Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Luge A Sport?

Dear Nathan, (if the name sounds familiar, he's a member of the 2011 BHL.)
Today while we were doing community service stuffy stuff, you said that luge isn't a sport. Well, you couldn't be more wrong, because, if luge wasn't a sport, it wouldn't be in the Olympics. It's kinda like when people say cheerleading isn't a sport... it's 100% a sport, but all-star is more of a sport than sideline is. Plus, if Luge weren't a sport, it would not have medal placings and such. Luge IS and always will be a sport.

All due respect,

P.S. And no, luge is not "just sledding around".
ANYWAY! So we did some community service stuff and a lady paid us to do it for our Fine Arts stuff. It was a lot of fun! It was a lot of work, though... within the first thirty minutes I was sweating. I was wearing a jacket, but I didn't want to take it off because I don't want people seeing me sweat! I'm very much of a girly girl indeed... I think we can all agree that perspiring is very disgusting! They say it has the same amount of stuff in it as a diluted urine. Sorry for grossing you out, but that proves my point that sweat is disgusting!

ANYWAY! So yeah, it was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it! If I had to do it all over again, I would, but maybe I wouldn't be wearing Mark's pants and his dad's shoes and socks.
  • I was wearing shorts, so I had to wear Mark's pants (I was at his house shortly before) and that's how I realized that I am now taller than him. I could've promised you he was taller than me, but I guess not...
  • Nathan has something against the sport Luge.
  • Josh said he will first destroy my confidence and then raise it back up when our band starts having practices. Okay... (Josh, for the LAST TIME: I know I have bad stage presence!!!!)
  • Brian loves Taco Bell. That stuff is just full of calories, in my opinion.
  • I know Chris' middle name now so I can use it against him! MWAHAHA!!!
  • Mrs. Sandy is not afraid to scold her kids in public.
  • We all agreed that K-LOVE kills the popular Christian songs with heavy play and they're always asking for money pledges.
  • Nathan loves Deas Vail too, and we're both excited for the new album coming out!!! AHHH!!! *throws down everything in the way.... is overly excited while screaming in an out-of-control way and the neighbors are now calling the cops.*
  • Josh hates Deas Vail and keeps calling me Faith. (Well, bring it on, Josh Nathan!)
  • Brian needs to be added to the BHL.
  • Chris has round baby cheeks! He's also another one to add to the BHL. (Mrs. Sandy, your sons have wonderful hair!)
  • Mrs. Sandy is not quiet. Never thought she was, but just to let you know, she isn't.
  • Apparently all the guys that were there listen to screamo and rap. What is wrong with you people's ears??? You're gonna have a hearing aid one day, and you'll be wishing you were like me, jammin to Beethoven.
So, today you learned that 1: Luge IS a sport and 2: We are all some interesting people.

I love chicken and my life!!!!!!!

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