Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bass Is Kickin' It!

Bass... you would have expected me to blog about it by now, huh? Being a bass guitarist's daughter? I think I would expect that of me, too. Of all the things I blog about, (music, fashion, MUFFINS???) I still haven't blogged about this.

Here are the best bassists in the world!!! (In my opinion.)
0:53 and 1:56 are where the bass really kicks it! 3:02 through the rest of the song sends chills down my spine, but the best part is 3:08 when after the violin, everybody kicks in and it gets loud again! That part is just legitimately awesome! Crazy! SWEET!!! It reminds me of why I love rock music.

So, who's the rockin' bassist in Fireflight? Wendy Drennen! Yep, she's a girl, and she rocks the bass... she knows what she's doing! You may have noticed that she's the only other girl in the band. She does a few BGVs (background vocals) in this song, they just don't have her lip-sync in the video. I love her hair... I love how when she headbangs, which is quite often, (notice she's whipping her hair back and forth every time they show her?) and all this red shows up in her hair... she has it highlighted PERFECTLY. You can see exactly how it is in the "Desperate" music video.... another great song by them.

Fun Facts: Wendy is married to Glenn, which he's a lead guitar for the band. Wendy and Glenn are Fireflight's founding members, and have had their most popular song---"Unbreakable"---featured on an NBC commercial! I love you, Fireflight!

2:29 I love! and 3:27 through to the end... legit. So, the piano kicks it more than the bass, but whatever. I just wanted to blog this song because I'm officially a Relient K fan now!

Who's the bassist? I don't know. Their bassist quit the badn in '04, so I don't know who's doing bass in this song.

Fun Facts: Does the vocals sound familiar? Matt, the lead singer, sang "It's not that there are ever bad intentions, it's more that we forgot where to go home. For important things that we don't know to mention... it's the uniform that we put on, the formula we have for love" in 'Birds' by Deas Vail.
This band is an Ohio band! They formed in Canton!
One of their recent albums is called "Five Score And Seven Years Ago". Ha!
Deas vail opened for their Christmas concerts and they have opened for Paramore.
They've been with the label Mono Vs. Stereo (possibly still are) and Deas Vail is with them, too. They've been with Jive, which Hot Chelle Rae is with them, too. (Hot Chelle Rae performed "Tonight Tonight", the newly popular, as of yesterday, song. When I saw the video awhile ago, they only had a few thousand views. Now, they're in the millions!)

Good day!

P.S. "Ask me Anything" is being deleted due to huge difficulties of my Blogger account constantly signing out and not letting me sign back in to post comments.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh,The Memories...

Today is a day to remember all the things you've been through, all your loved ones, and all the memories from them. Even though this day is mainly focused on those who have passed away, it is a happy day, too! Remember all the good times. Remember all the ROFL times. Remember the times you were acting so stupid, it's a shame that it was even you! Just remember...

Whenever you remember...
When it rains:*(
How to save a life...
Save a place for me...


Today is the day!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Unending Love

Spring... 'tis the season of love! The flowers are in full bloom, and the roses are in highly-defined color.

What is love to me? What does it make me think of???

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's With The Muffins? (What's Behind Those Mysterious Muffins?)

Today, (ahem, tomorrow) I am on Muffin Watch.

Our church has a tradition of serving donuts during Sunday School hours. I got pretty sick of it, if you want my opinion, because after eight years, the last thing you want to eat is a Krispy Creme donut. Trust me.

I'm an anti-donut-ist.... let's take it from the top.
The story starts when it was windy and it was Mothers' Day of 2011. I was at church an hour early because my lovely mother works there and she was helping out with the Mothers' Day portraits my church was doing for people out of kindness. So, (this will be random) my mom had this extravagant, beautiful, WONDERFUL idea--- "We're taking Mothers' Day photos!" You can't really argue with that.... she is my mom, and it was Mothers Day.

Before and after the picture, I noticed that there were muffins across the street. My friend Baileigh brought one to me that was oh so yummy, and then I went and got my siblings some upon their requests.

It continued... it wouldn't stop.
I noticed that they had muffins the next week... and the next week... and THE NEXT WEEK.... something was fishy here. It was like they had completely abandoned their old, disgusting, fattening, donut ways. The snacks of the church were rejuvenated.

So, the question is, why do the muffins keep returning?????
Even my Sunday School teacher (Mrs) Brittany is wondering, and her dad is one of the pastors! Something is mysterious about this muffin situation, and I'm going to get to the bottom of this!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Believe Me, This Is Gonna Make You Stronger...

Deas Vail
(I don't own any of the above photographs.) You know these bands because you know their music. You've heard their songs and you've gone to their concerts. You've learned all their lyrics and know every detail about every person. You can find yourself humming, "Come on, come on....", ('Excuses', Deas Vail) or "Wherever we go the bees behave..." ('Wherever We Go', Newsboys). You can't live a day without their music in your life, warming your heart every time "Birds" (Deas Vail) or "Born Again" (Newsboys) comes on the radio.

So you couldn't believe it when you heard the news: They had lost some of their members.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I'll Praise You In This Storm"

Today was a HUGE tornado warning, and while I was at church, they made us take cover with the adults in Hough Hall (the basement in the main building of our church). It was just a watch then, and no one took it too seriously.

But by the time we left, the storm had lost all control (it's not too dramatic though) and blackened the sky completely. Not one trace of blue was left, and it is near summertime--- the sun was supposed to still be visible! In our car, things were okay, but the closer and closer we got to our home, the darker and darker the storm got. By the time we reached the fire station near my house, it was like a bucket of water poured on my car. Our dog was home alone, and we were rushing to get home. Luckily, things got better as we reached our house and we are all safe.

The physical storms in this life are like the emotional storms in our minds. Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and sometimes you can't see the sun anymore. But there is only one person that can turn the ship around, and you have to trust and put your faith in God.

"I'll praise You in this storm and I will lift my hands. You are who You are no matter where I am..."
-Casting Crowns

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Vacations are more than just that--- vacations. What may seem like just a trip to Wisconsin or Montana can turn into so much more.... and it can change everything.

"Departures" by Robin Jones Gunn is a combination of two stories of two different girls, Christy and Sierra, going on summer vacations and what they imagine to just be a weekend with family and friends turns into much more beyond their expectations.

Now Boarding At Gate 10
This short chapter story about Christy Miller is full of surprises and excitement. After Christy graduates high school, she joins her family on a trip to Wisconsin for her grandparents' 50th anniversary. She expects it to be kind of boring--- I mean, many teenagers would rather be on vacation with their friends on a senior trip than with their thirteen-year-old brother and parents. While there, she reunites with an old friend from junior high named Matthew. She'd moved away from Wisconsin and hasn't seen Matt in a while. When love and other surprises find her and Matt starts to show a romantic interest in Christy, she realizes that a vacation could change everything.

In The Event Of A Water Landing
Fifteen-year-old Sierra Jensen is going on vacation with her friend Jana, and can't wait to go to Montana with her! But when they arrive, it seems like Jana's only interest is in the guys there, Tim and Danny. (Gregg is also there, but he's her brother.) Sierra just wants to be friends with the guys and has a slight crush on Tim, but Jana constantly has plans to turn every tiny thing into a huge romantic experience. Plus, Jana is very moody. Their friendship begins to suffer, and Sierra starts to wonder if she should have come along in the first place.
These two stories being combined into one book was a great idea! The book was very well-written and kept me on the edge of my seat, with the flashlight underneath the covers, with the book in my purse, and up until 3 a.m. reading... okay, maybe only 1 a.m. But, anyway, I believe that any teenager or almost-teen would love this book! Every girl I know would love this, I guarantee! This book had it's share of humor that had me laughing and people staring at me, and it included tiny bits of romance that any girl like me would love--- ESPECIALLY if you're an extreme girly girl, you won't be too disappointed.

I think any teenage/tween girl can relate to how Sierra feels in here, and I know I can. Her friend is "blossoming' when it comes to guys, while she just wants them to be her friends. I thin we've all been there! Christy's story is very fun and even had me thinking back to my life before everything that made me who I am, and what life would be like if I never moved from Utah.

If I have to complain at all, It's because the stories were too short. You feel what the girls are feeling, see what they're seeing, and almost do what they're doing. You feel embarrassed with them, excited with them, and mad with them. It was too short... I want MORE!!!! Also, Sierra's part at the beginning was a little boring, but it moved itself on up.

I want to give this book five stars because it was amazing, but i have to give it 4.5 because it was too short. I'm proud of the book, though... It rose HIGH above my expectations!

194 pages!
Publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah!

Thanks, Multnomah, for providing me with this amazing book. Without it, I wouldn't have bought it or noticed. Thank you for letting me have it for free. I love you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Home Arizona

Dear Phoenix, Arizona:
       I am more than excited to find you. I once lived in Utah which is above you, but still never got to see you and your beauty. Well, I heard you're pretty hot from all four corners. However, I don't know much about the four corners--- I just now realized that Colorado is in the four corners. Not trying to make this PG 13, but I heard that you're actually really steamy hot. I heard swimming pools boil in your heat, with hot bubbles rolling in the deep. (Yes, there was pun intended...)
      Well, I am not going to visit you to get in a hot tub, I am visiting for the National Youth Convention--- that's Fine Arts. I will (hopefully) go swimming in your refreshing waters, though. You will be the last destination to grab my attention this summer.
      I'll be going to Great Wolf Lodge, Virginia Beach, (anyone wanna come along?) North Carolina, and then to where you are. Something tells me that you are going to be my favorite.
      You will not be my favorite when it comes to transportation, however, and don't take that offensively. It's just that you're so close but so far away. You're in my country, but not my region, and it hurts my feelings.
      I don't like that I have to fly to meet you, because, well, what girl wants to fly on a plane with SIX teenage boys? I won't be the only one, though... (good luck, Lauren, LoL! And Mariah, too, but she's not flying with us) I can't complain because it's better than driving. I mean, people's attitudes get pretty nasty after a while. I know I'd be like,
      "Get away from me!!!!! Leave me alone!!!!! It was against my will to ride in a car for this long with you, so just get away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      So yeah. It's gonna be pricey to see you, but I think I'm gonna love it.

Sincerely Yours,

Friday, May 20, 2011

RandomNess Friday~I Am...

I am loved.

I'm not joining "Then Sings My Soul Saturdays", but I have just been obsessed with that song ("How Great Thou Art") lately, and I don't know why.
I am as light as air.
I am amazed.
I am... in an emergency??? Huh???
Sorry I spoiled it with the Paramore song, (haven't blogged much about them lately, hmm?) after all those Christian songs. But there's one part of "Emergency" that won't leave my head. Believe it or not, it's at 3:02 when Hayley and/or the backup singer are saying "Oh oh oh, oh oh oh..." I don't know why... it's just so catchy...
...But not as catchy as "Light As Air" is. Sorry that I already blogged that song AND it's on the playlist, but I think Deas Vail is my favorite band now! If I hadn't participated in Fine Arts this year, I think I'd still be Paramotized. (Definition: Obsessed with the American alternative rock band Paramore. Pronounced: Pair-uh-mutt-eye-zed.)
I can't get "How Great Thou Art" away from me! Am I becoming a hymn-lover? No, it can't be possible, not after completely changing the style of music I listen to from pop (over-rated!) to soft rock and now, all the way to hard drums and everything.
"I Am" is the best song by The City Harmonic. It's sad how much of an unknown band they are. Everyone knows "Manifesto", but it's over-played. And the other songs are NEVER played! I have their entire first EP, (jealous?) and am enjoying every bit of it! Can I get an "AMEN?!!!!"
Ah... legitimacy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something Beautiful

"I get lost in the beauty of everything I see... the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be". Ahh... I am crazy bored. Book reviewing, finishing up these last few days of homeschool, and keeping up with a blog--- four of them. Not very busy, though. So here are some beautiful things:

I love this song... I've known it for awhile now, but just sayin'! I really like it. You know... when you've heard a song many times before but you don't really 'discover' it until you hear it after not hearing it after awhile.
Then, this is one of the songs I've been listening to for three years now and just now start to really like them. Kinda like when you have a song that you never listen to, and then when your iPod is on shuffle and you're too lazy to change the song, you realize the song isn't all that bad.

Yep... it's something beautiful! See y'all later!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Know You're Twelve When...

...You put your ear up to a microphone during soundcheck to see if it works.
...You still get excited to walk through puddles.
...You're bummed when the puddle isn't as deep as you were hoping.
...You're the last one of your friends to get on Facebook.
...You don't exactly know what job you want and you have about four careers competing for your attention.
...You thought you felt your brain move when you got your first concussion.
...You get caught in 'it's not what it sounds like' moments quite often.
...You have more J-14 magazines than skinny jeans.
...You can't seem to ever push yourself to finish projects.
...You once had about thirty Jonas Brothers songs in your iTunes library. (Luckily, I got over them about two years ago.)
...You can find at least one Justin Bieber song on your iPod.
...You're looking forward to your next birthday.

Yep. You know you're twelve when you've been calling yourself thirteen years old from the week before you turned twelve.
How do you know you're twelve? When you're counting down the days 'til your thirteenth birthday.

You know you're twelve when.... __________________________________

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Conversation With God For Women!

If you could ask God any question, what would it be? Many of those questions can be answered in this very effective book, "A Conversation With God For Women".

This book by Marcia Ford is an adult women's non-fiction about all the things women these days wonder, divided in seven sections:

  • God
  • Jesus
  • The Bible
  • Life
  • Prayer
  • Relationships
  • Good and Evil
Each section has around ten questions, pretty much all are VERY useful. The book answers many questions, including:

  • How are we made in Your image?
  • How can Your Spirit live in us?
  • Who's controlling our lives--- You or us?
  • Why was a virgin birth necessary?
  • Which Biblical promises apply to us today?
  • Is there a purpose to life?
  • How do we know what You want?
  • Can we ever be free of guilt?
  • God, do you really forgive and forget?
  • What's so bad about gossip?
  • Why are there restrictions on sex?
  • Why do Your followers have to suffer?
There are so many more amazing questions that I can't say now, because I don't want to make this post super long.

Many people have many questions that they would love to ask God,  and this book answered nearly all of mine! The plot and everything for this book is visible in the title, which I love! If you have questions to ask God that you just don't know how to ask or never really thought about, you REALLY, REALLY want this book!

This book was very well written. The questions are questions that women would really ask, the answers aren't too difficult to understand, and I'm sure that ANYONE would absolutely LOVE this amazing book, whether you're twelve years old or twenty-three years old, I guarantee, this will be a book you'll never want to return to the library! The library will have to keep fining you and fining you until the police come up to your door and force you to return it. This book is simply that good.

Here's a tip: Don't judge a book by it's cover or genre. I'd imagined this book would be very boring and drawn-out with extremely long chapters because it is for an older audience of women, and it's non-fiction. But, I was WAY wrong. This is one of my favorite books! Great for women with a busy schedule, because the chapters are only three and a half pages long! This same book is also great for women with a relaxed schedule, because there are 55 chapters, PLUS in the back, there are notes that go along with the scriptures quoted and everything. It is an absolutely perfect book for a teen girls or adult women Bible Study.

One complaint: Some questions were a little bit obvious for Christian women, like "Did You physically rise from the dead?" and "Did all those miracles really happen?" These questions (and more) aren't obvious for non-Christian women who weren't raised in the church, but as for the ones that have been Christians for awhile now, these questions seemed a little dry.

Overall, this book totally deserves four and a half stars out of five! I recommend this for adult women and their teenage daughters to use as a mother-daughter Bible Study.

318 pages!
Publisher: Thomas Nelson!

Thank you, Tommy Nelson, for giving me this book for free! I am so sorry about how long it took, and I promise I will make my other reviews publish a lot faster next time.


Friday, May 13, 2011

RandomNess Friday~Dance In Perfect Time!

Oh my goodness gracious gosh. Only the LORD knows how much stress the Blogger shutdown was.

WEDNESDAY~ Blogger shuts down for an hour of maintenance.
THURSDAY~ Blogger shuts down into read-only mode.
FRIDAY~ Blogger is STILL in read-only mode, with a catch. This time, they decide to temporarily delete all posts (worldwide!) published on Wednesday after 7 a.m., so you may have noticed that "When I Grow Up" was deleted for awhile and now is back.

I was so upset. I really wanted to launch my 4-H club's blog (I'm the club news reporter and I have three other girls {Riana, Tesia and Zoe}that will be team members) yesterday, but because I couldn't, I just sent them a really long e-mail explaining the rules and guidelines for our blog. I felt like I had the ultimate power! I felt like the president! Speaking of which, I have a few jokes. (Not to offend anyone that one is a political opinion.)
Q: What has America become?
A: An Obamanation! (If you like Obama... I'm sorry, but I don't.)

Q: What is Rebecca Black's favorite holiday?
A: Black Friday! (You know you had to laugh!)
Here is a really cool song cover and video!

Wowee... (definition: Extremely wowed. Pronounced: wow-EEE!!!) CIMORELLI really transformed this song. In case you're wondering, these are the same girls that performed "Price Tag" in my post "Me And My Gang". That was the first CIMORELLI song I ever heard. They're a great group, but like everyone, they're not all that spectacular like some people say. But, they are talented--- really. Dani (the one rapping in this video and raps in basically every one they do) is only ten years old and Lauren (she was wearing a bow tie in "Price Tag" and in this video, she's the one with the skateboard in the Superman shirt and the one singing the part "kicking in the front seat...") is only twelve years old. She's my age! I love her bow ties that she usually wears, so much that they inspired me to make them out of duct/duck tape... they're headbands for girls and guys can adjust them to fit their neck. Then, Amy (The one in the cowgirl outfit) has a great fashion sense! You should see her "Firework" outfit, her "Pray" (Justin Bieber) outfit, AND her "Baby" (that's also a JB song) outfit. They're really cute! You might be jealous... I have an outfit just like the "Firework" one. But it ruins my pride that most girls do, too:(

My two favorite Paramore songs right now. They are so inspiring, unlike a lot of their other songs that sort of feel like they have an empty meaning sometimes.
I've been waiting to do this all week now. The entire album of "All The Houses Look The Same"... you can listen to them now! Hopefully, you'll decide to buy them... they're really good. I don't own any of these videos, okay? I am on YouTube, but no, I have no videos yet. But I will start performing music covers, so I'll give you info on that ASAP!

I am just now hearing some of these songs, and love a lot of them! My absolute favorites are "Light As Air", "Shoreline", "Follow Sound", and "Anything You Say". Those are the bestest, aren't they? Oh yes.

Well, I hope you dance! (In perfect time! "Dance In Perfect Time" is a song by Deas Vail, in case you think I'm crazy.)


AND... this one describes my life. Completely forgot about it:
Okay... it was a good song until the rap interlude ruined it, but this has to be one of the best HSM songs. At least for a Disney song. Next time I'm having trouble looking up and smiling onstage, I'll remember this song!

See ya l8r!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Shoreline Calls The Sea

Oh my gosh.... I am in love with this song! I might post the whole album on RandomNess Friday... I've got some really cool videos to show you!

I've only heard a little bit of it and love it already...  especially the piano!

This is "Shoreline"  from the album "All The Houses Look The Same" by the alternative band (Deas Vail) that took on Paramore in Secular To Gospel Week Day 5, and this is one of their older songs from their oldest full-length album. (The rest were EPs.) The other songs I showed you are from their newest album, "Birds and Cages".

So you say I'm better off here
As dry as the shoreline
In an ocean of fear.
And so you say that I can't be alive
Until there is nothing
When we're meeting eyes

And day by day, I wander these walls
And You're casting a shadow
Onto every wall.
And all the way you ring in my ear
From the moment I knew You
Were leaving me here

You were leaving me here.
You were leaving me here.
You were leaving me here.......

This give-and-take, this waiting on time...
This twisted up memory
That I can't unwind.
These fragile words that fall from my mouth
And I'm crumbling and crowded, but I've figured You out.

I've figured You out.
I've figured You out.
I've figured You out......

The shoreline calls the sea
For simple words and company
But words go on and on
Til they collide and all is gone
I dive into the deep
Into the sea inside of me
To find another song,
To find a place where I belong

I dive into the deep
Into the sea inside of me
To find another song,
To find a place where I belong.
The next time I buy an iTunes gift card, I'm buying every song from this album and every song from "Birds And Cages". I showed you the lyrics to this because his articulation is not very good. But whoa... in case you were wondering if that was the piano girl (Laura) singing that part, nope, it was him. I can sing as low as him on the verses barely, and can sing as high as him on the bridge, BARELY. He has a VERY WIDE vocal range.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Do You Hear Him Calling?"

I don't know about you, but "The Call" makes me want to learn how to play the cello!
"Lift Up Your Face" is my favorite song right now.
Listen to "Lift up Your Face" and read the written words. Also, some point in the song, it says, "Do you hear Him calling?" Do you?

Today, I am talking about callings.

In order to be called into something, we must first be listening. We must first have our eyes wide open. The way we are called is also about how we must respond to the call.

Do you hear Him calling?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Don't Wait Until The Damage Is Done

Today in church, I actually had the rare chance to sit in service! Being a student leader in the childrens' ministry and a nursery teacher, I never really have the chance to hear a sermon on Sunday, at least one that's tragetted towards people my age.
I always sit in the youth section (it's not official, but everyone in Youth sits there. To be exact, it's the front right pews in the sanctuary) when I'm rarely in service, (don't get me wrong, though: I love working with the JAM kids!) and today I sat with Autumn, Tyler, and Lauren was sitting next to me, but then she moved up so she could see better.

I won't tell you who, but a kid had his:

iPad (if you were in service, you know who it is, although I'm trying to make this VERY anonymous and am failing) and was using it.

You're probably thinking, "I understand. He was using his Bible app!" Well, no. It was a very different kind of app. More like... a game.

He's not the only one. People texting, I've caught people Tweeting, and even playing Tic-Tac-Toe. Low, isn't it?

Come on, people. Dont' wait until the damage is done. Not only is it disrespectful to play games and text and social network while the pastor is preaching, but it's only damaging one person: You.

Into The Extraordinary

She's just like you...

Almost exactly LIKE YOU...

No, really. She's just like you...


At least she WAS just like you. Just take out the title "Duchess" and "Princess" and there you go! Just like you! Forget that she's married to Prince William and if they stay married long enough she'll be the future Queen Of England... she's just a normal person. Nothing special...

She still shops for groceries like everyone else, watches polo matches like everyone else in Britain.... just add some special treatment.

Out Of The Ordinary
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is---was---just a normal girl. Seriously. Her mother was a flight attendant (Does that sound like special treatment to you?) and her father was also a flight attendant at one point in his life, which he is now the owner and founder of Party Pieces, which is a party supply store.

Sounds normal right now.
She's been a normal person for awhile---I mean was---and things would have stayed the same.

Until her "once upon a time" happened.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bury The Castle

Me again! Since I told you my inspiration for my other two books I'm working on, I figured, why not do the same for this one? Well, here it is, by popular demand from myself, here's a small preview of "Bury The Castle".
"...I was nearly out of breath. I was hyperventilating and sobbing huge tears at the same time. The pain struck every part of me--- my back, my legs, my heart, my arms, and my throbbing head was burning. I couldn't turn my thoughts from the pain that tortured me..."
-Possibly in 'Bury The Castle' by Hope Angelica Ezell. (I'm using my full name for all my books, and I will still go by the name Ezell on my books even when and if I get married, so people don't get confused.)
Now that you got to see a brief preview of what will POSSIBLY be in the book, here's some stuff that inspires it:

(My favorite part is 3:31.... makes me wanna just whip my hair back and forth!)

This song is a HUGE inspiration for the book, called "Brick By Boring Brick", performed by my now second favorite band (yep, finally, there's a band I'm a bigger fan of... Fireflight) Paramore. I'd have to say the music video is a bigger inspiration than the song itself, but here you can see where I get my title from... "Bury the castle... bury the castle... and GO GET YOUR SHOVEL...!!!!"

This song USED to be on my iPod, ("This Is Home" by Switchfoot) but SOMEBODY (*cough* probably Charity *cough*) deleted the entire second disc from the WOW Hits 2009 off of iTunes, which had "This Is Home" and "Unbreakable" by Fireflight on it. Sucks, huh? Luckily, we have the album present at home, we just can't exactly find it.

ANYWAY! I chose this song because this book is very, VERY much like Narnia combined with Wonderland. (As in "Alice In Wonderland".) Also, the message of the song is very much needed for the plot of the story.

This one is "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Can you believe she was NINETEEN YEARS OLD when she published this song? It is very 1960-ish, my favorite decade. I love oldies, and even though this song came out three years ago, it fits into that James Brown, Harry Belafonte time. I love Michael Buble and Adele's styles of music.

This song really doesn't have to do with the story, and you'd have to watch the music video to really see why I chose it. I didn't pick the video for reasons you might find out when you watch it, or might not even quite get. If you scroll over this video, there will be a whole bunch of suggestions, and you'll find the video somewhere, most likely.

What is Bury The Castle all about?
"Bury The Castle" is about a normal girl named Harley, but her name might become Bayleigh. For now, let's just call her Harley.

Again, she's just a completely normal sixteen-year-old girl. Of course, she has most of the things that most teenagers have, like a car, she frequently dyes her hair, and she has a boyfriend. One day, (the story isn't completely organized, so if it sounds sloppy, I promise, it will get ten times better) she is driving to her workplace (just Chick-Fil-A... *winkwink* I love chicken...) when somehow, I don't know how yet, she's gonna bump into a tree! That's gonna be fun to describe... JK! (That's what "Chasing Pavements" music video has to do with it)

So, the preview I showed you is a description of her trip inside the ambulance thingy on the way to the hospital. She thinks she's gonna die (I won't tell you much, but I'll tell you, she's not gonna die) and this is kinda what she thinks are her last thoughts. Not words, because she's not saying it aloud.

Even though she survives, she goes into a coma where she has a very long dream (maybe I should put her in a coma for two years! Sounds fun to me to be in a dream that long) that she's in a magical Narnia/Wonderland world. It's going to be a very colorful world full of butterflies and flowers. In this fantasy world, she'll be like, sort of like a princess--- BUT NOT THE LITTLE KIDDY KIND! I promise, it's a lot better than it sounds!

Since I am failing at explaining, that's it for now.

What do you think?

Friday, May 6, 2011


I haven't told you much about this book... hm...
I love Hayden Loven's dramas... I hope he does one this year in Phoenix! You probably will like this one better... or maybe worse... after all, he does an impersonation of Justin Bieber! This year, if he does Fine Arts, I hope he does a Rebecca Black =P

I picked "Always" by Building 429 randomly, but wow, it's like, my entire story plot in one song. (plus some romance and extra stuff...)

I was standing in the pouring rain, one dark November night
Fighting off the bitter cold when she caught my eye
Her face was taut and her eyes were filled, and to my surprise
She pulled out a photograph and my heart just stopped inside, she said:
"He would've been three today.
I miss his smile, I miss his face."
What was I supposed to say?

Well I believe
Always, always
Our Savior never fails
And even when all hope is gone
God knows our pain
And his promise remains
He will be with you

He was living in a broken world, dreaming of a home
His heart was barely keeping pace when I found him all alone
Remembering the way he felt when his daddy said goodbye
Fighting just to keep the tears and the anger locked inside!
He's barely holding on to faith
But deliverence is on it's way!


Friend, I don't know where you are
And I don't know where you've been
Maybe you're fighting for your life
Just about to throw the towel in
But if you're crying out for mercy
If there's no hope at all
If you've given everything you got
And you're still about to fall
Well HOLD ON...
HOLD ON!!!!!

He will be with you always
He will be with you.
This is just a tiny segment of what my story is about:)

"Unspoken" is mainly about God never leaving you even though many times it seems like He's been gone for a long time.

(And Hayden's drama has a lot to do with it... at the end, of course! Just pay attention to the part when he plays the roles of normal people... you might want to pay attention to the one with the razor and scars on their arms... can't tell you who or what, but cutting is an issue in the story)

It's about the ups and downs in life, but mainly the downsides. It's kind of like a combination of.... I don't know... it's really its own kind of story.

It's about God being with you...


The Awakening

This is a poem I wrote, about my dreams. Not my dreams as in goals, but actual, sleeping, dreams.

I had a dream that my mom made fried chicken last night and could just taste it.... is that normal? If not, well, oh well. All my dreams use all my senses, so here it is!
The Awakening

I don't remember falling asleep last night
I don't remember turning out the light.

I can't imagine it being true
It's seemingly impossible to do.

A world of no sorrow before my eyes
Time with no pain, no lies.

I can taste it fully
I can see it, truly
The vision in full color
The music in full harmony.

I can feel it, really
The ocean of grace surrounding me
And something whispers,
It's more than a thought
It's more than a vision
It's more than a dream.

But then I wake up
Buried in my own bed
The same old world around me.
I can't help thinking,
I was this close,
This close to Heaven.

But I'm still alive, that can't be true
To get there, there's nothing I can do
Maybe hope, maybe pray.

This is still not the ending
This has not even reached the beginning
There's still love
Still hope
There's still faith
Still peace.

This is just the awakening.
Did you like that poem? I hope you did! I wrote it, so don't you dare copy it... or else....

I can't guarantee, but I might be back later on today to tell you alittle bit about the story "Unspoken".

See ya then!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Perspective

Since I will be writing a book called "New Perspective", I would like to share with you some of the things that inspire it.
This drama that will make you laugh, but at the end, has a real message that has to do with the book.

***UPDATE: I am very sorry... it may seem like this is the complete drama, but it really isn't. The rest of the script is:

"They watch the same filthy movies that I do. Use the same cuss words as me. They even lead the same disgusting, sinful life, which is no different from mine. It's like they have the cure for cancer, but simply choose not to share it. I'll tell you what, if they weren't so hypocritical in their own life, I would definitely be more interested in hearing about the redemption of this extraordinary God. You want to know who I don't understand? Christians."

Fireflight's song "New Perspective".

New Perspective
I always thought I had it figured out
No need for the benefit of the doubt
I could never look beyond what I could see
I was in control, it was all about me
I'm so sick and tired
Of this selfish life...
I want MORE!!!

This house is burning down, these walls we built are caving in
Don't give up
We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view
And a new perspective.

I can feel the hardness breaking up inside
Shattered by the tears falling from their eyes
I just wanna push beyond the boundaries
Surrender all control Cuz it's not about me
They're so sick and tired
Of our selfish lives...
They need MORE!!!

REACH OUT, we know they need us...
REACH OUT, and they're all around us...
This house is burning down, these walls we built are caving in
REACH OUT, it's a new beginning...
Don't give up, (with the love we're giving)
We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view
And a new perspective.

We need to open up our eyes
See it written on their faces...
We are running out of time
Is there no one who will SAVE THEM????

I'm reaching out.

REACH OUT! We know they need us...
REACH OUT! And they're all around us...
This house is burning down, THESE WALLS WE BUILT ARE CAVING IN!
REACH OUT! It's a new beginning...
Don't give up! (with the love we're giving)
We're standing on the ashes with a clearer view and a new perspective...

This house is burning down, these walls we built are caving in!
We're standing on the ashes
With a clearer view
A new perspective.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Real. Talk.

This year, I was in Fine Arts, and it was really fun! Today, I'm talking about the highlights of the trip. And Mispell Munday is temporarily cancelled, returning in the summer.
Well, I discovered that there are many things I'm interested in for next year. I already listed most of them, but I also want to do:

Vocal Ensemble, Small
Childrens' Lesson

A Childrens' Lesson is just like a drama, but targeted towards little kids. I don't know what mine will be about... forgiveness, maybe.

What's good? Nathan or Brian would say "Real talk" or "Legitimacy". I know, I don't get it either.

Our band was the first group in our church to perform, and we saw two bands before us. The first band was AMAZING.... it probably scared all of us, I know it freaked me out. I could not breathe the entire time they performed, but caught my breath again when I realized they were in Kappa Tau, and not Fine Arts.

The second band was a younger group, so they didn't hit all the notes in "You Are More" (yes, by Tenth Avenue North) that I was hoping.

Our group did great, though.... second place in Ohio! (note: If you're nervous, Sarah is a great person to talk to! Very optimistic! If you're upset, you wanna talk to Kayla.)

Nathan accused Maria of having the Bieber Fever... when really I'm the one that's usually accused.

Chris doesn't believe that I've had a concussion before because I said I banged my head on the wall and "could feel my brain move". Of course, saying that made Chris laugh, but it's true!

The ride home was peaceful... although I was really mad about the really bad score I got in my Book Chapter, I got over it after about a day.

And we made Nationals.

Completely legitimate. (Oops! I meant Legitimacy!)

What's good?

Real talk, REAL. TALK. Phoenix.... here we come! *So excited...*

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Compelled By God's Love

"For Christ's love compel us..."
We should be compelled by that same love
One man died for the sins of the earth
He still comforts all our hurts
We should be compelled by that love
"The wages of sin is death..."
The power of forgiveness is life
We should be compelled by God's love
Because one died for all...
And all died.
We should be compelled by love
Because one rose to life...
And we all were given new life.
Because He died for us,
We live for Him.