Friday, July 15, 2011

Guitar Princess!

All hail the queen of guitar.

Okay, let's not put me on a pedestal, but I've got some amazing news! I'm learning guitar--- starting today! I have owned a guitar for nearly five years now, but quit on the first lesson. I'm not gonna let difficulty get the best of me now, haha!

I've got a few motivations that make me more than excited to finally learn how to play an instrument!

  1. Josh (he's in the FAF band, just in case you don't know me in real life) said that girls are only good at piano and vocals. So, I am going to prove that girls can be good at guitar and bass, also! I'm not a feminist or anything, but you can never underestimate the things a girl can do!
  2. My guitar was my favorite Christmas present when I was eight. I could have been REALLY REALLY good at playing it by now, but hey, I'm twelve. I've still got a lot of years ahead of me so I can still get really good at it... I'm still young. Yes, I'm twelve, although it doesn't look like it at all.
  3. I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, not including vocals! When I was little, since my dad can play acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, I always wanted to follow in his footsteps and play on a worship team someday. Now I actually have a chance to do it! It's gonna take a lot of practice, though. No problem with that... I need something to fill up my summer days.
  4. My guitar is pink! It's really cute! I'd love to be on a worship team and like, everybody has a tan guitar and then there's a random pink one!
  5. I'll have something to hold whenever I sing. Stage presence won't be that hard to achieve.
So yep! Special thanks to my daddy for finally changing my guitar strings, offering (okay... maybe I am a little demanding) to teach me, and going out and buying the guitar in the first place! And it's pink AND a lefty guitar... that's the best part :).

Good evening, bloggas!

***UPDATE: I just broke my first guitar string today! Oh, progress...***


  1. Hahaha, Oh hope, I remember when you first got your guitar.... :) I love the pink though.......... CUTE! Ask your dad if he can get me a purple one/green... ;) About that dude named Josh.... Your soooooo right.. girls can do whatever guys can do.... AND in high heels. <3 Also, Princess of Guitar, your dad AKA 'King of Guitar' is also very talented, so I'm sure you've got that talent in you... How did you brake your guitar string so fast????

  2. See, okay... I'm not the one who broke the string (but no one has to know... until now). Faith wanted to learn how to play guitar last year, so my guitar which is originally a lefty got the strings turned around so she (right-handed) could learn how to play it. But it's MY guitar, and I wanna learn how to use it. So my dad was switching the strings around and BOOM! when putting on the fifth-from-the-top string, it split in half. So yeah. First lesson and a string already has to be replaced.

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