Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tumblr Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Nine things about yourself.

I'm pretty unique... let's see...

  1. I LOVE to sing with all of my heart and soul! The stage presence part? Workin' on it. I've been singing for about a year now.
  2. I can kill ants and flies with my fingers. Spiders? Heck no. I'm arachniphobic.
  3. I can do one song on the string bass.
  4. Christmas 2006 was a Christmas to remember. I got my first and only pink acoustic guitar made for lefties on that day.
  5. I started modeling last year, but I am going to miss the competition this year because of Fine Arts. I was also an Honor Star in 2009.
  6. I. Hate. Math. I hate it with a burning passion.
  7. Writing is my second passion. Lately, I've come up with some new titles, ("The Wallet", "Invisible", "Before The Storm"...) and have the plots perfectly laid out.... it just all comes naturally. Another thing is that I've always loved to write and read. I learned how when I was three! I wrote my first full-length story when I was five in a composition book!
  8. My eyes have changed colors serveral times. I was born with blue eyes and they changed to green. Then, they changed to brown and now, they go back and forth between hazel and brown. My ID Card says my eyes are hazel, but most of the time, they're brown. The baby years have followed me... the last time my eyes changed, I was nine years old, and I never completely lost my facial baby fat.
  9. I am both one of the quietest (in awkward situations) and loudest (in my comfort zone) people you'll ever meet.
That's me!

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