was a great year for my walk with the Lord!

My second in-state missions trip.
A Newsboy once said, (wait.... was it the Newsboys??? I think so...) "Missions doesn't have to be overseas. There are peopel hurting in you neighborhood, at your job, in your school. And you were put there for a reason." Well, I like to call it a camp, (because it was just that fun!) but I went to Missions Extreme last year and the year before with some kids in my former childrens' church. (I still go to that church and I help out with the kids, I'm just not considered one of the JAM kids anymore.) Kids from AG churches all over Ohio were there.

We worked with the Convoy Of Hope last year, and I got to participate in a human video drama. They year before, my drama was "By Your Side", and my leader for that was named Chanda. (Chanda like 'Panda'.) Last year we did "Why" by Nicole Nordeman, and it was my favorite human video I was ever in. We had speaking parts and everything. However, I hated that I had to "crucify Jesus". At the beginning, I narrated the little girl's part, and then into the chorus, I switched roles and joined the crowd. Hated it.

(the song is on the playlist. It was not available to post from YouTube.)

This "camp" was life-changing. I started reading my Bible soooooo much more, and actually wanted to. I started The Bible Challenge, and found the first three verses during a devotion time at camp. That's how I came up with my semi-used-to-be-popular post, Lost in the Twilight.

When my challenge ended on October 18th, the next day began a new challenge.

70 days. 7 prayers daily.

It was hard! And did I mention I fasted from several things? Makeup, (even playing with makeup wasn't permitted!) temp hair dyes, YouTube, Twitter, high heels & gymnastics. (I still haven't gotten back into that... Grr...) It was worth it! And I love God even more, now!

And suddenly, it happened.
Before Prayer Camp, (the 70 days thing) exactly nine days before, I finally got...


I have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, at least I don't think so, but I got baptized in water on the perfect Sunday. 10.10.10. Pastor Jay called me Faith (my sister's name, we always get mixed up) when he baptized me, but I forgive him:) Besides, it was kinda funny!

Anywho.... getting baptized was great.

So yeah. I have many steps to go, but at least I can say this....

I've been born again!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More To People, More To Life

Ever saw someone and instantly hated them? Or maybe you saw someone and instantly knew that you would be friends? Ever had love at first sight? What about hate at first fight?

Maybe you look at someone and think that they're too preppy. Look at them and think they're immature. Too shy. Too loud.

But... Do you see a soul inside?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Typical Saturday of an Author

Okay, so I'm not a published author, (yet!) but I am an accomplished blog author, I like to say.

What can a musician's daughter, crafty girl, music lover, and author be found doing on the weekend?

Well, first, they can be found on YouTube...

BAHAHA! My dog does that weird face too. And the music... interesting.

Secondly, they can be found practicing a vocal solo.

They can be found being crafty and decorating a composition book with magazine papers. I'll have to show you mine someday it says "Soul Surfer", "Paramore", (written twice!) "Cheerleading", "Swimming", and it has a huge diaper on it. I'm gonna add more today. It's a fun and easy craft that drowns me in the things I love and makes me smile when I use it!

A music lover can be found jamming out to this...

Keep your eyes on 2:02. I just love the harmonies on this song when they say "somebody to lo-o-ove..." it makes me want to be his backup singer.

(when Jaden says "I was born from two stars..." he really was. Will Smith and Jada Smith. But let's not talk about them... this is a Christian blog!) Please don't ignore this song because it's by a Bieber. It's a really inspiring song. Had it been a Christian song, I'd give it five stars!

And where it says "post a Komment", be aware that this is not my video and that I know how to spell 'comment'!

Anyway, the songs that really inspire me when I write are...

Notice they say "keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds", which is our Spring quote!

I wanna sing this next year for Fine Arts, and it really inspires my story I'm currently writing, especially since it's a Christian story!
Our Fine Arts band is doing great! We have a huge chance at Nationals!

Two Weeks Ago....
Brian was waaaay off beat.
Mark showed up an hour and fifteen minutes late because of Maria's Narnia play. (she was Mr. Tumnus!)
Mariah and I were still learning our lyrics.
Chris' bass was quiet, but it sounded good.
Nathan was trying to figure the song out.
Josh was too quiet.

Last Week....
Brian stopped rocking to his own beat and finally got on track.
Mark learned his notes.
Mariah learned the lyrics and has good stage presence.
I learned my harmonies and am a lot louder. (Brian can hear me and Mariah over the drums now!)
Chris' bass is still quiet, but he's doing good.
Nathan is rocking his guitar solo(s).
Josh is strutting his strumming.

we have practice tomorrow, and if our progress keeps going up, we have a HUGE chance at Nationals! (Arizona... how will we get there???) At our first practice, because we were doing so bad and time pressed, I thought Nationals... never. (and it's my dad's 48th bday today! Happy bday, Dad! If you're wondering why it's written in this unlikely place, it's because I'm just now writing it and sticking it in a random place...)

Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up.........

And never say never.

Friday, March 25, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Friday

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

I've been waiting all week to tell you this. I discovered this awesome song on YouTube. Check it out:

Okay, now, I won't be surprised if I get a trillion comments saying I'm out of my mind. This song is... well, honestly, sorta stupid. The lyrics make no sense. But it's catchy. Listen to it six times and it'll be stuck in your head all week. I dare you to do it.

Friday by Rebecca Black
7 a.m.
Wake up in the morning
Gotta get fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl
Gotta have cereal
Seeing everything time is going
Tickin' on and on
Everybody's rushin'
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus
See my friends
Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make up my mind
Which seat can I take?

It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin' down on Friday
Everybody lookin' forward to the weekend
Partying, partying
Partying, partying
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Looking forward to the weekend

7:45 we're driving on the highway
Cruisin' so fast I want time to fly
Fun, fun
Think about fun
You know what it is
I got this, you got this
My friend is by my right
I got this, you got this
Now you know it...

Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make up my mind
Which seat can I take?

CHORUS (Friday, Friday...)

Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday)
Today it is Friday (Friday)
We, we, we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards.

R.B. Rebecca Black
So chillin' in the front seat (front seat)
Back seat (Back seat)
I'm driving cruisin (yeah yeah)
Fast lanes, switchin' lanes
With a car up on my side
Passin' by is a school bus in front of me
Check my time
It's Friday, it's a weekend
We gonna have fun c'mon, c'mon

CHORUS times 2
Okay, "Friday" does not make sense at all because first of all, the car has five seats. Four people are already in it. There are already two people sitting in the front, and one seat left in the back. Plus, I'm positive that the kid driving is not sixteen yet. Child endangerment. THAT'S why Rebecca chose the back seat.

And who says "Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal" in a song?

She goes to the bus stop and doesn't even take the bus.

I guess she skipped school.

I guess the friend on her left isn't her friend...

She's not wearing a seat belt at night.

We all know that yesterday was Thursday. We weren't born yesterday. Which was Thursday.

It's okay to say tomorrow is Saturday. But "Sunday comes afterwards"? We know that! Who wrote this elementary-level song?

The graphics--- totally fake.

The list can go on, but it won't.
Okay, sorry I don't have a picture, Faith won't send it to me and she's getting very annoying, very fast.
This is my RandomNess. Not my best one, but make sure you see how Prism is doing and check out her RandomNess!

...And tell me... who else is excited to see Soul Surfer?

***UPDATE: This was my 400th post! About "Friday"? Ugh, can I get a redo??? LoL***

***UPDATED UPDATE: Make sure you check out "Brick By Boring Brick" on YouTube--- it's our song quote at the top of the blog by Paramore! Yes, I'm a Paramore lover indeed!

Future Quotes (and others TBA, subject to change.)
Alana Lee's "Butterflies"
B.o.B. and Hayley Williams' "Airplanes"
Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet"

And more!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Emergency

This a walk on something that sorta happened... well, today.

I got a haircut.

Not a small one.

A big one.

Let's say... I can't Whip My Hair anymore.

Chopped off.

Not that I hated it or anything.

I just wanna remember it.

This is just to let you know that The Underworld just got slightly better. The reason my hair is so short (Sorry I couldn't show the whole style!) is mainly because my mom says it's too damaged, but I alos want it to be natural again.

For all you black girls, who have relaxed hair, you know that this is a long process, too long to explain.

Let's just say the recipe for natural, 'fro hair means going bald.

But, if I can get a picture on RandomNess Friday, I will be sure to show you my Mary J. Nlige/Keri Hilson cut.

If you want an example...

Tune in on Friday!

But for now, it's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mispell Munday~Kayla's Sweet Sixteen!

This is a piece of cake. Yummy!

Today, we are not misspelling. We are using baby language.

OWWHHH.... wook at dat pwiece of cwake! Isn't it bweautiful? Last Wednesday was Kay-wa's sweet sixteenth bwirthday! But on Saturday, it was her Super Sweet Sixteen.

As you see, I'm wearing a knee-length bwack dress.

Can you keep a secret???

Friday, March 18, 2011

RandomNess Friday~I'm Even MORE Famous!

Okay, y'all, I'm on the brink of fame now. Yes, I mean famous kind of fame. Just keep reading with me, you'll smile. Unless you don't care about movie producers commenting on a twelve-year-old's blog.

Now, before I talk about "When I Grow Up", I wanna talk about how my dream is slowly coming true. But before that, I must list one of the sins of a blogger.

Okay, it's not an official sin.

I don't think God really cares about this one.

Now I've got a confession...
I did not check my comments from Gymnastics IS Life! since last year. I thought, you know, who cares about a blog that's all about gymnastics and the Olympics? Well, quite a few people care.

I got my attention...
I received four new followers. Little did I know, that was last month. I posted a long post on the blog a few days ago to thank them for following.

Then, yesterday, I was just reading the blog and happened to read my post, Rip-Off and Win. I saw that I had three comments. That's great for a blog that no one reads.

One girl said that she's a homeschooled gymnast, too. Cool.

Another girl said she liked my blog.

Then, the most surprising comment came.

A movie producer????!!!!
No way! The last comment was from Anna. I expected another teenage girl looking at my blog because they just happened to get there. But nooo....

There is an indie film coming out soon, called Cold Warrior. Cold Warrior is a short film (I'd say it's only about an hour or 90 min. long?) that they are trying to raise money for. I'd love to donate... but, you know, kids only have so much money when they've pledged $100 to Speed The Light and have birthday parties to go to and things they want.

Anyway... Anna is on the team that will be creating the movie, and she posted a comment on my blog. ( I also think she follows me now.) She told me the URL and stuff. I will do whatever I can for this movie.

What's the movie about? Visit the link and you'll see. It seems like it'll be a little PG-13 because it's target of abortion, but I think it'll be great!
Well, for those of you who didn't know, or didn't wear the right color, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Who was he?

I'll tell you that soon...
Well, When I grow up I wanna be famous. To make a long story short, I'm gonna be a local news reporter. Then, I'm gonna move my way up to a magazine editor, and while still doing that, I'm gonna take Lester Holt's position on Nightly News. (Look him up.)

Then, I'll be the woman that takes Brian Williams' spot.

Yeah... I'm comin' for ya, Brian.
Smiles from YOUR BLOG!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

"On This Perfect Day..." (Plus: Quiz!)

"Nothing standing in my way!"

I was having a great day today. I have a few new movies to add to my profile. I forgot to add "Forrest Gump" a while ago, and I also forgot to add "Beastly", I think.

But today, I saw "Robin Hood", the 2010 version. Wanna know my absolute favorite line?

"I declare you to be an OUTLAW!!!!"
-Some king in the movie.

Sorry, but there's something about that line that just makes me cringe, because... I don't know, the way he says it. It's so... I don't know... it reminds me of Narnia.

And Narnia reminds me of the Disney Movies.

And the Disney Movies remind me of Prince Caspian.

And Prince Caspian is so... Dreamy. And Edmund is just too hot in that movie! He's just so manly and hot!

Anyway, that was good. I'm gonna try to make this post really short, for your entertainment.

(Also, I like "Robin Hood" because of the music. That's what reminds me of  "Prince Caspian", because the music drew me to Narnia. And Edmund.)

Anyway, you wanna know what a perfect day is to me?

  • A nice hammock
  • Sitting under a tree
  • Reading a nice book
  • A devotion
  • Writing
  • Listening to Beethoven
  • Listening to Justin Bieber
  • Listening to my iPod
  • A short nap. (suggested by Kayla.)
  • Flowers surrounding me in a garden
  • A life without spiders and bees and wasps. (my Wednesday's Walk for next week!)
"Mix it all together and you know you've got the best of both worlds!" Oh my gosh. Yes, I'm quoting Hannah Montana. I used to be a huge fan of her and knew all the lyrics to her first and second CDs. Thank God that phase ended, now I can Wednesday's Walk about it.
Short Bieber Fever Diagnosis

do you have the fever? Here's a short quiz to help you know how far is too far with Bieber love, and if you're crossing the line between "He's Okay", "Bieber Fever", "Belieber", or blatant "Bieberism".

How do you feel about Justin?
A) Really hate him. "Close my eyes and pray" that he won't be famous someday.
B) I like a few songs.
C) I like him, but he gets annoying.
D) He's my "Baby, baby, baby OHHH!"

What about Selena Gomez?
A) I like her.
B) She's okay.
C) Not at all.
D) Back off Justin! "That should be me."

How many Bieber songs do you like?
A) None. Why would you ask that???
B) A few or less.
C) Seven to ten.
D) Every. Single. One! "I just need somebody to love!"

Would you ever purchase a song by him? How many?
A) None.
B) One at the very least.
C) As many as I would listen to on YouTube.
D) The whole album. Every single time.

Mostly A's.
You don't like Justin--- at all. You're an "Anti-Bieber-ist".

Mostly B's.
You think he's okay, but it's under control.

Mostly C's.
You have the Bieber Fever, but it's not bad.

Mostly D's.
It's almost a religion for you. Sorry, you are a Bieberist. Seek help immediately.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~The Last Walk {to Wendy's}

Remember Valerie? Well, here's a post about those fun times.
Charity and Valerie were best friends since that Spring day of 2003, eight years ago. Yes, I felt the need to put that in bold print, because I can't believe how long ago that was--- I WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!
There were some rocky times, oh yeah. Charity and Val stopped being friends in the eighth grade. They didn't talk again until they were sophomores in high school.
But when they started talking again, (because they walked to school together because Val lived less than 60 seconds from me) they became friends. Then, they became good friends. Then, they were pretty good friends, and....

VOILA! Best friends again!

I remember the warm summer days spent at each other's houses. Valerie was a distant sister. Many times, Valerie would spend the afternoon at my house, then go back to her house to eat dinner, and then we'd go to her house afterwards. We'd do anything--- play soccer, get on the computer, talk, even read. Doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but it made our days fun.
We were huge geeks:). Some days, we'd spend hours reading books from her large bookshelf she had, and probably still has. Once, me and Val had a competition when I was younger, who would finish their book first. Sometimes, I'd cheat and skip 10 pages, and she'd still win. Sometimes, I'd read a 63-page book, and she read a 200-page book. She'd still win.

We also did some of the dumbest things. Like that one time when we ate tubes of lip balm, that was so gross, LoL! I can only name some of the crazy things we did.
When I was younger, I loved her closet so much that I would ask her if I could buy clothes from her closet. She always said no, anyway.

Her father was in the Air Force, too. We both moved to Ohio in the same year. Her and Charity were in the same grade. In high school, they attended the same school. (Go Wayne!)
But, they also became long-distance friends.
Valerie was supposed to move after eighth grade. But, she ended up leaving after the tenth.

I never got to say an official goodbye.

It felt horrible. The last 'goodbye' I said to Val was after our last walk to the nearest Wendy's, which is walking distance from me and is really close to the future place I might take acro at. That last 'goodbye' was a casual 'see ya tomorrow' goodbye. Not the goodbye I wanted to say.
I really did think that I would see her tomorrow. But, life was busy. I hardly ever got to see her after that. You see, her dad was now in Colorado Springs, and her family was preparing to go there with him. She was busy pulling off a DIY move while I was bored without my only friend on the street.

The last year I cheered, her father was a basketball ref. I saw her very often in the winter of that year.
But, as summer approached and it was almost her time to go, we went on vacation. It sure was a fun vacation!

North Carolina, and then hanging out with my Grandpa, (really special--- my living grandma is divorced, so I barely get to see him) aunts and cousins in Atlanta. We got to do everything--- Hard Rock Cafe, plus Centennial Olympic Park! Everything an Olympic lover would want to see.
By the time I was back from vacation, it was late at night, and even more worse, the day before Missions Extreme. I already had my outfits planned, so all I did was stuff it in three bags and personal stuff and hygiene (like toothbrush, girly things, etc.) and all that good stuff. I even had some extra time to put temp. pink streaks in my hair.

So much happened while I was gone.

There's this family that I follow on Twitter, the Potvins, who's daughter had relapsed stage 4 cancer. She's 8. Ellie was strong. Over 40 tumors, and she fought through it to the end. But on June 23, she passed away. The Potvins call her their angel.
Cancer has damaged my life enough. I know a cancer survivor who's still alive, then there's my Uncle Charles, and there's Mr. Wes. Cancer is something I've gotten used to over the years. Plus, I got a phonecall today that the lady, Mrs. Judy, who was married to Mr. Wes, her father died of the same thing today. Sad. First, her husband dies of cancer last May, and less than a year later, her father dies.

Back to the subject.

Valerie moved when I was at Missions Extreme. She's gone. But, trust me, I'll meet her again. My sisters said goodbye for me while I was gone, but it sure makes me wish I was there. At least we can still text each other, now.
Valerie, you like The Fray, don't cha?
Your favorite Tenth Avenue North song.

I wrote this post so that my friends can see that they rock my world! Not just Valerie, but every single one of them!
And my blog readers... YOU MEAN JUST AS MUCH TO ME!!!
Happy Sweet Sixteenth birthday, Kayla! You're growing up!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here is a beautiful song that I just discovered today by Deas Vail, the band that also sings "Excuses", our song for Fine Arts. They've toured with Relient K and Owl City. They are "humble servants to God".

This song I think is just so beautiful. it's so true. I can't say much about it, but if you listen to it and just read the lyrics, you see how it's true.

It's different in everyone's lives, but in mine, this song applies perfectly.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mispell Munday~Excuses, Excuses...

Welcome to my Mispell Munday about the fine arts of the nation. Our church is having several groups of kids and teens performing, and I'm gonna tell you everything about it. Plus, info about the Sham Rock, and everything you can imagine.
in my lsat psot, i frogot to mnetion the History Channel Alive. i was Rosa Parks and it wnet well. the orgnial paln was for Rosa to hvae a Southern acecnt, but it'd mkae it silly.

Tihs is the snog Kayla tlod me the Fun Arts kdis are diong for thier Human Video.

Tihs is the clwon snog. "This is the stuff..." (for Fun Arts.)

Oaky, tihs has got to be one of my FVAORITE snogs. i lvoe the meoldy, and the lyrics are so maeningful. tihs snog mihgt be for the Fine Arts Human Video. (Fine Arts is the older kids, 7-12 grade. Fun Arts is the younger kids in grades 6 and lower.)

Wlel, enuogh on taht.

ALSO... Remember to pray for my freind. I can't tell you why becuase it's raelly serious and personal. But pray for her.

And, anyway, I wnet to the Sham Rock on Sat. wtih Faith, her freind Autumn from school, Charity, and Baileigh. Smoe others popped up, too. It was at a local museum and it was packed. Also, my song came on.

"Whip it really good!"

"We gon' rock this club, we gon' go all night..."

Tehn, me and Ryan cuoldn't find the rest of the gruop, but we fuond tehm. Kinda awkward... you know... wtih a guy i only knew for abuot an huor.

But it was fun!

Tehn, lsat nihgt was the Taste Of Missions banquet. (let me put it in simpler words.... FOOOOOD!) i sat wtih Brian and Brian, Drew, Baileigh, Brittany, Pastor Darren, Collin, Faith, Samm, and Sarah and tehre's mroe.


Earlier was Fine Arts practice. Man, i wsih i was in the Human Video.


Wlel, tehy get to do a Prep, (cheerleading stunt, and my sister is the flyer!) and tehy get to mkae a human church steeple. Puls, tehy get to do tumbling. (Autumn, not the one listed above, and Kalie are doing handstand forward-rolls. Kalie can't really do it yet, so if i was in the video, i cuold tkae her sopt becuase it's so easy... well, maybe not easy, but it's simple for me.)

Okay, I decided not to "Mispell" this part.

I'm in the band! Yeah, the church Christian Band.

I'm a backup singer, which is good enough for me! I'm fine not being front and center, because guess who is???


Who's Mariah? She's pretty new to our church, but everyone already knew her. The church she came from was a huge competitor against our JBQ team. In fact, that church is down the street from Charity's school. And some of those great JBQers came, too.

Blake is Mariah's brother. He was sooooo good at JBQ. He knew like, every question that exists. But he's too old for JBQ now, because he's one grade higher than me. (and he's a football quarterback... OMG that is sooo hot)
Dina is a shy girl who is friends with Mariah's sister.
Natalie is Mariah's sister, who I always get her name mixed up with, even though there's a HUGE age difference.

Mariah is our leader, and she's a great singer. While the boys were learning their instruments and stuff, me and Mariah practiced in the kitchen with Nathan's iPod. I was almost embarrassed singing next to Maraih.


Because she's such a great singer.

I am... an ant when I sing.
Mariah is... I don't know... an ant-eater?

Or here's a better illustration...

I am... American cheese.
Mariah is... the TOP cheese.

Much better.

Here's our song. I know you'll like it.

1:40 is where I sing. Actually, I sing all the choruses. But keep your eyes on the piano girl, because she's a great example of how I am singing and how Mark is playing piano.

Here's our band!
Lead vocalist--- Mariah
Backup vocalist--- Hope:)
Lead electric guitar--- Nathan
Other electric guitar--- Josh
Bass guitar--- Chris
Piano/Keyboard--- Mark
Drums--- Brian L.

These are the talents we are given. The gifts we use to spread the word. We will shout that Jesus saves until the whole world hears.

"This is the stuff you use."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Me and My Gang...

I can't explain my weekend clearly. I missed out on homeschool group because I forgot to cook a Macedonian dish, so I just didn't go. I got some sleep on Thursday night and practiced my vocal solo on Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday, Friday, was ReBecca's birthday. (at the end of my RandomNess post yesterday I said "Happy fourteenth birthday, Rebecca".) I went to her house, but it wasn't a party. Just basically a family event and her friend Olivia came as well.

Being the crazy teens (and pre-teens) we are, we played Just Dance all night. And finally, somebody had the same love for this song as I do.

"Up the chim-en-y! Jump in the line, rock your body in time!"

We played all of my favorite Just Dance 2 songs. However, I found some things that weren't right.

In "Big Girls, You Are Beautiful", the girl could have been a little bit bigger. (I'm just sayin'...)
We didn't go home until 11 last night, (and did I mention there was steak involved? *licking lips* Juicy, seasony steak?) and it was fun. I've only met Olivia a few times, but she's really funny! She's also got the Bieber Fever. She's a belieber. Kinda scary... kinda cool!

Last night I drank so much soda (A&W, Diet Coke, and then Coca-Cola) that I just died of craziness. There was a time where I was like, lying on the floor of laughter, and randomly started talking. I think I was talking to myself...

Also, I came up with the best plot for my story "Unspoken", the one about the couple who's mute and deaf. I can't tell you everything, but I'll tell you that they're gonna get married and Braeden is gonna join the Air Force. He's gonna get deployed to Afghanistan and while they're married they're gone have a baby girl together. Or twins... either is cool with me.

The question now is... die or live? My dad told me he should survive the war and then drving back from the airport, he gets killed in a drive-by shooting. That'd be kinda weird. Maybe he should die in the war... but I sorta want my story to have a happy ending, because it's a Christian book that I want Zondervan to publish. I want Holli to think he's dead, but then he comes back alive somehow.

I like sunshine endings...

And one last thing.

Finally... I can listen to this song without muting it!


Friday, March 11, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Random for Sure!

While you're here, visit Prism because she is the home of RandomNess.

I was really busy during the week for "Love Out Loud", my story for Fine Arts.

This is the Jaci Velasquez song it's named after.

Here's the song I'm learning on bass.

This is a cute song by Paramore. I'm trying to learn it on strings because we have a huge bulky bass at home that has no use, so why not, you know?

I'm still practicing my low key solo for Fine Arts. It's an easy song, and I recommend "Better Than a Hallelujah" to anyone who's doing their first solo. (This is my third.) I feel very confident that it was a good song choice. The beginning is very hard for me, though, because... I don't know. I'm always messy on the:

"God loves a lullaby..."
"God loves a drunkard's cry..."
"Woman holding on for life..."
"Tears of shame for what's been done..."

Parts. I guess it's because my voice has to begin low and then quickly return to normal. I'm working on it, and it's taught me....

  • No sugar when it's time to practice
  • No ice cream
  • No soda
  • Nothing creamy
  • No cake
  • No pie
Nothing that can ruin my voice in the moment. Then, there's the CAN-Do list:

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • McDonald's or Wendy's fries
  • Any natural food that isn't sweetened.
For times when I do break the rules...

I'm bringing out the salt water. Yes, I'm shaking salt into water and gargling it in my throat to clear it. I tried it last night, (*COUGH* after eating ice cream *COUGH*) and my voice was much more pretty afterwards!

And my dad liked my solo! Which for those of you who don't know, my dad is a semi-pro musician, and he plays bass guitar at church. He's played at churches... probably before his MS diagnosis, which was nineteen years ago. He's played all kinds of guitars, *COUGH* claims *COUGH* he's a good singer.

And if I impressed my dad... that means it's on the upside!

Nationals in reach? For my writing and band team, I think so!


Happy fourteenth birthday, Rebecca!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome To My World... Insomnia, Fine Arts

Yes, guess who can't sleep?

I've had problems sleeping since ever, but now it's gotten to the point where I cannot sleep at all.  Insomnia indeed. Last time I slept was two days ago, but the last time I officially slept was two or one weeks ago. Last night I slept a little, too, but I was up 'til 4 a.m. It would have only been 1, blame it on the iPod, but then the stupid sleeping problems settled in.

"When I'm far too tired to fall asleep..."-'Fireflies', Owl City.

I am not stressed or worried about anything, but my mind gets restless at night. Also, I just can't sleep.  In the world of sleeplessness, it gets annoying pretty and very fast.
While I was gone from blogging, I wrote a chapter of a book for the State Fine Arts Festival. I sent it to Pastor Corey, but I think there was a slight mistake that could really get me disqualified, so let's hope he didn't send it to Ohio Youth Ministries yet.

It's called "Love Out Loud", a story that goes with our theme, "Compelled By Love". It's a fictional story about a girl named Belle who's the daughter of an Arizona politician. I chose Arizona on purpose because that's where Nationals will be.

I chose my official song to sing, and I chose "Better Than A Hallelujah" in low key.

That's it!

And "Love Out Loud" was named after the song "Love Out Loud" by Jaci Velasquez.

Things are lookin' good...

Except for that I can't sleep:(

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Let's not talk about Charlie Sheen, not today. But...


I told y'all, if you don't follow me on Twitter, you're missing out. I'm not always blogging, but if I'm Tweeting, I talk about things that are too little to blog about. I let you know how I'm feeling and what I'm doing right here in this moment. And I tell you things on Twitter before I even think to blog about it.

Like #winning...

And like this:

@Gymnastics1710 My writing? See ya all in Phoenix... :) I'm not doing the 4H princess thing this year. When I'm fourteen, I get to be queen:) #winning (:

Remember the "princess dilemma" ? I decided... Why work so hard to be the princess when this is only my 2nd year in 4-H? By the time I'm fourteen, I would have done so many sewing and cake and duct tape and sports projects that I'll be the ideal queen! If I do the royalty competition this year, I'll be frowned upon.

And the queen gets her king, too. (And last year her king was kinda cute... hehe)
Well, let me talk about what happened while I was gone. I made some serious decisions for this blog, and even though it's a crazy girly fun blog, I wanted to make it a little more professional. Right now, I'm with two book review companies (Thomas Nelson's BookSneeze and Blogging for Books, whatever company they are) and I'm trying to interview people who are really interesting. And I'll be giving away more stuff this year, so you can get free books, too!

Plus, near 2012, YOUR BLOG will get itself a Facebook Page! So you can visit YOUR BLOG by the click of a link! And, you can see quizzes, get tagged, and get your own blog advertized without paying a dime! This blog is stepping up!

Plus, I'm gonna try to learn a string bass this year. I'm gonna fill up the year with "can", not "can't".
MY TOP 2's.

Fave Band
1. Paramore
2. OneRepublic

Hair inspiration
1. Hayley Williams
2. Rihanna

Fashion Inspiration
1. Avril Lavigne
2. Myself:)

Fave blogs
1. A Girl Of Many Colors
2. The Goodwin Family

Fave songs (oh boy...)
1. "Always" Switchfoot
2. "Back At My Heart" Natalie Grant
3. "Misery Business" Paramore
4. "Playing God" Paramore
5. "Better Than A Hallelujah" Amy Grant
6. "Cinderella" Steven Curtis Chapman
7. "No Regrets" DJ Smarts (He's not famous.. he goes to Wayne!:)
8. "Come Home" Luminate
9. "Come Home" OneRepublic feat. Sara Bareilles
10. "Don't You Know You're Beautiful?" Seabird
11. "Follow Me There" Third Day
12. "Healing Begins" Tenth Avenue North
13. "Hero" Superchick
14. "How To Save A Life" The Fray
15. "Jump in the Line" Harry Belafonte
16. "Love Out Loud" Jaci Velasquez (Title of my Fine Arts story!)
17. "Lovely Traces" Krystal Meyers
18. "Never Say Never" The Fray
19. "On and On" Chasen
20. "Eenie Meenie" Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston
21. "Rescue" Seabird
22. "Secrets" OneRepublic
23. "Sorry" Jonas Brothers
24. "Stop and Stare" OneRepublic
25. "This Is The Stuff" Francesca Battistelli
26. "Turn This Ship Around" Caleb
27. "Undone" FFH
28. "What I've Done" Linkin Park
29. "You Found Me" The Fray
30. "When You're Gone" Avril Lavigne
31. "Your Love Is A Song" Switchfoot

(notice I started and ended with Switchfoot.)

Fave Books
1. Kira-Kira
2. Queen B

My Talents
1. Musical things...
2. Writing

My Fun Facts
1. I'm twelve and 5'8
2. I'm a retired Military Brat

My Aspirations
1. Get really famous.
2. Publish a book, get a master or bachelor in arts, become a news reporter, editor-in-chief of Seventeen, then kick Brian Williams outta his seat.

*Other Aspirations*
1. Be in a Christian band like Fireflight
2. Be a military wife or missionary's wife or pastor's wife
3. Have six kids that all have Narnia names.

The kids' names
1. Peter (call him Pete)
2. Susan (call her Suzi)
3. Edmund (call him Ed)
4. Lucille (call her Lucy)
5. Eustace (his middle name will be Steven, call him that.)
6. Caspian (call him Caspie)

The pets' names
1. our cat will be Aslan
2. Our guinnea pig will be Reepacheap (didn't spell it right.)

My kids have no choice but to:
1. Write
2. Do gymnastics, basketball, cheer or volleyball. And for the guys, football is hot. Girls, figure skating is beautiful.

I'd say...

1. Shoot for the stars. Forget your age, it's a number for Pete's sake. (Sorry, peter.)
2. With God, everything is possible. Don't ever doubt yourself.

To the boys...
1. Don't be afraid to be a cheerleader! Cheer is originally a guys' sport anyway. Girls started cheering after WWII.
2. Anything you set your mind to can happen. Just look at my blog.

To the girls...
1. Gender doesn't define your ability to do things. If you wanna do football, I say go for it, but I wouldn't do it.
2. Wait for a long time before you get your first BF. Just ask Kayla any day.

If I were famous...
1. I'd be a witness of God!
2. I'd stay away from drugs!

If I were Oprah...
1. I would not teach Oprahism. (in other words, an Oprah Unitarean.)
2. I'd talk about interesting things, like books and the Olympics. Kids making a difference in the world by doing what they do everyday.

If I were Ellen...
I wouldn't wanna be Ellen. Ever.

If I were God...
1. I can only imagine the beautiful Heaven.
2. I can't even imagine that...
That's me! I wrote this to look back at when I'm grown!


PS!!! I'm editing this cuz I forgot to add this: I saw Beastly starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens on Saturday w/ my friend Sarah K. and it was great! It had horrible language (S word, B word and the list could go on) and some witchcraft (Mary-Kate Olsen was the witch who turns Alex's character ugly-ish) , but toherwise it was a cute love story that was very similar to Beauty and the Beast. It was lovely, saying the message that nothing separates love, no matter how beautiful or ugly you are. Before, Alex's character was very jerk-y, a jock, and rude. But after he turned ugly, (I shouldn't say ugly but what else can I say?) he was sincere, kind, and love truely changed him for the better. It was very romantic and beautiful. Plus, it wasn't a cheap Disney film. It shows that love never fails you.