Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beam, floor, and gold

Well, in gymnastics, I did poorly on floor:( but AWESOME on beam! Gotta work on it, but it's great! At the rate i'm at, i'd put myself in third, although a couple days ago, I would've had sparkly, non-tarnishing, shining, GOLD! Just more practice...

Peace to all my friends, (YOU!)

AHHHH! Like my new look?!

I got an cutestblogontheblock account about a month ago, and I finally made a new template! I love it! Do you flip for it or not? Tell me in the comments.

Monday, April 27, 2009

UPDATED best hair list and more!

I have heard complaints that Brian Eifert shouldn't be on the list, so,
1. Taking the lead still, Drew Poole
2. Matt Poffenberger
3. Robbie Evans

Like it NOW???

A sneak peek at the latest Drama Queen book to be published soon, Sarina And The Prom!

Sarina is an eleventh grader at her school. She plans on going to her Junior Prom, but everything is going wrong! The limousine company is booked, (even the royal limousine!) Sarina can't find a dress that fits her budget, the old prom dress from her mom rips, the beat down truck runs an hour late,leaving Sarina as the crappiest princess ever. But when she thinks prom night can't get worse from the fact she has to go with her brother, a horrible shooting happens.

Book publishing in May!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my 50th post and today

Ever had a bad shopping day? I have. Today. It sarted out AWESOME when I got this cute necklace at Claire's, with matching earrings. But the necklace broke while I was wearing it, and I was going into chik-fil-a! It was chunky and cute--- and cheap! But it'll get fixed by Sunday, I hope. Then, I got a bracelet at Justice and then when I got in the car I figured out it didn't fit, so we had to go ALL the way back to Justice and return it. The only thing still lively I have is five brand new lipglosses I got today, two pairs of earrings, and another bracelet. The earrings probably won't last any longer than the necklace, but oh well. I saw the Hannah Montana movie! I liked it a lot. Taylor Swift was in it, and, yeah! Let's just say this was one of many shopping days. Those I told I didn't like shopping, well, I guess I can't get enough of it! Like I said, I don't like walking around, (cuz i'm lazy) but I LOVE getting the stuff! OMG. You guys know about the gymnastics meet I told you about? Yeah, it's in SEVEN days! And tomorrow, less than a week! I'm so scared! It's not like it's my first meet, it's just... uh... i'm... VERY NERVOUS! I got a leotard in the mail that's the colors of the american flag, but, what if I get a deduction because I pick my wedgie? I don't, but still! Oh well, i'll just calm down. Besides the other girls at my gym aren't too much competition, I mean, they're competition, but few. That would DEFINITLY be Olivia, Katie, Judy, Sydney, and I think that's it. Please wish me lots and lots of luck! I really need it! I don't believe in 'luck', but whatever you believe, JUST DO IT! Church is 2maro! Yay! I was gonna wear my chunky jewlry, but, UGH! I don't even wanna talk about it! >:(
Peace To All My Fredinskies,
p.s. video of the week is Fred Loses His Meds on YouTube!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New stuff!

The newsboys are making a new CD! It'll be their last one with their lead singer. pureNRG is making a new CD coming out July 14! Melody Carson has a new book called, Dear Mom! OMG OMG OMG! You know what, I should name this blog OMG. But I won't, so don't worry about that. I totally forgot why I just said OMG. But OMG i'm doing project DASH-E with my childrens church (JAM adventures) and the youth group! Today my sister is going on the youth spring retreat! Yes, that means no Charity from Friday to Sunday! Whoo hoo! I might see the Hannah Montana movie and I might see 17 again, but it's one or the other. Today, my brain is thinking I should go to DQ and eat a Midnight Truffle. Yuuuuuuummmmm... my dad is in DC right now with his friend who used to go to our church. They brought his dog fishing with them. Those that know me well, KNOW I don't do fishing. You would know i'd rather spend my time at cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, and volleyball. My dad is gonna miss my gymnastics meet:( but about a week later he'll be back! Well i'm supposedly doing school, so, bye!
Peace Out,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's the best week ever!

That's right! The BEST week ever so far. So this post is The Fun Post! Weekly Questions, Who said that, Finish The Story, and of course, the REASON it's the best week ever.

The best week so far
Tuesday, I actually aced my floor routine AND beam routine! (for the gymnastics meet) I felt so great afterwards! I landed my handstand on the beam, and mastered my straddle rolls on the floor! But today, I CAME UP from my front limber! I still need to work on my back handspring a little, but it doesn't look too bad. Maybe in July (when my coach will move everyone up, or down, or in the same level) I'll move up! Then i'll be doing the hard stuff, like pirouettes and back walkovers on the beam. If you are happy about my achievement too, post a comment!

Weekly Question
I am SUPER nervous about the gymnastics meet. What if I do the straddles wrong? What if I can't come up from my front limber, and I just stay in a bridge position FOREVER? What if i'm judged wrong and I get put in the wrong place? It sure wouldn't be the first time. HELP!

Who said that?!
try figuring out who said this in what movie:
"I wish we could have more time together"

Finish that story!
You were watching TV. Your best friend was over and wanted to watch a show that you weren't allowed to watch. You tried doing the right thing by telling her (or him) the truth, and she (or he) tried understanding, but when she (or he) was about to turn it off, you couldn't resist watching the rest. Before you knew it, the show was over. Uh, oh.

If you were the author, what would happen next?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

best hair list

finally, i'm posting this since people have been dying to see results.

1. Drew Poole
2. Robbie Evans
3. Brian Eifert

that's it. The best hair list.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a life!

I have always enjoyed my life. Some say i'm crazy, some say i'm skinny, some call me a pig...(still refuse to admit that) but last Saturday, the best things started happening. No, I wasn't eating. Another best thing happened.

The brand new shoes
Saturday, I was on my way to Cleveland to visit my family. We went to Lodi (the best mall EVER for extreme shoppers) I had to do some excercises though. I have to do excercises when I shop because if I don't, I leave the mall with negative money. Yeah, that low. But I spotted these flip-flops and--- I had to get them! So my mom got them, even though I already owed $70 (a looooooong story) so I left happily (and still broke!) did I tell you there is fake diamond flowers on them?! Yeah, I can't wait to wear them in the Summer and show off my nail polish!

The mysterious windmill thingy magig
When we got back from Cleveland, my sisters noticed a windmill in our wishing well. My older sister, Charity, who is fifteen looked, but there was no note attached! My suspect is the mailman. How nice!

The... burnt popcorn???
Yeah, burnt popcorn. I asked my parents if I could pop a bag, and they said yes. But then, I popped it for four minutes, and yeah, it burned it--- bad. So the microwave is stained yellow now, and it still smells. That was yesterday, and I just found out that I could've pressed popcorn!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The crowd-to go with it or not???

It is never good to go with the crowd. Do what ya wanna do. Say you're a boy but you wanna be captain of the cheer squad (LoL) no one else may take you seriously, but if it's what you WANT to do, do it. Why do you think so many people are on drugs? I do believe some people would've never thought of drinking or smoking if their friends were not doing it. But also, you have to be a bit careful. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to set a good example. Ther is a lot more to the saying 'be yourself'. You have to set a good example for others, so they can be more like you. If they become more like you, they'll know what to do in even the worst situations, (if you handle bad situations right) and become a great person in the future. You might be a kid like me, aged 10-14 I don't think anyone on here is over that age group unless you count my sister. (or Laurel, when I invite her) but at that age or age group, you know that YOU are the adults of the future. So don't drink and drive. Don't smoke. Don't cuss. Don't smoke pot. Don't smoke tabbacco. Just set a good example.

peace out,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrate! it's Easter Monday! :~)

Happy Easter! Did you get any candy? Hopefully yes, I mean it wouldn't be Easter without the candy (or without Jesus dying for our bad, bad souls! I'm kidding, our souls aren't bad)! Well, I went to church... IN YOUR FACE! Well, the church wasn't located in your face, but you know what I mean! The music was loud, but oh well! I visited my relatives, and yes, that includes my CRAAAAAAAAZY cousin, (Tamara) and the other cousin. (Douglas) Well I am gonna eat an Easter bunny soon and i ate some jelly beans, and CUPCAKES! (my weakness...) I only ate 8 cupcakes, but hey, I was hungry! (still not a pig...) And i'm not a pig no matter WHAT you have to say! (Megan)

Hope's view of Easter-
I think Easter is all about candy--- NOT! Easter is about when Jesus died on good Friday and when he was ressurected! If you think it's all about him dying, it really isn't! If it was all about him dying, then you wouldn't know about the GOOD part of Easter! The Bible even says if Christ wasn't raised from the dead, our faith is useless. That is a bit negative, it's like saying my sister is useless! But it's a good thing that our Faith is useFUL, I mean, I don't wanna have to give sheep sacrifices, That would just be gross! They must've had some strong stomachs back then! And to know I killed something that could've been my pet, sooo sad. Besides, I don't wanna go to the opposite of Heaven either, so it's pretty good that won't happen, I mean, doesn't dry hair = split ends?! Okay, i'm getting off the subject. BTW in hot weather, i would probably get chapped lips too, and there probably won't be lipgloss there! It's a good thing i'm saved and I don't have to own a flock of chickens to sacrifice! I was saved when I was 5, and still a christian today. I have also gotten re-saved, and that reminds me of a JBQ question!

Is it possible to stop being a christian?
Yes, we must continue in faith... I don't know the rest of the answer!

That also leads me to ANOTHER JHQ (Junior Hope Quiz) question...

I don't know!

Oh well, I'll find it as soon as I get off the computer, or as soon as I go to bed or... whatev. Also, i'm trying to work on not procrastinating. (NOT working) And never forget John 3:16, I know it, hopefully you know it, they know it, we know it! It's never too late to be saved, and because of Jesus' death AND resurrection, that's possible.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 5

Alyssa woke up. She had never seen such a beautiful day before. It was like she could hear the birds singing. It was the good old summertime. Her and her friends were planning on going swimming and shopping at the mall. What a day! Alyssa sat up. Her bed was completely covered in roses and daffodil petals. There was a note that said:

Dear Alyssa,

I found out today that Lakebridge University accepted you. Just read the note attached. They said your application looked pretty neat, and thought you should TOTALLY go there. So pack up your bags and start boxing up your stuff!

I love you,


Alyssa was shocked! He hadn't written that in ever! Alyssa stuffed every single clothing item in her duffle that she could! The other outfits she wanted to leave behind for some other princess. She boxed up every childhood toy or nessasary item that she needed. Alyssa couldn't wait until August! But now it was July, so she needed to use up her summer days, FAST. Once she was done packing, she headed to the pool, where she'd meet her friends. They'd all found a college, and needed to hear the news Alyssa had! "Maggie! Payton!" She cried when she got there. "Yeah?" They asked. "I found a college!" "Cool," Payton said. "Where?" she asked. "Lakebridge University!" she answered. "No way!" cried Maggie. "My best friend is going to the most fancy college in Germy?" she asked. "yes!" Alyssa said. "Wow! I guess i'm considered lower class compared to you" Payton said. "you are soooooooo not! Your dad is the most successful man in Germy, next to Maggie's dad." Alyssa said. "so you're saying my Dad is the THIRD most successful man in Germy? That's a rip off!" "PAYTON!!!! You know, some people aren't successful at all. And why should you complain when your income is $50,000 a year? Even more!" Alyssa said. "Well... I guess you do have a point, we do make a lot of money. And why should I complain when we have just enough to pay bills, for me to shop, eat, and shop even more! I guess I really do have no reason to complain. Now sit down! Don't you want a tan?" "not really. I think i'm gonna swim a little." Alyssa said. "why?" Maggie asked. "it's not like i'm trying to attract boys or anything." Alyssa said. "Oh really?" Payton asked. "Look at him! You should totally check him out! Go over there!" "But I don't want to---" "GO!" Payton demanded and forcefully pushed Alyssa--- a little too hard. Alyssa pushed him--- and herself into the pool. "back off, won't you?" he asked. "sorry." Alyssa said. "hi. Uhhhhh... i'm... Aly. Yeah, Aly!" she said. "oooooook, i'm Derek. Nice to meet you, Aly?" he said, although it sounded more like a question. "Hi, uhhh I have to leave" she said. But when she returned, Payton said, "you are going back!" And pushed her towards him. "this time, flirt." "ew, no!" Alyssa said. "I said FLIRT!" and pushed Alyssa. "hey, uh, hi." she said and walked away. "just forget it!" Payton said madly.
"why didn't you talk to that boy?" Maggie asked. "I didn't really want to" Alyssa said. "well that explains soooooo much" Payton said. "well since this this will be the last time in a long time that we'll have our monthly shopping spree, i would start saving money for Thanksgiving! I have $5.00 left. Well, I guess i'm gonna have to say goodbye." "Yeah," agreed Maggie. "I'll miss you guys horribly. e-mail me everyday! I want to know how everything is going!" "don't forget to schedule this same time on Thanksgiving! Tell me about any new boyfriends, or anything." Alyssa said. "well I guess this is goodbye, so, goodbye for now."
It was now September, and Alyssa, Margaret, and Payton had many new "best" friends. They kept on e-mailing each other, and occasionally calling each other. Alyssa made the college soccer team and Payton made the cheerleading squad, which couldn't be hard with her outstanding gymnastics skills. No matter what the distance, what the sport, or even the changes that all three girls experienced, they still remained friends. Alyssa became successful, and by the time she was 20, she was crowned queen of Drama Towne.
Alyssa earned her dad's love, and that was ALL that mattered. "No matter how hard you try," Queen Alyssa said, "if you don't give up, you can be very proud of yourself."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekly Question!

Here is this week's weekly question before i leave for gymnastics:

Me and this girl I know have been friends forever. But when she stopped going to my school and swiched to another one, everything changed. We aren't even in contact anymore, and i'm not sure if we're even still friends. How could we possibly become BEST friends again?

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 4

Alyssa sat in her room and thought for awhile. She wondered if she should REALLY confront her dad. She was a little afraid to, what if he took it the wrong way and actually thought SHE was the one that hated HIM? Alyssa thought that she just needed to remain peaceful. But that wouldn't work just as it wouldn't work if she told! She grabbed her cell phone, whether she was aloud on it or not, and texted to his work computer in his "square office". She wrote down everything, from when she was ten, to the present. That was what made it such a long text message, but after she pressed "send", she felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Now she could actually enjoy her years growing up and being a kid. For 24 more hours. She couldn't believe she spent almost her entire life as a preteen and as a teenager, worrying. But tomorrow, she could celebrate her eighteenth birthday as her first birthday, as a normal daughter. Just when she was legally an adult.
It was the next morning, and Alyssa never felt happier. Although, her dad did. He frowned as his daughter entered the room, but didn't care to say a word. He must have read that text message, Alyssa thought. She always looked forward to the day he wouldn't talk, but she didn't think a single text message would cause it. Maybe I shouldn't have sent that. she thought. Now she felt horrible about herself. just as she reached in the cupboard, he left to go to work. Now she lost her chance to tell him she DIDN'T feel that way. So what if it was a little white lie? It would make him feel better. But God didn't want her to do that, so she decided to just leave it be.
At her birthday party that evening, Alyssa and her friends partied like they never had before. Alyssa opened her presents and cake afterwards. Then, a smile broke out on her face. Finally, he really did give her a gift, and really did show up. Alyssa hugged him, then they went back to partying. Alyssa and her friends danced to music, tried on different braclets and pairs of sunglasses, and had a pie fight. Finally Alyssa could have fun for the rest of her life. Starting from the day she threw her eighteenth birthday party.
When Alyssa went upstairs that evening to go to bed, Alyssa smiled. This was the best birthday ever.

WAIT! Alyssa's Only Wish is NOT over yet... just wait until the FINAL installment of it, when Alyssa receives the best present of all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 3

Alyssa packed up her bags and money. She collected every penny, every nickel, every dime, every quarter, and every dollar she could find. Hopefully all the money would last her the time she'd be there. According to her count, she had exactly $50.78. That couldn't last her a year! She knew that she needed all that money for food, and a place to stay. So she packed up all the food in her duffle bag that she could, so at least she wouldn't have to spend any money for a few days. She got in the elevator, the ONLY way she could get past her parents. She snuck everything in her car, and started heading toward Summerland, Germy. When she finally got there, She settled her car in a 24 hour restaurant's parking lot. Ahhh... she thought. This is home for now. It seems so relaxing already. She decided to have her stay extended to when she ran out of money. She knew that wouldn't work. Wouldn't she need money for gas? When she had $5.00 left she would leave. It was around dinner time when she got there, so she reached in her duffle and pulled out one cookie. She grabbed her paper plate and put a spoon on it. Then, she put on icing and her cookie. She wanted this to seem like a homemade dinner. Although, it was very far from homemade. To be honest, the meal was a bit cheesy. Tomorrow's dinner would be a roll.
Back at the Royal Tower, Alyssa's family was worried. Peachy was heartbroken. "where could she be?" she asked concerned. "I don't know" replied King Johnny. They called the guards and ordered them to put posters up throughout the country and be on the lookout for their daughter. She was only seventeen, and she was way too young to be out on her own. The guards obeyed their orders immediately, and scattered throughout the whole country. Alyssa had not one idea about this.
Alyssa was out shopping when she saw a familiar face. She didn't recognize who it was until they turned around and looked her STRAIGHT in the eye... IT WAS HER FAVORITE BODYGUARD CARISSA! Alyssa tried turning away, but Carissa ran towards her and grabbed her. Uh, oh.
"Alyssa Kathy Depp!" Carissa yelled. "Why would you run away like this? Your parents thought you were kidnapped, or worse." she said. "I just didn't like how life was there. And in case you haven't noticed, the town is called DRAMA and everybody there is totally crazy. But in Summerland, everything is normal. But I live one day in a normal life, and then the next thing I know, I'm back locked up in my room." Alyssa complained. "No one here even gives me a day away from here." "well that's because it isn't safe away from here! Not alone!" She said. "It isn't safe here, either!" "You aren't alone, are you?" Alyssa paused. "no." she admitted. "Just wait until your parents hear this! And besides, i'll bet there is much more to the story, Alyssa." She eyed Alyssa really good, and before Alyssa knew it, she told Carissa everything. Well, almost everything, at least. She didn't tell her about her dad. She only told certain people about her dad. "Well, I do think there is STILL more, but that'll do." And with that, Carissa finally left. And WHAT happened to my peaceful life? Alyssa asked herself. But now she knew what she finally needed to do. Confront her dad, or dance her way to college like everything is perfect?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 2

"Why are you guys home so early?" asked Queen Peachy. "ask him" said Alyssa. "ask me? You are the reason we came back!" said King Johnny. "What happened?" Peachy asked. "Dad was being an unfair monkey!" said Alyssa. "Now you know we don't call people names Alyssa Kathy." her mother said very calmly. "i'll tell you the REAL reason we came back" said her dad. "She was being a selfish brat." "That's not even half true!" said Alyssa. "He stole my eNV2 from me and wouldn't let me text message the WHOLE ride home, because he hates it when I do! Now THAT'S what I call a selfish brat!" Alyssa protested. It got quiet for a while. Finally, Alyssa ran up the tower to her room and reached for her journal. She wrote:

Daddy is a Meanie Bobeanie Slowhenie! The only reason i'm NOT at Lakebridge college right now taking a tour is because of him! He won't let me text, he won't let me talk, he won't let me move a muscle! He's even worse than all the other Drama Towne parents. They are all happy to have adorable little girls. Everybody BUT my dad. He thinks that I have to be some replacement for his perfect little boy. But every boyish accomplishment I make, he isn't proud of. When will he find out that girls are capable of anything a boy can do? We're even more capable. When will he love me for the GIRL that I am, and not the failure he thinks I am?

At school the next week during gym class, they were assigned to jog four laps around the football field. "Hey Al" said Alyssa's best friend Margaret. "Hi" said Alyssa. "You didn't find a college, did you?" asked Maggie. "How did you know?" "You look so sad" Maggie said. "it's all his fault!" Alyssa complained. "Who's fault?" "The only his in the tower." said Alyssa. "Well that's a shock!" said Maggie. "I know! Everybody else's parents are so nice and love their children for who they are, but my dad does nothing but complain about not receiving the "perfect child". It just isn't fair! I'm sick and tired of acting like some boy around him, and i'm just the opposite! He called me a selfish brat!" she said. "A selfish brat? Oh no he didn't!" "Oh yes he did it!" Alyssa replied. "You know what? Text me when you get home." said Maggie. "Yeah i'm not allowed to text." "That's okay! Just call me!" "Yeah I can't call either." Alyssa said. "What can you do?" asked Margaret. "Nothing. He grounded me. The only thing i'm allowed to do today other than school and homework is attend the Easter Ball." she said. "But--- Easter was yesterday." Maggie said, although it sounded more like a question. "I know! Like remember when they had the Christmas Ball a week before Christmas? And the New Years Ball a day after New Years?" "In fact, I do remember! Our town needs to work on planning!" "I hear ya!"
When Alyssa came home from school that day, she went straight upstairs to where they lived. Her dad was looking through newspapers and magazines, gossiping about saying the Drama money crisis was all the treasurer's fault, and saying that wouldn't be a problem if the king didn't hire him! Alyssa ran straight past her very angry father and went to the next upper level, which was her mom and dad's room. Then the second upper level, her dad's office. Then the highest level, fifteen levels off the ground, her room. She dropped her backback, then rushed up to the sixteenth level, the attic. She had no idea why she was up there, but oh well. She turned on the lights, turned on the music, and sat down. Wow, Alyssa thought. How wonderful would it be if every spare moment was like like this, away from home, away from school, and away from Dad. Then, an idea struck her mind.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Drama Queen series book 2: Alyssa's Only Wish chapter 1

Once upon a time was a princess named Alyssa. She attended the most popular school in the country, the second most popular in the world. Her mom was the Drama Queen of the Drama Kingdom which covered most of the country. Alyssa got everything she wanted. But her only wish was love from her dad. Her mom loved her very much. Her dad however, not. He always wanted a boy, because then they could play baseball together and hang out. But when Alyssa was born, it was just something different. Alyssa loved her dad dearly, but felt that he didn't like her back. She tried her hardest to be the little boy he always wanted and never got, but he was still not satisfied. He didn't care that she could pull off over alls better than all the boys could, he didn't care that she could run faster than every boy, he didn't even care that she could shoot a basket from the other end of the court and all the boys couldn't. All the boys were amazed, and all had a crush on her. But this didn't impress her dad one bit. He told her she was too young for dating, and just needed to wait. In magazines, people always said that Alyssa was unwanted. Alyssa thought this was a fib. Sure, she felt shunned and ignored, but she didn't feel unwanted. That is, until the day she found out it was true. It was her tenth birthday party and every girl in the kingdom showed up for her birthday/ball/sleepover. They partied until they couldn't party anymore. Then, they opened gifts. She received a gift from everyone except her dad. Alyssa wondered why, but didn't care to ask. He must not care about me. Alyssa thought. If he did, he would show up at least. Alyssa was very dissapointed. From that day on, Alyssa believed her dad didn't like her.
Now Alyssa was seventeen years old, and she was a senior in high school. She was on a trip to find a college with her dad. "So, what college are you planning on going to?" He asked. "Uh..." She started. Then the phone started to ring. "Just one second!" She picked up the phone. "Hello? Oh, I'm on interstate 90. I know! Isn't that so cool? They broke up? Oh no he didn't! She broke up with him? She's so crazy! He's currently single? Seriously? Hey Maggie, my battery is running low. Well I'll call you back! Bye!" She hung up the phone. "So what were you asking me?" she asked. "Oh nevermind." Her dad said.

They took the long ride to Lakebridge University, and walked around. They took a tour and ate in the cafeteria. All Alyssa did was text message. "I thought the battery was low!" Her dad said. "Well, I recharged the battery. And you shouldn't be listening in on people's conversations!" She said. "Well you were talking loud!" He said. "Well who cares?" "I do!" "Whatever." She said. "Don't you whatever me!" He replied. "And put that phone up while we're eating. It's disrespectful." "Whatever." She said again. "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!" He yelled. They got back in the car. It was a quiet ride back to the hotel. Finally, King Johnny spoke up. "Alyssa, for once, can you act like a mature teenager?" "I am a mature teenager." She said. "I didn't say you weren't a mature teenager, I said you weren't acting like a mature teenager." "Is there really even a difference?" She asked. "Yes, there is. If you are going to act like this, then we're just going to have to go back home!" He said. "Is that a threat or a promise?" Alyssa said. "Don't you back talk to me Alyssa Kathy Depp! We can leave right now, you know." Said Johnny. "But dad, you can't! We have to find a college by the time spring break is over! We even planned to find a college by Easter!" "We don't HAVE to find a college, and you don't have to attend one, either." He said. "Whatever." Alyssa said. "That's it! Pack up your bags! we're heading back home!"

Stay tuned for chapter 2!

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These things were practically MEANT for enjoyment, so when you're bored, you can't have any excuses! You can also read the "Drama Queen" blog book series!

What's ahead?

Well, no one REALLY can predict your future. Only one person can, though. GOD! But, your personality might show a little bit of what IS ahead. So why not post it up? Don't just sit there! You can easily do this! First, go to the comments! Then, in the post a comment thing that you'll see, post a comment that says a few things. Here is what you should write:

Personality (tomboy or girly girl or middle)
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Dream job
Speech (Like, if how you talk is sarcastic, classic, average, sassy, etc.)

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Hello bloggers,
today I would like to highlight two birthdays. (maybe three, IDK) On April 7, Kelsey Ball and Drew Poole will be turning twelve years old. Happy birthday! I always say this to everyone... SAVE ME SOME CAKE! Those that know me well know that I like to eat and is sometimes referred to as "the pig". I don't think I am, but, whatever. It's just what I do!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Singing to a cardinal

Today I saw a cardinal on a wire in my backyard so I thought it would be so cool to break out singing out of the blue like on High School Musical and Spectacular! So I started singing "hope now" by Addison Road and tried to make my voice sound bad. To be honest it wasn't that hard at all, also Addison Road was playing in the backround anyway, so that was fun! So this week I encourage you to look up the song "hope now" by Addison Road. Then, find a cardinal. Then, pump up the music and start singing at your loudest and just be crazy! I also encourage you to visit http://www.itsatrickimthetreat.blogspot.com/ it's my new blog about my web show and i'm creating season 2 and this summer, it's on the web! I even have it all prepared! I can't wait to post videos! But right now i'm posting updates, so start visiting, post a comment, and if you like it, hopefully you'll follow it!