Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, so in History class today we cooked in groups and I was with Spencer Ploutz to make the dessert. We made lavender infused custard. We used lavender flowers and boiled the custard and then took the flowers out to drain it with the strainer. I must admit: It smelled VERY strong, like men's cologne. www.thetopcheese.blogspot.com said that it smelled like axe. You'll never know, maybe axe is made of lavender flowers! Someone else thought it smelled like women's cologne or perfume. But either way, I know how to make some homemade custard, and possibly fragrance if I don't use eggs or milk or vanilla extract.

We also made a nice, fresh peaches and cream ice cream, and gosh, was it delicious. Here is the exact ingredients:

Ginger snaps
vanilla ice cream
Peaches, canned
Nothing strange like lilacs or lavenders

It was so good, I couldn't even finish it. And bad news, I think I might be allergic to almonds. (I don't like those anyway, so they shouldn't be hard to avoid!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

WEEKLY QUESTION, finish the story, and best hair list

Think back to when you were in third or fourth grade. (for third and fourth graders, think back to kindergarten!) What was your favorite toy? What did you want so badly, but never got it? Who was your best friend, and why? (Best friend other than God)

Best Hair List!
Okay, if you've noticed I never do this list for girls, it's because [some] girls get mad very easily and can be dramatic if they don't have a good position on the list. But today, i'm doing something else... although I did put a few girls on the list...

1. Leah Brembeck www.myblogster-candy.blogspot.com
2. Maria Chaney www.thetopcheese.blogspot.com
3. Jenilee Goodwin (and yes ms. Jenilee, you do have good hair!) www.betheljamadventures.blogspot.com
4. Drew Poole www.drewpoole.blogspot.com
5. Pastor Jeremy Goodwin (Pastor Jay) www.betheljamadventures.blogspot.com
6. Gabrielle Bowman (i miss u!) UNKNOWN URL: LOOK AT BLOG LIST

Finish the story!
Taylor had left home at 7:00 on Wednesday, August 19th to go to her first day of school at Studebaker. She was thirteen and was---in her view---a millitary brat, which meant she was a millitary child. She had just moved from Italy to Ohio, and did not like it. She was homeschooled in Italy for one, and for two she could barely speak any English. Sure, her parents could since they were born in the U.S., but Taylor couldn't. Whenever she spoke that day, the kids would laugh. She couldn't use very good grammar and had an accent. The shy, short seventh grader hated her new house so much---even though it was a three story mansion---she grabbed a lamp and threw it at the wall. CRACK... and the wall began to open. Inside was a dark staircase with torches perfectly aligned on the walls. But Taylor wasn't scared. She slowly walked down until a light appeared. Suddenly she stopped breathing.

Finish this story! What do you think would be most exciting???

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Achieve that goal!

Do you have goals for this school year? I think it's time to reach them! Starting a new school year brings many changes, and hopefully, we've all started school by now. Maybe you're starting middle school. Maybe you're a freshman in high school. Maybe you've started college. (I highly doubt any college students are reading this.) Maybe you've been homeschooled your whole life, just like me, and you just started public school and don't have any friends yet.

No matter what the transition, there are goals out there waiting for you. Don't know what they are? Set up an organized plan with a pen and paper, just like this:

My Goals
School: to finish three English books for 6, 7, and 8th grade this year
Sports: to win the gymnastics meets coming up
Miscellaneus: to get extra money for my pie and cookie and cake business
Church: to get my second and third seals for JBQ

Go ahead, organize, and tape this paper to your bedroom wall, right where you go to bed at night. Work extra hard every day to achieve these goals, and if you're self-disiplined, youwill!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Injuries: Stuck with you for life?

Injuries may seem like a one-time thing, but can the pain last forever? Hope Ezell reports.

I remember breaking my toe when I was eight years old, and it was. It didn't hurt, nothing. As soon as it healed, it was just a thing of the past. I started tumbling lessons later in the year at Premier Athletics in Beavercreek, when I found out I had pain in my right knee. It had never been injured, and it only hurt if I did something acrobatic. But on Christmas Eve that year, while practicing, I had hit my knee on the wooden part of the couch--- really hard. I had sprained it and couldn't tumble for a long time. Soon enough, I was training again, but the pain started to come back in June of 2009.

Later in the summer, I had sprained my ankle doing forward somersaults. "Somersaults are scary because while in the air, so many things go through your mind," Says Anonymous. "your heart skips a beat and you wonder if this flip will be successful. They certainly are not safe without an adult around, on the trampoline or not." You can't see anything in a flip--- you're just blind. You can't remember what you saw, so I couldn't see I was about to land ankle-first. BAM! My ankle was sprained.

I have injured so many things since starting gymnastics, and it's only been a year. And yes, injuries are stuck in your imune system for years to come, unless you take action and drink milk, take vitamin supplements, and play outside. YOU are in charge of your body, not a broken bone!

everyday things

Church is tonight!!! YAY! Okay, so you-know-what was cancelled today, so i'm gonna be home until 6:00 (church starts at seven). I'M SO BORED!!!! Everything is getting cancelled!!! I wish this world was cold, fever, pneumonia, flu, and H1N1 free, especially since there is so many cases nowadays. Today for Youth group is the flood service, so instead of leaving home at 6:30, I have to leave at 6:00 because somebody wants to go to youth group SOOOO bad.

I'm doing well in gymnastics, and my air time record for my front limbers and handstand forward rolls is twelve seconds. I have set a new record, fifteen!!!

My dad is mowing the lawn right now and my puppy was almost raw meat!!!! Oh, that fat thing didn't know better! What do you know, as soon as I type it she walks into the room! (she must know what fat means!)

I'm trying to sew a buttton on for a shirt i'm designing, and I can't wait to wear it over a tee and with the jeans I also designed! (clapping with excitement!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

bad news, good news


This is the worst news i've ever known of. I'M QUITING CHEERLEADING! That's right, I said it. I'm not a cheerleader anymore. I was on the Warriors' website (Huber heights team) and saw some shocking news. There is no seventh grade cheerleading squad! Although, there is a cheerleading team, but because of lack of interest, Huber Heights will not be competing in cheer this year. Boo hoo.


In you-know-what, my coach said she wants me to go to level 5--- for the WHOLE MONTH of October! Yippee!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In a storm in my best dress, FEARLESS.

Guess what guess what guess what??? I got only the best CD, "FEARLESS" by Taylor Swift today! You can hear "you belong with me"--- or you should hear it--- right now. Yep, that's from FEARLESS.

Juv ya,

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ooookkkkaaaaay... well I love to write on my blogs, and I was thinking about making a new one. It was going to be called Teen's Lifestyle or Teen's Blog, but first, should I even make the blog? Should I wait until i'm a teenager myself? Should I not make it? PLEASE email contactyourblog@gmail.com to reply!!!!

Poor doggie:(

My dog has allergies, I think. (poor Lexi!) So i'm making this prayer post. If you have a prayer request or praise that you would like to share, but don't want the whole world to hear, just email contactyourblog@gmail.com and let me know! We can pray together, and I promise to not tell all my viewers unless you want me to.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Level 5, Still Waters

OMG I haven't talked to u guys in ever. I have so much to say and I can't wait to tell u, so why am I waiting??? Okay, let's start with the bad news.


I promised i'd keep u posted, and i'm sorry I didn't. But drumroll please.... BUM BUM BUM BUM.... I DIDN'T PASS! :( I decided that I shouldn't move up, because I went to level 4 too early to try out for level 5. The test was in August, and i'm sorry i'm late. Can't wait for next year!

Still Waters

I have a final name for my LATEST book, Still Waters. It's about a young boy in high school, who will be graduating soon. He is a football player at Glenville High School. (Glenville is a real Ohio school) It is prom season, and take note it's his LAST CHANCE to go to prom. He REALLY wants to go, and he doesn't want to go alone, but four girls reject him in the process of asking, until the football game.

Bess Johnson is a girl he's liked since third grade. She is a cheerleader at their school and is very beautiful. She is everything Jason Wright has ever dreamed of, but he never has believed that he could go to prom with her, or really anyone.

Jason has Torrettes Syndrome, and maybe you know what it is. He can't really control his words and movements sometimes. Jason has always let Torrettes get in the way of his social life, and he soon realizes that sometimes, confidence is all he needs and he can always control his thoughts of himself--- and others.

Eager to read this never-before-read book? Stay on my blog!
QUICKWORD: adventures with ME is discontinued.
WEEKLY QUESTION: If someone walked up to you and said they hated themselves and wanted to commit suicide, what would you say? Would you lead them to Christ?