Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Question!

Why do you think people are obsessed with celebrities and what do you think of when people call them "stars"?

I'M preschool teacher of the month!

Earlier this week, when I got my Church babysitting schedule in the mail, I saw the best thing ever. It was the third best thing that ever happened to me! I was preschool teacher of the month for June! Awesome way to start summer! So what do you plan on doing this summer? I have Honor Star crowning, Stars and Friends retreat, Missions Extreme camp, and a book to write. The rest of the summer is just gymnastics. Yeah, sadly i'm not taking summer off because I might lose my flexibility, plus, I could get my back walkover faster... and maybe back handspring! I'm not afraid to go for it, I mean, all that's to it is throwing yourself backwards... i'm sorry. That was a HUGE lie. I'm super afraid when it comes to those. Everyone in class is. (except one girl, who can actually do it) But I promised myself to do it soon, so summer class WILL pay off. BTW i'm not going on vacation this year either.

Friday, May 29, 2009

WOW! An iPod??? For me???

Ok, it's a mix pod. They have digital iPod touches and all too, but all those apps... I mean, i'm not here to attract you to the playlist! Now, under any post, you can request songs! I just know someone wanted those two songs I had!


Finally i've uploaded a pic of myslef! It's kinda old and I think I was around eight or nine when I took that pic but I like it!

Honor Star!

Remember when I wondered if i'd become an honor star? Well the name says it all! I passed the test! Got shoes, a dress, next: glam! Makeup, jewlery, hair, and beyond. I can't wait! Well I just got back from my first OFFICIAL day in Level 4. I luv it! It's an hour and a half, but it feels MUCH longer! Now, I feel like I might as well LIVE at the YMCA. I was there Tuesday, Thursday, today, then I gotta be there again 2maro. And I thought I was sore today, imagine how i'll feel tomorrow. There is three other girls in my class with the same height, so I don't feel like the tallest---or the oldest---girl in class. There is only, like, what? Three boys in all the levels put together? Yeah I feel so bad for them. In my level i'm working on back walkovers, pirouettes, and back handsprings. How hard can that be? My goal is to have ALL my evaluations, be in level 5, by the year my older sister graduates. Next year she'll be a sophomore in High School, so i've got a loooooooong time to go before I need to have those skills. This level is tougher, no kidding. My coach even said if we can't hang with the level 4s (that means, no crying for no reason at all, (that would be Maya #3 and Emily #2) paying attention in class, and all that "mature" stuff) then she'll move us DOWN. I know I CAN stay with Level 4. I don't have any problems like that. That makes me feel good to know that if I get moved, i'm going UP!
Peace to all,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just got back from Level 4!

Today was my second day in Level 4 gymnastics. Today was really just conditioning, and she (my coach) worked us super hard. From lifting weights to squating while trying to balance a excercise ball on your head (holding it, of course!), we did it all. Speaking of heads, my coach's daughter got a concussion trying to get food on the counter and fell on her head. (did I mention she's 6 and in 1st grade?) Then, like, a couple hours later, she went BLIND. She was screaming and crying and said, "I can't see!" Then my coach said, "how many fingers am i holding?" Then Kaylah felt her fingers. And my coach was like, "was this because of your fall?" and she was like, "what fall?" So she took her to the hospital... (had to edit this version) It took 45 minutes to see a doctor... so Kaylah's mom (miss Angie) was told if she threw up in 24 hours, she needed to come back. She threw up at school... she came back... all I can say. I'm sure my coach doesn't want u guys to know ALL the info I was told, so that's it. Kaylah is all better now! And I have gymnastics 2maro, and the day after that, BOTH hour and a half classes. Luck to me!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Segments!

Did you see The Green Newspaper? Do you luv it or no? Tell your friends, tell everyone! A great way to save green, and save green!* Then, soon, i'm making ANOTHER "My Blog Pod" Only YOU tell ME the songs you want! Under any post, write the song you want, just let me know it's about "your blog pod" and when on the blog, make sure to pause ONE playlist, is desired to listen to the other. I don't have the new playlist, but I will!

*saving trees and money

With Apologies

if u recently heard 2 playlists playing while reading the blog, I must say sorry. Thanks to Your Blog reader Megan for letting me know! Megan---and everyone else---I hope u like the new UN-annoying playlist!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey waz up? I just got home from my friend's 11th b-day party sleepover. I can feel the Zs coming on. YAAAAAAAAWN. I seriously DID yawn you know. We stayed up 'til 6:30 in the AM. Everyone was like, freaking out about going outside, because we were sleeping in her camper, and behind her camper, there's this super creepy greenhouse, and this man lives in it, it's full of trees, but NOTHING GROWS IN THERE. And like, every night someones sleeping out there, he SHAKES the fence, waves his flashlight, and says in this creepy voice, "hey guys." And I was sleeping on the side where he does it, and I like, almost cried, because people tried to scare us, and yeah. The weird thing? He ALWAYS does it when her sister, (an adult) goes inside to get pillows, or if he knows she's asleep. And I was freaking out, like, I really wanted to LEAVE I was so scared. And then, she decided to be the crazy girl she is, and say, "Hope, wanna jump on the trampoline?" And I was like, "M, (not saying full name for internet protection) are you crazy? NO!" She kept on asking me for some tissues, because she thinks she might have allergies, and so do I. I might have allergies. Then she wanted me to actually go inside with her to get medicine for her throat. Then, the next day, today, we were staring at the greenhouse, and, WE SAW SOMETHING. Not kidding! We could see blond hair, and a quarter of the "hey guys" guy's head, and he was trying to be super still. But it moved. You don't even want to know about the scary stories Laure (not saying full name) told us. Her college is haunted, and she told us about this hermit guy. SCAAAARY. It was super fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

All I Want

K, promised myself i'd talk about this.

I have many things. Got a playlist, 8 followers, many comments, 2 and a half books, cool template, blog list, polls, but you know what I really want? AN AWARD! For some reason, I get compliments, and all that stuff, but NO AWARD! Sorry if this sounds forceful, but, COME ON!

Followed by "All I Want", "weekly question"

I haven't done this in a while.

As you know, I have a huge test comin' up, and i'm nervous. Got any advice? And quick?

Honor Star?

Hey, couple announcements. On the JAM blog on my blog list, there's a pic of the DASH-E kids. I'm in the middle! Yeah, that's me, dark brown hair, glossy lipgloss... and BLAH BLAH BLAH. dash went well, we helped the environment and had fun at one of my fav parks that I will always remember, since that first day, in 4th grade. But I need to say that I have an Honor Star test coming up, and i'm so scared! What if I get nervous? I think i'll pass though. I didn't write what an Honor Star is because most of you know what an Honor Star is and many of you have even been an Honor before. If you don't know, ask. Kris Allen won American Idol! I'm so happy! Even though he shouldn't win because of Christianity, which most voted for that reason, I just know it, but think, it may be about talent, but it's ALSO about what America want's that matters most, whether religion or not. Who agrees?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In my History class, I read a book called The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and it wasn't HALF as boring as I thought! Sure, I zoned out a little, but who cares? I still got a LOT of info on her. I dyed my hair! It's temp though so it'll be out, by like, the end of the week. It's pink highlights and all! So anyways, the book was really good, so get out and read it! Also read other books. Just because summer is coming, does that really mean you have to stop reading? I like to read, it just depends on what i'm reading, so usually I don't finish the book, that's why when someone asks if I like reading, I say flat out no, because it is rare that i'll find a good book that I can continue with, and I usually read for school, and especially in the summer. Right now i'm reading Where's Nancy? A Nancy Drew super mystery. It's around nine and the sun is still out. I just can't wait to move up in gym. levels! I'll be a Level 4, and the next set of skills is a back handspring, pirouette, front tuck (that's a flip), back walkover, and headstand. What I can do out of those is a front tuck and I used to be able to do a pirouette, but I sprained my knee on Christmas Eve, and of course I didn't go back for two weeks, so I can't do it anymore.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Frequently asked questions asked by christians

Early christian or not, questions are always asked. Here is the Qs and As.

If God created the world, who created God?
I know it seems just unimaginable thinking of "forever" but God always has been, and always will be. No one created him.

If Jesus died, why couldn't any other person die?
If someone who already sinned died, they'd atone their own sins, but still go to Hell.

Why do some people worship Mary?
They think because Jesus was Holy, therefore, Mary was probably holy too, therefore, Mary was not holy. She was not equal.

If my sins aren't forgiven if I don't forgive others, can I still go to Heaven?
Of course! It won't keep you from goin' up there.

One more thing. If I never repent, can I go to Heaven?
Okay, you MUST repent at least ONCE to go to Heaven if you're talking about accepting him as saviour.

Totally tagged,/ now iTag...

I am: Happy
I think: About Anything and everything There is to think about.
I know: I am a bit wierd but IDC
I have: 2 siblings, 2 sisters.
I hate: Satan, sin, violence, and anti-fashion.
I wish: I was a really amazing gymnast
I miss: my friends at cheerleading, including my coach, the Bowmans, seeing my friend Ciara.
I feel: kinda bored.
I hear: My dad talking.
I smell: not really anything. Dinner, I guess?
I crave: CAKE. As always.
I search: For a book for my History assignment due next week.
I wonder: If my friends are really my friends.
I regret: not dancing with my dad at weddings I've been to.
I love: everything.
I am Not: a shy person
i believe in: Jesus, fashion, and being nice.
I dance: all the time, in my room to music.
I sing: not like bursting into music like in musicals, I just sing on an average..
I cry: average, a lot when i'm stressed.
I don't always: say nice things. It happens on accident--- I don't even try!
I fight: a lot with my sister.
Iwin: rarly cause my friends (including Maria) usually won't give up, even if I AM right.
I lose: not too much, but very often, usually practicing arabesques on the beam against a friend.
I never: say no to a friend who needs to talk, no matter what hour.
I always: try to keep my peeps from feeling left out, whether a friend or not.
I confuse: many, many people.
I listen: To my pastor talk, and music, and all my coaches.
I can useually be found: reading a magazine or AVON brochure.
I need: STEAK!!!!
I'm happy when: I do something better than some of my friends, because they're usually better than me.
I imagine: What heaven is like and being a famous actress, possibly even Olympic gymnast.
Ok now I tag:Drew from Drew's Blog, Maria from THE BEST BLOG EVER, Leah from Candygirl and I think that's it, unless you wanna do it, then I tag you too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sarina And The Prom chapter 2

Sarina was finally let out of the hospital, King Derek and Queen Alyssa were already planning the funeral. To Sarina, it seemed like all they did was cry and look at baby pictures of David. David's first pacifier, first time walking, first birthday, first cake, naked baby pictures, even recent pictures. It had seemed as if all they cared about now was David, David, David. Sarina wasn't even in the picture anymore. Literally. A week before prom they took him for a family portrait. Sarina could remember what she was thinking. Oh, just forget about me! They made her so mad, she thought about breaking into the school and living under a desk. Once, in the first grade, they had thought about homeschooling her all the way through school, and take college online to protect her, but that would be no fun. So what if she was just 30 seconds younger? Oh big deal? NOT! Her mom wouldn't stop making phone calls about the horrible news, and her dad even made an announcement at the "hexagon" about it. They needed to do something about this! Sarina however didn't really care though, I mean, he was pretty annoying. And at least she could say she survived? And they didn't even care that her beautiful, baby blue, shimmering, puffy dress was ripped. Who didn't care? Besides, they still had 1 kid that survived the horrible accident when they bumped into the pine tree on the highway.
It was finally the day of her brother's funeral. It was a hot, sunny summer day outside and Sarina really wanted to go the beach with her friends. They had planned on renting a beach house right on the shore. It would be pink, four stories plus a basement, and had a pool in the back. But Sarina had more important things to do. Important things to say. Finally, Sarina gathered all her courage and went to the podeum, in front of 500 people... AND SPOKE! But after the third sentence she froze. "uhhhh... ummmm... he was a very... nice person? Um and he always was very nice and stuff and had a lot of friends. He wasn't ever nervous, and didn't seem afraid, of anything. He didn't care if he was in style or not, and followed no trends but his own. And, uh, that's it." She could tell it was her worst speech, ever. But it wasn't like David HEARD her, so still, she didn't care.
When Sarina arrived at school Monday, everyone seemed to just pass her by. They'd glance at her for a second and walk away. Finally, her best friend, Haylie, walked up. Haylie was a talented senior who was an expert at math, science, and baseball. But for some reason, she was always made fun of. Other seniors and juniors would call her 'sumo', 'red weirdo', 'geek', and even 'boy in a girl's body'. Sarina just didn't get it! Sarina knew deep down though that it was her fault. When Haylie had told her she was ten pounds overweight, Sarina had accidentally told the most popular---and most cruel---girl at school. She was emailing tips to Haylie, and sent it to Maura, her former friend. Now everyone made fun of her and drew pictures of her as a fat sumo wrestler and showed it to her! Haylie wouldn't stop crying herself to sleep for a month, and even started believing them! She had become anorexic, and wouldn't eat for six months. Sarina felt bad knowing it was her fault. Then the red weirdo happened when she decided to dye a few streaks red, and dyed her whole head! People even made fun of her talents. Now she only had one friend she could trust, and that was Sarina. "So I heard about the bad news" Haylie said. Sarina sighed. "yeah." Before she could say something else, the bells rang. They both had to go.
But now it was evening, and Sarina was home alone. What if the whole country was in trouble?


Well, I got tagged, but I need to say something else before I type that.
...and the OMGs go on and on...
But OMG! Yeah, i'm moving up... THIS MONTH! OMG!
Feel free to email me at about what ya think or just post a comment!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Drama Queen series book 3: Sarina And The Prom chapter 1

At Drama Towne High School, it was spring. That meant, fundraisers, sport tryouts, spring break and more. But in May, it was something more important for 11th and 12th graders. Prom time. Girls would start shopping for a dress, and boys would start shopping for tuxes. But for one girl, prom night would change her life--- forever. Sarina DioGara was a Junior in high school. She was the king's daughter. Everything seemed to go right when she got the perfect date, the perfect dress, and was elected Prom Queen. But from there, things traveled downward. "I can't go to prom" said Sarina's date. "But you have to! It's tomorrow!" She protested. "I'm sorry, I can't go. My grandmother is in the hospital and we're visiting her." "Oh." she said. "Well then bye!" she said. "But sar---" But then she hung up. Then an hour later Sarina was told coffee was spilled on her dress and she would have to wear her mom's. Sarina coughed as she opened the 20 year old box. The dress was pretty, compared to the other expensive dresses, so she decided to wear it. Then, the next day Sarina was told that all the limousines in town were booked, but she'd have a good enough car.
By now, it was prom night, and Sarina was in the spotlight. With her twin brother as a date, they walked to the door--- only to find out no car was there. 10 minutes went by, then 30 minutes, then an hour. Finally a car honked. The car was not a BIT descent. The side view mirrors fell off, and Sarina wasn't feeling comfortable about going. But she went.
After 10 minutes in the car, she heard something. Gunshots. Gunshots shooting everyone in view. Sarina told the driver and her brother to duck. But they didn't believe her. So she ducked anyways, by herself, not knowing what to say. She knew she might as well say goodbye to the world now, so she did. Sarina couldn't help but be scared. She had all the faith in the world, promising her life. But little did she know about the other two. Would her brother go to Heaven or Hell? Where would the driver go? She ducked again, before becoming unconcscious.
When Sarina woke up, she thought she was living in a horror movie. But it was real. Her brother died, the driver died, leaving only her alive. She wanted to cry, with pain and sadness. She had been shot in her right arm and in both legs. She stayed in the car, waiting for someone to show up. Sarina dialed 911 and luckily was taken out of the car, not being thought of as a suspect. She didn't believe in suicide, so why would she shoot herself? Sarina was taken to a nearby hospital for nearly a week with severe bruises. Sarina wondered, was prom night the last night to see her brother? Would she see him again someday in Heaven?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Results, results

Well, I didn't get gold, although I did go for it, and guess what I got? 2nd place on floor and 3rd place on beam! I placed in all my events! I'll show you my trophies later--- I even beat the BEST gymnast in the gym!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Awesome playlist!

Guys i'm so sorry about a lot of things. I'm especially sorry about not doing the weekly question, but you know about my gymnastics training, so no worry. Did ya hear my playlist? Don't ya love it? It totally matches the color of my blog--- PINK!

Routines keeping me from you

Sorry for not posting in a while! I've been busy with my routines and the church garage sale, so I forgot about my blog. My performance is TOMORROW! I'm so scared! I don't even think i'm ready! AHHHHHHH! Please, please help me not to be nervous! It's my first meet since January! And this meet--- could be my ONLY chance to move up in levels this year. I want to move up--- it's about time. i've been in this level for eight months now. I used to be in the highest level, but I got moved down. I'll be back up! To move up to the next level I must be able to do a front limber, CHECK! For level 5, I must be able to do a back handspring. Well... i'm working on it! I'm so excited, but not really. Whenever I think of my imperfections, I get this, I don't know, queezy feeling in my stomach. I don't have stage fright THAT bad to when i'll puke (so unfabulous) so what do I have to worry about? Well i'll tell you what I have to worry about. Deductions. Injuries. At the last meet I was almost undefeated, and am still on my tippy toes (remaining on top.) Well Monday, the brand new book Sarina And The Prom is coming out. Just for viewer awareness (DREW) the book will NOT be violent! It will be PG and lower. OMG I sprained my nail today. No, I didn't break it, I sprained it. After getting a beautiful manicure, it goes down the drain. I hate my long, pretty nails! OMG I got a new leotard and all I can say is PATRIOTIC! It's none other than the colors of the american flag! Plus, it's metallic spandex, so you can almost see it. No, it does not LOOK like the american flag, but similar enough to be compared. I already planned my makeup, a little bit of eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, maybe some moisturizer, and lipgloss, my FAV part! Well me and my sis were watching Prince Caspian on the DVD player, so I gotta go and see my husbands Caspian, Peter, and Edmund! Well i'm not married to them all at once, but i've been married to them one at a time.