Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disney Music: What's So Special?

I am a 90s kid and a Disney freak. And I'm not talking "Shake it Up" or "Hannah Montana." I'm talking "Mulan," "The Lion King," "That's So Raven."

But even more than the movies and shows, I'm in love with the music. You may be thinking, "of course you are! All you write about is music!" Well guys, I am trying to control my music obsession. But come on, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl (my birthday was on Thanksgiving this year). It's good enough that I even use proper grammar.

Disney music captivates me. Even more than Deas Vail does. Okay, maybe I went too far with that one. But my point is, Disney music truly catches my attention in every way--- the languages spoken, the symbolism, the exotic instruments, the scenes the songs were played in, the beauty. There's just something about Disney that really makes me feel more emotions than I thought I possibly could.

Here are some Disney songs that really attract me.

"National Treasure Suite" from National Treasure by Trevor Rabin. This song really captures the suspense, mystery, and history of the movie. I can literally see Nicholas Cage walking through Washington, D.C. with the Declaration of Independence in his hand, like a boss (sorry, I hate it when people say "like a boss" because it sounds so stupid, but it sounded appropriate to write it at the moment). Thanks for painting the picture, Trevor.

"He Lives in You" from The Lion King by Lebo M. This is another one that puts me inside of the Pride Lands. I can see that monkey thing waving his binky thing, I can see Mufasa smiling down on Simba, and then there's me sitting in a lonely corner with a box of tissues. I don't know why I find this song so sad. Maybe it's because Mufasa died and it's about him living on through Simba and watching over the Pride Land. It also reminds me of Christianity in itself. Mufasa , aside from the fact that he's the one that died, reminds me of God ("he watches over everything we see") and Simba is like Jesus ("In your reflection, he lives in you"). I really think this song has a deeper meaning than Disney makes it out to be.

"I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan by Donny Osmond. This song is very inspiring. Strong harmonics and all. It teaches me to get up and try again. "You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pakc up, go home, you're through. How could I make a man out of you?" If you've seen this 1998 film, you know what Mulan does next. She proves him wrong. It shows you don't have to be a man to be a hero, be it a war hero or a firefighter.

"Circle of Life" from The Lion King by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. This song is so pretty. Just pretty and cute. Especially when watching the movie along with it.... baby Simba is just irresistable!

I might do a 2.0 post of this... comment what your favorite Disney song is and why!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Wanna know what band I'm auditioning to join in four years? Check out North Central University's One Accord!

It is official, guys. I have no idea where I'm going after high school. At first it was clear. Graduate from high school, go to Evangel University for four years, get a Master of Writing from New York University. I was gonna be a cheerleader at Evangel, join the worship team, join CROSSwalk, train at Missouri Valley Gymnastics, get involved in music.

But then I heard about North Central's state-of-the-art recording studio. And One Accord lead worship at this year's Ohio Youth Convention. I love cheering and athletics and all, but how can I turn down the opportunity to record an entire album?

And then I remember that I can make music forever. But I won't be able to do a back handspring twenty years from now.

And then I remember that I chose to quit cheerleading, whereas music has been a non-failing passion of mine. Ugh.

This band has not made my decision for college any easier. Thank God I'm a freshman.

Under the direction of Jeff Deyo (the "Moving Mountains" singer-songwriter), here's One Accord!

The lead vocalist, (the main guy talking really) used to go to my church! Pretty cool, right? Hardly any OA songs are on YouTube, and I am not technologically talented enough to make my own videos, but here is "Adonai," written by Evan John and performed by all of One Accord (I think that's Morgan Meade doing the lead vocals)!

Isn't this song so beautiful? This is only one of ten masterpieces.

Wanna know my favorites? I loooooooove the title track, "Exhilaration." It's super catchy. I showed some of my friends who had not gone to Youth Convention this song, and ten seconds in, they're going, "whoa ohhhhh, whoa oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh..." and the message is not only fun, but energetic and lively. "You put the breath within my lungs. You put a new song on my tongue. Once I was bound by all my shame, now I have freedom in Your name! There's a fire bruning deep in my bones, yeah it's raging, blazing out of control, oh, EXHILARATION! I'm a new creation." Goes right along with my favorite Bible verse, 2 Corinthians 5:17. I don't know if that's coincidence or not.

"The Bride Arising" is another favorite of mine. The harmonics = perfect (see? I told you I cna do math!). This makes me think of the Biblical book Revelation. "I see a church on a new horizon." Why? Because "we are Your bride arising! We are Your church united! We long to worship."

And then, of course, "Adonai." This song, this poetry, this music, THIS.

I've even got David Tennant on my side, guys.

This sounds like something David wrote and played on his harp. Does this not belong in Psalms? I think it does. It's so peaceful and takes me out of the 21st century for five minutes and twenty seconds. "The mountains shake, the hills they run, seas they calm before You, God. The sun stands still, the heavens sing, the cosmos bows before You, God."

The serenity I feel listening to this album is like...

(Sorry, I had to post the puppy.)


no jayrocking
Overall, my reaction to this album is...


Monday, November 5, 2012

A Prayer for the Voters of Today and Tomorrow

Tuesday, November 6.

The most important day of 2012. This has been such an inspiring, important year. London Olympics, Louisville Fine Arts Festival, and a year of personal change for me.

Change has always been a word I've feared. I've never really liked it for the most part. I hate meeting a friend I used to know and love a few years later to see that they're not even close to the same. I hate having to learn things the hard way. I hate how my friends are constantly leaving.

This may be a year of change. Hopefully more of a change than President Barack Obama promised us back in 2008. I really wish I could vote during this election, because it means so much to me. But because my eighteenth birthday takes place in the middle of my college freshman year in 2016 at the end of November, I can't vote for presidential elections until 2020, along with the current nine-year-old. I will be twenty-one then.

My prayer is that tomorrow, Christians will really step out and vote. That they will vote for the most pro-life, the most pro-traditional marriage, the most pro-religious rights candidate possible.

I know, I know. I may as well have said "Vote for Romney," huh? Well, I won't. I'll leave it up to you who you want to vote for.

But pray to the Lord who watches over our nation about who He wants you to vote for. Because whether you like it or not...

We are one nation under God. United we stand on November 6, 2012...