Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rebecca Black CAN Sing!!!

Rebecca Black. The classic "Friday" that recently got taken off YouTube because of hate-mail due to excessive use of autotune, weird BGVs, and hilariously bad lyrics.

That same video that got over 80% dislikes is what made Black a household name. Now, Rebecca is shining her little light--- and proving that she really CAN sing.

It's acoustic this time, so you know it's gotta be good. And it is! Performing for ABC, her friends who are signed to the same label showed up to support her.

The one with the braid in her dark blonde hair and the pink shirt is Alana Lee [Hamilton].

Then, the girl on the far left (in the preview picture) is who I believe to be Abby Victor.

Yep. Those are two of the people that were there.

Anyway, back to Rebecca. She definitely surprised me with her singing skills. She has a beautiful voice, whether you wanna admit it or not. And she definitely impressed me when she nailed holding that long note at 1:48 all the way through to 1:58. She held that note for TEN SECONDS! I can't even hold three barely!

Face it, America. Rebecca does have talent.

So does that mean she'll come out with an album next time???

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