Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 9, 10, & 11

The focus of my prayers in these days have been pretty much the same as in the last days.

Okay, here's a new technique that's less time-consuming: I'm blogging about camp weekly, so that I don't have to get on my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. (But still I am praying seven times per day.)

New rule: This is not a rule, it's an option. Ever used the excuse, "I can't read my Bible very often because I'm CRAZY busy"? Well, here's something for those of you who can't drive yet. (Sorry Kayla...) On the way to these "places" you're going to, just bring your Bible, (for ladies that's easy, just carry a purse!) and read until you get there! No special times, just do it! I'm trying to read the books Esther and Job, but you choose the rest!

BC3: Today was Bethel Christian Community Connection! (to make a long story short, BC3.) I face-painted, and oh gosh, I had to paint like, five tiger faces! It's not hard, but it's crazy time-consuming... I also did an Ohio State "O". Yeah, it's pretty hard to mess that up, but I did! It was so fun, though! I painted with  and later, I talked with . It was fun!

Freedom Walk: I'm going on a freedom walk with WOTC today, and it'll be fun! This will be my first night EVER being outside on Halloween!
Hope Angelica Ezell.

Halloween is a holiday full of parties, tricks and treats, Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin, and all the candy a kid could possibly want. Some kids, like Charlie Brown, even get... rocks.

But what's Halloween... for real? Why do people dress as witches and ghosts? Why does everyone give away their candy? Hope Angelica Ezell investigates.

Where did Halloween originate?
Halloween is originally from Ireland, just to get that out of the way.

What's Halloween REALLY celebrating?
Halloween is a druid holiday, which in other words would be like the belief of trolls, dwarfs, and so on. So what's Halloween really celebrating? It's just an evil holiday that some of the Irish celebrated. Carving pumpkins has lots to do with it, but I like pumpkins, I have no problems with pumpkins.

What's "Trick Or Treat"?
You know what it is: some kids in costumes go up to your door and beg for candy and you give them candy. They say "trick or treat!" and you look at their cute faces and give them candy. But when they say that, have you dared yourself to say "trick"? They never give you tricks anymore! Just saying... But anyway, trick or treat was actually Christians trying to Christian-ize the holiday by giving to the poor. Sorry whoever did that, but it really didn't work... so now the trick or treat-ers are dressing up as monsters and vampires.... it just didn't work.

So if  Halloween  is everything you say it is, why do we still celebrate it?
I honestly do not know why we still celebrate Halloween. People used to sacrifice their children for this holiday, and yet us Americans are still willing to celebrate it. This is not another cute holiday, people! Wake up, America!
Well, it's time to go! I gotta go visit Izzy's blog and add some more music to our Mixpod playlist.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 9

Wow... it's day 9 and I'm still alive.... GOOD SIGN!

I knew today was not gonna be a good day, so I prayed for those around me. That they'll have a good day.

For God to help me feel good.

For my dad's leg, it's been bothering him all day.

In church the song, "Open the Floodgates of Heaven" was playing, and I kind of took those words to heart and prayed.

Good night, everyone! It's not Friday, but thank God it's Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 8

"More than my next breath, more than life or death, all I'm reaching for: I live my life to know you more. Leave it all behind... to know you is to want to know you more!"

Of course, I wanna know God A LOT more. But today, I swear, I earned a big, fat, F.

I didn't pray when I woke up, I didn't pray at breakfast, I didn't pray during school, I didn't pray at lunch, I didn't pray when I got home, I didn't pray at dinner... OKAY, so maybe I didn't pray AT ALL today. What the heck happened to seven times per day?

It's good that God knows my ways, and knows that even though I am not someone who manages time well, I'm not gonna let one long day get in the way of me and God.

In the morning, it was the usual... take Faith to school, go to work, go to HOUSE, go to Maria's, come home for 20 minutes, go to volleyball practice... and overall I wasn't feeling good with a cough, runny nose, itchy throat, and to make it worse, a stomach ache. In a girly way.

On the bright side, my coach didn't make me run in practice today! (Some drill...) and, I saw two (really three) girls from gymnastics/tumbling class today, and like, the moment I said hi, Maya was like: "Why did you quit gymnastics??!!!" And I was like, "I didn't really QUIT... it's a really long BREAK..." (and a really long story.) I guess the people are really missing me there, because she forgot to say hi...

But yeah, today rocked. So here's my seven prayers:

1. God, today rocked! Thanks for all you're doing!
2. God, I've survived one week in camp, can you help me survive another?
3. God, please help Lexi's people to completely spay her
4. God, help me to not be tempted. My main temptations are YouTube and lip gloss, but I don't need it! Please help me to know it!
5. Um... God... can you help me to know what to pray?
6. God, help me to remember what to pray.
7. Thanks for listening to me all along, even when I don't think so!

And it all ends with an...


Monday, October 25, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 7

I prayed that today would rock like crazy:) Rock what you got!

I prayed that Bible Study would go well and that Miss Janette's baby shower would go well.

Between classes I prayed that today would continue to go well, but most importantly for my dad's knee and his left leg. And that he'd get a better dentist, because he refused to go to Sinclair today because last time his student/dentist did a horrible job.

I felt sorry for the people on those shows like "Jershey Shore" and "The Bachelor" and whatever, and I was thinking about how bratty those people are, (I don't watch those shows, just thinking about them!) but then I felt snobby for thinking about the people in such mean ways. So I asked for forgiveness.


It lead me to YouTube!

Dear God,
You know I went to YouTube on accident. Can you forgive me, AGAIN???

Well it's almost time for the baby shower and an anonymous friend is over (to give it away, Becca) and we're gonna eat soon. She's helping me play "How to Save a Life" on piano so I can show it to all you guys! The real reason she's here is to go to the baby shower.

Dear God,
I am so hungry. Thank you for the food on the table and please help me to not go to YouTube again until January. It seems that everything I want to do is forbidden, but when I COULD do it, I didn't care. Help Lexi to get well so she can be herself. (the dog.) And help me to know that even if everyone seems better than me, we're all different in spectacular ways. Amen.

I'm so tired. The baby shower was fun! I played with Brayden (I'm also working on new teens' novel, "You, Me, All of the People") and we all enjoyed the cupcakes and punch.

Dear God,
Thanks for the awesome day, and today WAS the day, tomorrow will be also. I love you with all my heart, soul, and mind.

Blair Underwood says...

"Because of camp, I fell in love with the outdoors." (You know, Blair Underwood from THE EVENT.)

Hope says... "Because of camp, I fell in love with my personal LORD and savior... Jesus!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 6

Yes! I've survived almost a WEEK of this prayer boot camp! If you can pray for me, that'd rock:)

Wake up, America! Say no to the TV! Say yes to church! I didn't exactly... have the time... to pray at home, so at church during worship I prayed there. I prayed that God would light the way for this camp. Yesterday, I was extremely happy. My anonymous friend who has an anonymous blog who's only eight years old decided to do the prayer camp, only for less days and prayers that were already made into her own personal book and different guidelines.

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject: So in church we sang a song that said "He will light the way, he will lead us home..." and I knew that God would light the way and that I'd succeed in this camp. And what's cooler than being able to say that I prayed 7 times a day... for 70 days! I got rid of the things that I made a huge roll in my life, and put other things first, like magazines, books, blogs, and school.

I prayed that service would fly by, even though I didn't eat breakfast, and that I would get SOMETHING out of this message.

We had fellowship time, just to talk or "catch up", and... okay, so maybe I didn't pray AT ALL at that time, but I promise that eventually today it ended up being seven prayers.

After church, I went home and ate a chicken sandwich. (the coldcut kind.) Prayed for the food, and the regular schedule, you know.

I prayed that this week, I wouldn't be the next big failure, but that I'd be revived.

At LifeGroups, we all did prayer requests and such and such and what not, (but what was said in the Speice House, stays in the Speice House.) and my request was all about this camp, again, that I wouldn't epically fail. And when we prayed, they prayed that seven times per day wouldn't just be a routine and headache to remember, but something in my heart. So that's something I gotta keep in mind!

Ugh. Blogging girl is sooo tired. Let's just say three words describing last night:

Lack. Of. Sleep.

So right now I pray to God that I will have a wonderful night of full sleep and that I will be able to wake up at 6:30 sharp tomorrow. And God, please help me to do good for BC3. Because I'm face painting and who knows what condition my hands will be in. You are an amazing God, and I love you so much. I'm sorry for every sin that's been committed. Thanks for listening to my prayers and being patient with me whenever I do wrong.

You Rock,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 5

Ahh... Breathe in, breathe out. It was a GREAT, but very hard week. I'll be praying for a very long time, and won't be able to do the things I love again until next year.

What do you think a blog is?

Speaking of today's question, I think it's to have a voice. Show me what it is to you. And, for a fact, this blog has 2, 253 hits. My blog is the probably the most popular kids' blog in my half of Huber Heights. (not to boast or anything.) To narrow it down, my entire street. That's better.

I woke up at Bec's, and after washing my face I prayed that the day would rock and nothing would go wrong.

I had... PIZZA for breakfast??? Okay, so there WERE bagels, but it was 11 a.m. anyway, who DOESN'T want pizza??? I prayed that my dresses I tried on would fit me.

HELLO, it's SATURDAY! I wouldn't have prayed at all if I didn't realize I was doing camp! So I prayed, I just don't remember what I prayed about...

I thanked God that at Kohl's when the censors went off on me, no one thought I was stealing anything! (However, I had to be really careful whatever I did afterwards.)

I tried on a prom dress for the first time and fell in love! I felt so beautiful! I also realized that I look 100% beautiful, even without the lip gloss. And I don't even have to say what I prayed because of that.

We ate tacos, and then I left Bec's house. I had a great time, and thanked God that we all had fun.

Thank you, Jesus! Thanks for protecting me oh so well! While practicing back walkovers, back handsprings, back tucks, and somewhat-aerials, I could have seriously gotten hurt. (and front tucks.) But every time I fell today, you protected me. When I carried my prom dress out of the fitting room to the rack, you protected me from tripping myself and landing on my head and seriously getting a concussion and ending up in the hospital. Prom dresses can kill, LoL!

Jesus, you are my protector and healer forever. I love you, In Jesus' name, amen.

"Give thanks to the LORD, our God and king..."

Colin--- I found out what you'll get, and it's much cooler than before! You won "The Interstate", extended edition with more chapters than ever, WITH a few chapters from "You & Me (and all of the people)".

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 4

Wow... Blogger looks so different now. I can't believe I'll be twelve next month! Still standing at 5'8", I am so excited.

"Today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it, today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. And I won't worry 'bout tomorrow, I'm giving you my fears and sorrows, where you lead me I will follow, I'm trusting in what you say, today is the day!"

This morning, I felt that today is the day. I was ready to leave the house smiling and tackle anything on the outside. I knew that God hade made this day for me to rejoice and be glad in it. I won't worry about tomorrow, I'm giving God my fears ad sorrows, where he leads me I will follow, I'm trusting in what He says, today is the day!

After knowing that today is the day and giving God my problems, I went to eat four hashbrowns, (they're delicious) and prayed for my food but not only my food, but for a great start to the day (as usual) and... such and such that I still don't remember.

Okay, so during school I prayed that TNO would go well and that everyone would have a great time. I'm still missing my "SWAGGER WAGON", that's for sure, and I really love all of my lip glosses, but if God wants me to stick with this camp that I'm still horribly failing, I will.

Sorry... I didn't eat lunch so I didn't pray much. I don't remember what I prayed.

Again, I prayed for TNO to go well, and that Faith's school went well.

However, here's a new problem. I'm still allowed to watch TV, but that's the problem. I like to watch "Criminal Minds" and "Made" (on MTV) and stuff that has to do with criminal justice and what not. Well, I realized these shows are very inappropriate for a prayer camp and are putting bad images of murder and what not in the mind of someone hosting prayer camp. So I'm gonna try not to watch it, but I'm still allowed.

Well, I was at Teens Night Out, (and technically still there) and Mr. Bud (Sarah and Bec's grandpa) prayed for the food, and I agreed, and if two agree on anything, it will be answered, and I agreed, so I prayed, LoL!

Well, I'm probably wasting a lot of time at bec's because they probably think I'm wasting time on the computer and not socializing, but I'm gonna pray one last prayer so I can hang out with Sarah and Bec.

Dear LORD, please help tomorrow to be a good day and that Brian has a good football game, (same for Chris) that I have a good day tomorrow, and that I can survive this challenge. I realized how long these camp challenges are, and Oh my gosh, I don't think I'll survive, God, LoL! But I know that you can help me to survive and that I can live without my fave lip glosses... oh so many... but you can help me with all theses camp days... so continue to help.



Prayer Camp Day 3

Sorry I'm running behind on my camp, but Faith had to remove our computer mouse for a History project and... yeah.

I prayed for a good day, like always.

Prayed for my food, and that class would go well, that my homework would get a good grade.

On my way to class, I prayed that everything would be great and that my report would be good, that I wouldn't be nervous.

Prayed for my food.

I prayed that my salonist wouldn't accidentally burn my scalp while relaxing it. (however, it burned A LOT.)

I thanked God that I had a good day, but prayed that I could get out of the salon earlier than 9 p.m. next time.

I prayed that Lexi would be okay and that I wouldn't be tempted to do everything I wasn't allowing myself to do.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 2

I prayed that today would be the best day ever! But it wasn't. One thing that I thank God for though, is that I had NO math today because I had to go to the vet (I'll explain that in a minute) and I helped Dad change our sink fosset thing.

I prayed for my food and that I would do good in school. I noticed that this prayer camp was not starting out so great. I had nothing to pray about, and already broke one rule. My lip balms all were colorful, like my lip balm "PINK!" from VICTORIA'S SECRET and "SLICK TINT" from AVON in the shade "rosy". (i think.) So I prayed that God would make all things right.

I prayed that Lexi's time at the vet would be GREAT. I prayed that church would go well tonight and that I would give it my all.

Okay, so Lexi's time at the vet was pretty good. She didn't pee or poop in the vet's office, so that was A. okay! But...

Lexi's been very swollen down south. It's been discolored, but don't worry, that's normal. But the swelling was bad. "Is she spaed?" asked the friendly veterinarian on Base. "Yes," my mom replied, and I quietly nodded, as if the lady noticed.

So like adult women do, they chit-chatted and finally, the lady said that Lexi's spay job was kinda... horrible. A bad job.

Lexi is from Columbus, originally. She was adopted from the Humane Society, for she was a stray. My friend Adela who's currently at Ohio State University adopted Lexi, and was sure that Lexi got spaed--- which Lexi IS spaed--- but that's the problem.

She's goin' through some weird time right now and it's like... really complicated, but it causes swelling in the female area to go UP&down. She still has some Ovarian tissue down there [most likely], and she needs to be spaed again. But if she still has some of her Uderus down there, she could develop a life-threatening disease.

So yeah... I prayed for my dog, because when she gets surgery, she has to wear a funnel thing on her head, which I'm totally gonna blog about, and I want her to feel fine. This however, isn' cheap. We're not getting it done on Base, so... we totally except Ca$h! LoL!

At around 3:15, me and Mom went to pick up "the girl" from school. But the girl decided to wait until we had been there twenty minutes waiting, to tell us she was going to stay for study tables.

So we went down to Family Christian Stores and I read a few books. (not the whole thing, of course!) First, I read a few pages of Karen Kingsbury's new book: "Unlocked". Then, I read a little bit of the devotional I'm doing with Kayla, Maria, Bec, and Faith. Then, I read "23 Questions About Hell". I really wanted to know!

I read all 23 questions and soon enough, I knew enough about hell that I didn't even have anything else to ask! However, no one fully understands Heaven and Hell except for God.

The last question was really something: "How do I know that I won't go to hell?" I always wondered that. What if I had it completely messed up and was sure to go to hell? Well, first of all, we ALL are deserving of hell. So if you believe Jesus is LORD, hell is nothing, for you're going to Heaven!

We know good people can't go to Heaven for just being good alone, but: who's standard of 'good' is it? What I think is good may be third world to you. Or vice versa.

I prayed that hell would not be a place for me, because it's no one's destiny.

I looked up stuff about Unity Churches and Labrynths and was like... "this does NOT measure up with God's word!" They believe all religions can make it into Heaven. They believe in meditation.

But what really ticked me off a little was that they think of Jesus as a "way shower".
Dear National Unity Churches:
Yes. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But not all religions are making it to Heaven. And I read your statement of faith and you called Jesus a 'way shower'. Yes, he shows us the way, everyday.

Here's what's wrong Unity Churches everywhere: You left out one extremely important fact. What was it? "I'm forgiven..." Yep. Not just my favorite Sanctus Real song, but you left out the fact that Jesus died for YOU. You seemingly purposely skipped over that part, probably to not favor one religion. But let me say it how it is.

Jesus is the way show-er. For me, he's a savior. For you, he just shows ways. If you don't believe that he died with you in mind, the 'ways' you're learning are not teaching anything. Because you forgot the best and most important sermon.

Jesus is how to save a life.
Today was a Wednesday, as you can see by the date on top. Well, it wasn't too long of a day, but it was quite stressful. I'm so tired. So tired, I can't even wash my face or brush my teeth. (but don't worry, I'm brushing my teeth anyway.)

ThExperience was an experience! The sermon by Pastor Corey PERFECTLY described this camp that I am just repulsively (yes, that bad to the point of grossness) failing. I've forgotten nearly EVERY prayer time. But I will survive. I just need to devote more time to God. I need to pray for great days. I need to do good in school. I need to worship God with all my heart. I need to pray for good dog appointments. I need to pray to be with Jesus forever. I need to pray for other religions.

I need... to listen and stop doing all the talking.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 1

Okay, so, first mistake. I forgot that I wasn't allowed to wear lipgloss--- in fact, I forgot I was even DOING a prayer camp this morning--- and piled on some nice, sheer, pink gloss. Yeah. At least it had no color!

So that was a bad start to prayer camp.

I'm a lazy gal! I had to get up at 6:30, and my covers wouldn't let me up... there was no way I was getting up anytime soon. So, as you would've guessed, I was too lazy and didn't give this prayer my all:

"Dear LORD, I hope I have a good day today. Amen!"

I had to pray this prayer while still in bed, because those covers really tape you to the bed.

Tomorrow, God, I'll get up BEFORE I start praying!

I didn't eat breakfast, so I prayed on the way to school. Faith's school, that is. I prayed that I would simply have a good day in History class and that I wouldn't injure myself in any dumb ways at volleyball practice.

Okay... so when you're homeschooled, there's no such thing as "between classes". So in my head, I prayed during class that the day would continue to go well... or get better, at least

I prayed for my food, does that count?

I thanked God for the great day I had! It was really fun---even hysterical---and I enjoyed every bit of the day. Thanks, God! Now make tomorrow a good day, too!

I'm done with volleyball, and goodness... boy do I scream A LOT. I got to go down the big slide in the jungle gym next to where I took gymnastics with Jayda, Yasmeen, and Abby. It's HUMUNGOUS and we went backwards. I was screaming my head off! But I seriously had some big fun! I was in a small rush because my dad was waiting outside to pick me up, but SHHH... don't tell mama, LoL!

I prayed that this blog would reach millions of others and that I would do outstanding in volleyball games. I prayed that all of my temptations from lip gloss and YouTube would go away so I would be a more organized Christian who can separate God from the world, and just shut it all out.

I just realized that Grandaddy sounds just like "Santa Claus"! He called, and at the end of the voicemail he left, he was all like "Ho Ho Ho" but I think it was supposed to be "Ha Ha Ha". He rocks! 67 years old and still hammin' at the Hard Rock Cafe. (no, seriously--- he has a membership there. Let's just say he lives really close to Atlanta...)

I was making some tea and I'm just like... "Okay, WHERE'S the honey?"
"If you scream one more time, you're in trouble." (Dad)
"I said: WHERE'S THE HONEY???!!!"

So I was thankful that today was great and prayed to God that tomorrow would be better!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Matthew EXCLUSIVE!

"Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the biterness and would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life."

Do you know how to save a life? Maybe you know that song, "How To Save A Life" by The Fray. Watch, it may be on the playlist next month!

I added the gymnastics version of "Secrets" by onerepublic onto the Gymnastics IS life! blog.

Anyways, today's challenge is about the wide and narrow gates, but first, let's talk about how to save a life.

"Step one: you say 'we need to talk'
He walks, you say 'sit down it's just a talk'
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through.

"Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines
Of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came!

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness and
Would have stayed up
With you all night
Had I known
How to save a life."

This song HAS to be Christian somehow, because the last time I heard it, it was on K-LOVE. However the first time I heard it, it was on a very NON-Christian station five years ago, Z-93.

First, let me tell you, this song is obviously about how to save a life, but it's also about addiction. (but it's Christian!) The writer of the song had a friend who overdosed and died. Now he writes everything that he should have done. But we're talking about it in a different way: to save a life isn't always protecting them from death, it's showing them the love of Jesus.

The first step is you say 'we need to talk'. Make sure the person feels 100% comfortable, because like in the song, "you say sit down, it's just a talk." They look politely at you, and later on in the song it says "try to slip past his defense, without granting innocense."

"Let him know that you know best,
Cuz after all you do know best.
Try to slip past his defense.
Without granting innocense.

"Lay down a list of what is wrong,
The things you told him all along!
Pray to God he hears you!

Next, (I guess it's step two, lol) "let him know that you know best, cause after all, you do know best." Now, this doesn't mean say "Honey. I know best. You don't. Shut the yapper and listen." It means politely let them know that you care and you believe that whatever's wrong is wrong, and that you're only trying to help. They will put up a wall of defense probably, but try to get past it.

Make a list. I was reading a "Chicken Soup" book (teenage version, just ask Charity) in which a girl stopped her guy friend from committing suicide, (she was a Christian) by making a list of why he shouldn't do it. One of the reasons was "God loves you." The next day at school, (she spent all night coming up with like, 49 reasons Rion should live) he came up to her and gave her the biggest hug. And Rion (Rion as in Ryan) lived.

Let them know what's bothering you, what you've tried to say all along, and don't forget to pray for them, like it says, "pray to God he hears you!" Pray that they'll listen.

"As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours, and grant him one last choice:
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed.

"He will do one of two things:
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came!

"(chorus) Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness and
Would have stayed up
With you all night
Had I known
How to save a life. (repeat)

"How to save a life.

"How to save a life---"

I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness and
Would have stayed up
With you all night
Had I known
How to save a life

"Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness and
Would have stayed up
With you all night
Had I known
How to save a life."

"How to save a life."

"How to save a life."

That's the song. Sad, huh? Let's hope his friend is in Heaven. In fact, our verse will cover that. "Drive until you lose the road" means "keep going until it's too late." It was too late for his friend.

But how can you save a life--- spiritually?

Matthew 7:13-14
Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Yep, Only a few. It's not easy to save a life. Ever seen the movie, "To Save A Life"? I heard it's a good movie, but it's only Dove Approved for kids 12+ so I don't recommend that movie for you, unless you're pastor Staci or Mrs. Karen or Mrs. Jenilee or any other adult reading. I didn't see it, so I have no idea about it.

Isn't it weird--- only a few find the narrow gate.

Drugs seem like a way out. That's the wide gate.
Dating makes a person feel worthy. That's the wide gate.
Profanity lifts a weight off your shoulder. That's the wide gate.

Jesus is my savior and king. That's the narrow gate.
I don't need a boyfriend, I'm fine being single. That's the narrow gate.
I've never cussed purposely, that's a sign of loss of control. That's the narrow gate.
I plan on loving Jesus and seeing what he'll do for me. Totally narrow.

How can I save a life? Showing how Jesus saved mine.
Check out the song "Hero" by Superchick. Third song on the playlist.

October 18th: Big giveaway! Don't miss it--- your name just might be called!
October 19th: It's time to PRAY! No Twitter, no high heels, no makeup... just God and me. Can I survive that? Check the blog daily and you'll see.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Jeremiah EXCLUSIVE!

I changed it--- no Isaiah exclusive, it was changed to a different book that you'll find out later.

We just lost our THIRD volleyball game. Oh, shucks. Then, afterward; me, Yasmeen, Yasmeen's mom, and my dad went to the other side of the gym and watched the adults do volleyball... like THAT made me feel any better!

Okay, this world is CRAZY. Good thing the prayer camp starts in a matter of DAYS!!! So excited! You know what this means? I'm making it more intense than it was ever before:

-No makeup AT ALL. Just moisturizer, lip balm, and grooming tools.
-No hair dyes.
-No Twitter.
-No YouTube--- well, that depends.
-No Gymnastics, of course.
-No high heels

So yeah... if you're still willing to join, go on... you can make your own rules, too. But I can still blog! Blogging helps me just tell everything in my own way. You can say I'm addicted to the computer, but what I need is gazillion notebooks for my birthday. I'd really appreciate that. And an iTunes card. And the new Bath&Body Works fragrance. And the "True Images" Bible. And a journal. But yeah, that's all. And candy corn.

So, my point is, the world is easy to get sucked in to. Another thing for me? Getting off subject. But anyways... (see, I got off subject AGAIN!) there's iPods, Facebook, gossip, drugs, ( alchohol... so much.

Ever heard of the cup of God's wrath? Harsh, huh? You're probably like, "what happened to 'God is love'?" What happened? Sin is what happened.

God isn't always sweet and tender. But He is always yours. He loves you, and trust me, he's got some tough love.

Jeremiah 25:27
Drink, get drunk and vomit, and fall to rise no more because of the sword I will send among you.

You're probably like, "that's kinda dark, Hope..." Yeah, it's a bit... not so bright, but I chose it because it spoke to me a little.

It's not literally about alchohol, but it's saying that just because God gives, that doesn't mean he doesn't take away. (read the challenge "Your Gift: From God".) People often take advantage of the fact that God's a giver. Don't we know he takes away, also?

It's not saying to get drunk, but it's saying God doesn't want you to take advantage of him.

I thought of Satan, though, because although he's bad and can twist up our thoughts into nasty things, one day God WILL defeat him, and he wil fall to rise NO MORE, because of...


The Bible is the... SWORD OF THE SPIRIT! That sword can defeat Satan like that. It's just that strong.

The world is a mind twister, especially with what we see on TV, like inappropriate dress, profanity, drugs, drinking, "serious relationships"... things that the world says is "OKAY" not always IS okay.

As a Christian, we need to keep the ways of the world out of our minds and only focus on God, ALL THE WAY.

"Yeah he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us so."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Numbers EXCLUSIVE!

What can God give to earn your attention? Shh... it might even speak back.

This challenge is about Balaam and his donkey. This is about how his donkey spares his life, how he learns to listen, and how the donkey leaves a surprise... (but not a feces-surprise!)

Balaam's Donkey
Numbers 22: 21-38
Balaam got up in the morning, saddled his donkey and went with the princes of Moab. But God was very angry when he went, and the angel of the LORD stood in the road to oppose him. Balaam was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him. When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with a drawn sword in his hand, she turned off the road into a field. Balaam beat her to get her back on the road.
Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path between two vineyards, with walls on both sides. When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she pressed close to the wall, crushing Balaam's foot against it. So he beat her again.
Then the angel of the LORD moved on ahead and stood in a narrow place where there was no room to turn, either to the right or to the left. When the donkey saw the angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam, and he was angry and beat her with his staff. Then the LORD opened the donkey's mouth, and she said to Balaam, "What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?"
Balaam answered the donkey, "You have made a fool of me! If I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now."
The donkey said to Balaam, "Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?"
"No," he said.
Then the LORD opened Balaam's eyes, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with his sword drawn. So he bowed low and fell facedown.
The angel of the LORD asked him, "Why have you beaten your donkey these three times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before me. The donkey saw me and turned away from me these three times. If she had not turned away, I would certainly have killed you by now, but I would have spared her."
Balaam said to the angel of the LORD, "I have sinned. I did not realize you were standing in the road to oppose me. Now if you are displeased, I will go back."
The angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men, but speak only what I tell you." So Balaam went with the princes of Balak.
When Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the Moabite town on the Arnon border, at the edge of his territory. Balak said to Balaam, "Did I not send you an urgent summons? Why didn't you come to me? Am I really not able to reward you?"
"Well, I have come to you now," Balaam replied. "But can I say just anything? I must speak only what God puts in my mouth."

Nice story, huh? Now, I know some of you. I KNOW that if you're any of the people I suspect, (but I still love you anyway!) you totally skipped the whole scripture to see what I said. READ IT! If you read it all, check it again. Now, just think.

Isn't it amazing--- the angel could've KILLED Balaam, and it was going to. But no, Balaam's donkey remained faithful. This is not a parable, this is real. This really happened. If the donkey hadn't moved those three times, Balaam would've been long gone.

Now, here's the thing. THE DONKEY SPOKE! Ever thought he might've been like... hmm... "I'm speaking to a DONKEY, doesn't that seem a little odd? Am I hallucinating?" Well, no. Balaam saw it for real. He was not schizophrenic, (dillusional) and he wasn't pretending. Now, if you're not a Christian, you're probably like, "Okay... I'm gonna avoid these Jesus Freaks... I'm afraid some of them think donkeys talk."

I, honestly, don't think that donkey spoke ever again. And I don't think any OTHER donkeys have spoken since then. (read the post "Hey..." it's a story of when my dog spoke... IN A DREAM! )
But, it shows what God can do.

Balaam was going with the princes because they wanted him to curse some people. God did not want that. The angel of the LORD was SO gonna kill Balaam, but opened his eyes and then, Balaam saw, and offered to go home. But he stayed. The angel let him go with, if he said the right things. ("They got all the right friends in all the right places, say 'yeah, we're going down'...-OnE RePuBliC!) So Balaam had a happy ending, and I think the donkey got treated pretty well, also.

I heard about this through my mom, who's pastor in Okinawa ministered about how God can earn your attention, even by making your donkey speak. Charity volunteers at the local farm, and just imagine one of those horses talking to her! Weird! Just remember, God hears, God gives, God takes, God spares.

It says not to spare the rod, but don't abuse it!

Well, it's time to get some beauty sleep and maybe I'll be back tomorrow!

(I was doing German studies on my iPod today--- reminded me of my sister's really good friend, Vanessa. )

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Always Yours

"This is the star. This is your heart. This is the day you were born."

Hey! Hope here! That's "Always" by Switchfoot, one of the songs on the playlist.

Okay, so, I JUST found my iPod... the REAL iPod. I need to load, like, EVERYTHING! Soon, I'm gonna like, LOAD UP on Paramore songs and Sanctus Real, Jars of Clay, Flyleaf, Switchfoot, TobyMac, Tenth Avenue North, (I have gazillion of their songs, but I didn't load them onto iTunes) and... yeah. My music is REALLY outdated.

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday, if you noticed, 10.10.10, and what could be more perfect than to say that I got baptized in water! At first I was kinda like... am I SURE I wanna get baptized? But then I was like, yeah. I wanna get baptized.

Pastor Jay and Mr. Darren baptized the people in this order:

Hope (me)
Kelsey Courtney
Shelby Courtney

Jarred Stone
Juan... (don't know the full name.)

Yeah, and as you would've guessed, in the water coming up, I slipped a little. As clumsy as I am. It was slippery!

How great to say I was baptized on the absolute PERFECT Sunday!
If you wanna know some more perfect things, here are some blogs you just might like to visit:
So, when I'm done with my saga I'm writing, (give that three years) I'm gonna make a book called "You & Me (and all of the people)" 'and all of the people' is lowercase for a reason.

The novel is about a girl who can't hear and a guy who can't speak. He has no voice for her to hear. She can't listen anyway. They are complete opposites, but somehow, the same. They both know ASL, (Sign Language) they both can read, but neither are Christians.

The girl's name is Holly. She was raised in a Christian home and attends church, but in her heart has no belief in God. The boy's name is Braeden. Braeden has never cared for God but has many Christian friends. He's been to church several times, but not one sermon has remained in his thoughts. His parents are atheists and his extended and distant relatives are catholic. He wonders: If there are so many "gods", how can you say that He's the one true God?

The book is about a deaf girl and a mute guy who use their differences to find love, and find Jesus.
Sorry the challenge is a bit delayed, but that story has been on my mind of days. Tell me if you like it. I might post it soon.

Today's challenge is the last non-exclusive. I'M SORRY! I thought I had more Revelations planned than... three! Also, I'm pressed for time because the prayer camp needs to end RIGHT on New Years Day.

So the challenge is a bout Heaven.

Yesterday, in Youth LifeGroups, Maya was talking afterwards and siad, "We're gonna be in Heaven FOREVER. Ho9w do you guys feel about that? Just think about it--- forEVER."

Just think about it--- FOR-EV-ER. Forever! Ever stopped to think? Thanks for ringing that bell, Maya!

Revelation 19: 6-7
Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: "Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.

This represents the clean acts of the saints. Even if you are a guy, you still count as the bride. We're all brides, just some of us don't know it yet, some of us haven't become one yet.

Sorry this is sort of long, but keep reading. God reigns forever and ever. Jesus made it possible for us to be his bride with just these three words.

It is finished.

The pain is finished. The guilt is finished. Sin is finished. Satan is finished. I don't have to carry the weight of who I've been cuz I'm forgiven. The misery is finsihed. The illness is finished. The depression is finished. The shame is finsished.

Once you're born again, it's a day you can remember. or with baptism. You don't need to be baptized to go to Heaven, but it shows you're living life for God.

And it is always, always, ALWAYS YOURS.

Everything... IT IS FINISHED.

Forver---- is that something you can imagine?

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Hallelujah for the Blood of the Lamb that Was Slain

Ah... it's getting cooler outside and right now we're in uptsy-downsie temps. So that means more time with magazines, indoor sports, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, reading books, writing, homework, football, and Bible reading. (and of course, music!)

You could also use some blogging in this time of year, too. The school year is my usual blogging time so I'm more busy then. So now's the time to sit back, grab your Bible, and walk on to the computer. Blogging is a time to let it all flow.

Last night I competed in a few volleyball games from 6-8 and although my team lost a LOT, I did REALLY GOOD! When I played center, I spiked a ball over the net once and our team got a point, then I passed a ball three times but got the team one point, and my serve got the team one point too.

So the team did... not so good, but I did great. So far we've lost every game, but it's only three games. There's still hope!

In church, what do you think it is?

Is it a time to complain about why your parents forced you to go? Is it a time to talk to your friends? Is it a time to doodle on the church bulletin?

If you answered any of the above, you haven't spent enough time praying, reading, and listening. Or maybe you choose not to. However, the thing about church is that you can praise God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.

Revelation 5:12
In a loud voice they sang: "Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!"

This reminds me of the Tenth Avenue North song "Hallelujah". Why? Because the chorus is:

"Hallelujah for the blood of the lamb that was slain. Hallelujah for the blood of the lamb that was slain. And so we, enter in to see your face, ya, enter in to see your face O God!"

So church is... a time to praise God for all He has done in our lives! A way you can praise God is by A) writing a list and B) Writing a journal

First, write a list of what you want to happen and what is yet to come.

My List:
-Become the 2011 princess for the county
-Go to DRSS next year
-Make Varsity Volleyball team
-Go to 2011 National Fine Arts

Or, you can write a journal of what God's doing and how it's possible.

"And if our God is for us, then what could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bible Break: News for the BEST Month of Challenges

Here's a Bible Break~

Here's some great news! There isn't two exclusives anymore--- we DOUBLED it! One is in Exodus, next in Matthew, next in Jeremiah, next in Isaiah. The verses (sometimes more than one!) will target these things:

-Don't abuse your animal... it may respond
-Which gate do you walk toward?
-Over, not UNDERNEATH the influence!
-"Lost in the Twilight" sequel?

So, we have many exclusives to extend our best month of challenges! The giveaway(s) will surely rock! They may smell good, they may LOOK good, they may be good quality... you'll like it!

On the thirty-first, we'll have a post on the history of Halloween. Want a sneak peek? Here it is:

You may not wanna celebrate Halloween anymore.

I'm excited about this whole last month of challenges thing... "Give me a revelation!"

My TBC song:
"How to Save a Life"-The Fray

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Bible Challenge: Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God Almighty...

Worthy is the lamb who was slain, Holy Holy is He.

WELCOME BACK!!!! This will be the biggest, baddest month of challenges! An exclusive surprise giveaway at the end of Revelation, exclusively for my following friends, (girls and guys stuff, no matter what site your blog is hosted on) two exclusives, one Jeremiah and the other Matthew, and a button... THANKS TO THE ONE AND ONLY...


Dear miss Jenilee,
If you're reading, I liked the second button--- a lot. You rock! (so does pastor Jay and the girls) Speaking of which, I already miss JAM. I've been at Bethel since I was four and I've been in JAM since I was five, so it's hard to be at church and not be in JAM anymore;( But I should say hi to the JBQ kids soon anyway, so I guess I'm not too sad!
Today's challenge is on the Revelation Song, NEWLY ADDED, and is the second song on the playlist.

Revelation 4:8
..."Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."

This is a very peaceful Revelation. The song is basically praising God, you know. There were four living creatures in Heaven singing to God.

Is your life like that?

When you get home from wherever, do you thank God for the best day ever? For when you were elected Homecoming Queen? For when you won National Fine Arts? Or do you go home and take a nap?

Whatever the answer, (you don't have to say) remember that God is the main man, and the leading man of it all, not Obama, not Joe Biden, no one one has as big of a role as God does. Did they create the earth and the moon and the stars and the animals and you? NO! God did! No evolution can ever prove that.

We are very close to the end times, closer than ever. But if I survived 1999, 2000, September 11, and everything else, do you REALLY think we'll be gone in 2012? BRING IT ON.