Friday, November 8, 2013

Top 5 Cartoon Theme Songs

...In no order whatsoever, here are my top five cartoon theme songs/credits. If none of these songs bring back memories or make you smile, well... I can't help you, dear.

1. Danny Phantom
"He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom!"

2. Kim Possible
"It doesn't matter where or when there's trouble, if you just call my name!"

3. The Legend of Korra
"Earth. Fire. Air. Water."

4. Hey Arnold!

5. Teen Titans
"When the world is losing all control, Teen Titans GO!"
I can't believe I can't think of any more than this. Maybe I'm not as big a cartoon fan as I thought. Hmm. I guess I'll update this... someday. Maybe. Hopefully. No promises.