Friday, June 10, 2011

Endless Possibilities...

Ahh... summer. You're back, just in time.

Summer arrived a little too quickly, this year. I barely have raised any money for my NFAF trip, but I'm working on it. My friend Natalie (our band's lead singer's sister) is raising money to go to Missions Extreme by selling pies. I have my own special pie recipe... any competition, Natalie? Just kidding, I've got leftover duct tape items to sell.

Well, along with summer comes some rowdy reviews. I agreed to review "The Seraph Seal" from Tommy Nelson, and gosh... like, 600 or more pages to read. Oh well, because it's a very interesting book. Then, I am reviewing "Praying For Your Future Husband" from Multnomah. Exciting, because:

  1. I received the last available copy, so I will be the last blogger reviewing that book.
  2. Robin Jones Gunn co-wrote it--- she is the author of Departures!
  3. I started reading and it's far from boring!
Plus, I will be posting some of my blogging secrets! But before that, I need to reach 30 followers! I'll still do it if I don't, but that's my goal. I got two followers in the past week, Leah (my friend from before I was five) and Monsmons (I know her from Gymnastics IS Life!) !

Be sure to visit GIL because we're keeping up with two very interesting asthletes--- Bruce and Kendall Jenner!

My blogging bestie CoCo is having her follower appreciation week! Sweet of her, because I'm her follower! PLEASE, go give Coco more followers and follow her! She has a great blog.

Oh, life.

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