Friday, February 26, 2010

Vancouver News

Apolo Ohno disqualified for knocking down a fellow skater

Vancouver News

Apolo wins silver!

New Playlist, My Blog Turns One

My blog is growing up:*( It had it's first birthday on Wednesday. Happy birthday!

I added some songs to my playlist, such as one of my favorites, the Olympic Song! I also added other good songs and changed my iPod nano to a iPod touch! Please listen to my songs!

Vancouver News

Tonight, be updated on the Vancouver games!

Right now, as I type, Hockey is on!

Tonight, don't forget to turn on mens' short track speed skating!


It's snowing! It's snowing! Down in Huber Heights! (a.k.a. Wayne) And I'm not happy.

I'm not a snow person to begin with. Even when I was five years old, snow was not the funnest thing for me. My hands would turn yellow and red, and my face would itch. Because of that, I don't recall ever building a fort or snow man.

And then there's driving. I hate things getting cancelled. That, or I can't go anywhere.

And today is one of those days I'm stuck at home. I bought two wrist sweat bands that say "WARRIORS" on them for four dollars total. (warriors is the wayne football, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, track, cross country team.) And I hosted a voting poll on which leotard to buy with all my cheer, homeschool, and church friends. Then snow comes. Bummer. So now I'm at home when I could be doing a round off-back handspring-triple back full. (in my dreams.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I made a couple errors on "Olympic Embarrasment" and "I'm Sad".

First of all, Apolo Anton Ohno is from LA, but he visits Utah really often.

Secondly, the girl did not pick up her phone during the routine, but she was about to begin in like, five seconds.

Otherwise, all is accurate.

And to Drew who said the snowboarding uniforms are how "cool" people dress, think about it this way:

"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground..."


I'm am happy, sad, you know, you don't know, but you know! Well, this is just like that.

My coach (might) be transferring gyms (in other words, quitting her job at my gym)and I am so so happy about that.

She might go to a gym in New Carlisle, which is not too far from my house, and I have a friend down there who doesn't seem too far away if you take 71 or 75. I don't know. (In other words, the friend would be Izzy)

She might co-own the gym, but I'M NOT SURE. So yeah, I might transfer to:

That gym
Dayton Academy
True Winner In God's Service (TWIGS gymnastics&cheerleading)
TOPS (Kids Are TOPS)

So yeah, that's my choices. But if I do transfer, I'm gonna have to buy:

A Grip Bag
A New Leo which I have to buy anyway

So in a way I WANT to switch gyms, but kinda don't. and btw, here is bad news:

My hip hurts whenever I do the splits, so I can't do it anymore! Now, I probably am gonna have to learn the splits all over again... ugh.

What did you think of the story of Apolo Ohno and his father? Sweet? Lovely? Sad? Beautiful? And if you didn't hear his story, here is a sub. question:

I want to know what happened to Apolo Anton Ohno's mother. (we all know Yuki)Research why his father is always with him but Mrs. Ohno never is. I will comment three times this week on your blog in return to anyone who does so.

And, if you are really interested, you may be enabled to answer not the first, not the second, BUT BOTH questions! So act fast!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Emabarrasment (has fashion and etiquette been forgotten?)

It is a historical moment in Olympic history. Shaun White wins a medal. And the crowd goes wild!

"He goes into his DoubleMcTwist, and he lands it! Gold for White!" Shouts the announcer. Everybody screams. "I can't believe it..." Says Shaun. But if you see the replay, Shaun's amazing performance becomes disgusting. (Acting, not originally said.)

"Ooh. Shaun should've bought some tighter pants..." The announcer says. he sees Shaun's underwear. His golden underwear that says "Vancouver" written all over it. (okay, it's not really gold and does not say Vancouver, but I have underwear that says "Olympic." Okay, back to the subject.)

Shaun happens to be wearing baggy pants and a red, plaid shirt. Unacceptable! What is Shaun supposed to look like--- In fact, what is AMERICA supposed to look like? What are we, unfashionable, not dressed well, baggy-pantsed Americans? That sickens me!

Now, lets navigate away from America's mens' snowboarding uniform, and let's focus on the devastating, embarrasing, etiquette issues.

The girls have the same uniform issues, but let's talk about the girls' nasty etiquette.

We are lucky I didn't see the Americans doing this, because I would've traveled all the way to Canada and gave them a lecture, but the etiquette of other teams are worse than our American girls would think of:

Texting and playing music on their phones.

Now how insulting is THAT to me, A GIRL?! Makes women look... idk... rather bored? They look like they don't care. Doesn't this sound wrong?

"Oh well, I made it to the Beijing Olympics and beat like, every gymnast, so why do I care about being here? I'm like, a champion! Why stress out? I'm just gonna text my boyfriend."-Alicia Sacramone (didn't really say that)

Yes, it sounds wrong, because ALICIA NEVER SAID IT. Alicia has never texted before a floor routine. Alicia has never listened to her iPod during her uneven bars routine. Because she's smart.

Now, the other girls are smart, but seriously, you gotta think before you just stick your cell phone in your pocket snowboarding, and end up FALLING. Could've crushed your phone. And that's for you, whoever did that! You don't text when you're on deck. (shout out to you, too.) You don't play music on your phone when you're at the Olympics. (dumb thing, whoever did that.)

And you ESPECIALLY DON'T pick up the phone RIGHT BEFORE your snowboarding routine! Now whoever did that, you must've hit your head on your board, because that was NOT smart!

Act like the guys at the Olympics and don't make these mistakes! Enough said.

I'm Sad.

Okay, I know there is WAAAY more important stuff about the Vancouver Olympics, (a.k.a. the XXI Summer Olympiad) but this is just so sad.

Apolo Ohno lives in Utah!

I just wish I lived there a couple years longer, and maybe I would've met him. But on the bright[er] side, I was in Utah through the 2002 Olympics, and actually walked on the SAME FLOOR as Apolo Anton Ohno. And I don't know if I saw it, but my parents saw the 2002 torch before and after it was lit. Cool!

Vancouver News
After being in the Olympic Village in British Columbia for a while now, Shaun White comes back to be on late night television!

Vancouver Gear
Want to have a few souveniers away-from-Vancouver from Vancouver? Two choices: Coca-Cola has these limited edition cans. there are speed skating cans, snowboarding cans, figure skating cans, and one more ?mystery? can! Also, click on the link and find shirts, for kids, women, men, coats, and more stuff!

Vancouver Story for Today
Apolo Anton Ohno was just a teenager when he tried out for his first Olympics for short track speed skating. He placed dead last. (I think we pretty much figured he didn't make it) His father, Yuki Ohno, was pretty much mad---Okay, I lied. FURIOUS---that Apolo didn't make it.

He wasn't mad---or furious---because Apolo didn't make it, BUT BECAUSE HE DIDN'T THINK HE TRIED.

So in the wilderness, I'm guessing Apolo rented a cabin, because his father, Yuki, (reminds me of egg yolk LoL) told him, "Call me when you know what you're going to do in your life."

It was Apolo's eighth day in the cabin, looking out at the deep blue sea on a rainy day, when he realized, "Speed skating is what I want to do." He may not have made it this time, but went back with gold!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2009 Is Gone

George Bush isn't our president anymore. (unfortunately, Obama is. JK, that's mean.) Your mom isn't 30 anymore. (she probably wishes she still was.) You aren't in fifth grade anymore. You're not a level 3 gymnast anymore. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.

Many people hold on to the past for way too long. Here's one thing for me:

J.R. Celski getting disqualified.

Okay, so that only happened last night on the Vancouver games, but that was heartbreaking! <3

That is something I will be mad at Celski about forever. But whether it's something as simple as speed skating, all the way down to losing your job, you will always have regrets. (In my case, Celski's regret)

But you need to forget them, and move on.

This is today's short story!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

This week, think of yourself as a new creation!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Womens' Aerials: Ski Jumping, New Book

Oh my gosh, I found this sport that I really like, which is ski jumping, and is probably the closest sport you'll find to gymnastics. They jump off of this HUGE ramp, and do this triple back full (twisty layout) in the air, and have to stick the landing. Maybe after gymnastics I'll try ski jump. Scary, but it seems really fun!

More news on the Vancouver games to come!
-Lindsey Vonn wins the gold
-Apolo Ohno wins the silver
-Shaun White wins the gold
-Male figure skater (unknown name) wins the gold

Also, if you really wanna get deep into the winter games even after they are over, check out my story, Mandy Jacobs' Olympic Story.

Mandy Jacobs starts out as a seven-year-old girl who has a desire for speed skating. Her parents were both Olympic figure skaters, and that's how they met. Mandy's mother was proposed to on ice, and Mandy's dreams are on ice too.

Mandy's parents divorce before Mandy even knows her dad well enough. At just ten years old, she moves to Hershey, Pennsylvania. She hates it, but eventually gets used to it.

She misses her friends, gets harrassed at school, but still trains hard for her dream. She also soon realizes something else--- she wants to figure skate too. She trains on frozen ponds, soon becoming better and better before Olympic level.

But her speed skating dreams are nearly crushed when she is shoved out of the way at the World Championships for Womens' Short Track when she is fifteen. She has severe cuts on her leg, memory loss, and a broken arm, but still believes.

Will she meet Apolo Ohno, (Cutie pie!) or stay in the town of chocolate? Ages 9+

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lindsey! Apolo! Shaun!

You athletes are like, THE best! And yes, they are soooo not reading this, but I love them!

Lindsey received her gold medal yesterday! On an injured shin, Lindsey completely ignored it and went down the track like nothing was wrong. She's my favorite!

News on Apolo is scarce. But he got a silver meadl his first Vancouver day!

Shaun is doing well. Keep it up!

And keep practicing you kids in swimming, soccer, judo, and gymnastics. You might go to the Olympics too! (Yes, soccer is Olympic) And keep working for the Gold in all you do! And remember:


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheerleaders Show Some Spirit For Their 183rd Birthday!

Johnny Campbell is football, soccer, and basketball's hero. Back in the 1800s, his school, University of Minnesota, was having a three-game losing streak, and he was not happy about it. So he created a cheerleading team to show the world he had some spirit and introduced our world to organized cheerleading. And his team won. Didn't think cheers and chants were helpful, huh?

Johnny is our hero. I would not be a cheerleader today, neither would my friend Andrea, or Chelsea, or Lissa. And it is fun, it's just when you do it for so long... this is my third year cheering, on TWO SQUADS. I've actually been on THREE squads in the entire time I've been a cheerleader.

I went to Grace Community, then Premier Athletics, and am currently at FAITH doing a club/squad, and still at Grace, too. Premier Cheer was... okay, but not really a challenge for me.

So happy birthday, cheerleaders around the U.S./world, and eat some cake! (I ate my mom's)

The Issue: Stick It

I'm sure you've heard this question before: 'what do you wanna be when you grow up?' I think it's clear I ant to be an athlete for life.

But have you yet planned YOUR life after high school? Do you want to go to college? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to have a job or stay home with your kids or family members or whatever?

I have noticed that many people say they will do something but will not stick to it. Many children say they will become president, but by the time they've turned seven, they want to be a doctor. Then they want to be a teacher by the time they have turned thirteen, and next thing you know, they go to college for cullinary arts.

For me, I wanted to be a cheerleader, and I became one, but now to think of it, I've gotten pretty bored with it. High V, Daggers... it's the same thing over and over. chairs, preps, pyramids, waterfalls, 360s, libertys... I always have the same position. (I've been the top girl once, it's scary but super fun!!!) But I don't really like cheerleading anymore. Sure yeah, it's really fun, but what I always ask myself is:

If I could die one way, cheer or tumbling, which would I do?

And the answer is gymnastics. I'd rather fly off the bars then fall six feet down, pretty much the same height, onto the wooden basketball floor. And I could do gymnastics all my life.

Phases come and go, and cheerleading is one of them for me. But gymnastics surely isn't. Try to find something you can stick to, not something you know you won't like a year from now.

-Find what you love
-Work on it
-Find out if you like it enough
-Practice even at home
-Tell yourself to do it even if you don't feel like it one day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics: Your Only Chance

When you go to those X-Games, World Championships, or Trials, you know you are having a once in a lifetime chance to really cut it. You know that one tiny mistake could cost you everything you worked on, in many cases your life, and if you're lucky, you might [attempt] to walk away paralyzed.

Take Kodar Kumaritashvili for instance. He practiced Luge just as fast and hard as he could. But a bit TOO fast and hard. He flew out as if you would on a waterslide. Ugh. I would hate for someone to ask me how to spell my last name with that... It is just too sad to exclaim what happened. Of course he tried so hard, but just couldn't even enter the doors of the Vancouver Opening Ceremony.

Or take Kerri Strug. She was trying so hard for HER team, not Russia, that even after she could just barely walk anymore, she vaulted again, so that her team could feel the touch of a gold medal.

These athletes really want this.

the 2002 games were held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and if you know me at all, you know I've only lived in Ohio for a little bit longer than six years. I might as well have lived in Salt Lake City. From where I lived, you could already smell the dead lake's salt. THAT is how close I was from the Olympics. In fact, my parents have been to the stadium the Olympic ceremony was in and we even saw the torch before it was lit.

I didn't really care about the Olympics then, but as soon as it hit Torino, I was like, Gosh! that is awesome! I want to be a figure skater! Now, that's not my thing. Dancing on ice? No. But I do like speedskating. Now gymnastics has taken my attention, which would be a summer sport.

Every time I watch those games, it's like, how come I can't be there watching? Someone watching would say, 'How come I can't be an athlete?' Someone as an athlete would say, 'Why is SHE going home with MY medal?' Those athletes don't even know if they even WANT to be there because of Apolo Ohno and Micheal Phelps. But they do make this pledge:

I, (your name), promise to train my hardest in everything I do in (your sport, for example, volleyball).

But the question that no one, not even that athlete can answer is:

"Did I do my best today?"-Apolo Anton Ohno

Vancouver!!!!!!!! (And Winter Blast)

Oh my gosh, the U.S. team went to Vancouver, Canada for the Winter Olympic games 2010! You should've seen those athletes Friday! They were so happy! Plus there were opera singers and dancers... it was awesome! The only thing I didn't like was the lack of people who watched the ceremony. I only saw like, five people that actually knew what happened! All everyone knew was that Kodar whatever his name is on Luge died.

And I have not seen snowboarding and my valentine Shaun White, but I watched Figure Skating and Luge at Winter Blast. I loved Winter Blast so much!!!! The hotel was amzing! So was the pool/waterpark! In my room I had a balcony and HDTV in a room with my BFF Mariah, Kayla, and Courtney! (Their all my friends) So yeah, that was cool. And I have so much more to say about Winter Blast...

The sermons were awesome! There was this lady named Kayla (the fourth Kayla I know now) who had a really good testimony/sermon, and others spoke too. So if you are in fourth or fifth grade right now, next year, if your church is going, you better go! You'll love it, both spiritually and fun-ly! And don't forget to watch Vancouver 2010 on NBC channel 2! Watch Luge, Figure Skating, and Snowboarding!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Childhood IS a Memory

Right now I'm watching the Olympics--- Oh my gosh! This sixteen-year-old is singing "Oh Canada" this moment as I type! I love the Olympics!

Do you think the Summer Olympics get more of the fame than the Winter Olympics? If so, why?

Okay, so recently, I was in the nursery as a preschool teacher, and I was babysitting a little girl named Cassie. Cassie is... wow. She's energetic in ways that can drive you crazy. But adorable, too. So I was teaching her, and all of a sudden, while I am watching her and a few other girls, I find myself forced to play with the dollhouse with her. I haven't used a dollhouse since I was like, seven, so what was I suppose to do?

Eventually, I caught on to it and actually, and HONESTly, I had fun. It reminded me of four years ago when I actually had fun doing this. And then I went over to watch the kids playing with Legos.

So I went over there and one kid like, I don't know how to say this; bribed, forced, demanded me to play with them and build something so at the time, my mind was focused on winning a gold medal at the soon to come, 2020 Olympic games. I dreampt of meeting Shawn Johnson and getting her autograph, so I imagined what her medal looked like. Every athlete has a different medal, and she got one, just one, gold medal for the balance beam. Hers was, of course, gold and square with a torch on it that I couldn't draw. So I made a yellow, square thing with red on the necklace part.

So I had to be like, PULLED away from the Legos, and went on to giving out snacks. (I think I pigged out on those.) So yeah, a little stomach ache when I got home, but all peachy otherwise. (Get it? Peachy? If you remember Peachy Enchanted, you do.) And then we lifted the kids and twirled around.

I had more fun as a teacher than I did as the student! I honestly had more fun than the kids. So yeah, I'm just saying that every once in a while, try to remember one thing you had fun doing as a [younger] kid.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Same Foot Again

Guess what I did at gymnastics? I hurt my foot! Yay! (sarcastic.) So yeah it kinda hurts, but I promise it didn't hurt at first. I didn't even know it was bleeding.

So now I have a pound of tape on my foot and I can't really walk on it because it stings from the alchohol. But yeah, it's fine.

Hopefully it stops bleeding before Winter Blast...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Did I tell you Sunday was my mommy's birthday? It's Tuesday now, but happy birthday Mom! And she sadly is not here to read this, but at her job, she reads my blog sometimes, in fact, she reads almost all of my blogs, so I hope she sees this!

You might have guessed why I wasn't at church on Sunday according to weather. But it was a relaxing day with Mom!

And the fourth was Charity's birthday. She's sixteen now! Yes, she was hosting a sweet sixteen party, but there had to be a bad storm that day, and even her friends that could literally WALK to our house couldn't make it. These were all school friends. Jackie's mom didn't want her to come because of weather, Rozina lives quite far and the snow was bad, Valerie is my neighbor that lives (LITERALLY!) ten seconds away. Yeah, I've even counted. If I walk, that's about fifteen seconds from my house. But if I'm really excited and bored, I'm there literally ten seconds after hanging up the phone! She couldn't come because she had a 99.2 fever.

Charity's gift from me was to get another ear piercing at Claires, since the last time she pierced her ears was when she was like, six months old. Then on the seventh I got my mom some crystals shaped like hearts to use as paperweights from Marshall's. Then I got her a four-pack of gum, but I had to take JUST ONE for myself! And lastly, she also got not one, but TWO lip gloss duos! So really, she got FOUR lipglosses from me! (I tried to make a bargain, but she's not giving away those glosses any time soon!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Homeschooled No More

My parents homeschool me and obviously they must really like it because I have not put a foot inside of a middle school yet. I would say I haven't even entered a school's hallways, but that's false, because I've been to Wayne for tennis matches and choir concerts.

But today---actually YESTERday---is the day I decide to be private schooled.

I love where I take gymnastics, and being homeschooled, I only get like, three pages of homework per week in the three school setting classes I take, Bible History w/ Ms. Rhonda, American Civics History w/ Ms. Robin, and Science/Biology w/ Ms. Maida.

But here is the change I want to happen: I'm going to a gymnastics school.

Okay, I'm unofficially going, but I'm gonna get my parents to have me apply to a nearby school that is, whatever school I find.

I chose a gymnastic school because on YouTube, the channel OlympicDreamsTexas, there's these girls who are at the gym 30 hours per week in level 7 and up! That's only three levels higher than me, and I'm trying to move up to level 5 again! So these nine-year-old girls at the youngest and eighteen-year-old girls at the oldest have a classroom in their gym with one certified public school teacher teaching them! Although, the girls who are public schooled go to the gym at 4:15-7:30. My mom thinks that's too long to be practicing, but how? These girls are the future United States Gymnastics Team. These girls are the next Mary Lou Retton.

Yes, if I hear a YES! I will miss Teens' Night Outs and FAITH meetings and being with my friends Becca, Leah, and Kayla, (Maria is my friend too, but I see her on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays!) but I really would like to say I at least made it to the Olympic Trials, or Junior Olympics.

And check out and listen to my new playlist with new songs like:

Pirates Amber
Shawn Johnson 2008 (August Rush music)

and old songs like:

I'll Find My Own Way (my level 4 song, please listen!)
Pink Panther (Level 5 song)
and National Treasure Suite!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back Tucks At Home

I am required to have a back tuck (also known as the back-flip) to move up to level 7 in two years, maybe one. So I am doing drills at home. Here is a peek at what I'm doing!

Lay down on the couch and kick over
Jumping on the trampoline & jump roping at the same time.

I should have a full in level 9, so here's what I'm doing: (a full is a layout, which is a back tuck with straight legs, with a 180 degree twist in the air, just watch the girls at the Olympics)

Back tuck drills
Half jumps
Full jumps
Rebound jumps
Round-offs--- so important!

The Interstate Chapter 12

It was a snowy day on Christmas Eve. I remember when McKenna told me that she wanted her wedding to be on a snowy day, on Christmas. This was no wedding though, it was her funeral. I'm sure McKenna had hoped she'd marry someone before death, and I thought I could marry her, but, hey, I'm still alive and she isn't, so I don't know about that.

Her funeral had just ended a minute ago, and everyone was crying. Especially her family. Her dad was bawling his eyes out, her younger sister, Chyna, was silently crying, and her older sister, Kaleigh, was comforting their dad. McKenna's coffin was wide open, so you could see her face. She still had that faint little smile on her face, clear complexion, and shimmery face with blue eyeshadow, her favorite as Kaleigh told me, Coral Snow from Eby's Beauty Store down the street. Her pink highlights were not in her hair anymore, but her hair was just brown, with curls from Heaven.

HEAVEN! Maybe that's why she's smiling! Jeremy was not a Christian, and notice, he had his eyes tightly shut, but McKenna's were peaceful. His lips were frowning, while hers were in a grin. But then that also meant...


Friday, February 5, 2010


You should just see my dog right now! I put her outside for like, the longest time and she has a leash out there because one of our fences came down because of Ike, and so, she tangles herself around the play set, (swings, slide, bars) and then around our relaxation swings, pulls the relaxation swings and leaves what looks like her getting caught in a booby-trap.

So then, when she got inside, I wrapped a warm (and my own I got for my ninth birthday that I really like!) blanket around her and made a cute little bow tie, so she looks like Little Red Riding Hood! I know, cute, right? But then, just as I WOULD HAVE taken a picture with my new camera, Lexi shakes it off! And I thought she loved that blanket! Dogs are so crazy...

Monday, February 1, 2010

ESPYs Breakfast

Okay, so Frosted Flakes cereal has this sports sweepstakes that I really wanna join to win a trip to the ESPYs breakfast in Los Angeles. I mean, it's the ESPYs WITH breakfast! What's the ESPYs? I don't know, but it sounds delicious! (I think it has something to do with ESPN)