Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sarina And The Prom chapter 2

Sarina was finally let out of the hospital, King Derek and Queen Alyssa were already planning the funeral. To Sarina, it seemed like all they did was cry and look at baby pictures of David. David's first pacifier, first time walking, first birthday, first cake, naked baby pictures, even recent pictures. It had seemed as if all they cared about now was David, David, David. Sarina wasn't even in the picture anymore. Literally. A week before prom they took him for a family portrait. Sarina could remember what she was thinking. Oh, just forget about me! They made her so mad, she thought about breaking into the school and living under a desk. Once, in the first grade, they had thought about homeschooling her all the way through school, and take college online to protect her, but that would be no fun. So what if she was just 30 seconds younger? Oh big deal? NOT! Her mom wouldn't stop making phone calls about the horrible news, and her dad even made an announcement at the "hexagon" about it. They needed to do something about this! Sarina however didn't really care though, I mean, he was pretty annoying. And at least she could say she survived? And they didn't even care that her beautiful, baby blue, shimmering, puffy dress was ripped. Who didn't care? Besides, they still had 1 kid that survived the horrible accident when they bumped into the pine tree on the highway.
It was finally the day of her brother's funeral. It was a hot, sunny summer day outside and Sarina really wanted to go the beach with her friends. They had planned on renting a beach house right on the shore. It would be pink, four stories plus a basement, and had a pool in the back. But Sarina had more important things to do. Important things to say. Finally, Sarina gathered all her courage and went to the podeum, in front of 500 people... AND SPOKE! But after the third sentence she froze. "uhhhh... ummmm... he was a very... nice person? Um and he always was very nice and stuff and had a lot of friends. He wasn't ever nervous, and didn't seem afraid, of anything. He didn't care if he was in style or not, and followed no trends but his own. And, uh, that's it." She could tell it was her worst speech, ever. But it wasn't like David HEARD her, so still, she didn't care.
When Sarina arrived at school Monday, everyone seemed to just pass her by. They'd glance at her for a second and walk away. Finally, her best friend, Haylie, walked up. Haylie was a talented senior who was an expert at math, science, and baseball. But for some reason, she was always made fun of. Other seniors and juniors would call her 'sumo', 'red weirdo', 'geek', and even 'boy in a girl's body'. Sarina just didn't get it! Sarina knew deep down though that it was her fault. When Haylie had told her she was ten pounds overweight, Sarina had accidentally told the most popular---and most cruel---girl at school. She was emailing tips to Haylie, and sent it to Maura, her former friend. Now everyone made fun of her and drew pictures of her as a fat sumo wrestler and showed it to her! Haylie wouldn't stop crying herself to sleep for a month, and even started believing them! She had become anorexic, and wouldn't eat for six months. Sarina felt bad knowing it was her fault. Then the red weirdo happened when she decided to dye a few streaks red, and dyed her whole head! People even made fun of her talents. Now she only had one friend she could trust, and that was Sarina. "So I heard about the bad news" Haylie said. Sarina sighed. "yeah." Before she could say something else, the bells rang. They both had to go.
But now it was evening, and Sarina was home alone. What if the whole country was in trouble?


  1. I love your blog but are you going to right a nother ch?? I can't wiat!!LoL!! You got me hocked!!LoL!!

  2. ch??? What's that? Leah, please reply!

  3. nevermind i get it sorry LoL =) Oh yeah I might just post my new book series, but that'll b too much work publishing AND posting, it's gonna have to b one or the other. Sorry again, but i can't finish that book. And if i did continue the series, i'd have to do TWO series, and it would get me sooooooo mixed up. Like, I might write: Emily couldn't believe Haley's sis had cancer, and then everyone else would be like, "what the heck Hope no one in the book is named Emily OR Haley. What r u talking about i'm so confused!" so now u know why.


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