Monday, May 11, 2009

Frequently asked questions asked by christians

Early christian or not, questions are always asked. Here is the Qs and As.

If God created the world, who created God?
I know it seems just unimaginable thinking of "forever" but God always has been, and always will be. No one created him.

If Jesus died, why couldn't any other person die?
If someone who already sinned died, they'd atone their own sins, but still go to Hell.

Why do some people worship Mary?
They think because Jesus was Holy, therefore, Mary was probably holy too, therefore, Mary was not holy. She was not equal.

If my sins aren't forgiven if I don't forgive others, can I still go to Heaven?
Of course! It won't keep you from goin' up there.

One more thing. If I never repent, can I go to Heaven?
Okay, you MUST repent at least ONCE to go to Heaven if you're talking about accepting him as saviour.


  1. Hey Hope did you get ur missions extreme application in yet you need to do that now or never or till next year

  2. yeah my mom is sending it in soon

  3. Good its got to be sent before sunday and are u doin dash

  4. I think you know i did dash-e now, so, yeah.


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