Saturday, March 7, 2009

no comments? come on!!!

i think i know why no one will post any comments on my blog. they are probably all going to instead of HERE for advice or anything. come on, guys, i only have 2 comments total. maybe i should add something exciting! ooh! check out the exclusive, your blog interview!

here is a interview with the one and only, producer of the hit web show it's a trick i'm the treat... FAITH EZELL!!!

Hope: what is it like being in charge of sound effects?
Faith:um... kinda boring, but kinda... yeah.

Hope: HEY! i thought you liked my show!
Faith:i do, i like it, it's just sometimes, you know what i mean.

Hope: moving on. is Hope a fun person to be around? you should be lucky to be ON the set!
Faith: sometimes. not really lucky. am i getting paid for this?
Hope: uh, no.

Hope: has the show ever been frustrating? we want details!
Faith: oh yeah

Hope: has there ever been any difficulties with sending or making the show?
Faith: oh yeah, when Hope doesn't listen.
Hope: Hope always listens!
Faith: nope.

Hope: well that's all the time we have! and watch it's a trick, i'm the treat by email, and keep on visiting my blog!

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