Monday, April 27, 2009

UPDATED best hair list and more!

I have heard complaints that Brian Eifert shouldn't be on the list, so,
1. Taking the lead still, Drew Poole
2. Matt Poffenberger
3. Robbie Evans

Like it NOW???

A sneak peek at the latest Drama Queen book to be published soon, Sarina And The Prom!

Sarina is an eleventh grader at her school. She plans on going to her Junior Prom, but everything is going wrong! The limousine company is booked, (even the royal limousine!) Sarina can't find a dress that fits her budget, the old prom dress from her mom rips, the beat down truck runs an hour late,leaving Sarina as the crappiest princess ever. But when she thinks prom night can't get worse from the fact she has to go with her brother, a horrible shooting happens.

Book publishing in May!


  1. Ha Hope im still in the lead but your storries are getting very violent!!!!

  2. Oh and hope check out my new blog layout its AWSOME!!!!!

  3. i saw the layout. cool! i'm changing my template too, its gonna be cutest blog on the block! its a bit girly, but oh well. And first u said the stories were cheesy, and now violent? i take that offensive.

  4. OH sorry if i came on the offincive but "A horrible shooting?!" but like the new look!!!!

  5. the shooting won't have details, don't worry.

  6. Hey Hope are you going to make one for girls??? If so what number am i??
    Love much,


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