Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hope's Declassified: Blog Survival Guide

Along with summer comes no school, which is the main perk of it, eh? For bloggers, that can be the main problem. Not only is summer one of the most incredibly boring seasons, but no school means no education. And no education means no reason to capitalize, use correct punctuation, and correct spelling. Why no reason? Because you're not getting a grade.

My first tip is use your smarts! Don't lose them! Treat your blog like a school assignment. I know what you're about to say: It's summer. BUT! Summer does not mean you have to back off all you know and make your blog look like you're in first grade. Even though you gotta be careful, that doesn't mean you can't have fun--- that just means have a safe blogging summer!

The rewards for great grammar this summer are limitless. Whenever you apply for college (if you're an adult and are done with college, well... sorry), the same people who will be checking out your supposedly "deleted" posts on Facebook will be checking out your blog. When they see how good your grammar is, that'll be a red flag that they should accept you. That's also a warning not to post anything you don't want your grandma seeing. I understand if you don't want your parents seeing it, though... I understand. But, just think. Before you post a photo of yourself, remember that a fifty-year-old guy will be seeing it, so make it appropriate. Before you openly cuss, remember that scholars twice your age are seeing it and are frowning upon it.

So, here are my tips for a safe, fun blogging summer!

  1. Be original. If you see something you like that's received a lot of publicity on a friend's (or wish you were friends with) blog, it's okay to get the gadget, but don't copy their title or something crazy like that. And when I say be original, that also means don't cover a topic that's already been blogged... that's just not cool, okay?
  2. Get plugged in. If you love reading, I encourage you to apply/sign up for a reviewing program with any publisher. I do it for Thomas Nelson and Multnomah, and not only does it make my blog more popular with my posts about their books, but I get FREE BOOKS--- and all they want in exchange is a blog post! You gotta admit, that's legit.
  3. Find a new blog to read. Are you bored with the blogs you're currently following? Simply check out what your fellow bloggers are reading. Finding a new blog through a mutual friend is always a great experience, and it will do a lot for you--- by reading other amazing blogs, I learned about reviewing, (free books, baby!) got introduced to another design website, and found some really cool gadgets! So, go find a new blog to read this summer!
  4. Give yourself a break. It is nearly impossible to keep up with a blog everyday---for both the blogger and the reader---without getting completely stressed. Readers don't like to read blogs that they have to worry about what they missed out on because they didn't get on one day. Bloggers don't like surrendering everything to blog. So, just take time to check out the blog and not post anything, no matter what the urge to post is. Just give yourself a pat on the back for what you've already worked so hard on.
  5. Be unpredictable. Just like viewers don't like movies that have obvious endings, readers don't like blogs that are predictable. What I mean is, spread out the times when you post. Don't always post on Wednesdays and Fridays. Change the lineup every so often, sometimes post on Tuesdays, sometimes Sundays, etc. I know it can be hard, ESPECIALLY when you're the host of a blog hop. But try to change up the times you post. If you can't change, simply schedule your posts to be on a different day, which is something that always works when you're going on vacation or a trip.
  6. Let the music move you. Do you love music? Welcome to the club. There's so much you can do in this area. Post the lyrics of your favorite songs, (my favorite lyric posts I made are "Sixteen" and "Forgiven...") make a playlist of your favorite genre or artist, or simply listen to iTunes/Windows Media Player while blogging.
  7. Get real. Is what I'm about to say cliché??? You bet. Be yourself. Please. People will absolutely love you--- they'll ADORE YOU if you'd just be true to yourself. Why? Because you're amazing... just the way you are.

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