Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Long, Farewell:(

Yesterday was my homeschool group's end-of-the-year banquet. It was the third annual one, and it was one to remember. Normally, it would've been like, "Ha! See ya in the fall!" but it's pretty sad that half the people I won't be seeing in the fall.

September 6th... that will be the day. Why? Well, it's my first day of public school! But, if you wanna know why that day REALLY is important to me, it's because:

Deas Vail's new album comes out that day!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, the actual important part is that school starts that day. It will be so much fun and, um, learningful (?). But, I will miss the homeschool life. I've been homeschooled from Day 1 (Technically, day thousand and something) and have barely even set foot in a public school. Well, I've been inside Wayne, and I've been in one class at the school I'll be at, but otherwise, never been not homeschooled. Well, I guess you can count that one class I took, but I was bascially observing and kinda did my own little news article in my notebook about the kids behavior. Plus, there was this good-looking guy a few tables ahead of me...

ANYWAY! I will miss the homeschool group! I've been in that group since I was in kindergarten or the first grade, and now I'm leaving. At the banquet yesterday, I got flowers and a hug that was half from Mrs. Rhonda but really Mrs. Jenilee gave me the hug. And... yeah. Mrs. Jenilee read a letter that was from Mrs. Rhonda... the whole thing was very nice. The whole banquet, not just my part!

Plus, the cheer girls' music wasn't working, and just by coincidence I happen to have that song on my iPod,

So they used my iPod for that song, and I played a playlist of Christian music from my iPod during dinner. It was a lot of deleting songs, (the non-Christian ones by Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys, possibly Justin Bieber) but it was all good!

Did I mention they had fried chicken???

Homeschool... I love you and will miss you! Well, I'll miss the homeschool group more than you, though, but I'll miss you too.

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