Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Question!

here is today's weekly question:

Today I was talking on the phone, when I accidentally threw a cell phone in the toilet. The bad thing? It belonged to my friend. Now she's suing me with Judge Katie. She is a friend of ours who has a web show and will have a special Judge episode. But the REALLY bad thing is that she is suing me for $500. Her cell didn't even cost that much! Should I show up for the case? What should I do? What should I say? Should I apoligize and get it over with???? What can I do???


The title to this post is really random, but, I wanted you guys to find out who I am.

1. I have brown, short hair and it is a bob.
2. I am in a band called the "HAMB"
3. I am a former cheerleader and have been one for two basketball seasons.
4. I am a gymnast at my local YMCA
5. I used to take volleyball at the my local YMCA and used to play soccer, but I hate soccer. (now)
6. I always wanted to be a super-model/soap opera star, or Broadway actress, (NOT singer)
7. I attend the absolute best church ever.
8. I'm homeschooled, and never achieved a grade less than a C
9. I am the youngest girl in my grade.
10. This summer, I'm going to become an Honor Star!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

JBQ state meet!

Please take note that if you've never been in JBQ you won't know anything i'm talking about. (maybe) I know i'm supposedly on a blog break, but i couldn't wait until April!

Yesterday, Bethel Christian was UNDEFEATED! That is, until the last round. The waterpark was the awesomest hotel waterpark EVER. Today, it didn't go too well, we only beat 1 team. BUT we made it to the masters division! I didn't get to answer questions, but our team still did GREAT. I had an interview from some JBQers, talking about what they use, how they've felt, their favorite things, etc. also our oldest quizzers are too old for JBQ now, and those quizzers were Sarah, Drew, Elijah, Robbie, and I think that's it. Well at least i'm still here! They would die if I wasn't there... JK! Anywho, it was really fun.

Hope: Are you excited for the next meet?
Cameron: NO!!!!!!!!!!

Hope: Are you glad your years of quizzing are over?
Sarah: Somewhat.

Hope: What is it like to have a fohawk?
Elijah: I don't have one.

Hope: What shampoo do you use? Pantene or Sunsilk?
Drew: Neither.

Hope: What is your fav color?
Robbie: Pink! Duh! (I added the duh! part)

Hope: What is it like to quiz out forwards?
Natalie: It makes you feel good to quiz out.

Hope: What is it like to be in junior high?
Chris: It's school.

Thank you for answering those questions, JBQers! (And former ones, that would be Chris) And Robbie, I know you never said pink, but because you didn't reply to the question, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! :P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 5

As all the planning and stress was over with, Peachy had felt like she had actually made it. Both girls were excited, because the wedding was one week away. Both wedding gowns were GORGEUS and there was not one nineteen year old girl in the kingdom who didn't want to be them. Planning was going almost perfect--- that is, if you exclude Ashley and Cory. They kept on getting into fights, and never planned anything on time. Cory didn't even find a tuxedo yet, to make it worse, he wasn't even looking for one. Of couse that made Ashley mad, and a page of her journal revealed a secret she was keeping from him. it said,

I don't even want to marry this guy anymore. Whenever he slows me down, we slow Peachy and Johnathan down too. I can clearly tell they are starting to get annoyed by this. If we just called the wedding off, we would save loads of money and time. we already have like, 30 people in the wedding, and that's just bridesmaids. Maybe this day should just be for Peachy and Johnathan. They would last longer than us. They are 100% ready, and us? Still planning our half of the best men. But since my parents (actually, adoption parents) really like him, maybe i will marry him. Why would I want to make my own family---birth and adoption--- mad???
I can't do this anymore,

This drama continued with Ashley and Cory, and both of them started to have doubts. Maybe they weren't ready to get married--- to anyone. And this WAS a young age, they were still in college! Maybe things would get fixed up since everything was such a mess...

Peachy was super excited on the other hand. Sure, she had sympathy for her twin sister, but little of it. She still had a lot of shopping to do. Today was rehearsal, which Peachy decorated and highlighted on her calendar. Peachy figured many things out while planning a wedding. She found out why Ashley acted like a Hippie Bandit. She wanted to be recognized as a princess too. After today's rehearsal, that dream would come true. Reporters were all over the place when they rehearsed, and sent the news out all over Drama Queen Magazine and the news paper.

"Peachy, oh my gosh, i'm so scared!" Ashley said. "After today, i'm gonna be going home with a husband. Maybe I should drop out of the wedding." "YOU CAN'T! you're crazy, you know that? If you want to drop out, don't do it at the altar, tell him now" Peachy reassured her. Or at least TRIED to reassure her. Ashley wasn't known for listening that much either. Today was the REAL wedding, and she had to make up her mind.

As Peachy was headed to the stage, she looked back at her little sister, then looked at her dad, King Danny. She was scared, but didn't think she had to say no.

As Ashley walked up, she was sweating her pores out. She was embarrassed, because she didn't want to smell at her own wedding. Then, a flood of second thoughts filled her mind. They couldn't be together. Not THIS nervous.

Peachy and Johnny hapily married. But when it was Ashley and Cory's turn, Ashley looked like she always did when she would break up with someone, or in this case, call off a wedding. Finally, the preacher turned to Cory and asked him if he would take Ashley as his wife. "I do" he said. Then he turned to Ashley. "Will you take this gentleman as your husband?" he asked. Ashley paused. right before she said the two most important words of her life, she stopped herself. Her mouth was open, but no words came out. Finally, she got up the nerve to say, "no." The crowd awed at the cute, but wasted, couple. Cory looked heart-broken. That was it, the wedding was off.

But now, three years later, Ashley and Cory are engaged again. They are going to try this one more time. Queen Peachy had a daughter, named Alyssa. her and King Johnathan have outlawed the "one princess" rule together.

Now today, King Depp and Peachy Depp rule, and you can read even more about them in April, in: Alyssa's only wish.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Question!

Hey bloggers,
this addicting blog (or soon to be addictive) anywho, this blog needs to be spread to your friends. Maybe it'll become popular! Here is today's question:

Slinkys weather fashion contacted YOU to send in a design and maybe, you just might be the topic for episode 5 season 2 of it's a trick, i'm the treat! EVERYBODY watches that web show, and someday wants to meet her! But then you figure out that your best friend, doesn't want to join the contest. you KNOW it'll embarrass him, but you think that if he sends in a design too, you guys could help each other with your designs and maybe one of you will be talked about on the show. But that's when you get an email that YOU won, and they are NOT talking about you... you're actually ON the show! You want to bring the camera to take pictures of the set. But when you spread the news to your friend, he threatens to gossip about you on his new blog that he's going to name: I HATE MY CRAZY FRIEND. How were you supposed to know? Like YOU knew he liked that show. So now you are just on the edge of dropping out. so what if you are seen all over the world? So what if your design is all over Ohio? would you do it?

don't miss Peachy Enchanted chapter 5!

don't miss the LAST installment of "Peachy Enchanted"! coming tomorrow March 23 2009. hope ya see it! remember, this is the LAST entry!

Peachy Enchanted chapter 4

Peachy was walking down the lanes of Drama town. she felt lonely and thought nobody liked her. she wanted to give up and walk away from this dramatic town, leave this dramatic school, and live her own life in the real world. that is, before her boyfriend came up to her. "we need to talk." he said. Peachy was scared. she knew all along that they were going to break up. "Peachy, i always wondered if you really liked me." he said. Peachy was confused. "i always liked you and you know that." she said. "you're charming, you're nice, and you always cheer me up." "i do?" he asked. "and always will." Peachy said. he didn't know how much she meant it.

on the bridge downtown, Cory was giving Ashley the same talk. "i really need to talk to you and--- nothing." Cory said. "WHAT?!" Ashley asked. she was a very smart girl, and was the smartest girl in math class at Drama Towne University. but when it came to other things, you had to explain things quite carefully to her. "oh, nevermind. but, i need to ask you an important question that will change your life forever." "well, go ahead and ask me." Ashley said. he got down on his knee. Ashley gasped before she knew what he was going to say. and then he pulled out a ring and said "please marry me, Ashley." Ashley began to cry as tears of joy filled her eyes. "of course i will!" she shouted and threw her arms in a hug.

back by the Royal Drama Tower, Peachy was still waiting. "Peachy, i'm just gonna say it." Johnny said. he got down on his knee. Peachy found this entertaining, like having the female lead in a play. but little did she know that she had the female lead in her own play, her life. "Peachy Ella Davis. will you marry me?" Peachy thought for a while. this decision would change her life, no matter what happened. "yes." she said crackly before crying with joy. she had to call her friends.

so by the end of the day, Peachy had found the end of the beginning of her first day, living in adult issues. Peachy and Ashley met up when it was time to go to bed. "great news!" they both said at the same time. "i'm getting married!" they shouted. "that's great, Ashley! am i going to be in it?" Peachy asked. "i hope so." Ashley said. "congrats, who is it?" she asked. "Johnny Depp." she said. "oh congrats, Peachy Depp! you guys will make a great couple!"

as they were planning the wedding, an idea struck Peachy's mind suddenly. what if it was a double wedding?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh, thanks, Drew!

hey in case you didn't know, posted a pic of me on his blog. i like it Drew, and thanks!

Peachy Enchanted chapter 3

you guys have been waiting for a new post. sorry for the loooooooooong break compared to how much i blog on a regular basis. remember to look up "ask me" into the search bar above if you need advice! and remember to answer the "weekly question!" i mean, isn't that why it's called YOUR blog???

Peachy plopped herself on the bed. she was exhausted. after she did her homework that day, she searched through the royal file room. it kept birth dates, secret children, and many things that should never be opened. Peachy searched through the file that controlled all the children in the kingdom. finally, after hours of searching, she found her birth certificate under the name Peachy Ella Davis and Ashley Ella Davis. AND?! Peachy wondered. she searched both certificates. she wasn't an only child after all... SHE WAS A TWIN! only she claimed her name was Melissa, and not Ashley. Peachy was starting to lead herself to a mystery... but the question was, why would she want to steal a crown, knowing she is still royal, and why would queen Lydia give up one for adoption? as Peachy wondered around trying to find the answers, she bumped into Johnny, her crush since she was a baby. they talked and talked, but little did Peachy know that he was trying to get her mind off the mystery, and it was working.

By now, Peachy was nineteen years old, and knew little about her family. she was still trying to solve the mystery. in fact, she was starting to actually give up until she found something. she was bored in her room just looking at all her pretty dresses. then she saw a door at the very back that she never noticed. she was scared, but she asked herself, "why not?" and went in. it was full of things from past princesses, including her mom. there was a note on the floor that said:

this is your special year. i wanted you to find this, because this is where all the princesses put their stuff the year they were nineteen, like you. i even put my diary in here, my favorite dress, and my royal cape. every princess shall seek this room, by the magic of the kingdom, and repeat the routine. also, i thought you really needed to know this. you once had a sister, Ashley. she was put up for adoption though, because then, there was a rule that said, one princess, one queen. i dearly miss her, and wish this rule could be turned around. but because my power over the kingdom is slowly fading, i'd much rather not. so please, before my days are over, will you promise me that you will control this nonsense? and one more thing. do not tell anyone about this room. if they need to find it, they will, by the magic of the kingdom. no one controls it, no one expects it. it just happens. please use your time wisely,

Peachy does not yet know anything about what's ahead. can she stop the cruel rule? will Johnny propose to her?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Potlucks are fun, aren't they?

i just got my bangs highlighted this pinkish-red color. it looks so cool an i'm actually going to a potluck like this! it totally gives off that "rebel" part in me, and some of you are actually going to see it! i would post a pic, but no camera. my dad's maybe, or my sister's, but not my own, and i don't feel like borrowing one. but the next time i highlight it, i might have a camera, so i might post it afterwards. i got the idea when i was reading a hair magazine and Ashanti was wearing it, so i sort of copied it, with my own color and own flare. you guys know how much i love fashion, so this looks really rocky. the potluck is for my church, and i think it'll be fun. but one time, our table was picked last to eat, and i was sitting with my friends, and of course, at the time, one of them was 3, so she was crying. to make it worse, she was one of those kids that are ALWAYS hungry. last time we were first! hope we are again! g2g, hope

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 2

The silver on the hand cuffs scratched Peachy's hands as they pulled her. then, the smell of un-showered monkeys filled the room. Peachy was shown her cell, and was forced in. she sat down.
up in the royal tower, Peachy's family was worried. Queen Lydia grabbed her child detector, and headed to the prison. when she found Peachy, her beautiful shade of happiness wasn't showing. "what brings you here at this hour, your highness?" the jailer asked. "my daughter." she said. "can you tell me WHY she is locked up in a prison cell instead of at the royal dinner? it's 12:00 midnight, and it's past her curfew. she has school tomorrow!" "well i'm sorry, i was told she was an imposter by someone who looked exactly like her. and how do you know THIS is the one who really, truely, is your daughter?" "i--- i don't know." the queen said. "but i do know that i'm going to bail her out, because i believe this is her. and where is her tiara?" she asked suspiciously. "stolen." Peachy said under her breath. "WHAT?!" Lydia asked. "you know good and well that the key to being a good drama queen someday is a perfect act, right? well that includes keeping up with your crown! you can't just let a complete stanger take it off, run away, and act like it's not a big deal!" "it's NOT a big deal!" Peachy protested. "it IS a big deal, Peachy. when you become queen, people WILL remember this. you don't want to be known as the irresponsible princess your aunt was, do you?" "maybe i don't want to be one at all! i don't want to be a princess, i don't want to be queen of the school drama commity, i don't even want to be queen! i just wanna be who i want to be. forget getting my nails touched up, getting my makeup done, wearing the itchiest dresses in the history of dresses, keeping my grammar grades up. just one day." Peachy said. "fine. one day. Jacob, don't let anyone bail her out for a week." "your wish is my command." Jacob said. "but mom---" Peachy started. "you asked for a day, a day is what you'll get. in fact, you'll get seven of them." Peachy felt like a nobody already. exactly who she wanted to be since she was a little girl. but when she pictured jail, she pictured being on the other side, bailing other people out. then she figured out a better way. she should've taken baby steps to that. she couldn't handle it all now. she barely knew how to do long division.
the next day, her mother entered the room. she bailed her out six days early. she was given back her tiara and led out of jail. she was very dirty when she arrived at school. she heard giggles as she entered the room. she heard girls talking about her muddy face, scuffed up shoes, and ripped, dirty dress. "look at who was dragging their feet!" said Amber, the king's secretary's daughter. "guess you aren't feeling so peachy now!" she let out a laugh at the bottom of Peachy's dress, and her shoes. "that's enough Amber. now sit back down everyone." after everyone sat down, Ms. Hawkins said, "Peachy, what makes you so late? i heard that you were in the dunjon to be killed and tossed out for the birds to peck." "oh, no." Peachy said. "just jail. this creepy imposter that looked just like me tried to get me arrested. what a freak." "okay, well now let's work on... posture. everybody grab a book and walk back and forth with the book on your head." then, some new girl walked in. "sorry i'm late for lessons, i'm new. hi, my name is Melissa!" the girl said. "okay, get a book and walk back and forth with it on your head." Ms. Hawkins said. "since when was SHE royal?" Deirdre asked. "i. don't. know." Peachy said. "whatever that is, it looks just like you." Amber said. "remember the rule?" Deirdre asked. "Mrs. Hawkins once said it is impolite to call someone 'it'." Deirdre lied. "no she didn't. it's not in the book either. and it's MISS Hawkins." Amber said. "whatever. like I would care."

that day, after school, she walked home with Deirdre and Amber. "are you guys somehow related?" Amber asked. "i don't think so," Peachy said. "ask your mom if you have a twin. maybe that's why she's participating in a ROYAL GIRLS ONLY school. you'll never know..." her voice drifte off.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Peachy Enchanted chapter 1

once upon a time, lived a princess named Lydia. she was born in the year 1963 and graduated the university of Maryland in 1987. she married in 1984 to her beloved prince, prince Danny. then they moved back to their home kingdom Drama Land, and was announced king and queen. two years later, their new daughter was named Peachy, and seven months later, she said her first words, "Peachy, Peachy! my name is Peachy!" they were so proud of her that they threw a ball and all of the kingdom of Drama was invited, even peasants and paupers. then, she spotted her beloved prince, that was to marry her by law. "Johnny!" she said. ring, ring! the bells rang. "Princess Peachy spoke another word!" Johnny Depp was her all time crush, even though she was JUST a baby. together, they went to the kingdom's baby theater for the royal babies only, and watched yo gabba gabba and the Doodlebops for hours. then, Peachy invited her friend, Lord Lucy's daughter, to come over. they had pillow fights, and played: rattle or no rattle. then, their parents let them stay up until 8:00! both of them were very suprised, because their bedtime was 7:00! sixteen years later, Peachy was crowned Drama Princess, any girl in the kingdom's dream. her mom was the drama queen of the small village, her dad the drama king. but one day, an evil hippie came in the room and started throwing groovy shirts and she passed out, it was so groovy. when she woke up, she noticed her crown was off! she screamed for help, then her mom came in. "what's the matter, hon?" she asked startled. "someone, or something stole my crown!" she said. "oh maybe you just lost it, Peachy" her mother said. "these walls have three layers of fat guards." and with that, Queen Lydia left. how could she not believe me? Peachy thought. did she even look at my crownless head? Peachy was furious. and with that, she headed to town. and then, SHE FOUND THE HIPPIE! she grabbed the tiara off of her head, and ran as fast as she could. but the hippie was following her, and was not going to stop until she had that crown! "guards!" the hippie yelled. "she has my crown!" then the guards trampled her. "it's me! Peachy! she's an imposter!" Peachy said. "no. YOU'RE the imposter." the girl yelled. "arrest her!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

like my new look?

do you? i used to have the dark dots, but this month, i'm having this and next month i'll have the dark dots again... THINK PINK! well, on this post, everybody eighteen and older... JK! everybody votes if i should keep this template! i like it, do you? voting lines start... now!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

no comments? come on!!!

i think i know why no one will post any comments on my blog. they are probably all going to instead of HERE for advice or anything. come on, guys, i only have 2 comments total. maybe i should add something exciting! ooh! check out the exclusive, your blog interview!

here is a interview with the one and only, producer of the hit web show it's a trick i'm the treat... FAITH EZELL!!!

Hope: what is it like being in charge of sound effects?
Faith:um... kinda boring, but kinda... yeah.

Hope: HEY! i thought you liked my show!
Faith:i do, i like it, it's just sometimes, you know what i mean.

Hope: moving on. is Hope a fun person to be around? you should be lucky to be ON the set!
Faith: sometimes. not really lucky. am i getting paid for this?
Hope: uh, no.

Hope: has the show ever been frustrating? we want details!
Faith: oh yeah

Hope: has there ever been any difficulties with sending or making the show?
Faith: oh yeah, when Hope doesn't listen.
Hope: Hope always listens!
Faith: nope.

Hope: well that's all the time we have! and watch it's a trick, i'm the treat by email, and keep on visiting my blog!

one step closer

nervous, nervous, NERVOUS!!! and you wonder why, don't you? two things. STATE and GYMNASTICS. state for JBQ is such a big deal because you could possibly (just possibly) go to regionals. then, you could possibly, (again, just possibly) go to nationals. sounds like fun, because the hotel we stay at has a WATERPARK in it! i feel like i'm there already! i think i'll do good because the more people answer questions, the more they interrupt, the more they get things wrong, the more they get stressed, which gives me a chance to answer. second of all, GYMNASTICS! gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics. it's all i can think of right now, because i am the most nervous of every girl. back walkover. i can't do a back walkover. if i can't do it during the routine, DEDUCTION! i'm so very nervous, the coach might add a back handspring to my routine! i'm good at that, i just can't bend my back very well during one. in my back walkover, i have the back bend, it's the kicking i can't do. and all those people.... I'M SO SCARED.
last time, i supposedly got first place, but this is a different story. in two months, anything could happen. since some of you may have actually seen me do gymnastics, tell me how good you think i am. good or bad? and don't feel like it's rude to say bad. if anything, that makes me even madder!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

thanks Megan!

hey guys and girls,
today i received MY FIRST COMMENT!!! ahhhhhhh! i just want to say so much things... i don't know where to start! i'm just gonna say thanks to Megan. you might be thinking: "what's the big deal of getting a comment?" ...or whatever you're thinking. but anyway, whatever you are thinking, i am happy because no one ever posts a comment on my blog, and this will be the first time i got a comment on any of my blogs--- unless you count myself. so guys (and girls) please post more! and remember, if you have anything troubling you, search "ask me" into the search box above. just because i'm ten, doesn't mean i can't answer a question from a twelve year old!


p.s. _x_ means nickname. you can give yourself a nickname too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fashionable Bibles

some of you may dislike reading your Bible, but you really want to know more about God. or you're not a Christian, and you don't want a Bible, but your friends say you should totally get one. so here is a list of Bibles for the reading haters and the non-christians.

1. Young women of faith bible: Journal included
2. Faithgirlz! bible: letters to God, friend stuff, quizzes, stuff so you can get it included
3. The holy bible NIV by zondervan, backpack style, the orange one: fashionable leather cover
4. Compact bible: pink and flowery and green-blue hologram

this top four list has everything you need. from Journals, to Fashion. why am i doing this? so you don't have to stand in the bookstore staring at all the bibles, saying, "um, uh..." and instead, you'll find the funnest Bibles! they'll have features, and everything. once you get one of the four bibles listed above, you WON'T take it back! and you'll use it up until it's rusty. you will love it so much, when you're older, you might find the old, torn up bible and say, "i remember when i got this!" my mom has dozens of those, even a dictionary from college! so buy it and have fun, but most importantly, know why you're REALLY reading the Bible. and never forget.

where's MY fairytale?

hey guys and girls!
finish this story:

"get out of my room!" i had to yell again. siblings, siblings, siblings. when could they mind their own business? i had to babysit them for 18 more hours. yeah, i was counting. counting 1,080 more minutes for mom and dad to get home from that thing at a hotel. and they were just leaving me for death, with two bratty six-year-olds. when would they get me out of prison? and i'm just waiting to go to the stream. i was doing my makeup, hair, and finding an outfit that was dressy, but i could walk in water with. i was doing this because Todd was gonna pick me and my friend Chelsea up. i was scared to be around his friends because, i mean, what would they think of me? i've practically liked this guy forever, and i feel he likes me too. me or Chelsea.

by now it was the next day, and i was taking my sibs to day care in a wagon. Todd forgot to pick me up, i thought. i was SOOOO mad. but then he came up to me as i passed his house and said he was "sooooooo sorry" and he couldn't come over last night. "you're such a jerk." i said, then walked away. i could tell he was clearly hurt. but when i got home, a letter was sticking on my door, and a small package on the ground. the letter said, "i'm sorry, Hallie for everything. my cousin came over last night, and we were so focused on video games, i didn't have time to think about you. i'll make it up to you, and tonight, if you forgive me, i'll show you the stream---alone. i won't bring along Chelsea, i promise." i open the package and... it's that really exspensive perfume i wanted for my birthday. then i figure out what's going on here. he likes me. i'm going on a date. he's trying to make it sound casual so i won't figure out. but he's not too good at it. so
i get on my AIM account and say:

prettygurl: i got ur letter.


prettygurl: i forgive you.

iluvchickens: yay!

iluvchickens: happy bday!

prettygurl: wanna go out, or is this a one time thing cuz ya feel bad?

and you don't believe his answer....

finish! what was his answer?