Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mpact sleepover

yesterday my church held a sleepover for missionettes and it was a blast! the past few sleepovers i have to admit were not very fun... but miss Sonja made it a different point of view! sure, it's still a lock in, LOL, and we still can't get on the main level. and when we played underground church, SOOOOO many people got hurt, including me. my sister... she thinks she might have broke her nose! my story? well i was running in the friends room because a police was on their way. i bumped into the door so hard, all of my toes got hurt on my left foot, and my left ankle couldn't even BEND anymore. it was SOOOOOOOOOO wild that night, that people were running into shelves, bumping heads, running into doorways, (okay, so only i bumped into a doorway) falling on the stairs, little kids getting scared, then changing their mind over, and over, to when they just needed to call off the game. i NEVER found the Bible though... my foot hurt too much. waaaaaay too much. i had to limp to my bed. oh when we first got there and we were just chilling out, i did a kick from cheerleading, and i slipped and fell RIGHT on my arm. i wanted to cry, but no use. what did you do this weekend?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Andrea!

hey Andrea,
i might as well email you, but i might as well say it.
it's so cute, and i'll add it to the section of cute jewlery my friends gave me (and everyone else). i also have a question for YOU Andrea. did you macmashay it or braid it?

now for everyone else:

all of my best friends have boyfriends. i don't, and it makes me feel left out, even though they count me in. could there be a reason they even wanted a date in the first place? what is it?

p.s. only most of my friends have dates. not all of them.

pricey stuff... what a dissapointment!

recently i've noticed that most of my friends have been getting their nails "professionally done." i feel sooooo bad for them! i mean, why spend $25 on expensive perfumes when you could get some that smells better at dollar tree? why spend $30 on getting your nails done when you could make them look just the same at home with a toothpick, oil, water, base coat, top coat, and nail polish. i could easily do your nails and you could have the same quality. it's not everyday you can afford stuff in this economy. so go and save money, and that doesn't happen if you spend it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just blogging... just bored.

hey guys! i am soooooo bored! no one has called me lately, emailed me, (okay, so a few friends emailed me) and i am so bored! for JBQ, i'm not just going to state, but it's going to be at a waterpark resort! (like winter blast all over again! winter blast is a JAM adventures event for 5&6 graders.) the worst we could get is a swimming pool. (boring!) well i gotta go to gymnastics! anyone wish me luck???

new blog

some of you may have been to my old blog. but i couldn't post any new stuff. so welcome to your blog: expanded edition! now you can start posting comments, chatting, getting more questions answered, and you can even answer the questions! parents, this is your parents section, and here is today's question:

i don't fit in, but i want to. i know five snotty popular girls who have these fifty dollar tee shirts that no one would even care to buy! how could i become popular without being snotty like them?

type as little--- or as much as you like as long as it explains the answer!