Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventures with M.E.

Yeah! This post is all about ME! The Acronym of:



The camp I attended all week! I stayed in a college dorm and literally LIVED with my best friends and new friends for a whole week. It was at Malone University and it was fun!

M.E. is a missions trip based on showing God in work, activities, and an outreach.

Work: weeding. Boy did I not like that, but I can't complain, it's God's work.

Activities: Human Video. There were many things to do. Clowning, Dance Team, Human Video 1, Human Video 2, And Gospel Illusions. I did Human Video 1 to the song "By Your Side" by tenth avenue north. Human video 2 did "all that matters" by addison road.

Outreach: On Thursday, we performed all our stuff and worked at stations. I crossed my fingers to be assigned with manicures... and guess what I did! I got many compliments on my nail-doing... except from Elijah, but idc.

Stick with Adventures with M.E. for more!

P.s. New blog,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's up? This...

Alex's Lemonade Stand
Well, if you know anything about Alex's Lemonade Stand, you would know it started when a girl named Alex had been diagnosed with cancer. She was four years old and let's just say she got a lot of money. The money was used so that they could donate to cancer centers. Alex died at 8 years old and they are still doing the stand in her honor today.

I passed the lemonade stand
I was in a rush to go to my gymnastics class at the YMCA because I was running late and I didn't want to miss streching. (after all, one and a half hours with NO streching?OUCH!) In the lobby, just after I checked in, I passed Alex's Lemonade Stand. Well I really was thirsty, but being late was all that was in my mind, and I didn't have my purse with me. I figured i'd borrow my sister's money afterwards.

THE STAND WAS GONE! I was sooooo mad. Oh well though. At least LOT'S of people donated.

Go Donate!
Just because I didn't donate, doesn't mean you can't! Go to a place---any place---and give that dollar, or even fifty cents, because it matters. What are you sitting at the computer for? (or phone, or iPod, or any other carrier) Go and drink lemonade, after this post.

Honor Star/friend crowning!
Today was my crowning, and I got a lot of presents. It was soooooo cool! Well bye! Remeember your assignment!

Monday, June 8, 2009

emails from you... and me!

That's right, you can email me NOW at and tell me PERSONAL comments! This is not a segment, but it's an option to talk to me and give me topics on stories that you would like to read, comment about Drama Queen, (which WILL be back on the blog soon) talk about new segments, and even receive replies from me!

No kidding, here's how!

1. click the link.

2. sign in to your emailing account.

3. write down your email.

4. be sure to mention that you want to subscribe to replies.

5. have fun having conversations!

This option was clearly meant to please you! If it doesn't, feel free to contact Your Blog about it!

Your Blog, for real!

Your Blog is a new segment about a blog YOU can create. Want a blog? Want a blog in addition to what you have? Whether you already have a blog or not, here is how you can participate in the fun segment.

You give your blog a name, and tell me your first name. No last names, first names only. Then, i'll give you your very own personalized post with the name of your blog written as a title, and a paragraph about it. Then, through the comments, under that post, you can write EVERY post you want, but it must be modest, because if one thing is mentioned that I wrote in the comments you CAN'T mention, I CAN delete that post, so be careful and protect yourself!

Here's a sample of what it may look like on the main post: (the post written by me)

The Life Of A Couch Potato

My friend Hannah wanted to make a blog one day, and it is about her life and everything that has happened recently. Now Hannah will start writing on her brand new blog, The Life Of A Couch Potato!

On any post, you can request to make a blog NOW and get started blogging WITHOUT any nessasary accounts, or start blogging anytime, and have the same amount of fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Great Comment Revolution

All of a sudden I stopped getting comments. I don't like that! Wait... does this mean you guys are NOT reading my blog? OH NO YOU DID'NT! I'm calling ur mommy and telling her about this tragic change in view! You know ur mommy very well (at least you would if you loved her) so you know how mad she'll be.

Hey! Want more fun? Well my friend Megan is having a drawing contest on her blog, Publicly Pure. She needs ur pic sent by email, and if you don't know how to do that, just post a comment and i'll contact you for more info. You want to win, right? The winner will have their picture on the blog and will have a paragraph written of why Megan likes it. Wanna know what Megan wants? She would be happy if you DID NOT draw on the computer, (also the iDoodle 2 app on the iPod touch does NOT count) she wants it hand-written. Yes, computer is harder, but a real drawing is prettier. For more details, visit

Monday, June 1, 2009

face time!

It's time to face it. I'm starting to get pimples. So I started a facial routine! Anyone can do it if they want marvelous skin (without Proactive) by following this simple routine. Here's what you need:

daily facial cleanser
a facial creme, doesn't matter if it's peel-off or wash-off
Clearasil vanishing acne treatment cream

steps to amazing skin:

1. apply the facial cleanser, then wash it off imediately
2. apply facial, leave on for 15 minutes
3. apply Clearisil on zits after washing off facial.


It's June! No, i'm not done with school because my sister's school won't be done 'til June 4th:( I gotta get started on my Missions Extreme devotions though because today is the one of the only days of the week that I have nothing to do. Here's a peek at my schedule:

Sunday: church
Monday: NOTHING!
Tuesday: flexibility
Wednesday: church
Thursday: conditioning
Friday: homeschool group, cheer practice and gymnastics
Saturday: shopping... a must-do.

Some days of the week (especially Friday!) I may not be on blogger. But this summer, half of that will be gone, so check daily!