All About Me

Hi, I'm Hope and thanks for visiting my blog!

And if you clicked on this page, you are probably inquiring quite a bit about me, which is why my profile isn't enough. So I decided to give a more detailed descrption of my life.

I mainly write about... well, this blog is really kinda unpredictable. I write about anything and everything on impulse. But if you really want to know... I like to write book reviews, music reviews, music recommendations, playlists, bands I adore, poetry, fashion, packing lists, DIY, blogging tips, faith posts, Bible verses, Olympics,  book recommendations, interviews, polls, anything about Avatar, and the list goes on.

When I graduate from high school, I plan to go to Northwestern or NYU. I have been planning for college since I was like, two. So I'm really happy that I only have a little more than a year to go. So long as I get in.

I want to double major in journalism and music theatre, and maybe minor in English. I'll probably go for my Masters', and teach at a college or high school. And then move back to Ohio because Dayton has really good opportunities in journalism-- our reporters are always moving to some other job because they got some crazy offer-- speaking of which I interviewed one!

You can also find me writing on Belle of Notre Dame, the title of my Tumblr you-can-call-it-a-blog. All it is really is images, GIFs, some thoughts and fan theories, but mainly images. It is multi-fandom, which basically means Avatar with some DC Comics, Disney, DreamWorks, various animes and such sprinkled in.


1. I am addicted to taking bubble baths.
2. I hate going to the hair salon. Do you know how badly relaxers burn?
3. I was pretty athletic in elementary and middle school. I played volleyball for three seasons, soccer for one, artistic gymnastics for three years, and I was a cheerleader for four years. Every once in awhile I take a non-competitive gymnastics class for performing arts reasons, and I'm actually able to enjoy it without stressing over my score.
4. I'm a little obsessed with collages. My door is full of magazine papers, and I have several journals covered in magazine papers.
5. My love for the performing arts began when I saw Swan Lake when I was five.
6. I can be really pessimistic.
7. Despite my love for ballet, I cannot dance very well at all.
8. I believe that life is one giant musical. That basically means you don't want to be in the car with me, because all I do is sing.
9. I have a hard time controlling my emotions; specifically anger.
10. My favorite character is almost always the villain. They are also usually the one I'm most like.
11. I hate throwing things away, even if I haven't used it in years.
12. I am a HUGE bookworm. So many books, so little time.
13. I have always suffered from vivid nightmares; that being said, I hate horror films.
14. I love to bake, and other people like it when I bake.
15. I love learning foreign languages! I am a native English speaker, I'm okay at Mandarin Chinese, I'm starting out with Japanese, and I'm trying to figure out Zulu.
16. I'm an introvert.
17. I'm not that into TV, but I do watch Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth when I'm not watching cartoons and anime.
18. I love broccoli and cheese soup.
19. I don't really like talking to people I don't know, because it feels like they're constantly judging me.
20. My favorite story genre is supernatural. I love reading/watching about controlling the elements, psychometry, etc.
21. My favorite color is pink.
22. I am obsessed with weddings.
23. I am generally well-dressed, although in the winter time I just can't help but bring out the sweatpants.
24. My spirit animal is a wolf.
25. I love biking through the city!
26. I really like Chai tea.
27. I am a proud Ravenclaw.
28. My guilty pleasure is Burning Love.
29. The only "ball" sport I'm good at is volleyball.
30. My style inspirations are Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) and Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars).
31. Two of my best friends have the same name.
32. I have two sisters, both older.
33. I'm addicted to high-heel boots, with ballet flats being a close second.
34. I have a huge crush on Donald Glover right now.
35. I am inspired by women like Jhene Aiko, Beyonce, Jennifer Damiano, Janet Varney, Seychelle Gabriel, Grey Griffin, Lauren Graham, Jessica Warman, and Emma Stone.
36. I hate Cheerios. If you want me to hate your guts for at least a day, put a Cheerio in my hoodie and watch what happens.
37. I am as much of a virgin as virgin gets. I've never even been on a date.
38. I have never dyed my hair.
39. I study pretty hard, but my overall GPA is between an A and A+.
40. My eyes are so squinty, I've been mistaken for being Asian.
41. I would love to be a mother someday.
42. My three favorite bands are Goose House, Athlete, and Deas Vail.
43. I love reading fanfiction.
44. I am easily angered, I just keep it inside... sometimes.
45. No matter how shy I seem at first, I do want to be talked to; I just think you'll hate me if I speak first.
46. Misty Copeland is one of my favorite ballerinas.
47. I do not have a driver's license yet, but I will pretty soon.
48. Don't ask me to fry an egg for you, because I can't.
49. I'm obsessed with dogs, if I haven't said so already.
50. I can kinda whistle.