Monday, January 24, 2011

Mispell Munday~Disgrace to the Ezell Family... No Words...

hi. i'm hpoe. this is "Mispell Munday" a palce wehre you can sepll alomst aynhting worng, use all the worng wrods and get aawy wtih it! a bnous is you can use olny lworeacse lteters! and pnutcaute worng and not use cmomas. i am one wierd cihck. hree is my sohrt msieplled sotry.

yetsreday at lfie gruops for thxeepirnece we had smoe new kdis cmoe i tihnk and one had a raelly ctue jakcet (did i mention they're guys?) and so i lkie it and was lkie, "hey i lvoe the wihte jakcet it's ctue". well taht was dmub. i thuoght lnog and hrad and thuoght 'well they're guys and a cute jacket? not a compliment for them'. i was qiuck to say after taht 'it looks cool'. carzy me. alawys syaing the worng tihngs. but he was knida rude bceuase wehn i siad it he was vrey usncoial and didn't reply that was very mean of him to do that but he was an okay kid with a cool jacket.

that's my short story about yesterday. today i went to the vice's house and they got a basset hound it's so cute i didn't know that it had a hard time getting down from my arms so i put him down from a little too high a height and i thought he fell but he didn't he was okay. this is hard to read but if you can read this you have a weird mind like me.

i can't wait for wednesday i'm joining "Wednesday's Walk" and it's gonna be fun i'm using good grammar for it so don't miss it! if you don't like my mispelling then don't visit my blog on mondays OR tuesdays. i hope you like it.

like a good neighbor jesus is there,
ho-ho-hope P.S. srory i can't spell thnigs worng anymroe charity mesesd up the computer i can't proofread what i speled right

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  1. oh my gosh chloe might be doing set the world on fire for fun arts

  2. Gosh she's the second person I know thinking about singing that song.... by the time I sing it for Fine Arts everyone would've already heard it, LoL

  3. haha who else is going sing set the world on fire?

  4. Becca is singing it for her church most likely. At least it's not for Fine Arts:)


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