Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mono Vs. Stereo

Do you listen to Deas Vail? I bet a song by them is playing on this blog right this moment. Do you listen to Relient K? If you do, then you probably know that the bands have two things in common: Birds (Matt from Relient K sang the bridge with Wes in that song) and their label, Mono Vs. Stereo.

This might bring you to wonder: What exactly is "mono"? What does that have to do with a stereo?

You can listen to a song in two different ways: Mono or Stereo. Ever tried listening to a song with only one earbud? I bet you a hug that it didn't sound half as good as if you had the buds in both ears. That's because if that's happened to you, you were listening to Stereo. Stereo is when certain speakers play certain instruments, like if there's this killer guitar riff, most likely it will only play in one ear. Stereo is separated.

So, we know what Stereo is. Now what's Mono? Well, that killer guitar riff I told you about? If you're listening in Mono, you'll hear an equal sound in both ears--- Guitar riff times two. Mono is balanced.

Yet still, Stereo is better if you want the best out of you music.

Just throwing that out there for ya! Be sure to pick Stereo this summer!

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