Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's The Best Thing!

I just had to post this song. I'm starting to REALLY LOVE, and I mean really looooove Relient K.

This girl in my 4-H club named Zoe asked me last Thursday what song describes my life. She said her song was "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars ("Today I don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. I don't feel like picking up my phone so leave a message at the tone cuz today I swear I'm not doing anything... NOTHING AT ALL!") but I said that my song is "The Best Thing" by Relient K cuz it is the best love song (Sorry T-Pain and Chris Brown) I've ever heard in my life.

This song used to be on my iPod, but then someone took the entire WOW CD off the computer which deleted "This Is Home" by Switchfoot, "Unbreakable" by Fireflight, and "The Best Thing" by Relient K. I already told you about it, but just to let you know I lost this song too. Bummer. LUCKILY, the album is present in my house, I just gotta find it. No luck there.

There was nothing to blog about so that's it.

"Well sorry to disappoint you."
-Nickabrick, "The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian"

Sorry! I was just SOOO bored out of my mind, so here ya go! Since I just wasted your time, here's something you might find interesting.

Not to waste more time or anything.

SO, since I just wasted more time, (the ten-second-long song you just listened to is also by Relient K... I love these guys already!) you might as well check out the ongoing drama in my latest addition to the muffin saga and that will make your visit worthwhile.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cookies Are Turning Into A Monster, Eating Us Alive

You heard me. Cookies are "Turning into a monster, and eating us alive!"

This is fourth in the muffin saga.
This is continued from Muffin Math.

"All this growing up... lately I feel like I've had enough..." I am completely contradicting the quote I just wrote (which is also a link). I just can't get enough---no pun intended---of this ongoing muffin/donut drama.

Well guess what? Baby, there's a shark in the water!

I meant to post this earlier this week, I really did. But see, I had band practice on Sunday and I'm not even supposed to have computer access on that day. I'm working hard on this "Unspoken" book I've been slacking on since District Fine Arts in April so that took up Monday. I'm making this dress (yes, making my own dress and it's lime green--- so excited) and my 4-H leader was helping me all day yesterday, so that leaves me with Wednesday... as usual.

I'm easy like Sunday morning.
Oh, Sundays... I love them like I love being a Christian. Why? Because of Jesus! Because of church! Yes, I've gone through the motions of not wanting to go to church (I mean, let's speak honestly. Who here REALLY wants to get up at 7 a.m. on the weekend?), but there's something about church that I love. I don't know what it is.

So, one con about Sunday church is I have to rush downstairs to get my sparkly muffin. It's not sparkly, it's sprinkled, but I like to pretend it's glitter. Glitter is my favorite word. All that GLITTERS!!

ANYWAY! Ugh, can't a girl ever stay on the task? So, it was Sunday and I rushed for my muffin when I saw that there was more than just muffins.

Forget Cookie Monster... Cookies are a monster!
Turns out, the congregation has more options now. There were cookies on the table! You heard me! COOKIES! The average person eats 32,000 cookies in their lifetime. And people wonder why most everyone has a muffin top that's probably not caused by muffins.

The operative (me) spotted oatmeal raisin cookies. I really don't like those... I won't eat them unless I'm half starved to death or there's no other options. I heard that before I got there, there were chocolate chip cookies, too. That makes me happy.

In case this makes me sound anti-cookie, let me assure you that I LOVE cookies, but not in addition to muffins. If people already consume thousands of cookies, they don't need more. I don't know if that was a one-week thing or not, but I don't like it.

So, does that make this the cookie saga?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mono Vs. Stereo

Do you listen to Deas Vail? I bet a song by them is playing on this blog right this moment. Do you listen to Relient K? If you do, then you probably know that the bands have two things in common: Birds (Matt from Relient K sang the bridge with Wes in that song) and their label, Mono Vs. Stereo.

This might bring you to wonder: What exactly is "mono"? What does that have to do with a stereo?

You can listen to a song in two different ways: Mono or Stereo. Ever tried listening to a song with only one earbud? I bet you a hug that it didn't sound half as good as if you had the buds in both ears. That's because if that's happened to you, you were listening to Stereo. Stereo is when certain speakers play certain instruments, like if there's this killer guitar riff, most likely it will only play in one ear. Stereo is separated.

So, we know what Stereo is. Now what's Mono? Well, that killer guitar riff I told you about? If you're listening in Mono, you'll hear an equal sound in both ears--- Guitar riff times two. Mono is balanced.

Yet still, Stereo is better if you want the best out of you music.

Just throwing that out there for ya! Be sure to pick Stereo this summer!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Written in Quotations

Today, I thought I might mention some of my absolute favorite quotes. Some are from songs I like, some from Narnia, others I found in random places.

"Don't worry about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."
-Charles M. Schulz
"You go too far, Miraz!"
-Disney/Walden's "Prince Caspian"

"When your time comes, will you be ready?"

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."
-Taylor Swift
"You can forgive me too..."
-Relient K, Forgiven

"I'll stop the whole world. I'll stop the WHOLE WORLD from turning into a monster, and eating us alive! Don't you ever wonder, how we SURVIVED?..."
-Paramore, Monster

"You'll come back, when it's over. No need to say goodbye. You'll come back, when it's over. No need to say goodbye..."
-Regina Spektor, "The Call"

"She's wearing a hat!"
"I had it sorted!"
-Disney/Walden's "Prince Caspian"

"She's not a saint and she's not what you think--- She's an actress! WOAH OH!"
-Taylor Swift, "Better Than Revenge"
"The best thing is that it's happening to you and me!"
-Relient K, "The Best Thing"

"Let it set your heart ON FIRE! Let it set you FREE!"
-Fireflight, For Those Who Wait

"Baby, don't waste this chance cuz it might not come back... COME BACK AROUND!"
-Deas Vail, Sixteen

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June's Perfect Ending

Ah... I used to think that my life is boring, but I think it's anything but! My life has always been fun, but it's getting more interesting day after day.

Yesterday was the TATTOO festival, which is like a one-day fair on WPAFB. My family has made it a tradition to go, and we've been going since we've lived in this area. I didn't go last year because I was at camp and I didn't go the year before that either.

This year I expected TATTOO to be very boring because I always sit in the car with my parents, listen to the bands, and wait for the fireworks ("Baby you're a FIIIIIIREWORK!"). This year, me and my siblings got a blanket and sat on the lawn instead.

I suddenly heard voices approaching our blanket from behind. At first, I thought it was someone I strongly dislike (*COUGH* hate *COUGH*), but no--- it was my friends Brittany and Baileigh, and their aunt, Mrs. Amy!

So, Baileigh spent the [approximately] five hours with me and my sisters and it was so much fun! Cartwheeling, somewhat-frisbee-ing, talking (duh!), reading while daylight was still there, eating, eating some more, and watching the FIIIIIIREWORKS!! There's more I can add.

After having to convince our parents, they let me and my sisters spend the night at Brit and Bai's house. It was... we are some pretty interesting kids.

A few rounds of me singing and playing bass on "Rock Band"...

(I was a little pitchy singing ^^^THAT SONG^^^ this morning because, well, it was morning!)

Believe it or not, we played with flash cards. Our arithmetic (yes, all of us) sucks badly. Probably just because it was midnight, we had walked back to the Base housing after five hours at the festival, and we were so tired that we got 5 x 5 wrong. Okay, I'm the only one that got that wrong for embarrassing reasons.

And one weird thing is that I kept waking up in the middle of the night. Well, Baileigh had a really repetitive radio station on the radio, and every time I woke up "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele was on. Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj kept getting overplayed, too.

And back to the "Rock Band" thing: Okay, so if you get a woman who can play clarinet and a man who is a semi-pro on bass, their youngest daughter sings??? It makes no sense. I was born with rhythm, a voice, and the ability to learn songs on bass and piano by ear. That's it. However, when it comes to pressing buttons on "Rock Band", I have to do Easy mode (believe it or not, that's difficult for me, too). How is it that my dad plays bass all the time and I can't even play a video game??? Well, if there's one thing I'm good at on "Rock Band", it's the vocals. I can do Expert mode on that.

And one reason guitar and bass are really hard for me could be that I'm usually on the right side of the screen, so the buttons I see on there are in reverse on the actual guitar. And it's hard for me to control the guitar with the whole Lefty Mode thing, and when you'd normally go down while finding a character, I'd have to strum up to go down or vice versa. Yeah.

ANYWAY! Do you know how off-topic I've gotten? I was SUPPOSED to be blogging about today's bikeride. I guess I'll have to save that for another day...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Praying For Your Future Husband!

Ladies, you gotta admit that you've always dreamed of "The one"--- the one that you would marry someday. Maybe you've already started making lists of baby names (I'll admit that I have), and maybe even a list of qualities your husband should have.

If you're one of the curious girls out there, you NEED to read "Praying For Your Future Husband" by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer.

I picked this book mainly because Robin Jones Gunn co-wrote it and she's also the author of "Departures",   PLUS, I was very interested in praying for my future hubby!

This book reached my expectations perfectly. Robin and Tricia share their two very different experiences in this book on what they did right and what they did wrong on the road to meeting Mr. Right. It takes you through lessons on:
  • Praying for his heart
  • Praying he will be a "God lover"
  • Praying for patience
  • Praying for understanding
  • Praying for trust
  • Praying for loyalty and faithfulness
  • Praying for strength
  • Praying for protection
  • Praying for intimacy
  • Praying for "The List" (my personal fave!)
  • Praying for contentment
  • Praying for commitment
All of the chapters were very important and a new thing to learn. I loved the way they included stories from both each other and other women, PLUS they included scripture verses, poems, written prayers, a space to write out your thoughts, and discussion questions. It's perfect for a Bible study!

This book is definitely worth five stars and I have no complaints about it. I think any teenage girl---even though I'm not a teenager yet---or single woman would absolutely love this book. It shows you that if you pray for your husband, God can work great wonders in his life. Not only is it praying for him, but praying that when your time comes, you'll be ready.

So, what will happen when you start praying for your future husband?

There's only one way to find out... PRAY!

207 pages!
Published by WaterBrook Multnomah!

P.S. Thank you, Multnomah, for providing me with a free copy of this book! I loved it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Since Elementary School

This never occurred to me but, a lot has changed since elementary school. I know what you're thinking: "You're a little late on that, Hope... fifth grade was two years ago--- GROW UP!" Fifth grade may have been two years ago, but I can still blog about it.

A lot has changed since then.

My hobbies have changed. Cheerleading used to be my life, but now all I do is read American Cheerleader magazine every once in awhile, listen to my old cheer music, and email some of my old cheer friends. Gymnastics is what made me who I am, but things have changed and I don't tumble anymore--- but I plan on starting sports acrobatics in the fall, so my gym life isn't over. I never thought I would end up singing in Fine Arts, and I didn't think I'd ever get to be in the FAF band--- even though I only do BGVs, I didn't even know I liked to sing until last year.

My taste of movies has changed--- DEFINITELY. I used to love movies like The Notebook and The Time Traveler's Wife, but now I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE action films, like Walt Disney/Walden Media's "Prince Caspian": I know nearly every line out of that movie! I just have to work on my British accent!

My genre of music has changed. I used to always listen to pop music, Jonas Brothers, and Francesca Battistelli. Now, I listen to (mostly Christian) alternative rock, country music like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, hard rock (as in Fireflight and Flyleaf... both are Christian bands), and yes, even Justin Bieber.

Yeah... I've changed a little. But the things that I don't think ever changed about me and never will are:

  1. My humor, MWAHAHA!
  2. My ever-changing obsessions.
  3. My ability to be completely sad one day and get over it the next.
  4. My ability to change my voice--- I can sing opera-style (but no--- not real opera... I only speak fluent English), I have my normal speaking voice, I'm working on the chipmunk voice, I can fake a British accent (well? Not exactly... working on saying "he bumped me" with an accent), and my favorite--- THE BODYGUARD MAN VOICE.
  5. The thing about me that infants hate. What won't change about that? That I still don't know what it is.
  6. My horrible acting. I would like for that to change, but I don't think it will.
  7. My love for cellos, violins, and violas and the overwhelming urge to learn how to use one of them.
Those are the seven things that will NEVER CHANGE about me. I love to make people laugh, because when people are crying, I'm not good at cheering them up. I write poems about them to make them feel better,  but I am not good at comforting people otherwise. My ever-changing obsessions usually are a sport, band, or song. My voice-changing thing... you gotta admit that's cool. That's one of my top talents, actually.

Now, the reason infants hate me??? WHAT IS IT???!!! I don't know why they hate me. They just don't like me. They cry the moment I pick them up or read a book to them. If I try to tickle them or high-five them, they turn away. Oh, poor me... 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rebecca Black CAN Sing!!!

Rebecca Black. The classic "Friday" that recently got taken off YouTube because of hate-mail due to excessive use of autotune, weird BGVs, and hilariously bad lyrics.

That same video that got over 80% dislikes is what made Black a household name. Now, Rebecca is shining her little light--- and proving that she really CAN sing.

It's acoustic this time, so you know it's gotta be good. And it is! Performing for ABC, her friends who are signed to the same label showed up to support her.

The one with the braid in her dark blonde hair and the pink shirt is Alana Lee [Hamilton].

Then, the girl on the far left (in the preview picture) is who I believe to be Abby Victor.

Yep. Those are two of the people that were there.

Anyway, back to Rebecca. She definitely surprised me with her singing skills. She has a beautiful voice, whether you wanna admit it or not. And she definitely impressed me when she nailed holding that long note at 1:48 all the way through to 1:58. She held that note for TEN SECONDS! I can't even hold three barely!

Face it, America. Rebecca does have talent.

So does that mean she'll come out with an album next time???

Monday, June 20, 2011

Muffin Math.

I thought I had reached the bottom of this muffin thing at church, but I guess... I was wrong.

This is third in the muffin saga.
This is continued from It's a Conspiracy.

It turns out, the muffin drama just gets more interesting everyday, to the point where there is no conclusion to the juicy muffin gossip that I can't resist blogging about!
"The story starts when it was hot and it was summer and..."
Well, it was pretty warm out and I felt great. Summer had just unofficially begun, and I was at a friend's house for LifeGroups to go swimming. I had completely ditched the Youth LifeGroup to go to this, and it was fun!

I went inside the house before getting in the water to swim so that I could get something to eat. But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. So, I went inside to get some food and the adults had started talking. One of the adults (don't remember which one) had begun talking about this particular muffin problem that turned into a full conversation.

I didn't stay for long, but he said: "Muffins are just as unhealthy as donuts! I bet two muffins equal one donut".

They all began laughing. Did I believe him??? NO! Muffins are tiny. But, would you believe me if I said he was actually (almost) right?

"Why can't I even figure it out???"
In Sunday School yesterday, one of the teachers, Britney (she's the one that inspired this series of muffin posts because she's very interested in this thing too), said that the church has been receiving muffin complaints lately, so Christal M. (the person who normally gets the church's donuts and now muffins) looked up the difference between muffins and donuts.

Let's do the classic muffin math:

           3 muffins
       +  Orange juice
1 donut with coffee.

"[Three] muffins equal one donut", Britney quoted. Isn't that amazing? The haters are right--- we might as well be eating Krispy Creme.

Wanna know what I think???
I would like to see the church stop serving breakfast food altogether. When they were serving donuts, people were complaining that they were stale. Now that they're serving muffins, people are complaining that they aren't any healthier and they aren't as much of a treat as donuts were. So what do I think? I think that if people won't be grateful about what the church is serving, I'd like to see nothing on the breakfast tables. Show the people that if they're gonna constantly complain, <3 that's what you get <3.

"Sometimes we live for no one but ourselves."
-Relient K, Forgiven

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hope's Declassified: Blog Survival Guide

Along with summer comes no school, which is the main perk of it, eh? For bloggers, that can be the main problem. Not only is summer one of the most incredibly boring seasons, but no school means no education. And no education means no reason to capitalize, use correct punctuation, and correct spelling. Why no reason? Because you're not getting a grade.

My first tip is use your smarts! Don't lose them! Treat your blog like a school assignment. I know what you're about to say: It's summer. BUT! Summer does not mean you have to back off all you know and make your blog look like you're in first grade. Even though you gotta be careful, that doesn't mean you can't have fun--- that just means have a safe blogging summer!

The rewards for great grammar this summer are limitless. Whenever you apply for college (if you're an adult and are done with college, well... sorry), the same people who will be checking out your supposedly "deleted" posts on Facebook will be checking out your blog. When they see how good your grammar is, that'll be a red flag that they should accept you. That's also a warning not to post anything you don't want your grandma seeing. I understand if you don't want your parents seeing it, though... I understand. But, just think. Before you post a photo of yourself, remember that a fifty-year-old guy will be seeing it, so make it appropriate. Before you openly cuss, remember that scholars twice your age are seeing it and are frowning upon it.

So, here are my tips for a safe, fun blogging summer!

  1. Be original. If you see something you like that's received a lot of publicity on a friend's (or wish you were friends with) blog, it's okay to get the gadget, but don't copy their title or something crazy like that. And when I say be original, that also means don't cover a topic that's already been blogged... that's just not cool, okay?
  2. Get plugged in. If you love reading, I encourage you to apply/sign up for a reviewing program with any publisher. I do it for Thomas Nelson and Multnomah, and not only does it make my blog more popular with my posts about their books, but I get FREE BOOKS--- and all they want in exchange is a blog post! You gotta admit, that's legit.
  3. Find a new blog to read. Are you bored with the blogs you're currently following? Simply check out what your fellow bloggers are reading. Finding a new blog through a mutual friend is always a great experience, and it will do a lot for you--- by reading other amazing blogs, I learned about reviewing, (free books, baby!) got introduced to another design website, and found some really cool gadgets! So, go find a new blog to read this summer!
  4. Give yourself a break. It is nearly impossible to keep up with a blog everyday---for both the blogger and the reader---without getting completely stressed. Readers don't like to read blogs that they have to worry about what they missed out on because they didn't get on one day. Bloggers don't like surrendering everything to blog. So, just take time to check out the blog and not post anything, no matter what the urge to post is. Just give yourself a pat on the back for what you've already worked so hard on.
  5. Be unpredictable. Just like viewers don't like movies that have obvious endings, readers don't like blogs that are predictable. What I mean is, spread out the times when you post. Don't always post on Wednesdays and Fridays. Change the lineup every so often, sometimes post on Tuesdays, sometimes Sundays, etc. I know it can be hard, ESPECIALLY when you're the host of a blog hop. But try to change up the times you post. If you can't change, simply schedule your posts to be on a different day, which is something that always works when you're going on vacation or a trip.
  6. Let the music move you. Do you love music? Welcome to the club. There's so much you can do in this area. Post the lyrics of your favorite songs, (my favorite lyric posts I made are "Sixteen" and "Forgiven...") make a playlist of your favorite genre or artist, or simply listen to iTunes/Windows Media Player while blogging.
  7. Get real. Is what I'm about to say cliché??? You bet. Be yourself. Please. People will absolutely love you--- they'll ADORE YOU if you'd just be true to yourself. Why? Because you're amazing... just the way you are.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's A Narnia Thing.

Today, I just watched the pinnacle of Narnia's success--- "Prince Caspian": Disney/Walden version. It's not like it was my first time or anything... but it is my first time this year. Overall, this was maybe my 30th time--- if that's not even enough, I don't know what is.

I've been obsessed with Narnia since 2008. I must admit to being very disappointed in "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", but that doesn't change my love for it at all.

Seeing the second movie today opened brand new eyes, no pun intended. In all the times I've seen it, I never thought through everything that took place during it. Wanna know what I learned?

  • "Sometimes we live for no one but ourselves" in Forgiven is so true, and you can see it through Peter's attitude in this movie.
  • There is an ongoing battle... it never ends.
  • You're always there for a reason and never doubt it.
  • You can't always see God---no, you can't see Him at all---but "it's not faith if you're using your eyes". You have to trust that He's there and follow Him anyway, just like when Lucy saw Aslan but didn't follow because she couldn't see him, and no one believed her.
  • People will not always believe you, but in the end, they'll probably end up looking pretty stupid when they don't. "Last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid," Edmund said.
  • Just like when Jesus turned over the tables in the temple when people were selling things there, certain Narnians turned Aslan's tomb into a place to do literal "witch"craft (White "Witch", eh?) and there were consequences.
  • Bad things happen when you take matters into your own hands, as Peter found out when he (and Caspi) led the Narnians into battle at the castle and got half of them killed, when Caspi told him DIRECTLY that taking on the castle and being the first ones to do it was a horrible idea.
  • Every knee shall bow... even those that never believed, which Trumpkin found out at the end. He never believed Aslan was alive until he was kneeling before him.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • In His time, things can be made whole again.
  • Just like Aslan's roar beautifully awakened the trees, the Holy Spirit can awaken you.
  • Just like everything they did for Narnia they did for Aslan, everything you did for someone in need, you did for God.
So, what do you say? Beautiful movie, indeed. It gets me, right down to the perfectly wonderful, perfectly planned, beautiful music. Actually, the music is what makes this movie whole. Without it, that makes the difference between three and five stars for me. It really does. I am very fond of the music because my favorite composer, Harry Gregson-Williams composed the entire movie. He composed my Level 4 Gymnastics Wolverine music, and when I found out he did all the Narnia scores, no wonder I liked my floor music! But the music is sweet. The choir, the cello, the violin... all the way down to the French horn, if there is one. The whole thing is beautiful.

Did I mention the English accents?

You know what I'm about to say...

"For Narnia!!!!!!"
-Most likely Peter says that.



Oh yes,
I know this tension that you speak of...
We're in the palm of a hand making a fist.
It'd be best
For one of us to speak up...
But we prefer to pretend it does not exist.
And you can't see past the blood on my hands,
To see that you've been aptly damned to fail and fail again.

Cuz we're all
Guilty of the same things
We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through
And I know that I have been forgiven
And I just hope you can forgive me too...

So don't you dare blame me for
Prying open the door
That's unleased the bitterness
That's here in the mist of this.
Sometimes we live for
And what we've been striving for
Has turned into nothing more
Than bodies limp on the floor,
Victims of falling short.
We kiss goodbye the cheek of our true love.

And you can't see past the blood on my hands
To see that you've been aptly damned
To fail and fail again

Cuz we're all
Guilty of the same things
We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through.
And I know that I have been forgiven
And I just hope you can forgive me too,
You can forgive me

Oh oh oh oh...
Oh oh oh oh...

(oh oh oh oh...) And you can't see past the blood on my hands
To fail and fail

Cuz we're all
Guilty of the same things
We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through.
And I know that I have been forgiven
And I just hope
You can forgive me too...

Oh oh oh oh
You can forgive me too,
You can forgive me too....
You can forgive me,
Can forgive me,
Can forgive me,
You can forgive me too...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey, Soul Surfer

Today, I finally got to see Soul Surfer! If you've seen my Blogger profile lately, you might be wondering why I've had that movie listed in my favorites for months. Literally, months.

I had it listed already because I knew I was gonna see it one way or another, and I knew I was gonna like it, one way or another!

It was great. I saw it with my friend Brittany, and to my surprise, Kayla was there, too!

You wouldn't believe how Christian that movie was. During Alana's (Lorraine Nicholson's character) photo shoot, this Britt Nicole song came on:

And, during Bethany's (Annasophia Robb's character) training, this Francesca Battistelli song came on:

Legit. Plus, there was some quoting of scripture! They talked about how you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength... the whole movie was great. I only remember hearing maybe one cuss word.

It only proves that nothing is impossible for you.

Five stars!



You were my conscience,
So solid, now you're like water
And we started drowning,
Not like we'd sink any farther
I let my heart go,
It's somewhere down at the bottom,
But I'll get a new one
And come back for the hope that you've stolen!

I'll stop the whole world,
I'll stop The WHOLE WORLD from turning into a monster,
And eating us alive!
Don't you ever wonder
How we Survived???
Well now that you're gone, the world is ours.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

I'm only human,
I've got a skeleton in me
But I'm not the villain
Despite what you're always preaching!
Call me a traitor,
I'm just collecting your victims
And they're getting stronger,
I hear them calling...
(calling) They're calling!!!

I'll stop the whole world,
I'll stop The WHOLE WORLD from turning into a monster,
And eating us alive!
Don't you ever wonder
How we Survive???
Well now that you're gone, the world is ours...

Well you found us strength and solutions,
Well I liked the tension
And not always knowing the answers
When you're gonna lose it...

I'll stop the whole world, (whole world...)
I'll stop The WHOLE WORLD from turning into a monster,
And eating us alive!
Don't you ever wonder
How we Survived???
Well now that you're gone, the world...

I'll stop the whole world (whole world...)
I'll stop the WHOLE WORLD from turning into a monster,
And eating us alive!
Don't you ever wonder
How we Survi-i-i-ived???
now that you're gone,
The world is ours.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lies, Precious Lies...

Lies. They're all around. You've seen and heard your friends lie straight to your face. But, have you ever thought about the lies that you've been silently told and secretly have believed?

Many times there are lies that we all know aren't true, but we just can't get them out of our heads. It's like, you know that it isn't true, but you can't seem to really believe that it's not true. Just think of one lie that you believe. Not a lie that a friend has told you like "Yeah, I didn't kiss your boyfriend" when they did, but a lie that actually, you know, has more to do with you. A lie that Satan keeps shoving in your face, or a lie that maybe you keep telling yourself.

"There's a vulture on my shoulder..."
Do you ever feel like you're fixed at zero and can't get anywhere?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Singing Is Just So Hard...

Hayley Williams' microphone

Well, I have my next band practice tomorrow and am half-excited, half-not-so-excited. You should know by now why--- stage presence.

First of all, if Mariah doesn't show up to practice, I am going to scream. I don't want to do the lead vocals... not again. I need to focus on my part, not hers.

And my part is the problem. I have the worst stage presence in the entire band of seven--- it's true.

Mariah (lead vocals) has been singing for like, ever and has amazing stage presence, plus a beautiful voice.
Josh (rhythm guitar) might be the second-to-youngest member of the band, but his stage presence isn't bad... at least not when we're practicing, but I think he was nervous at the actual competition, so his stage presence wasn't as wild as usual... not that that's a bad thing... his usual presence is WILD.
Chris... (bass) I don't know about his presence, but he has an instrument, so that gives him some leeway.
Mark--- (keys) just watch his face when he plays piano!
Nathan (lead guitar) walks around somewhat.
Brian (percussion/drums) is behind a drum set.

See.... I told you, my stage presence is worse than EVERY ONE'S. So, I looked up a few of my favorite bands and favorite songs and videos, and I haven't really learned how to improve my presence.

"Somebody To Love" by Justin Bieber didn't help. At all.

"Brick By Boring Brick" by Paramore was full of acting... not as much singing.

"For Those Who Wait" has a lot of acting in it, too.

"Sorrow" was just rambunctious.

So, with all the music videos that failed me, here are some that helped:

"Desperate" by Fireflight: If you're gonna stand in one place, at least show some facial expression. Smile or something. Don't ever dye your hair white when you're a natural youthful blonde. DO go for red streaks if you're brunette or have black hair--- Look at Wendy!!! (Wendy is married to Glenn, one of the guitar guys. One of the cutest couples--- they're on my list!)

"Fixed At Zero" by VersaEmerge: (love that song!) Make little gestures that go along with the lyrics. If "there's a vulture on" your shoulder and it's telling you "to give in", don't listen to it! And, smile, even if the lyrics aren't smiley--- just look how much Sierra is smiling!

"Excuses" by Deas Vail: Would it be enough to say I hate that song? When the band started practicing it, I loved it! But then, we kept practicing it and practicing it and practicing it... the week of DFAF, we had practiced on Tuesday, Wednesday (yep, at 4 p.m. and then most of us stayed up there until church, especially considering that Nathan and Josh live about eight minutes from me {Nathan and my sis, Charity, go to the same school and are in the same grade!} which is far from the church, and Brian and Chris are in a different city, but also far from our church) and Thursday... and then we ran through it a couple times on Friday, of course, and the performance was on Friday, and we got called back to perform AGAIN on Saturday. Busy week!

Anyway, that shows why I hate that song. I've heard it maybe a little under two hundred times.

This video shows (do you know how much I had to force myself to watch it???) that you really shouldn't stay in the same place, but most of the band does it anyway--- just look at Mr. Guitar Man on the far right. The leader, Wes Blaylock, (he's married to Laura, the piano girl. They got married around the time this song came out! They're on my list of cutest couples!) moves around a lot. One moment he's to the far left of the stage, the other he's in the middle, and the next thing you know he's carried the mic stand to the right and back to the left! Don't stay in one place. It's time to make your move.
So, my point is, stage presence isn't all that hard--- if you're not me! If you have bad presence, I hope these videos helped you like they helped me. And if they didn't... well, feel free to look up the ones that didn't help me, like some Justin Bieber and Flyleaf videos.

P.S. Who is Cody Simpson? Who is Greyson Chance? I'm trying to find out who these kids are--- they're all over J-14 and I don't know who they are! Help me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Endless Possibilities...

Ahh... summer. You're back, just in time.

Summer arrived a little too quickly, this year. I barely have raised any money for my NFAF trip, but I'm working on it. My friend Natalie (our band's lead singer's sister) is raising money to go to Missions Extreme by selling pies. I have my own special pie recipe... any competition, Natalie? Just kidding, I've got leftover duct tape items to sell.

Well, along with summer comes some rowdy reviews. I agreed to review "The Seraph Seal" from Tommy Nelson, and gosh... like, 600 or more pages to read. Oh well, because it's a very interesting book. Then, I am reviewing "Praying For Your Future Husband" from Multnomah. Exciting, because:

  1. I received the last available copy, so I will be the last blogger reviewing that book.
  2. Robin Jones Gunn co-wrote it--- she is the author of Departures!
  3. I started reading and it's far from boring!
Plus, I will be posting some of my blogging secrets! But before that, I need to reach 30 followers! I'll still do it if I don't, but that's my goal. I got two followers in the past week, Leah (my friend from before I was five) and Monsmons (I know her from Gymnastics IS Life!) !

Be sure to visit GIL because we're keeping up with two very interesting asthletes--- Bruce and Kendall Jenner!

My blogging bestie CoCo is having her follower appreciation week! Sweet of her, because I'm her follower! PLEASE, go give Coco more followers and follow her! She has a great blog.

Oh, life.

Tumblr Challenge: DAY 10!!!!!!!!

Day 10: One confession.

I totally was not prepared for this. Today, I must speak openly about (it's not a secret) about a fear that can take hold of me just by one word about it. This fear is much more than a fear. It's Arachniphobia.

I can't think of a time in my life when I wasn't afraid of spiders. Yuck!!! The word in itself has always made me cringe, like right now. Never show me an image of a spider. I will scream by looking at it, hearing the word, (ask Brian E...) and I cannot touch an image of a spider. So, imagine me actually SEEING a spider. Depending on size, it makes me scream bloody murder, and if it's large enough, it can make me cry.

I'm terrified of spiders. Yesterday, I was watching "Bones", and this girl got attacked by tarantulas (ahhhh!!!) and was pulling her own hair out. It didn't show it, of course! They say Tarantula hair is extremely itchy, but it used to be used in itch cremes.

 Even though that's a thing of the past, I'm scared of itch cremes now... 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Time Is It? Summertime!

Tumblr Challenge Day 9: two emoticons that describe your life right now.

1. ;P
2. :!
what time is it? Summertime! Yep, I'm finally done with school for the year. Done with homeschool and entering public school. And then next year, I'll be done with middle school and into high school. Oh, life.

Enjoy your summer and I'll be sure to post often!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transformers 2011!

I promised myself I wouldn't blog about Paramore again and failed...

This post really isn't about Transformers at all. But Paramore came out with a new song to be released on the soundtrack, (better not be one of those album-only songs) and it is the first single the band has done without Josh and Zac, the Farro brothers.
Wow... Paramore, you've moved down to my third favorite band, but wow... this song is AMAZING. Something about it makes me sad, and I don't know why. This is a huge step up from "Brand New Eyes", and a giant leap from "Riot!". It seems like just yesterday you were performing songs like "Misery Business" and "Ignorance"... now, your music (even though this is just for a movie and we don't know what the new album will bring) is much more mature. I liked "Misery Business", yes. And I liked "CrushCrushCrush", yes. But I'll always remember you for the meaningful songs. It's about time you've come back to songs similar to "Emergency" and "Miracle". Songs with real meaning. Songs that make you search your soul.

Sincerely from one of your biggest fans,

P.S. Hayley, I heard you're dating some guy from another band now. Why, when you've got Taylor York in your band? If Josh was still in the band, I'd definitely say to go for him.
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you:

"MONSTER" by Paramore!!!!!! Coming out on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Soundtrack!!!!!!

Operation: Stage Presence

If you were to video tape (or whatever technology is out now) me talking and then put it side-by-side with a video of me singing, you probably would barely believe that it's the same person.

Just ask Drew, Kayla, or Maria any day. I'm pretty loud. Ask Maria about my storytelling, which is constantly about the hot temperatures in my house. Or ask Kayla if I ever explained Yoga Farm clearly. I didn't, because I was laughing and crying the whole time.... it was pretty loud and rambunctious too.

Then, ask those same three people what I look like when I sing. They will all come up with different descriptions of the same thing: I have NO stage presence. And others will say the same thing. The sayings range from "Hope looks like she's about to cry onstage" to "Hope never smiles onstage". Well, let's do some math.

        I am extremely shy onstage
        I am sorta quiet onstage
        I am self-conscious about my tone
        I focus on tone and not much else
   +   Singing in front of people scares me
NO stage presence whatsoever.

It's simple kindergarten math. I'm a pretty bad singer---- in that area. You would think it'd be impossible to find someone like me--- someone with the same problem.

But, no matter how bad my presence is---and it's not bad stage presence because I don't even have that---I'm not alone.

"I know I'm not the only one!" (You know, from Fireflight's song, For Those Who Wait.)

Well, yesterday, I was watching NBC's show "The Voice". If you want a short review, it's a pretty good show, but I'd only give it maybe three-and-a-half stars out of five because of some pretty nasty contestants. And I'm not being rude--- just think about what I mean when I say 'Nasty'. But the show in itself is pretty good, and the judges get to coach the contestants, which is really cool!

So anyway, I was watching "The Voice" and on Adam Levine's team (dude, you don't know how much that guy's name sounds like Avril Lavigne!) there's this Sixteen-year-old girl who is very shy. So, you'd imagine, me and her have the same problem--- stage presence. We do!

On the show, it's kind of like "American Idol"--- they show a short video of them talking about why they chose the song and blah... well, this girl chose one of my favorite songs, Price Tag, (CIMORELLI did it awhile ago) which is a pretty jumpy, happy song. Well, if you don't have stage presence, it sorta sucks the life out of a lively performance.

Back to the subject, they showed a little bit of her and Adam's rehearsal and guess what her problem was? Stage presence! And, another problem that we BOTH HAVE--- fidgeting! Every time she would mess with her ring, Adam would make a buzzing noise and he might've made her start the song over, I don't remember.

Also, she's just a shy person, (she even said it herself) and so that makes her stage presence kinda bad. I still have no excuses, though! I'm NOT a shy person at all, once you get to know me! The first few times you meet me I will be quite shy. But after awhile, I get louder and louder until it reaches the point that your ears have reached their hearing capacity! Maybe I'm not that loud, but I'm loud. And I am a screamer, I just can't do screamo. But no matter how loud I am behind closed doors, I am very shy when people are actually looking at me.

This is why I'm wondering if I should even try doing a human video next year. I've done human videos many times before, and I have even had roles when all eyes are on me! (In my most recent one, I was a little girl and I narrated the entire beginning of the video. I was pretty much forced to work on my presence in that, thanks to my human video leader, Brianna)

This is also why I'm wondering if I should ever join the youth worship team. I'm still only twelve, I have time. But still, I have a very limited vocal range and my presence--- I have NONE! I've talked to Sarah, who does piano/keys on the youth worship team and she's one of the rare girls in my age group (although she's one grade higher) who's taller than me, and she said she thought she'd be nervous being up there, but she wasn't! After all, you're performing for an audience of one, right?

Even though I'm just doing the BGVs in the Fine Arts band, it's still kinda frightening. Most BG vocalists can play an instrument, so it's a lot less awkward standing there waiting for your line. But I can't play an instrument--- I can only sing. As you'd expect, I'm the only person in the band that can't play an instrument, because the only other singer can do piano! Plus, Mariah (the lead vocals) has amazing stage presence, but I have to remember: She's been singing for a looooong time, she can act--- so it makes sense why she would have good presence, and she's nearly six years older than me.

And maybe shyness does have to do with it. I've always been a shy person, (believe it or not) but I'm just good at coming out of my shell... well, when I'm not singing, at least. My volume isn't always that high because I like to focus on making my voice sound good, which messes up everything else. My stage presence is horrible because I'm just a shy person in that area. Why can't I just move around? I don't know. I'm just a shy person and slightly self-conscious. I'd love to be a Hayley Williams any day and show my not-shy side, but I'm far from there right now.

Can I do it? Maybe... I mean... YES I CAN!

"There's a vulture on my shoulder and he's telling me to give in. Always hissing right in my ear like it's coming for my own head. It's got me mixed up, trying not to give up, tell me there's a way to get out of here... oh, fixed at zero!"
-'Fixed At Zero', VersaEmerge

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Four turn-offs.

Huh???? Clueless.

  1. If "turn-off" means making me mad, I hate it when people use stereotypes.
  2.  Another thing that turns me off is when people say certain things aren't a sport, like cheerleading, (many guys don't think that's a sport) luge, (*COUGH* Nathan *COUGH*) and many others. 
  3. I strongly dislike people who are over-dramatic, and I just hate it when people lie straight to your face, and you know they're lying and you're trying so hard to keep yourself from screaming at them.
  4. Yeah... ^^^Like that^^^............. another thing is when I sing, you CANNOT step in the bubble, which normally has a twenty-foot circumference and I can't sing around tiny groups of people because it makes me EXTREMELY nervous. But, because of Fine Arts, I have to just get over it, let the bubble be only 15-foot circumference, (but the bubble still exists, guys, so I'm serious, DON'T step in it) and minimize the amount of people I sing in front of. I call this a turn-off because it turns off my voice when people are in the bubble or paying attention to my singing. Yes, unlike many people, I'd rather you not pay attention while I perform anything--- ESPECIALLY human videos.
So yeah... quite an awkward challenge because I barely knew what they were talking about by "turn-off", but oh well.
I got this from Kayla's blog:

"That was funny, but I don't like you, so I'm not going to laugh."

Ahh.... good times.

"The time I'm wasting can't say where I've been..."

PS: I'm skipping the next challenge because I don't understand it.

Sewing Minus Modeling

My baby when I'm older will have a dolly that matches it's dedication dress and baby shower dress, with a hat matching every casual outfit.

Pretty, eh?

"Come on, come on..." You had to ruin it with the tattoos.

It's Friday, I'm in LOVE!
I was searching around for patterns to sew (4-H did it again...) for 4-H. At first, I was gonna just forget it because I will miss the modeling competition due to Fine Arts and the fair being held at the exact same time and amount of time, but my 4-H advisor wants me to do the project anyway and not enter the competition, (I got 2nd place last year in my division for modeling) so I was like, whatever. I'll go on and do it.

Which pattern do you like best??? Comment ASAP!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

For Those Who Wait

For Those Who Wait

This is for those who wait!!!

Another day, another waiting game
A little different, but it's still the same.
I am here, but where's the One I'm longing for?
I'm having trouble feeling all alone,
Will my heart ever find a home?
I want to hope, but sometimes I just don't know.

I know
I'm not
The only one!

So we sing a lullaby
To the lonely hearts tonight
Let it set your heart on fire,
Let it set you free!
When you're fighting to believe
In a love that you can't see,
Just know there is a purpose

I wanna open up my eyes,
I know that all I need is time
I'm growing stronger every single day.
God, I'm gonna lean into You now,
I'm letting go of all my fear and doubt
I can't do this on my own so I'll give you control.

I know
I'm not
The only one!

So we sing a lullaby
To the lonely hearts tonight
Let it set your heart on fire,
Let it set you free!
When you're fighting to believe
In a love that you can't see,
Just know there is a purpose

The pressure makes us stornger.
The struggle makes us hunger.
The hard lessons make the difference.
The pressure makes us stronger.
The struggle makes us hunger.
The hard lessons make the difference,
And the difference makes it worth it.

To the lonely hearts tonight!
In a love that you can't see
Just know there is a purpose
FOR THOSE WHO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Let it set your heart ON FIRE!)
This is for those who wait!

Tumblr Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).

My family is gonna take up a lot of this, (no fair!) so I'll combine people into one.

  1. My sisters
  2. My parents
  3. My cousin Doug, because he's almost always at family gatherings (unless he's with his dad) and he makes me laugh... even though he makes fun of what he thinks is an accent, but really I just don't talk like a city girl and he lives in Cleveland.
  4. My coach(es). I only trust one coach to spot me on difficult skills, even though I've had many others, I don't even trust my first coach, Whitney, with spotting back handsprings. Only Mrs. Angie.
  5. My dog, Lexi. I love you! You're adorable!
And many other people. These are not the top 5, they are just a tiny fraction of people who mean a lot. I've got many other friends, (Check out my blogging bestie, CoCo and my other friend that I found out about through a mutual friend, Prism ) but this is all I was allowed to put.

(And did you see Yoga Farm yesterday? Go view it NOW!)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's A Conspiracy...

Sorry, it's just this video is HILARIOUS... Maria showed it to me, and I tried to explain this video to Kayla, but I started crying just by laughing so hard to where she's gonna have to watch it herself. You gotta admit, that's some legitimately good stuff. Crazy.
Sorry about that, um, distraction. Now, here's the conspiracy. (Inspired by my Sunday School teacher, Britney!)

This is a sequel to What's With The Muffins?

So, I asked a few people what they think about this muffin thing, and here is the end result. I said I'd get to the bottom of this, and I did, once and for all!
So, it turns out that the sudden muffins in exchange for donuts is supposed to be healthier. So, do the math.

     Muffin w/ Orange juice
--- Donut w/ Coffee
Healthier alternative.

Okay, so it's supposed to be "a healthier alternative", huh? Well, what about we the people? Yes, I'm on the muffin side, but they should have had the congregation vote or something.

Sources (me) say that there is a trend here--- most of the guys except for a few would rather have a donut and most of the girls except for a few would rather have a muffin.

And we the people are speaking out. (Click "read more" to see opinions and more answers!)

Tumblr Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Six things you regret doing.

  1. On that dreadful sixth birthday, I accomplished what should have been every little girl's dream. Well, long story short, I kissed my first crush (on the lips!) but in the end it didn't matter, because my daddy spanked me or something.
  2. The title on this blog could have been different, but oh well, I was nine when I made up the name.
  3. I almost regret cutting my hair THIS---*holds finger up to top of ear*---short.
  4. I regret giving up guitar after the first lesson, so this summer I'm going to try again.
  5. Every single bad performance I've ever done, and that includes my volleyball team losing a game because of me not getting the ball when it was right in front of me (Please don't laugh at that). Or not getting my back walkover or handspring in time for a gym meet. Or bad stage presence at Fine Arts.
  6. I regret the dress I'm wearing right now... I wore it to church, and it has a problem with sliding down--- LUCKILY I'm wearing a sweater/jacket on top! And then I found out that I had band practice afterwards... should I say not very comfy?
Those are just a few of my regrets.... Not that I've drank beer (okay... it wasn't my fault, I thought it was apple juice, and that one's for another time) or smoked weed or anything huge that I regret, it's just that I regret really little things, you know?



Just twenty-one and it feels like sixteen.
It's the moment of my life I'm lost in a feeling.
It's the season of discovering our best habits.
I'm searching for a reason to share my secrets.

And we're LOST
And we want to be found.
We'll build it a kiss at a time and it might not fall down.

Love is taking what we have, baby,
Don't let go now.
Remember that it's hard because it's worthwhile.
Loving isn't always an open doorway.
It's giving up your heart in moments of faith.

And we're LOST
And we want to be found.
We'll build it a kiss at a time and it might not fall down.
LOVE is in the hands that reach out.
Baby, don't waste this chance, cuz it might not come back...

All this growing up,
Lately I feel like I've had enough.
Love is where we turn to get us through,
I will always turn and follow You
Because we're...

And we want to be found.
We'll build it a kiss at a time and it might not fall down.
LOVE is in the hands that reach out.
Baby, don't waste this chance, cuz it might not come back...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

"Seven things I hate about you!" Just kidding!

  1. I haven't blogged in like, 24 hours...
  2. My nails look disgusting...
  3. I probably should grow my hair out.
  4. There's always a song stuck in my head.
  5. I wanna learn an instrument so badly...
  6. A fraction of my brain is made up of daydreams.
Yep, that's just a fraction of what goes through my head. That's the life of my thoughts!

So Long, Farewell:(

Yesterday was my homeschool group's end-of-the-year banquet. It was the third annual one, and it was one to remember. Normally, it would've been like, "Ha! See ya in the fall!" but it's pretty sad that half the people I won't be seeing in the fall.

September 6th... that will be the day. Why? Well, it's my first day of public school! But, if you wanna know why that day REALLY is important to me, it's because:

Deas Vail's new album comes out that day!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, the actual important part is that school starts that day. It will be so much fun and, um, learningful (?). But, I will miss the homeschool life. I've been homeschooled from Day 1 (Technically, day thousand and something) and have barely even set foot in a public school. Well, I've been inside Wayne, and I've been in one class at the school I'll be at, but otherwise, never been not homeschooled. Well, I guess you can count that one class I took, but I was bascially observing and kinda did my own little news article in my notebook about the kids behavior. Plus, there was this good-looking guy a few tables ahead of me...

ANYWAY! I will miss the homeschool group! I've been in that group since I was in kindergarten or the first grade, and now I'm leaving. At the banquet yesterday, I got flowers and a hug that was half from Mrs. Rhonda but really Mrs. Jenilee gave me the hug. And... yeah. Mrs. Jenilee read a letter that was from Mrs. Rhonda... the whole thing was very nice. The whole banquet, not just my part!

Plus, the cheer girls' music wasn't working, and just by coincidence I happen to have that song on my iPod,

So they used my iPod for that song, and I played a playlist of Christian music from my iPod during dinner. It was a lot of deleting songs, (the non-Christian ones by Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys, possibly Justin Bieber) but it was all good!

Did I mention they had fried chicken???

Homeschool... I love you and will miss you! Well, I'll miss the homeschool group more than you, though, but I'll miss you too.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Eight ways to win your heart.

*mumblemumble* Let me think...

  1. I love a man in uniform! My future hubby will either be in the Air Force or there will be a consequence...
  2. I hate sarcasm. Someone who isn't sarcastic or mean or negative can win my heart.
  3. Someone who can make me laugh can win my heart easily.
  4. If you give me fried chicken or chocolate, we're best friends forever!
  5. Post a comment on my blog!
  6. Follow this blog! Hit dat follow button!
  7. A smile every now and then.
  8. Everyone loves a compliment every once in awhile!
I couldn't think of anything better, so there you go.



Seek and you will find, they say
But I've been looking everyday for a way past this wall that's in front of my face, I'm on hands and knees searching for my faith!

I know there's so much at stake,
But I don't know if I can take one more pat on the back, saying I'll be okay,

(You've got me desperate!)

I know You hear me, would You give me a sign?
And reel me in before I fall out of line?
You've put me on a path I don't understand...
I'm standing on a ledge, waving my hands...
(You've got me desperate...) DO YOU SEE ME?!
(Desperate...) DO YOU HEAR ME?!
(Desperate...) WILL YOU HELP ME?!
You've got me desperate!

I know You're my only hope,
The only One who truly knows how it feels what it's like when it all starts to fall, You're the One I can trust who hears when I call....!


I know You hear me, would You give me a sign?
And reel me in before I fall out of line?
You've put me on a path I don't understand...
I'm standing on a ledge waving my hands...
(You've got me desperate...) DO YOU SEE ME?!
(Desperate...) DO YOU HEAR ME?!
(Desperate...) WILL YOU HELP ME?!
You've got me desperate!

(You've got me desperate...)

Some things I'll never figure out
Until I let HOPE erase my DOUBT...


I know You hear me, would You give me a sign?
And reel me in before I fall out of line?

I'm standing on a ledge waving my hands!

You've got me desperate...
Do You see me?
Do You hear me?
Will You help me?
You've got me desperate!
You've got me desperate...
DO YOU HEAR ME????!!!!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Luge A Sport?

Dear Nathan, (if the name sounds familiar, he's a member of the 2011 BHL.)
Today while we were doing community service stuffy stuff, you said that luge isn't a sport. Well, you couldn't be more wrong, because, if luge wasn't a sport, it wouldn't be in the Olympics. It's kinda like when people say cheerleading isn't a sport... it's 100% a sport, but all-star is more of a sport than sideline is. Plus, if Luge weren't a sport, it would not have medal placings and such. Luge IS and always will be a sport.

All due respect,

P.S. And no, luge is not "just sledding around".
ANYWAY! So we did some community service stuff and a lady paid us to do it for our Fine Arts stuff. It was a lot of fun! It was a lot of work, though... within the first thirty minutes I was sweating. I was wearing a jacket, but I didn't want to take it off because I don't want people seeing me sweat! I'm very much of a girly girl indeed... I think we can all agree that perspiring is very disgusting! They say it has the same amount of stuff in it as a diluted urine. Sorry for grossing you out, but that proves my point that sweat is disgusting!

ANYWAY! So yeah, it was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it! If I had to do it all over again, I would, but maybe I wouldn't be wearing Mark's pants and his dad's shoes and socks.
  • I was wearing shorts, so I had to wear Mark's pants (I was at his house shortly before) and that's how I realized that I am now taller than him. I could've promised you he was taller than me, but I guess not...
  • Nathan has something against the sport Luge.
  • Josh said he will first destroy my confidence and then raise it back up when our band starts having practices. Okay... (Josh, for the LAST TIME: I know I have bad stage presence!!!!)
  • Brian loves Taco Bell. That stuff is just full of calories, in my opinion.
  • I know Chris' middle name now so I can use it against him! MWAHAHA!!!
  • Mrs. Sandy is not afraid to scold her kids in public.
  • We all agreed that K-LOVE kills the popular Christian songs with heavy play and they're always asking for money pledges.
  • Nathan loves Deas Vail too, and we're both excited for the new album coming out!!! AHHH!!! *throws down everything in the way.... is overly excited while screaming in an out-of-control way and the neighbors are now calling the cops.*
  • Josh hates Deas Vail and keeps calling me Faith. (Well, bring it on, Josh Nathan!)
  • Brian needs to be added to the BHL.
  • Chris has round baby cheeks! He's also another one to add to the BHL. (Mrs. Sandy, your sons have wonderful hair!)
  • Mrs. Sandy is not quiet. Never thought she was, but just to let you know, she isn't.
  • Apparently all the guys that were there listen to screamo and rap. What is wrong with you people's ears??? You're gonna have a hearing aid one day, and you'll be wishing you were like me, jammin to Beethoven.
So, today you learned that 1: Luge IS a sport and 2: We are all some interesting people.

I love chicken and my life!!!!!!!

Tumblr Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Nine things about yourself.

I'm pretty unique... let's see...

  1. I LOVE to sing with all of my heart and soul! The stage presence part? Workin' on it. I've been singing for about a year now.
  2. I can kill ants and flies with my fingers. Spiders? Heck no. I'm arachniphobic.
  3. I can do one song on the string bass.
  4. Christmas 2006 was a Christmas to remember. I got my first and only pink acoustic guitar made for lefties on that day.
  5. I started modeling last year, but I am going to miss the competition this year because of Fine Arts. I was also an Honor Star in 2009.
  6. I. Hate. Math. I hate it with a burning passion.
  7. Writing is my second passion. Lately, I've come up with some new titles, ("The Wallet", "Invisible", "Before The Storm"...) and have the plots perfectly laid out.... it just all comes naturally. Another thing is that I've always loved to write and read. I learned how when I was three! I wrote my first full-length story when I was five in a composition book!
  8. My eyes have changed colors serveral times. I was born with blue eyes and they changed to green. Then, they changed to brown and now, they go back and forth between hazel and brown. My ID Card says my eyes are hazel, but most of the time, they're brown. The baby years have followed me... the last time my eyes changed, I was nine years old, and I never completely lost my facial baby fat.
  9. I am both one of the quietest (in awkward situations) and loudest (in my comfort zone) people you'll ever meet.
That's me!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Ten things you want to say to ten different people.

Okay... Let's do this.

  1. I love you!
  2. You're ignorant.
  3. You're my best friend!
  4. You're a drama queen. And I'm friends with you... WHY???
  5. You're kinda negative, but you're also a great friend!!!
  6. You're hot... I'm not crushing on you, but dang... I could just stare at your hair and eyes all day.
  7. It's so hard to not love you.
  8. You crack me up! I can barely breathe around you!!!
  9. We argue a lot, but I love you anyway.
  10. I don't think you understand the concept of deodorant...
Phase one complete!