Saturday, June 25, 2011

June's Perfect Ending

Ah... I used to think that my life is boring, but I think it's anything but! My life has always been fun, but it's getting more interesting day after day.

Yesterday was the TATTOO festival, which is like a one-day fair on WPAFB. My family has made it a tradition to go, and we've been going since we've lived in this area. I didn't go last year because I was at camp and I didn't go the year before that either.

This year I expected TATTOO to be very boring because I always sit in the car with my parents, listen to the bands, and wait for the fireworks ("Baby you're a FIIIIIIREWORK!"). This year, me and my siblings got a blanket and sat on the lawn instead.

I suddenly heard voices approaching our blanket from behind. At first, I thought it was someone I strongly dislike (*COUGH* hate *COUGH*), but no--- it was my friends Brittany and Baileigh, and their aunt, Mrs. Amy!

So, Baileigh spent the [approximately] five hours with me and my sisters and it was so much fun! Cartwheeling, somewhat-frisbee-ing, talking (duh!), reading while daylight was still there, eating, eating some more, and watching the FIIIIIIREWORKS!! There's more I can add.

After having to convince our parents, they let me and my sisters spend the night at Brit and Bai's house. It was... we are some pretty interesting kids.

A few rounds of me singing and playing bass on "Rock Band"...

(I was a little pitchy singing ^^^THAT SONG^^^ this morning because, well, it was morning!)

Believe it or not, we played with flash cards. Our arithmetic (yes, all of us) sucks badly. Probably just because it was midnight, we had walked back to the Base housing after five hours at the festival, and we were so tired that we got 5 x 5 wrong. Okay, I'm the only one that got that wrong for embarrassing reasons.

And one weird thing is that I kept waking up in the middle of the night. Well, Baileigh had a really repetitive radio station on the radio, and every time I woke up "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele was on. Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj kept getting overplayed, too.

And back to the "Rock Band" thing: Okay, so if you get a woman who can play clarinet and a man who is a semi-pro on bass, their youngest daughter sings??? It makes no sense. I was born with rhythm, a voice, and the ability to learn songs on bass and piano by ear. That's it. However, when it comes to pressing buttons on "Rock Band", I have to do Easy mode (believe it or not, that's difficult for me, too). How is it that my dad plays bass all the time and I can't even play a video game??? Well, if there's one thing I'm good at on "Rock Band", it's the vocals. I can do Expert mode on that.

And one reason guitar and bass are really hard for me could be that I'm usually on the right side of the screen, so the buttons I see on there are in reverse on the actual guitar. And it's hard for me to control the guitar with the whole Lefty Mode thing, and when you'd normally go down while finding a character, I'd have to strum up to go down or vice versa. Yeah.

ANYWAY! Do you know how off-topic I've gotten? I was SUPPOSED to be blogging about today's bikeride. I guess I'll have to save that for another day...

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