Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hallelujah! Arizona, BABY!!!!

The title says it all.

There's good and bad news, but my family is mad at me because they think I'm taking the bad news too seriously.

Great News
Honey, have I got some news for you! Our band performed yesterday, and we did great. My stage presence? eh, not very good. But, we all sounded great.

Today, we got called back. I was just doing nothing when Nathan came and was like, "We got called back"! I was like, "YEAHHHHH!!!!!" And that's where I tackle Kayla with a hug and my Cracker Barrel bag tears that happens to have all my extra stuff in it.

So, in the end, we competed for Merit, and didn't get it, but we came close enough, and we made it to Nationals! Congrats, Mariah, Josh, Nathan, Brian, Chris, and Mark! We really rocked out there! Wasn't it fun?

Bad News
Well... this news really isn't all that bad, but remember my problem I mentioned in my post "Perfect"? Well, my Book Chapter got a 27 (eww... horrible) and my singing got a 31, which really isn't all that bad.

But, to me, it was. I hate---absolutely HATE---ruining things. The judges said that my story was a little short on the Word Count, and I was really upset about that, but there's next year... which next year, I'm not writing a story or chapter.

Here's the things I wanna do next year:

Female Vocal Solo, Junior (I might perform "Back At my Heart" by Natalie Grant)
Photography, Traditional
Christian Band
Worship Team

It's obvious. I really want to get a huge chance at Nationals next year! Want a preview of my music for next year?

Female Vocal Solo, Junior

Our band could totally rock this song. Christian Band.

If we could somehow mix these songs together. Worship Team.

I have a few dreams for next year. But for this year, we're headed to Arizona! And it's actually quite good that I didn't make Nationals in my solo singing and writing, because it taught me what to do next year and how to select the song in a better way. It also taught me that even though there might be a tiny mistake, it still can be noticed, and it needs to be corrected.

I was very upset about the solo results, though, not on the judges' part, but on my part. Yes, my Book Chapter could've been ten times better, so I'm not writing one next year. Instead, I'm doing a poem. Yes, my song could have been better, even though my voice sounded good, I still have a long way to go in music ministry.

What is Fine Arts to you? Competition? Is it performing for an audience? Or performing for God? Don't tell me, ask yourself...

Is Christ's love compelling YOU???

Friday, April 29, 2011

Posting From Columbus

Hey all my people! It seems like I've been blogging about Fine Arts for forever and a day now, and now it is the day of our evalutaions.

I got evaluated very early in the day, so I watched a whole bunch of human videos and solos and such.

I've got my stuff planned for next year!



The months of practice.... now it is the difference between them coming to an end or continuing. If we make Nationals, we may continue to practice. If we don't make it, it is what it is. Okay?

Fine Arts is today and I am so nervous. Pray for me and all my friends and roommates and the band and the human video and the drama and everything!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sick At Fine Arts

Okay... so I was sick at the showcase, and now it's worse. Sick at the festival.

Two very important things are happening tomorrow: The royal wedding at Westminster Abbey and the Fine Arts Festival.

Shout out to Prince William and Kate: Did you HAVE to plan your wedding on the same day as Fine Arts? I could honestly care less about both your marriage and the wedding, (sorry... that was kinda mean) but I really want to see Kate's dress. And William, I heard you don't want to wear a wedding ring. That's your personal preference, but if I were Kate, I'd be a little bit offended by that. What bad can a ring do by wearing it?

Anyway. Fine Arts is tomorrow. It was bad enough being sick yesterday, because I performed

Worse than I was hoping. Today, my nose is less stuffy, (the main thing that was holding me back) but now my throat is scratchy and I can't stop coughing. Bad... I can't damage my throat today....

FINE ARTS IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick At The Showcase

Okay... You're probably thinking that it's not very good to be sick on the day of another Fine Arts Showcase and you're singing, huh? Well, that's how it has to be.

I think I got my cold because Charity made a cake on Easter when she was sick (So smart, huh? Thanks, Charity) and she ate some of the leftover cherry filling, double-dipping and all, without telling ANYONE. So I went and ate some cherry filling, and she's like, "Hey, you know I ate some of that, right?" And I'm like, "NO! You didn't tell me!"

So now here I am, at a computer, with a gunky nose, and a mucussy throat. Yesterday and the day before that, I had a headache. Band practice yesterday didn't really help, either. You know... bouncy bass, loud drums... Yeah. (Or Faith landing on my neck during Human Video Practice but that's for another time.)

Mariah was at practice yesterday (during the last thirty minutes), so I got to be a backup singer again! Yay! However, we were missing Mark, but we've learned to perform when he's not there.

Then, I might as well tell you, Faith landed on my head at Human Video Practice. Kalie had to leave early, and since I was there anyway from my earlier practice, they were like, "Hope! We need you to be Kalie!" So I slipped in and slipped out on some parts, and my first part was being like a stair step, and Faith had to step on me. Well, I'm five-foot-eight (or by this time, 5'9") and she was like, "Hope! You're way too high! Get lower!" so when I got lower, she already was on me and she fell face down my neck. OUCH.

I'd say more but I ahve school to do.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Ugh... one thing I hate about myself is that I always set up impossible standards for myself, which really sucks when I don't succeed and makes me feel horrible about myself. It just makes me so angry and makes me want to:

Pull my hair out + Cry + Throw random things around + Not literally kill somebody + Bury my head in my hands + Hide myself away for days + Sometimes put myself in hiding for weeks (never happened yet) + Eat excessive amounts of food + Do nothing forever = One messed up kid.

Do the math.... I have always had a problem with wanting to be perfect.

I brought this up for Fine Arts this week, and probably should be prepared for disappointment. Not in my band--- no way! But in my solo entries.

My title for my story, Love Out Loud, was in 72 point font, but everything else was 12 point. The rules said 12 point, but what if.... what if that includes my title? If they count that, there is no way I'm making Nationals. But that's okay, I know someone who made the same mistake...

For my solo, they split up the Juniors (Middle School Students) and the Seniors. (High School Students.) That's great, because that increases my chance of making Nationals. BUT, I judged myself, (There again, I'm too critical. I'm a perfectionist...) and I only gave myself 32 points. I didn't violate any rules, but I just need to work in some areas. If you're singing this year and you're nervous, you should try working on this... I'm sure many other seventh grade singers have these exact same problems:

  • Display of vocal range (And displaying it good)
  • Communicative skill
  • Expressiveness
  • Stage presence (My favorite... NOT)
  • Articulation
  • Breathing (My second favorite... NOT)
  • Phrasing (Used to be one of my biggest problems)
  • Tone quality (is harder than you think)
I'm working on it, and hopefully, we both do good! And hopefully, we both make Nationals!

And remember... Nobody's perfect. I'm still working on knowing that, and we all wanna be perfect in one way or another. But if you accept that failure exists everywhere, you'll accept it ten times better than I normally do. =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secular To Gospel: Inspirational Day!

Ugh... today was yet ANOTHER additional band practice, and like, randomly in the middle of it, my throat started hurting and got all scratchy. It didn't affect (Affect? Effect?) my voice, but it sure was a little annoying.  (I'm actually coughing right now if you want details.)

Today was my dad's knee surgery and I spent the night at Maria's. You might've seen that from last night's post saying that I didn't pre-view "Decode" because Maria wanted me to speed up.

ANYWAY! I'm getting way off subject and by the time I'm back on, I won't have space for our music week! So yeah, my dad had surgery and is sleeping (at home, not in a hospital!) right now. He has some weird ice machine for his knee and the doctors said his knee is doing better! So that's good!
Today, we have another double showdown... Kings Of Leon, Luminate, Justin Bieber, and Mandisa.

Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody" versus...

Luminate's "Come Home".

Kings Of Leon's Message  
They could really use a friend right now... well, a girlfriend, really.

Luminate's Message
You can't play God in your own life, ("You don't have to believe me..." Sorry, quoting Paramore) you need to surrender to God and "come home".

So... The difference?
Huge. Kings Of Leon does not have a huge message at all. I mean, seriously. "Someone like you... somebody." That's it. Luminate is telling you God is the only way to make things right in your life, not you.

This is the next challenge, Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" versus....

Mandisa's "Stronger".

Justin Bieber's Message
You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let anyone bring you down, pick yourself back up, know your dreams are achievable, and never say never.

Mandisa's Message
Similar to "Never Say Never", God can take something horrible and turn it into something beautiful.

So... the difference?
Okay, I must admit, I only picked Mandisa's song to go with his because the beginning sounds like a JB song. (Mandisa with Justin Bieber... I'd buy that!) But, they have similar messages, so no need to explain!

The difference, if there is one, is that Justin Bieber (who is a Christian but sings mainstream) is motivating you to never say never, but Mandisa is never saying never with God.

This is gonna make you stronger, stronger...

PS! I think my band will make Nationals! I sang both parts today, lead on the verses, backup on the chorus. I've been singing for Mariah for awhile now. Mariah... COME BACK!!!!
PPS! How will we get to Nationals if we make it when they're in Phoenix??? Don't make us drive to Arizona in the middle of summer... I could totally see myself getting really sick really fast.
PPPS! I changed the title of "Loser!" to "Never Say Never"! Forget about the original plot of "Never Say never", I'm using "Loser!" but changing the title and editing.
PPPPS! Visit Gymnastics IS Life! to see my new design!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secular To Gospel Week: Rock Day!

Welcome to Secular To Gospel Music Blogging Week Day 3! Today it is rock day, and we have a double showdown: Paramore vs. Fireflight and Krystal Meyers.

Paramore's "Decode" versus... (I didn't pre-watch this, so don't blame me if anything shows up. Well, you can blame me because I should've pre-watched it, but I'm at Maria's and she wants me to speed up)

Fireflight's "Unbreakable".

Paramore's Message
Is there really even a message?

Fireflight's Message
You can be stronger than your enemies.

So... the difference?
Notice, for Paramore, (they are my FAVORITE band) I said, "Is there even really a message?", saying, if there was a message, it wasn't really a positive one and it kinda makes you feel how Hayley is feeling in this song---probably mad---and not very great. In "Unbreakable", it's about not being defeated by your enemies and returning stronger.

Uplifting rock? Did that even exist before? Now it does.


Paramore's "CrushCrushCrush" versus...

Krystal Meyers' "Can't Stay".

Paramore's Message (again...)
Their friends are coming between her and some guy (I think... I thought "She'd never sing of love if it does not exist"? I guess they're the only exception...) and they're telling lies ("They taped over your mouth scribbled out the truth with their lies...") and no one knows the truth anymore. She wants them to be "more than... this."

Krystal's Message
In a situation like "CrushCrushCrush", she can't stay and wants to be more than this, with God's help.

So... the difference?
I honestly love both songs. I have an entire album and one song by Krystal Meyers on my iPod and if I could, I'd have two Paramore albums. But, I must admit... Krystal did it better.

Again, Paramore's song kinda makes you mad, because Hayley is probably mad when she wrote this. Krystal's song is about more than untrustworthy friends and lies, it's about God helping you rise above the situation.

"I need You to fill the empty space, and save me from this place... I can't stay..."
-Krystal Meyers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Secular To Gospel: Acoustic/Pop Day!

Welcome to round 2 of Secular To Gospel Week! Today, we have a double showdown! Our contenders are...

Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" versus...

Mary Mary's "God In Me".

Willow's Message
Be yourself. Don't be afraid to be a little crazy sometimes, just whip your hair and have fun.

Mary Mary's Message
Reflecting God's light! They're nice and sweet, but that's not them making themselves that way... it's the God in them.

So... the difference?
These songs, actually, are very different from each other. "God In Me" is quite a bit slower than "Whip My Hair". So why did I pick these two? Well, because if you like Alicia Keys or this song by Willow Smith, you're definitely going to love Mary Mary, especially because Mary Mary is upbeat, but they still have meaningful lyrics! (Fun fact: They are also very popular for Christian/Gospel music. They've been mentioned in ESSENCE magazine quite a few times. I don't read ESSENCE but it keeps getting sent to my house. And then it keeps getting sent to Kayla's house, too, so of course that ends up being given to me and then we have double the issues!)


(Waiting for him to smile... Wow so that must be what it looks like when I sing... I'm not that great at smiling while singing either.) John Mayer's "Say (What You Need To Say)" versus... (Is it me or does he kinda look like Taylor Lautner?)

(He kinda reminds me of Pastor Jay... it must be the name thing) Jeremy Camp's "Let It Fade".

John's Message
It's in the title! Say what you need to say! "It's better to say too much then never to say what you need to say."

Jeremy's Message
What happened yesterday does not define your tomorrow. Jesus wiped away your sin on the cross, so you can let that old life fade.

So... the difference?
In music type? Sort of a big difference, but in a way, not really. They both mainly use guitars in their songs. They are almost acoustic style. However, There are evident electric guitars in "Let It Fade". In "Say", well, that's basically acoustic because I only really remember hearing a violin, cello, and acoustic guitar. But I'm sure it's probably not acoustic.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm inspired by both songs. But just think... "Say what you need to say"? "Have no fear for giving in"? "Do it with a mind wide open"? Is that all there is to life? Or what about this:

"Let this old life crumble, let it fade". "Have you been looking for a place where belong?". "Let this new life offered be your saving grace". Now that's what I call inspiring.

Let this old life crumble, let it fade... Let it fade.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Secular To Gospel: Piano Rock/Pop Day!

Welcome to day one of Secular to Gospel Music Blogging Week! The purpose of this week is to help you find good Christian music that's not dull or boring, but reminds you of the sounds of your other favorite artists! Today, we have Avril Lavigne vs. Audrey Assad.

Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" (fave song by her!)...

Versus Audrey Assad's "For Love Of You".

Wanna know what I think? I honestly hate the beginning of "For Love Of You"... it sounds weird. But. The timing of the songs totally work well together.

"When you're gone..."
"For love of you..."

Don't they sing those lines in the same key and the same kind of way? (If Audrey Assad's song sounds familiar to you, maybe it's because Kristen is singing that for Fun Arts.)

"The pieces of my heart..."
"I'm a sky on fire..."

Before Avril says "...are missing you", she leaves off on almost the exact same note as Audrey.

"The face I came to know..."
"I come alive..."

Just like the last part, they are very close to the same notes.

"When you're gone, the words I need to hear to always get me through the day..."
"It's Your sacred heart within me beating, Your voice within me singing out..."

They are further apart on the note scale now, but they have very similar timing, there.

Avril's Message
She can't stand a day without whoever's 'gone'. She needs them there to get through the day.

Audrey's Message
She is reflecting God's light, and it's a love song to Him.

So... the difference?
They are both singing about someone, obviously, but although Avril can't stand a day away from this particular person, most likely a dead loved one or a boyfriend, (Avril is said to be a Christian, but she can barely go a song without cussing... that doesn't mean she's not a Christian, it's just you don't know who to believe. In Hollywood, everyone is supposedly a 'Christian') but the difference is Audrey is singing about God. Avril can't live without him, (lowercase 'H') but Audrey's life is reflecting His.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Will Never Say Never

Okay... I'm probably really starting to sound like a Belieber now, but this song REALLY inspires me.

Today was the Fine Arts Showcase, and first, let me just say I had butterflies in my stomach, and then "a Brittany song was on..." =P Sorry, it didn't happen that way.

It was a busy weekend for our band. Actually, for Fine Arts period. Yesterday, we had practice from 12 to 2 p.m., and my singing was not that good. Not Samm good, not Mariah good, not Abby good, not Coryn good, not Mrs. Heather good, not Mrs. Jenilee good, not Mrs. Lee Ann good, not Mrs. Donna good, not Justin Bieber good. Not very good.

The drumming was not very.... on beat. Mrs. Sandy tried to tell Brian, and he understood, but he was just like, "I try to keep [a steady beat]... I just can't do it."
"I can't do it."

In my mind, I'm like, "Brian! Never say never!" And then, my singing got all screwed up. In my mind, I'm thinking,

"Dude, I cannot do this. I will never be able to do this. I will never be as good as Mariah, so taking her spot for the showcase is gonna be a disgrace to the band."

I told myself my new motto, "Never say never", but even then, it was like "Never say never? NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER will I ever be able to do this. Ever."

Never? Really, honey? Well, tonight made me and Brian's 'Nevers' seem foolish. Practice before was a little shaky, with Nathan breaking a guitar string, the main one he uses, E, (It's the second one I've seen him break) Josh not knowing how to tune his guitar and his amp making a weird noise, and me with that tiny, quiet voice.

Well, we pushed on anyway. Nathan luckily had another guitar, Josh's noise problem was fixed, and my voice got louder. Never? Really? Never say never.

What turned it around? Justin Bieber music and Pastor Corey and Brian accusing me of having the Bieber Fever? No. I think... it was prayer.

Before we got ready to perform, waiting backstage, the band did a group prayer lead by Nathan (doesn't matter who prayed... just giving details), and when we were ready to perform, Pastor Jay said a prayer when it was the beginnning of service. It calmed down my nerves... and...

There's just no turning back when your heart's under attack. Gonna give everything I have, it's my destiny! I will never say never... I will fight 'til forever... Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up up up... and never say never.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cookie Monster!

Guess who came over today? Cookie! The dog! She is best friends with Lexi, and I'm so excited to spoil Cookie and Lexi until Thursday!

Microblogging is kinda fun...

Band Practice :(

Today, we had another additional band practice, and we have our real practice tomorrow, and THEN we have our Fine Arts Showcase. Busy weekend for the band!

My singing today sucked. My voice was going in and out on some parts, and the last time I sang, I was like singing a soprano when I'm really an alto and sounded like I was in an opera.

Okay.... once again, it wasn't THAT bad.

Haven't thought of a band name yet, but the two ones I have in mind are on the polls, so make sure you vote for your favorite one! Kayla came up with "Legitimate Reason" and I came up with "Supernova" after seeing the people from Answers In Genesis talk about the universe.

Tomorrow is the showcase and I'm leading. Oh my gosh.

This is your chance to believe in something more than walls and ceilings... Come on, come on, don't wait until the damage is done. It's gone when it's gone, don't you wanna know what we could become???
-Deas Vail

Friday, April 15, 2011

RandomNess Friday Special~Meet A Young Author!

A few weeks ago I went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. There were many people to see and places to go, curriculum to buy, even duct tape bows and all that kind of good stuff. I went as a teenager for the Teen Track with my mom, even though all the "Teen Tracks" were full of adults and I barely went to them.

I had been excited all weekend for this nineteen-year-old author's session, and dragged Maria and Kayla to go with me. Much to my surprise, I even got an interview with her!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the fabulous Victoria Kasten!
Being a young author, how could you balance school with what I like to call "writing for fun"? (In other words, I could just say creative writing.)

In college, it's a lot harder than it is in high school. Try to give yourself at least an hour [to write.]

(Sorry, Victoria... I couldn't keep up.)

How long did it take to write your book(s)?

[Certain books] (pointing to the books on her left) took me about about a month, these (the ones on her right) took me about a year.

What was the process? How many times did you edit?

I edited once. Basically, you get in touch with a [self-publisher]... if you go to Morris, they'll help you format your cover.

What are your words of encouragement for young authors?

Young Christian writers are a very big need right now... there are some very dark books on the market, so if you have a writing talent, I say go for it.
Thank you, Victoria! I am sorry that I had to use dot-dot-dots and brackets... it's just I'm a very slow handwriter :(

And for the rest of you guys.....

  • Be sure to visit Victoria's Website!
  • Did you know she recently published a book with her new husband Ben Tecken, called "Ink On Their Fingers"? Doesn't it make you want a spouse that can write?
  • Did you know Victoria was homeschooled?
  • Victoria published her first book around the ages of thirteen and fourteen.
  • Even before the age of sixteen, she published an article in a magazine!
  • Here's her beautiful Wedding Pictures! and fun facts!
Do not let ANYONE look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
-1 Timothy 4:12

Before You Reach the Flashpoint (pt. 2)

Sorry about yesterday's humungous post, today concludes it, in a hopefully smaller post.

Next step is your SWAT team. Which side are you on? Of course, "the good one", but what SWAT team are you on?

This is based on Pastor Brown's sermon completely about the SWAT thing.

Is this your SWAT team?

Or is this your team?

Sometimes, I'm on team 2. Many times, when I do something wrong, or am about to, I think through it really hard. I try to keep myself from doing it, but many times, I fail and many times, create a compromise with myself.

I try to stay clear of the flash point, but for everyone, it's hard sometimes.

When I fasted in October, it helped me stop compromising as much as I used to. I still do it sometimes, but it's ten times better. My church is fasting right now, but I decided to take a break off fasting to discover what I need to fast from. So, this October I will be fasting major spending money and secular music. That includes all YouTube.

I believe it will make a difference....

Before You reach the flashpoint.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Before You Reach the Flashpoint (pt. 1)

Ever seen the show "Flashpoint" about a SWAT team? Well, I have, and let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE that show. It lacks profanity (which is great.... there are many other words out there anyway) and it's straight to the point. It's not too dramatic, yet it never forgets to let you in on the team members' lives!

Can I say it's a great show? That about sums it all up.

Now, did you know that in life, there is a particular "FlashPoint" that we all reach?

That one moment when everything is visible. No more hiding.

We are all on our own SWAT teams fighting the battle within our minds. How can we ever win?

How can we keep our eyes on Jesus and not turn away?

How can we control our emotions....

Before they reach the scorpio moment?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So Excited!

Today, I have to ditch Wednesday's Walk because my scanner won't scan in the thing necessary. Well, I guess that leads me to this post.

Well, on Sunday my band is performing and I'm SOOOOOOOO excited! My first and only night as the leader of the band! Luckily, at the actual competition, Mariah is our leader, so no pressure is on me. (Except for I have to perform in front of people I've known for eight years! Yikes!) But this will be so much fun.

My problem? Stage presence. Actually, everyone in the band except for Mariah has a problem with that.

Mariah said we should watch Paramore music videos and follow their example. She's right, after all, Hayley has great presence, same for Jeremy and Taylor and such. But Paramore sure isn't Paramore without Josh and Zac...

Anyway! I just need to work in that area (especially for my vocal solo) very badly.

I am sorry that I couldn't do much today, but check me out tomorrow, and on Friday, we have Victoria Kasten's long delayed interview.

Shout out to my mom: Thanks for the two UNUSED notebooks!

And, if I get to lead next year, since it will be Nathan's and Brian's last year, I want it to be the best, so I have pre-picked "One More" by Superchick or "Thsi Could Be Our Day" by ADDISON ROAD>

It's just my imagination!

Lots of writing to do....


"It's just my imagination.... running away with me..."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Waiting List

Hey! I'm back! I'm starting to get back into the groove of things and starting to LOOOVVVEEEE blogging again! Yipee!

So, today I thought I might just tell you about the stories I have on my mind and where I am going with my writing dreams.

Bury The Castle
Inspired by Paramore's "Brick By Boring Brick", this is a half-fantasy story about a girl who is in a coma and enters a strange world. That's all I know so far, but I think I'm going to love this book! Click here to view the story line through this awesome music video where Hayley wears her natural hair color, blonde! I'm so excited for my first fantasy!

New Perspective
Believe it or not, this is the story "The Interstate", with major changes. I decided that it wasn't too bad a book, it was just a little dry. So, I made some huge changes. I didn't want my characters to have similar names to people I know, so Chloe is now named Hayley. (Even though I do have a friend named Hayley.) Jeremy is now named Michael. This is a story about two Christians, Hayley and Jonathan, who are involved in a car accident with two other friends, McKenna and Michael. They are all in the car together, and because the accident is so severe, McKenna is killed (Don't know how yet... the old way was strangled by a seat belt, but I want something bigger...), and Jeremy is killed after six hours in the hospital. Hayley was best friends with McKenna and her boyfriend was Michael. Jonathan was friends with Michael and his girlfriend was McKenna. McKenna was a strong believer, but Michael was not a Christian at all. Shaken by the fact that this could ever happen to them, the two teenagers become depressed and such and such. Later in the story, the two teenagers connect and become great friends (possibly more if I feel the need) and gain a new perspective of the world to reach out to the lost. Click here to read the lyrics and hear the song that inspires this book, "New Perspective" by Fireflight. I love Fireflight, you need to check out their songs. They're pretty much better than Paramore because they have a Christian message.

Viva Las Vegas
I realized the plot I showed you before was slightly dry. This is a story about a girl named Sera who goes on a trip to Las Vegas with a group of seniors at her high school in Reno. This plot will have to undergo a LOT of contstruction before I even consider putting it out there for everyone to read.

This will be a series about two teenage supermodels. The books in this saga will be

"Teenage Dream"

It will only be two books about young models, April and (unknown name... Harley or Bayleigh???) unknown name. I don't know the plots yet, but I'm going to like these books!

Never Say Never
HaHa this one makes me laugh a little! Inspired by the Bieb man's song, this will be about a young writer (or singer... hmm...) with big dreams and how they start from nowhere and end up somewhere. It's better than it sounds!

More books to come! I'm excited!!!!!! I hope to have "Bury The Castle", "Unspoken", and "New Perspective" out before I go to college.

I don't know.... writing is a roller coaster!

If I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot in me, let's start, start, HEY!

P.S. It's official... My band is performing on Sunday! We're so going to rock!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mispell Munday~Anyone Up For Some Ham?

This is my "mispell" about seeing Ken Ham at CLC today.
Let's jsut say I had a vrey sroe thraot today. Dno't wrory, it's becuase yesterday I did a lot of singing at bnad prcatice.
Daer Fine Arts Judges,
Yuo're going to lvoe us!

Best bakcup singer ever,
Tdoay, I had "Never Say Never" stcuk in my haed. Why? I dno't know! Soon, that will be my msot used label--- I gaurantee it!

Can I tell you something? I really am good at spelling, so the things spelled wrong are like that on purpose.

So anyway, I wnet to the Christian Life Center tdoay to see Ken Ham (founder of Answers in Genesis)! From waht I haerd, I tihnk he has something agianst poodles:) Anyway, he was a graet spaeker. We will be seeing him agian tonight!

See ya L8R!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RandomNess Haiku

Today is so dreary. I decided to fill it up with my new love of poetry and some funness! As you read my haikus, pray for Japan. These poems are Japanese, (not my poems, they were created by Asians) so just keep the Japanese in your thoughts and prayers.
Rainbows of Promise

After the rain's fall
A blend of colors combine
Like a symphony.


Clouds of stormy days
The rain of a new fragrance
The sun won't come out.

Dawn of Love

Like the sun's beauty
You took my breath far away
Love that can't be moved.
Those were three Haiku poems combined. Did you like them? I am starting to really like poetry, as you'll see in my Blogger profile. I love to write Haiku about nature, and sometimes even love. I also love to write freestyle that doesn't rhyme, which are almost always romantic and sweet and lovely, because I love love.

I love violins, cellos, and male vocals. And most of all, I love this song!

I was going to blog about something else, but now I don't really want to. I'm in a very serious mood today, thanks to a whole bunch of rain up here in Ohio. I went on a trip to Cleveland for my dad's appointment at the Clinic. It was tiring, but I liked it.

I listened to enough Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Usher, and Sean Kingston to last two days. I listened to one Paramore song on repeat.

I'll tell you, if I hear the words:

"You can't be too careful anymore"


"I will never say never"

ANYMORE, I'm gonna kill somebody. Okay, no, I won't. I'm not a murderer. I don't hate!

Well, tomorrow I have band practice again and it's back to the back-up. UNLESS we perform next Sunday. I'm ready to show the world my voice!!!!!!!

You know what it is....

PiNk 'n' bLuE<3

QuEEn of hEart$

***UPDATE: These poems are written by me, but the Japanese invented the Haiku style.***

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lead Vocals!

The day I become Hayley Williams.... sorry, still not there yet.

Well, today we had an extra band practice.

I'm the backup vocals, right?

Well, not today.

So, there was an extra practice as stated above, and two of our members couldn't make it because of school. So this leaves the four members who are on spring break there. Problem... especially when the lead singer is one of the two members missing.

So, the entire first five minutes during sound check, I was thinking Mariah was gonna show up. Turns out, she's not on break. So when I found out she wasn't coming, I was like,


*Okay, it wasn't that bad.*

So, I went on and sang Mariah's parts anyway. I thought I would sound like a eenie meenie ("miny mo lover...") itsy bitsy ant. Okay, maybe I did a little. (Tiny quiet voice.) But my mic got turned way up (not good, says my dad. It should never be turned up more than halfway) and I actually sounded... good.

Not just good...


Mrs. Sandy said I should consider joining the youth band! Not a bad idea, after all, Mariah is a senior and so is Mary, so we'll be left with no singers after this year.

Well, anyway, I took her spot for one day and the people (The 'people' were Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Sandy, Brian, NaThAn, IDK about Josh, and IDK about Chris) liked it! I think my singing has become a success!

Mr. Bieber and Miss Williams, another star is rising... (However I'd much rather be a famous author)


P.S.! Our band might not perform on the seventeenth of this month because Mariah will be half around the world (I'm not kidding--- she's headed to Paris!) but if things work, then maybe! First, the problem was if I could take her spot, but now, it's if Nathan will have a conflict between ACT/SATs and the showcase. But if you go to my church, make sure you show up! I'll be singing my solo even if our band doesn't perform!

Why You're Desperately Needed NOW

I'm sure you've heard

"That's what you get when you let your heart win, woah oh woah oh oh!"

Okay, seriously. I'm sure you've heard your pastor (if you go to church) say that the church needs to get outside of it's walls. (But the "That's What You Get" thing really does fit in here) When you think of that, you probably think of community service and helping out in the nursery, talking about Jesus to Atheists and blah blah blah blah blah.

So they say we've got to reach out "more, more...", huh?

But how?

Let me tell you a fun way to reach out: Your talents.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday's Walk~Fun Arts

Okay, before you ask, YES, I was going to blog about something else today. But according to not having any pictures (like autographs and tickets) without a camera, there are no pics.

Sorry, this will be my incredibly most boring walk--- ever.

Well, today I discovered another Paramore song! (you're probably thinking... "NOO! Not again!") I've already heard it, but I realized that I looooove the song "Careful". Yes, I'm a die-hard Paramore fan.

Anywho, back to the subject. (getting off subject...) Today I'm talking about Fun Arts.

Last year, I was practicing a human video with my friend, Maria, and a vocal solo. My first official one. I wrote a story and was on the worship team.

Well, first let's talk about the singing. I was not a very good singer (yet!) and I was very quiet. My personality? Not so much. My singing? Very.

Let's just say I wasn't a Hayley Williams (I still can't say I'm very close yet...) or a Natalie Grant. I was more of a Rebecca Black.... okay, noooo not that. Not that bad, but not that good. I was singing:

*I tried to find a karaoke version, but it wasn't available throught YouTube.*

I sang it in medium key, which for those of you who aren't familiar with vocal solos and all, it's the original chords and keys and all, not lower sounding or higher sounding. It was an easy song to sing, so I recommend it for first-timers. But make sure you are LOUD, because I wasn't. And if you'll be in Fine Arts, I recommend "Better Than A Hallelujah" for a first-timer, because it's very easy.... at least it is for low key.

I was in a human video with Maria, and it was more of a dance. But it was so much fun!

Our song for the band.... don't really know if I can find it on YouTube....

My story.... it was a very {supposedly} sad story about a girl who had cancer. Now, let me tell you, I hated that story. I'm it's own author, and I hate it! Why? It was a sort of depressing story. Well, I honestly would never pick up a sad story like My Sister's Keeper at the library, (although I loved the movie) so why would I write one? I don't know. But I'll tell you, it was an honest mistake.

Oddly, the judges loved it. How? What did they see in it? Who knows...

P.S. I'm writing some new stories, "King Of Hearts" inspired by Sara Bareilles' "King of Anything" and remember Viva Las Vegas ? I'll start that, too! Before I start those books (and another one, "Riot!") I need to finish "Unspoken", and I'm on chapter thirty of that so far! Right now, it seems like it will be a very long book.
P.P.S. I edited my profile! Go scroll down and click to view my whole profile! I added more fave music artists and movies! And changed my question!
P.P.P.S. I didn't get to interview one of the Duggars, but I did get an interview with Victoria Kasten, an author! Just wait 'til {possibly} Friday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Bucket List

I had really nothing to blog about today or yesterday, so here's a list of things I want to do before age eighty. Or before I die.

1: "Say what you need to say..."
2: Live in Vancouver
3: Live in New York
4: Have over fifty books on the market
5: Report for at least a local news station
6: Have done over forty interviews
7: Performed in a band, whether we're famous or not
8: Attended all my friends' weddings
9: Made National Fine Arts
10: Led someone to the Lord through writing and singing
11: Met Paramore (Okay, that one doesn't really matter to me...)
12: Met Justin Bieber (Okay, that one matters just a little bit to me)
13: Edited for a magazine
14: Published a story in a magazine
15: Have at least six kids
16: Published with Zondervan
17: Bring "Never say never" to life....

Those are my seventeen wishes for my life!

*Just a random Superchick song and since I was talking about wishes, why not play this song?*

Say what you need to say... Say what you need to, say what you need to, say what you need to say....