Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: Prayer Edition

Have a merry Thanksgiving and a happy Christmas! Can you believe that we only have one month until Christmas??? 2010 was a VERY fast year! Now is the time to worship God for all He has done! I am thankful that I have you reading my blog!!! You are a gift from God, because you have greatly blessed me by reading my posts! Jesus loves you!

The prayer way to celebrate this Thanksgiving is to cut back a little on the turkey and tofu. God will appreciate your self-control, you'll appreciate it, your friends will appreciate it, your family will appreciate it, and the scale will appreciate it. Your number? If you leave the house ten pounds heavier, you did a bad job. If you leave normal sized, you and your pants alike will be happy. Tell God what you are thankful for, and pray... 70 times 7!

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