Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 33-39

HeyyyyyOhhhh!!!!!!! Wellp, as I call it, this year is coming to a close. It sure was fun. 2010 was a year that... basically... NO ONE will forget.

And, with that, we have less than A MONTH until Christmas! Are you going to be a Super Santa this year???? (Speaking of which... never mind I'll bring it up later.) If so, WHO, WHO, WHO'S on your list??? Your mom? Your dad? Your grandma? Grandpa? Some friends? Maybe even me?

Wellp, if I really am on that big list of yours, you need to know that there are many items that I really like this year! (Don't expect them to be the cheapest.)

  • "Play" for Her by Givenchy
  • "Dark Kiss" lipgloss---- I got the fragrance, lotion, and shower gel already for my B-Day
  • "Unlocked" (it's a book) by Karen Kingsbury
There's more.... AND, I also really like the WOW Hits CDs, and I absolutely love, love, LOVE any sort of amazing gift card from iTunes, Bath&Body Works, (And if you buy a WOW Cd, PLEASE do not buy the 2010 version--- I don't know ANY of the songs off of it. Buy the 2011 version if anything.) and Books and Company. That's my list.

Who's on MY list?? Well, not too many people to be honest, but only the friends that have either bought me something that I never did in return, or always deserved it as a simple thanks for being my friend. So you just might know who's on MY list... maybe you've found out that it's you!
So... how was your turkey day? Mine was great! It's hot in Cleveland! Okay, so, it was actually kinda cold in Cleveland, cuz you know.... it's right by Lake Erie, which is right by both Michigan AND Canada.... you get it.

This was my fourth time back in Cleveland since Missions Extreme '10... MeMoRiEs.... it was great. I went to Aunt Niecy's house and it was very fun!!! Nobody argued, everyone was happy. My Uncle Dale's chair broke and like, he fell back out of the blue and like, his legs were dangling.... it was hilarious, even though I was worried that he got hurt.

Aunt Niecy (Real name; Denise) has an African staue person in her living room, named Malarke. (Pronounced Ma-*as in Magician*-Lark-*Lark like Bark*-E.*E like Money*.) I was standing in front of it, probably laughing, and made Malarke fall on his nose, straight to the floor. "You made Malarke fall!" She said. And, I scratched her floor when Malarke injured his nose. If you wanna know more about Malarke, you just have to talk to me in person, because I gotta start talking about the prayer stuff!
These last days I have been practicing thinking before I speak. It's working, and God has told me that I can prevent arguements from happening if I'm careful what I say and do!

What's worse than waking up with a cold? Waking up with a cold on THANKSGIVING. I mean, hello, I just got my flu shot.... why now???? And what's worse than that? I got my flu shot on my birthday. But on the bright side, I don't have to catch the swine on my twelfth year!

How do I feel about being twelve now? Honestly, I feel the same, I look the same. But I smell different and my nails will look ten times more sassy and appealing. I got like, everything that smells like "Dark Kiss", and I got sparkly nail polish, gold nail polish, pink nail polish, and black nail polish. And, here's my favorite: AVON cake decorating kit!

My birthday's over. But God will make 2011 the best year for me to turn thirteen, I just know it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: Prayer Edition

Have a merry Thanksgiving and a happy Christmas! Can you believe that we only have one month until Christmas??? 2010 was a VERY fast year! Now is the time to worship God for all He has done! I am thankful that I have you reading my blog!!! You are a gift from God, because you have greatly blessed me by reading my posts! Jesus loves you!

The prayer way to celebrate this Thanksgiving is to cut back a little on the turkey and tofu. God will appreciate your self-control, you'll appreciate it, your friends will appreciate it, your family will appreciate it, and the scale will appreciate it. Your number? If you leave the house ten pounds heavier, you did a bad job. If you leave normal sized, you and your pants alike will be happy. Tell God what you are thankful for, and pray... 70 times 7!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My 334th Post AND My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

It's my birthday! I'm twelve! It's been a great birthday, being twelve, no school for Thanksgiving break, physical and a shot:(, Red Robin, and cake and presents soon to come!!!! (For nosy people, the cake is Red Velvet.)

Too bad my birthday is on a MONDAY. But, I'm enjoying it! But along with that, there's a lot of blog editing work to be done... *SiGh*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prayer Camp 26-32

Hansel & Gretel. Roller skating. Volleyball games. Shower mishaps.

Oh my gosh.... WHAT A WEEK! Monday was boring, because Monday is just Mondaine.

Oh my.... this was the WORST DAY EVER!!!! In History class, I had the weirdest headache. Like... it hurt, but it didn't hurt. It throbbed, but it didn't kill. It split, but it didn't split. So weird.

When I got home, I couldn't find my kneepads. I needed my kneepads! But after twenty minutes of searching, I realized that the kneepads weren't crawling back to me anytime soon, and just went without.

But there's a catch... I was NOT going to practice without first shaving my legs! (Don't ask....) So I ran to the bathroom to shave in time for practice, even though it was already 6 o' clock and I was late no matter what. But before I could reach for my pink razor, I had to turn on the shower. When I turned it on... I was like the 'Dumber' in "Dumb and Dumber". I turned on the shower head, while my head was right below it and....


I ran out of the bathroom. "What?" My dad asked. "Why are you wet?" And I was so furious. "Can we just go to practice now??? I'm late as it is." I said.

I went to practice, with a small bit of fury left inside, with damp hair and a wet shirt. But like they all say... the hard spikes really do get the anger out!!! It's better than gymnastics in a way, because if you're angry, you have to hold it in. In volleyball however, you can take it out on the ball. And I have friends who can help cool me down... and dry my hair!

Today was... good. Church rocked.... nothing else to say.

Spike it, girl! Thursday  Game day was fun! My serve got more points than I can count. I've improved greatly! it was our last two games, but not like we won or anything. But I have a new injury to talk about!

I was playing in front right, and the balls kept coming... TO ME!!!!!!! So exciting and fun to have the weight of the team on your shoulders, right? NO!!! One ball even came to me, dropped right by the net, and I had no choice but to spike it. I spiked, I failed, I bent my pinky back. But what was injured? My wrist. But I played on, (we ended up losing) and ended up being "player of the week", in other words, someone who showed a lot of effort.

And my cheerleading background helped a lot to cheer my team on!

Hansel! Gretel! Maria was in a play for the Kettering Childrens Theatre, and this time, her play was "Hansel & Gretel". (Hansel is a boy, but a girl played him. Gretel is a girl.) It was so interesting! I wasn't following it at first, but at the end, it all came together. First, Maria was a bearded LADY dwarf. Second, she was a bratty kid. (Most of the time she was a bratty kid--- in the play.) Then she was a hot pink-haired, black-winged fairy. She did great!!!

It would be so fun if I could do KCT! But I'm not going to because I don't want to copy her or seem clingy. but just saying, it would be so much fun to have the part of Gretel or something like that!

I spent the night at Maria's, and had a lot of fun! In fact, she should be leaving for her next showing in a couple of minutes. Pray for her and wish her great luck! Tomorrow is her last showing! And my wrist is getting better, thank God!
Pray for those who need Jesus as a savior. And my birthday is on Monday! Don't forget to visit YOUR BLOG on November 22!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Torn between two decisions.

I've always wanted to be a princess. (please don't laugh!)
I've always wanted to be a Fine Arts legend.

I saw Fine Arts (state) and was like, "Man, I'm sooo gonna do this and am soooo going to nationals in Phoenix next year!" Yeah. I'm craaazy upset now, and now I am torn between my two dreams.

There's a next year for Fine Arts, and there WILL be until my last year of high school, and that's a way to go. However, there is no next year to be the princess of my county and get to do this:

Greene County Fair Royalty 2010.jpg
Hello---- they get to ride in the back of a PICKUP truck!!! No way!!!!

This is why I must compete next year to win the title. Not just for me, but for everyone of my ethnicity. From what I've seen, there has not been many African-American 4-H queens and princesses. If I do this, I will be so glad that I did it, even if I lose. (But that would be sooo devastating, since I'm already practicing my interview questions and posture.) And hello--- Pickup truck!!! And I get to wave like a queen!!!

So, this might leave you wondering.... WHY CAN'T I JUST DO BOTH??? If I do amazing in Fine Arts in April, I get to go to nationals in Phoenix. On August 1st through to the 5th. If I win the title of princess on July 27th next year, though, I have to be at the fair every day until August 7th. I will have to completely skip Fine Arts.

I have a passion for BOTH, though. It would break my heart to hear that my friends had a great time competed and hearing a sermon, but it would also hurt my self-esteem if there was a princess--- a princess that wasn't me.

So where am I standing??? My choice so far is the royalty competition, but tell me what you think.

I guess I'll pray, God knows best.

"What would YOU do???"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 22-25

This blog has come a long way. Just think: how many people have you and I inspired to start blogging??? Maybe a few. But the thought of simple weekly questions, posts, and five chapter long stories switched to Bible Challenges, articles to help you fully understand how important grammar is, to extended stories.

It seems like every single thing I've wanted is impossible, except for writing. Writing makes me feel like everything is possible. So I keep blogging. Keep typing. And that Neutrogena face wash??? Found it!!!

As you've noticed, we have a song of the week. It's called "Love Out Loud" and it's by Jaci Velasquez. It's a lot like Natalie Grant's "Human", but it's much more entertaining. I usually like Natalie Grant's music, but I really don't like her new CD, Love Revolution. It sounds too much like she's trying to sound "in", and not like the Natalie I enjoyed hearing when she was "relentless".

Love Out Loud (2008 cover) is saying that just like we need to be "human", we need to love each other, not silently, but OUT LOUD. We have to do better than what we're doing, because the pain in this world won't ever change if we save love for another day. This is the time for us to see the vision. Now is the time to break the silence and:

1) love out loud, let your loving be your voice
2) love out loud, together we can make some noise
3) love out loud, without fear
4) sing a song and let the whole world hear.

We need to be His hands, be His feet, be the people we were called to be. Take His love to the streets, and don't keep it to yourself.

That's all I can say. This is why we have talents. This is why you're a pageant queen and I'm the first runner-up. This is why you're the football quarterback and I'm a basketball cheerleader. Why you're a pastor and I'm a blogger. To spread the word. Pray for those around you, that they may find God. It's all a treat. It's not a trick. Love out loud.

(buy "love out loud" from iTunes today!)

Friday, November 12, 2010



I wonder... Do you know Him???

Okay, so maybe I didn't make that up, but there's a pickup truck that I've passed on the street twice that says that, and it's cool. MASH is a good lesson for today, since yesterday was Veterans Day and all.

I wrote this post to honor my peeps! I'm a military brat, and what's better than to blog for your dad!

Thank you to the veterans who love our country!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 19-21

Of all I've given up, I have to give up my absolute FAVORITE band. Paramore.

I was talking to my friend in the car about how much I despise Skillet, (never turns out well because she LOVES Skillet) and then I brought up how much I LOVE Paramore.)

"Aw, you know 'CrushCrushCrush' is about *stuff* right?" (if you feel me, you know what that particular "stuff" is.) Turns out, my mom was in the car. Turns out, "CrushCrushCrush" is my favorite song. "You are NOT to download ANY MORE of their songs, Hope!"  Said Mom. I was like... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(okay, so we pretty much know who this was, now.)

I LOVE PARAMORE! And thanks, Becca, now I can't download any of their songs! But despite how upset I was at the moment, I am not mad at you. It's just that I can't live without my Paramore.

^^^That's Paramore right up there^^^

So yeah. That's what I get, LoL! What is some of their song lyrics?

Go get your shovel!
And we'll dig a deep hole!
To bury the castle,
Bury the castle!
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da!!!

Nothing compares to
A quiet evening alone
Just the one,two
I was just counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than
This now!

That's what you get when you let your heart win,
Whoa oh whoa oh oh
That's what you get when you let your heart win,
Whoa oh oh oh
I drowned out all my sense with
The sound of it's beating
Whoa oh whoa oh oh.

How did we get here? I used to know you so well
How did we get here?
Well I think I know oh oh oh
I think I know!
Yeah, I can't listen to Paramore. Or T.I. (no wonder.... but he prevented someone from jumping off a building!) Or Alicia Keys. Or Rihanna. But, I can still listen to EVERY SINGLE SONG right here, on YOUR BLOG! And I can still listen to my OnErEpUbLiC<3!

I guess that our God must really be for us, because He gave me parents that love me... parents that will do anything for me, even though they sometimes make me pull my hair out. (Dude, there should like, totally be a "7 Things" song for parents!)

You know, it's awesome that no matter how far we go away from God, he's always one prayer away. It's sad that He does everything for us and is right there when we call, but when He tells us something as simple as where to go, He's like the GPS.

Here's how the GPS works: My parents are on a way to a.... WEDDING RECEPTION. They have our totally NOT updated GPS with them. "Turn-right. Take-exit-right."

First thing my mom does: "HONEY, IS THIS THE RIGHT EXIT???"



(ME) "Just TURN, Mom!"

She quickly moves over, just in time to turn. But we show up to the reception... late.

That's how we are. God is trying to tell us, "This is where to go. Come on, this is your opportunity!" While we are looking and saying, "Is this it??? Is this right for me?" God is saying, "Yes! It is! Can't you trust me?" While we're still doubting, saying, "But I know that the Olympics are best for me, maybe I shouldn't join the Air Force." But God is saying, "Do it NOW! Stop stalling! You were meant to fufill a purpose, so what are you doing now?"

And just like that, we miss out on what God wanted us to do. We show up late, and by the time we realize that God was calling us to go somewhere, we can't do anything about it, yet when we could have, we turned our backs from Him. Listen. Do you hear your calling? Are you ignoring it?

When I was five years old, going on six, I watched the 2004 Olympics. LOVED gymnastics. When I was seven, going on eight, I watched the '06 Olympics. Loved figure skating. I was obsessed. There's something about figure skaters that makes them beautiful, male or female, whether they're pretty or not. They always look confident. Somehow, I feel like I missed out on figure skating. So I'm trying not to miss out on anything I feel I want to do.

What's next? Acrobatics in a pair. Me and a guy. Acro is just like cheerleading, but the stunts are more life-threatening, but the tumbling is pretty much the same. So it's cheerleading... for the circus and World Champs.

If you want to pray with me, feel free! I have not been tempted lately, thank God!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 12-18

I'm back y'all! I've got great news! I can blog from my iPod now! So wherever there's WiFi, there's a new post!

The focus of my prayers??? That I'd be careful in all I say and do. But today??? Hectic.

Fridays alone are busy. Two birthday parties. One day. Two girls named Autumn. Exact same party times. So what's a girl to do... When she'd like to be at BOTH parties???

I showed up to the older Autumn's party first, which was at the mall in Fairborn. There was a scavenger hunt and we ate at Spinoza's. I missed cake and presents, but it was fun being with all my church friends.

Second, I went to the YOUNGER Autumn's party. It was way out of our way, in Centerville, at a suite hotel. That was SO fun!


However, I nearly lost my purse at Autumn M's party. And I did lose my NEW Neutrogena wash. It was good while it lasted. Prayer camp is going well, but my lips hurt so bad. I need lipgloss! So help me, God!