Friday, February 25, 2011

RandomNess Friday Special~Meet A Meteorologist!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to email one of the best meteorologists in the Dayton area. It was an "interview"--- but not in person. Who is this mysterious man?

It's the famous, coolio....

Jeffrey Booth of Dayton's News Source!
Hello, I'm Hope Ezell and I am an aspiring twelve-year-old author. I am the owner and administrator of Your Blog: My Life And Yours. I have been interviewing people for as long as I remember, so if you wouldn't mind, would it be fine if you could answer a few questions?

Hope, thank you for taking the time to send me a list of questions.  I'd be more than happy to answer them.

What is it like being a meteorologist?

It's a good job. I've always found the weather to be a fascinating subject and I think it's great that I get to talk about something I love for a living.
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy your job, 1 being not a whole bunch, 10 being  the best?

It all depends on the day you ask me this. Sometimes the job can be very stressful but rewarding. On days when we have severe weather it can get a little hectic but it's also nice to talk about an event you called for in advance. Days when I get called in on my day off b/c of bad weather (sometimes a day I requested months in advance) I'd say about a 6. But all in all I'd give the job an 8 or a 9.

What do you like best about your job?

I love the fact that every day brings something different. Even if we're stuck in a weather rut there are still day to day changes in the pattern so no two days are the same.

What do you not like about your job?

Sometimes I'm not wild about the hours b/c I have a family and working nights I don't get to see them as much as I'd like too.

How did you reach a position like this?

The same way most people do, I started out in a small town doing working @ a TV station and worked my way up to bigger and better places and after 8 years I had the chance to move closer to home so I took it.

What did you do in college to get where you are?

Studied hard and made sure I got good grades. I also worked for campus television to get an idea of what went into being on camera.

How did you apply for your job?

I sent a resume but more importantly I sent a demo tape. Demo tapes should highlight your strengths so a potential employer can decide whether or not he/she wants to bring you in for an interview and if all goes well a potential job offering.

Since you've been working for Dayton's News Source, has your life been hectic? How do you keep your life organized, if so?

My life has always been hectic... but not just b/c I work in TV. More importantly I have three kids which always keeps me busy. The best way I can organize my life is set aside time and plan on things I can do w/ my family b/c that's the most important thing.

Where were you born?

Grand Haven, MI

Where have you lived since then? (sorry, if I sound like a stalker.)

I grew up in Columbus, OH; went to school in Athens, OH; took my first full-time job in TV in Oak Hill, WV; moved back to Lima, OH to focus more on weather; moved to Hawaii for a weekend meteorologist position that eventually became a morning meteorologist position; and then moved here where I currently work as a meteorologist for ABC22/Fox45

What got you into meteorology?

I was always fascinated w/ winter weather as a kid b/c I wanted to miss school due to a snow day. After awhile I began to notice the meteorologists in my hometown always called for snow that never came and that got me interested in weather.

Did you do any sports as a kid?

I ran cross country and pole vaulted.

What inspires you?

Seeing someone who can take a chance, beat the odds and make a great life for them self.

Have you ever had any doubts about getting into your career?

I did when I started b/c the pay was low (and I had a family to support), the hours were long and I was moving away from my comfort zone.

What would you say to aspiring meteorologists or youth?

Work hard in math and science when you're in school. Those are the foundations of meteorology. When you finally do get a job don't be afraid to move far away and "pay your dues". After you've been doing the job for awhile, don't be afraid to trust your gut - there's an art to forecasting and the more you do it the more you can pick up on trends that the computer forecast models aren't noticing, that's where trusting your gut comes in.
Special Thanks to...
Everyone I've interviewed! But for now...

I need some applause for Jeff Booth!

If you live in Dayton and don't watch the news, start watching NOW. Watch FOX 45 or ABC 22, and most likely you will see Jeff. He's the one to depend on if you want a snow day.

And yes, I asked more than a few questions, my apologies to Mr. Booth. But I learned a lot about him, and it was a lot of fun! It meant a lot to me!

Thanks, Mr. Booth!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 387th Post... ON My Birthday!

(picture courtesy of FreedsBakery.Com )

Okay, if you look at my countdown WAAAY far down, you see that it's not my birthday.

It's not my birthday.

But it is someone's birthday.

In fact, it's not anyone's birthday.

So who's birthday is it?
Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to YOUR BLOG: MY LIFE AND YOURS...

Happy birthday to you!

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)

How old are you? (2)
Happy birthday, YOUR BLOG: MY LIFE AND YOURS! And to anyone who wants to send a birthday wish, it's easy: just post a comment.

It could've been a better blogging birthday. There have been times when I've been accused of things someone else should be accused of, sometimes even more than I deserved it. But hey, there are a list of things I've learned in life, and now I know one more thing.

1. You'll never get everything you want
2. If you get what you want always, you'll almost never be satisfied.
3. You can't live your life trying to be perfect. (I'm working on that one...)
4. If you don't trust God, then who can you trust?
5. Just because you aren't Beyonce, doesn't mean you're a failure.
6. Justin Bieber does have talent, he just doesn't always use it the right way.
7. "You can never say never..." (fave The Fray song!) even though I just said never on #1 and #2.
8. Ain't, technically, is a word.
9. Sometimes you'll be blamed for something that wasn't your fault.
10. Christians shouldn't hate.
11. Despite #10, people will hate you anyway, and you have to learn to live with it.
12. Everyone is unlikeable and unfriendable. No one is the perfect friend.
13. The list goes on for every lesson you learn.
14. No one is completely satisfied with their appearance, so most likely you look fine.
15. Everyone gets depressed, some more than others.
16. If you spend time beating yourself up over tiny things, you'll become bitter.
17. Just forgive yourself.
18. But you can't earn forgiveness, despite #17.
19. The only way to get yourself out of a situation is a real relationship with God.
20. Only trust God.
21. Everyone lies. If someone lies once, take your trust down a notch, but don't remove it.
22. Don't listen to everything you hear.
23. People will try to act like they have authority over you, but you have to take a stand.
24. Let love in.
25. People will get rewards that you know you should've gotten.
26. You have to deal with #25 many times in your life, and it sucks.
27. You'll get yelled at and someone who deserved to be yelled at will be "the only exception."
28. #27 is never fair. How could they get an exception when you try so hard and they don't?
29. Don't sign up for something when you have too much already to handle.
30. If your heart isn't in it, why do it?
31. If you aren't willing to do the work for it, don't do it.
32. Despite #27-28, (it was all about the same thing) you have to hold in your opinion and hope that who was yelling will see that there is no fault in you. (Besides, why talk back when venting in your journal is much more fun and educational? and you can gossip and the person will never know)
33. Your perfect days will pretty much always be ruined.
34. Rebound, and it can be a perfect day again.

And newly added to the list...

35. Life isn't fair now, and it never will be.
Sorry about that, it's just been tough today. So yeah, some blog anniversary wishes would make me smile.

I need a hug,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~ JBQ Kids In The House!!!

QUOTATION QUESTION: What do you remember about JBQ?

(Red 4)

"Ummmm.... *mumble mumble* I liked the byes and lunch..."

I remember a lot of the questions. I memorized all the ten pointers. I was on an outstanding A-Team, even though I wasn't the best.

This explains it...

Jbq picture

"I remember the State Meet in 2009!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mispell Munday~Sew Over It

Here's my mispelled story. It's about my trip to Columbus, Ohio to the 4-H Center for my sewing project.
dno't say the wrod "sew" ever agian. all day on Saturday i was at the 4-H Center in Columbus wtih my freind Riana. Riana was in a diffrent class tahn me bu tnxet yaer i'm gonna be in her class becuase mine was too smiple.

but i tihnk yuo'll enojy smoe of the tihngs i sewed.

 Tihs is my pilolw csae i mdae. ain't it pirty? class ran an huor ltae becuase it was supsoed to end at 2 but Riana's class ran on tmie but mine ended an huor late and it wasn't over 'til 3. Riana mdae a clucth/pruse so se ended on tmie but she's an advanecd sew-er so she siad her class was kinda easy too and tehy shuold taech advaneced classes too. that way she cuold laern new tihngs in advanecd class and i can laern new tihngs in intermedaite class. she'll always be a level hihger tahn me but i'd lkie to mvoe up to her class.
 tihs is a shirt i mdae bcak in smumer. ("Back to December..." yeah, more like back to Summer!) i got second palce in modeling at the Style Revue and smae for my porject. it's a shirt i can waer summr after summer.
and fianlly, (right) here are my NEW sissors. not jsut any knid. they're sewing scissors! Oh my gosh! and wehn i got tehm for my door prize, i was like:

"Whatever, I have two pairs of sewing scissors at home".

but nooo. tehse are Gingher scissors maening tehy are lkie, the most expensive scissors ever. and tehy cut very well. (not taht i've used tehm yet... but tehy look GREAT! and Riana---pronounced like "Rihanna"---won buttrefly pins!)

the pilolw tihngy is a pin cushoin i mdae all by myself.
That's my mispelled post! I got accepted to BookSneeze.Com and the first book I'm gonna review is "A Conversation With God For Women". I debated on getting it for the fact that it's not a children's book and it's not fiction. I know that I might have to skip over a few parts. But I figured me and my mom could read it as a Bible Study or little daily devotion! (we do devotions on mornings when she's not working.) And then, I might just give the book to an adult lady who wants it, but no promises because my mom LOVES books, so she might want it.

And I'm so excited to show you my interview with Jeff Booth @ RandomNess Friday! (Remember to check the blog on Saturday, not Friday.

When it comes to blogging, I'm not sew over it...

I'm sew into it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Swagger in the City

What is it like to be a child living the right way in a northern city of Ohio? It's hard. Living with one parent, being an eighth-grader, a teenager, and living in a bad city (in most places), the list could go on. Just ask Doug Smith any day what he's doing to make a difference in Cleveland, Ohio.
Everyone, meet my cousin, Douglas. He has grown up in Cleveland all his life. Long time ago, his father, Douglas Sr., was in the Marines and lived in North Carolina. But he missed Cleveland, and so did Karen. (my aunt Kay Kay.) So Doug Jr. is in Ohio, and he tells us what he's doing to make his life count, whether he's in martial arts, on Facebook, or walking on the streets everyday in his beloved city of Cleveland.
What belt are you in Kung Fu?
I am a first degree green... it's fighting and all that kinda stuff.

What would you say to encourage young Kung Fu-ers?
Train hard and descipline yourself.

Do you have any Olympic goals? (if you're wondering, he knows I'm an Olymp-addict.)
Hmmm... OMG, yes, I would like to show some of my talent at the Olympics. (and some stuff about beating his nephew, who is my second cousin, Bryan on a treadmill.)

When it comes to loving your family "like money", exactly how much do they mean to you?
Umm... like a gazillion dollars, to be honest, when I have a lot of money, I feel sick, like I'm gona throw up.

And why is that?
Because it feels like that I need to share it and I'm just too young to have that much money.

Have you ever considered giving to the poor? Doing charity (get it? Charity?) work? Tithing? Etcetera?
Yes. Because that comes back and it's greater than what you have, sometimes, in some cases.

Would you consider Cleveland as a city in need?
Definitely, yes. But not as bad as Harlem is, or the Bronx.

What can someone like you do to make a change?
Do everything like it's your last time, try to be as civilized as you can, and remember to worship the LORD.

Thanks, Doug! You have great interviewing skills!
That was Doug's interview! Sorry, Doug, for interviewing you on Christmas and just now putting this on the blog.

Doug does have a lot of money for a fourteen-year-old who doesn't have a job. On Christmas he got a lot of money, (I got money too, from Uncle Dale) and the next day he ended up sick. He sure wasn't kidding.

Prayer Focus: Cleveland, OH; and Detroit, MI.

We can make a difference... even in Dayton!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay. Here's the deal. I may not be on Pingy anymore, (I got taken off the list:( ) but my blog is still TAKING OFF!!!!!!

I had this half-dream (as in half-awake half-asleep, but mainly dreaming, but you can choose to wake up whenever you want to) that Malcom Maddox had replied to my email. But I knew it wasn't true.

I hadn't even emailed Malcom Maddox yet. (He's a reporter for Dayton's News Source.) So it couldn't be true. But I knew one thing at this time: Someone did reply. So I simply prayed that if someone really did reply, that I'd find out soon somehow. I prayed that if it was just a dream, that it would just be a one-time thing.

I didn't have that dream again. As I checked my Gmail yesterday after church, I had a small feeling of doubt, but a huge feeling that I'd like what was in my inbox. And I did.

At the second-to-top (the other email on top didn't count. It was from Aeropostale or Isotoner. Just junk) was the name "Jeffrey Booth". I smiled from cheek to cheek.

I called my mom in the room like a mad woman. This was important. Jeff Booth is a meteorologist, and I watch his forecasts on TV like, all the time! So having this person that I watch on TV actually email me was very important.

I think you'll like Jeff's interview! He's a very fun, very intelligent meteorologist who's lived in Hawaii. He started getting interested in weather because when he was younger he wanted snow days WAIT!!! I can't tell you that yet!!!

If you really want to see Jeff's interview (you don't wanna miss it. It's a really important leap for me!), then make sure you tune in for RandomNess Friday next week! It's best if you visit the blog on Saturday, because I do late-night blogging.

While you're waiting, here's some interviews from the past!
Kayla, Cheerleader
Micheala, Gymnast
Miss Jenilee, Pastor's Wife and Homeschooler
Cameron, Sarah, Elijah, Drew, Robbie, Natalie and Chris
Becca, Songwriter
Vanessa, Foreign Exchange Student and Germany Native

And coming soon...
-Doug, a martial artist and my cousin
-Jeffrey Booth, meteorologist for Dayton's News Source

This blog is two years old now, but that also means that it;s only at the beginning of success.

***UPDATE*** Don't use the JBQ interview link with Sarah, Cameron, Elijah, Drew, Robbie, Natalie, and Chris. Here is the correct link.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Viva Las Vegas

"Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas turning daytime into nighttime turning nighttime into daytime... you'll never be the same again!"

Yes. I listen to old songs. That would be "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley. I had nothing to blog about (me? nothing to blog about?) so since today is an unofficial holiday, Wednesday's Walk, I decided that I could blog about something that happened a long time ago.

I've mentioned this before, (I think) and it really sucks to be twelve. There's barely anything to blog about! At least for Wednesday's Walk there isn't.

I can't blog about ear piercings. (Partially cuz I was a baby when that happened.)
I can't blog about love stories. (Well, I can blog about what happened on my 6th bday.)
I don't have kids. (But I'm gonna have plenty of them when I grow up.)
And I have never been to college.

So today, I'm blogging about something I just barely remember. With the help of Mommy, of course! (I begged that lady to get a blog... it's just not working!)
On Wright-Patterson, it was really warm today. I was hot. Just saying...

Anyway! This post is about my lovely trip to the pretty city in Nevada.

Okay, all I can reallly remember is going to Circus-Circus. Chairty got to spin a ball on her finger with the help of a clown. Faith wasn't a fan of that. (In other words, Faith was afraid of clowns.)  I didn't care though. I thought clowns were pretty funny! But now that I think about it, ever since The Dark Knight, I have never liked clowns.

I can remember that we were in a cool hotel.

I can remember the dancing waters. Makes me thirsty now that I think about it.

I think we were there because of some military thing if I'm right??? I think. I think we went with some friends, too.

That's today's walk down down... Oh, I probably shouldn't say the name of my street, LoL! JK, that was my walk down memory lane!
And finally, I might've found my song!

And there's an instrumental! I'm still thinking about the J.J. Heller song, but this one is easier for me to sing! It's high-pitched, but both of them are. And I like the way my voice sounds with this one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mispell Munday~Good Morning, Valentine!

It's not the morning, but happy Valentine's Day! Remember Saint Valentine! (I'd talk about him now, but it's hard to mispell a long story.)

Am I your valentine? Maybe not, but you're my valentine, Valentine! Have a great day!

Good morning, good morning, TO YOU!:D
i wnet tbuing and it was so fun. it's lkie sldeding but you are in a tbue. my yuoth gruop wnet and we ad a balst. i mianly hnug out w/ Naithan and Maria and Autumn and Kalie and of cuorse, DREWWWW!!!! we all enjeoyed it. at one piont wehn we cuoldn't sled anymroe we got mroe tubes and plyaed on an icy hill. and Stewart Parrot was giong dwon and he borke the wooden fence. we did not get in truoble thuogh.
That was my Mispelled Story! Now, here's something else.... now that you've had a brain exercise, in proper Grammar.

Oh gosh... that is SO funny! As you can see, two of our Blogspot Awards nominees, Airplanes (B.o.B. and Hayley Williams) and The Only Exception (Paramore) were featured. But HERE'S what's funny...

go to 0:30. I was at Kayla's house and she showed us this video and she said there's a random kid shaking HIS hips. Yes, take note I said HIS!!!! It's hilarious! Like, the way Kayla reenacted it was funny, but since she's a girl, it's okay for her to shake her hips.

But NOOOOOO.......

This kid is A BOY. And Kayla was like, circling her hips,


This kid was like, BOUNCING HIS HIPS!!!!

We kept replaying his part and it got to the point where I laughed so hard I just broke down crying! Trust me, I think you'll laugh too.
I'm listed! I'm the "blogatmyfingertips" one at the very top!

And guess what? My two-year birthday is coming up!!! I had just turned ten when I began blogging... can you believe how fast years go by????

I'll See Ya Guys Later.

"We're gonna rock this club like it's dynamite<3!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Was That Really A Year Ago???

We all remember the amazing Olympics of 2010.

I guess when you've been to many Olympic places, you learn lots about it. Like...

-You learn what places held the Olympics and at which time
-You learn a lot of valuable U.S. History.
-You become REALLY obsessed with sports.

And FINALLY.....

-You become excited to visit Olympic places!

Well today marks the one year mark of Vancouver 2010. here is a post on the very day the Olympics came on.

Olympic ceremonies make me very happy and excited, and trust me, it shows. I can only list the 29 posts that talk about it. But you'd get bored. (Besides, who has time for that? Maybe I do, but still.)

Olympic ceremonies also make me sad. Especially the closing ceremony. First of all, the closing is mainly about the next Olympics, and I was very disappointed with last year's ending ceremony. Russia is hosting the games next year, and well, they've had their fair share of hosting. I mean, I can only think:

-They hosted the games in 1976.
-They hosted the games catrillion times before that.

Okay... that wasn't completely accurate, but they've had the Olympics too many times. It's almost--- no, it IS annoying.

Anyway, the last ceremony is sad, because (especially when you don't like the country that hosts next) everything fun has come to an end, and it's time to get back to the normal TV schedule. Get back to real life.

I don't always like the opening ceremony. (The one in Beijing, China was really cool, though! Good one, China! Ni Hao!) It makes me feel that things would be a lot better if I were actually there. It makes me feel a little unimportant to be a spectator. I'd much rather be the athlete.

But yeah! That was really a year ago!

February 12, 2010-February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Song!

I think this is it--- for real. In a possible lower key.

And here's a song I just like by her!

Will post later today for "RandomNess Friday".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Not Talk... Okay, I'll Talk.

Remember my beautiful Chrysler 300 that I'm sure I've bragged blogged about? Yeah. One word: Crash.

We were driving, me and my dad, and passing an intersection. A car on the other side of the intersection hit us--- the exact side of the car that I was on.

You're lucky that I'm not blogging from a hospital, but now my shoulder really hurts.

And I was late for volleyball.

Both of us were fine, but the problem is that it might be ruled as my dad's fault. Not that it is, though. So yeah, it was a tough day.

But Lexi's doing better, I won my volleyball game, and I get to go tubing on Saturday!

Plus, tomorrow is "RandomNess Friday" again! I'm blogging about celeb look-alikes! So it's not so random if I plan ahead, is it? Oh well.... I like it.

So I'm loving life, healing from a bad shoulder, and I know that tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~The Dog I Call Lexi

The way it appears, I'm one of the only not-moms that do Wednesday's Walk. But I just think it's fun... that's all that matters, right? It also helps me remember things that I so often forget. (I have short-term memory loss. I remember long-term, but short term is so hard for me. You can say something and I'll try to remember, and then five minutes later, I know there's something to remember, I just don't know what it is.)

Anywho, today marks the date of Lexi's exploratory surgery. She had an Ovarian Cist/Sist. So I'm like: "HOW DO YOU SPAY A DOG AND NOT TAKE OUT HER OVARY???!!!" But it's possible, I guess.

Six hours in Columbus today was what it turned into. We dropped Lexi off, and then we hit the mall. It's just like the Greene... but better.

If you've been in Ohio as long (or longer) as I have, The Greene is usually as good as it gets. But noooo.... Outlet mall right across the street from the place! Stores like "BuyBuy Baby", (never heard of it before) "Bath and Body Works", "Dick's" [Sporting Goods], and you may have never heard of it, but "Five Below". Everything $5 and lower! It's not like "Dollar Tree", where a lot of it's a rip off, but they have T-Shirts and everything.

There was a guys' tee (I could care less that I'm a girl.... it was a shirt that is for both genders!) that said "I Love To Read". HaHa. That defines me, I should know.

Wanna know why I didn't buy it?

It said "i love to read." We all know what's wrong here. Capitalization.
Enough, already. I loved that shirt, but bad grammar is not acceptable.
This Wednesday's Walk is about the dog I call Lexi.

It started with a student at Ohio State. Adela is her name. She went to our church and was in my LifeGroup. Her parents moved to D.C., but they visit very often.

Anyway, she had a dog with no other name than:
 LEXI!!!!! She was a beagle mix with labrador retreiver, and she was a big puppy. She was super quiet, but she grew to be super bold. She was like a jalapeno hot dog!!!! That was lame, I know.
Adela gave us Lexi because she was moving to a smaller apartment, and her dog had to be under 35 punds. Well Lexi wasn't gonna be that small for long, so that's how we got her.

At the pound/shelter, 3 out of 300 dogs survive. She survived. Formerly abused, but she's in better hands now.

That's how we got Lexi!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And You, And You, And You: You're Gonna LOVE Me!

Oh gosh, (it seems like I'm always saying that) you won't believe who I'm gonna interview! (Let the jealousy rise... LoL)

Do you ever watch FOX 45, CBS 7, NBC 2, or ABC 22? Well then you're gonna LOVE ME!!!

If things work out, (as in people reply to my emails) then I will be able to show you EXCLUSIVE interviews with:

James Brown (News anchor)
Brittny McGraw
Megan O'Rourke
Malcom Maddox
Kylie Conway

that you'll only be able to find on YOUR BLOG! So keep reading... 2011 is sure to be this blog's best year yet.

Mispell Munday~Silver Lining

This "Mispell Munday" is about all the fun I had at a Superbowl party, Charity's birthday party, and the silver lining that came from it.
i was raedy to hvae a graet tmie. it was friday, and taht maent it was Charity's brithady. smoe of her freinds were gnona be there. i was so ecxited. i had never gone to a praty before----- not tihs late at ngiht, and not wtih high scool kids. it was so ecxiting, we were giong at 7:30 and cmoing bcak at 9. supopesdly.

we shwoed up at 7:00 in csae smoe freinds shwoed up early. smoe freinds showed before we did. we had reseravtions, but Red Robin emlpoyees said "we wrote down your reservation but we don't take reservations". so they worte it dwon for the fun of it? waht the--- i can't even.... ugh.

taht praty was sooo fun though. Red Robin, you're too bsuy, you've got bad custmoer srevice. but i love yuor food.

yesterday was the Superbowl XLV praty. i had too mcuh fun. i tihnk if i was thre any lnoger i wuold've passed out. i went carzy.
It's Feb. 7th... Happy birthday, Mom!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Okay Ya'll... You Win.

Nope! You DON'T win! The Green Bay Packers beat ya!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I may be left-handed, but I'm always right.

Superbowl XLV Fashion For The Party!

You've got all the cosmetics, fragrance, and technology. Now, update your fashion for your party! Because your fashion is only as good as the reaction it gets when you walk in.

These high heel boots are jack wagon crazy awesome! Yeah, that was weird for me to say. These boots are probably over a hundred dollars, but you can score more--- for less!
Would you believe me if I told you that I wear my mom's boots? They are really cute. (at least I think they are.) They are not like these, and knowing my mom, she probably bought them at a garage sale. But mine (ah hem... I mean Mom's) are like these, but the pattern is different. Tip? Don't go by the book. Forget what Seventeen and Vogue say, you rule your own fashion world! Don't wear what they wear on 90210 or Glee, because you can switch up your fashion--- sometimes for free! You see high heel boots, but if you have high heel boots, it's okay if they don't look like these. Let me be frank with you: I don't own those boots. I don't even own the picture! As long as you have high heel boots, it's okay.

Fitting into Your Life: Don't have high heel boots? Wear normal, flat-footed boots. They're way more comfy, anyway!
Fitting into Your Size: High heel boots are great for tall girls. If you aren't tall, that's okay! Average and short girls look outstanding in flat fur boots! No wonder boots were The Blogspot Best Fashion of the Year!

Skinny jeans. Most of us love 'em. Who would've thought they'd make the Superbowl parties? Denim is the best material for parties, because if you spill punch or soda on your leggings--- you're toast! (I know from experience. When I first saw the people we stayed with in North Carolina, my legging were a mess from Cheetos, soda, punch, coffee, and more. It was so embarrassing.) So be prepared. This is the best fabric! If you spill water, no one knows, once it's dry! This is why I love them.

Fitting Into Your Life: Don't have skinnies? Wear a curvy top to take away the need of the perfect pants.
Fitting Into Your Size: Skinny jeans aren't for everyone. You need to tone up before really wearing them right. Don't have time to hit the gym? Just get normal bootcut jeans and there you go! A fun look! Holey jeans are always fun, and they're great with flip-flops, but only if you dare in this weather. tall girls look great in capris, or cuffed jeans cuffed up to below the knee. Average girls are rocking the bootcuts! and for you short girls, skinnies are great! And so are denim shorts with legging underneath--- they make you look taller!

These rings are beautiful. I own one similar to this, but no, this one isn't mine and once again, I don't even own the picture. Ruby rings are awesome. This one is very expensive, (I bet) but the one I have is from Fashion Bug. (Tip: DO shop Fashion Bug!) I didn't get it, my aunt Tricia gave it to me for Christmas or something. But I love it. It barely fits on my fingers, but it's beauty from pain. I love these rings, I'm not giving up my bling!

Although they say "It's not about the money, money, money. We don't need your money, money, money. We wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tags. It's not about the cha-ching, cha-ching, not about the ba-bling ba-bling..." I can't live without bling. It's my life. (Jessie J, "Price Tag".)

This is your party. Live it up!
And don't forget it:
Superbowl starts at 6:30! Not rooting for anyone? Be my guest, I love the Packers. So turn on your TVs, get cozy, and have a good night, everyone!

Superbowl XLV! Today!

Hey all you football fans! I honestly hate football, but tonight, I'm gonna love it.

If my team (the Packers) loses, I'm painting my green and gold nails black and yellow. Fair enough, eh?

If you can find any good Christian songs, let me know. (for Fine Arts vocal solo, so it has to be a good song that doesn't have high notes.)

Whomever you're rooting for, I hope you have a fun Super Bowl, and be sure to follow my Superbowl tips from a few days ago!

Drive safe, dress great, and feel great!

"I feel good, I knew that I would, now. I feel good, I knew that I would. So good, so good, I got you! I feel nice, like sugar and spce. I feel nice, like sugar and spice. So nice, so nice, I got you!"
-James Brown

Saturday, February 5, 2011

370th Post and A Decision Is Made.

Oh my gosh!!!! Just a few hours ago, I told you I wanted "Lovely Traces". But now, I found "Your Love" by Brandon Heath. So far, it matches my voice.

I think I'm gonna sing it...

Prepping For Fine Arts...

... And I'm totally hating it. I'm trying to find a song to sing, since it's turned out that it will probably be my only Fine Arts event this year. It's so frustrating!

None of the songs in the poll are working for me. Everyone sings too high or too low. None of the keys are good for me. I must have a really odd voice, because nothing fits it. And whatever does, I can't do it for certain reasons.

"Set The World On Fire" was a song I was really looking forward to. Can't sing it, because even the low key is too high for me once I start singing the chorus.
Right now I'm listening to "Lovely Traces" by Krystal Meyers, because she's one of the rare human beings who sing in my key. And now.. I think I found "the one!!!!" YES!!!!!

Here, comment if you like this song:
"Lovely Traces". Krystal Meyers. The perfect key for me, or else I'll get low key. Who knows, because I haven't sang it yet.

Tell me what you think!

Friday, February 4, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Superbowl XLV Looks For The Party!

Beware, only Green Bay Packer fans are allowed to read this message, because we're too cool for you.

We put the "Green And Yellow" (Lil Wayne song that I've heard of, never listened to) in "Black and Yellow"!

Steelers, we're out to get cha! RAWR:)

To be honest, I'm the only Green Bay fan in my entire family. The whole family. We have no connection with Wisconsin at all, but we sure like cheese.

So welcome to my first "RandomNess Friday", and I hope you watch the forty-fifth Superbowl at 6:30 on Sunday!
So, are you staying home and getting cozy, or are you heading out to a party? I just got back from a late-night birthday party at Red Robin with Charity's friends. Her friends CRACK ME UP!

I hope you go to a party, or host the party, because "you can't do the wave by yourself!" (the Chex Mix commercial... we're made to mix.) But when you go to your party, of course you gotta dress athletic, but what kind of glam should you have? Let's see...

Yes, that's a huge icicle!
Here's another reminder for you to drive safe!

Missed the big game??? Your iPod Touch can surf the web and you'll find more info than you got at the game!
Tip: "I always listen to music, but I have to love my iPod. Blogger sponsors mobile devices like the iPhone (which is very similar to an iPod Touch) now, so now I can blog from my iPod. And I still research everything from it!"-Hope
Please, honey, please. Only Green Bay Packer girls can try this. Paint your nails green and do a gold French tip. Don't forget to use topcoat!
Tip: "Never forget base and top coat. They keep your nails healthy and strong. If you need more strength, try making a homemade fortifier with lots of lemon juice and some green tea. Green tea gives long nails and lemon juice strengthens them and returns them to their natural color! Perfect combination for perfect nails. My secret for salon-looking beauty."-Hope
You will love this perfume! (eau de toilette, I think.) Dark Kiss from Bath & Body Works is great after a shower! It works best with Dark Kiss Lotion, and keeps skin scented, but light enough to add another perfume.
Tip: "I love wearing this! I feel more confident every time I wear it! With the lotion, which was a Blogspot nominee, I smell like it all day. Much for your buck." 
This is not what it smells like, but it is what it looks like. It's knock-off perfume. Jean Philippe Paris, their version of "Glow" by J.Lo. It is $1 at Dollar Tree stores, but it can be mistaken for so much more. Spray Dark Kiss on your body before you put your clothes on, and spritz this on your clothes. The smells together are very sassy.
Tip: "Carry this in your purse--- it's a boost right when you need it!"
Odyssey, from Avon. Price unknown. It smells so strong at first, and tones down to a sweet, fairytale smell. Goes great with your somewhat "Glow" perfume.
Tip: "DO mix sassy with sweet! It's nice when guys mix AXE, even though I hate AXE, it's nice when it's worn with Old Spice. When I wear Odyssey on my neck and Glow on my body, I feel like Superwoman." 
Baby oil, you can get it anywhere. Surprisingly, more adults use it than babies. Here's how us teenagers and pre-teens can use it:
Tip: "I was watching The Doctors when I heard them talking about amazing legs in less than an hour. I shave my legs whenever they have to be revealed, because they get irritated by razors. I shave with soap, but their trick was shave with baby oil. My first thought was, why baby oil? But it all makes sense now. I did it. What you do is rub it on your legs in the shower until you can tell that the water isn't mixing with the oil well. Then, shave from there and that's it. It's just like your normal routine, but it takes longer. Within three minutes of getting out of the shower, moisturize with [preferably] Dark Kiss. Baby oil; smells sweet, but the smell fades and lets Dark Kiss slowly overpower it. That's why I trust baby oil with my legs, because it also waterproofs your legs! Water runs off like nothing! So go play in the rain, it's worth it."
MMM... sparkles. $1, L.A. Colors, Dollar Tree stores. Get more for your buck! After using lip balm, lipstick, lip color, and a sheer gloss, use this to add some disco to the party.
Moisture is in this season! And your face takes a lot of hard work! So give it the gift of moisture, and feel the baby come back to you.
$1, Moisturizing Gloss, L.A. Colors, Dollar Tree Stores. As you can see, I love Dollar Tree! This gloss not only stays true to it's color, but moisturizes longer than it's even there! Now that's true lipgloss!
That's only a few of our Superbowl deals for the party! Just wait... and you'll get random fashion deals!

Wishing Green and Yellow wishes,
Happy birthday, Charity! You're seventeen now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"These Things Will Change..."

I missed Wednesday's Walk yesterday because my mom made us shut down the computer until we did our chores or something of the sort. Tomorrow is my first "RandomNess Friday" and you can link up! (Don't forget to read Prism's blog.) We're still gonna do our Narnia stuff, but for now, I gotta read The Magician's Nephew.
Honestly, I was going to blog about how much I'm dreading volleyball yesterday, but I'm glad I didn't! We won our game today! I'm loving it! My serve is usually great, (thanks to my coach from last year, Alan) but today it was kinda... well... all over the place. But otherwise, I did good. Our whole team did good. These girls have basically all played junior high school volleyball, so we're a really good team. WHOOO HOO!

The video looks a little small, but I hope you can see it. To tell you the truth, I think it's really weird how like, there's this girl rocking out on her violin, but I can't hear violin, like, anywhere in the song.

This song, anyway, relates to me a lot. It reminds me so much of gymnastics. At the beginning when Taylor says "Somebody else gets what you wanted again", it reminds me of the meets/competitions, really only one meet but gazillion practices, a girl named Megan* and her friend Tori* were good at every event. (although I was really good on the beam and floor, they still did great) Megan was a bigtime vaulter. She was so fast, and she was tall like me. (so I had no excuse for being a slow vaulter.) She was the perfect example of a great gymnast, someone worthy of making the level 5 team. Or was she really worthy of making the team?

Physically, yes. Mentally, no. She was rude. To me, she wasn't. Towards her mom, she was. Very annoying. She always talked back (to the coach, I'm not sure, but I think so) and I couldn't understand why i tried so hard and she still was better than me.

Then there's Tori. The typical middle school cheerleader. Her attitude was the average cheerleader behavior. I'm a cheerleader, I'm not snobby. But I also don't cheer anymore. Kayla is a cheerleader, but she's friendly. Tori isn't.

Tori didn't talk back, (and this is before she was a cheerleader.) and she was kinda nice. To me, at least. But she was a huge perfectionist. If the springboard was slightly out of place, she perfected it. What kind of nerd does that--- WHAT THE HECK???!!!!

She bruised easily. That's her skin, she can't control that. But Tori.... oh Tori. Drama Queen all the way. Once, she bruised on the vault when she fell at practice, (we all got hurt that day, especially me. I had to vault on a cut foot, and she's the one complaining?) and she was crying for so long, we were on the beam and she's still crying. Baby, baby, baby--- annoying.

Tori was great on the floor. At practice, when we knew our dance routines well enough, my coach would turn off the music ("I'll Find My Own Way" by Harry Gregson-Williams from the X-Men Wolverine sountrack) after every single mistake made. Tori and I had good technique, so we both had the longest timing. Her routine was almost flawless, but she messed up on our easiest skill, a handstand forward-roll. At the very end of the routine. A skill I had perfectly, and the way I did it was even compared to the way my coach did it. But Tori could dance better. Tori already had her back walkover. Tori almost had her back handspring. Tori had great balance.

Megan was strong. Megan had her front handspring on the floor and back handspring on the wedge. She was great at tucks. Her tumbling skills were unbelievable. her balance was crazy good.

So here's what happened:  We had a competition last March and it was my first time as a level 4, a very respected level at our YMCA. Our first event was floor. "I'm gonna win this." Or so I thought.

During this time, I was very achy from whatever happened to my hip, and could not do the splits. Bad, because that was the beginning of my routine. I couldn't make the back walkover, ya all know that. My legs split in the middle of my back handspring/flic flac/flip flop/lions' leap. I ended the routine perfectly, but it didn't matter at that point, because as usual, Tori did it perfectly.

On beam, I failed worse than that. I fell, one too many times. Megan admitted (her words!) "I was afraid Hope was gonna win. I was surprised she didn't." Well, she won. Because she's really good. She won vault,  also, and I got bronze. Not too shabby there. But that didn't matter. 26.2 points. Second-to-last in the all-around, and only beat the last place girl by .1 points. Embarrassing for both of us.

But Marnie* said "Everyone wil be last, sometimes it's you." She was after me in the all-around, and when she said that, I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I felt bad for her, and knew that we needed to practice and then it would work.

Victory isn't easy. "Rome wasn't built overnight..." is one of those inspiring sayings. So I keep practicing, and maybe I'll make it to victory. And maybe I have level 5 in store for me someday.

Those things will change, I'll see it soon. Don't be discouraged, because it will only bring you further down. Do everything with no regrets and you're sure to shine!

*Names changed so I wouldn't be a gossip.