Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 1

Okay, so, first mistake. I forgot that I wasn't allowed to wear lipgloss--- in fact, I forgot I was even DOING a prayer camp this morning--- and piled on some nice, sheer, pink gloss. Yeah. At least it had no color!

So that was a bad start to prayer camp.

I'm a lazy gal! I had to get up at 6:30, and my covers wouldn't let me up... there was no way I was getting up anytime soon. So, as you would've guessed, I was too lazy and didn't give this prayer my all:

"Dear LORD, I hope I have a good day today. Amen!"

I had to pray this prayer while still in bed, because those covers really tape you to the bed.

Tomorrow, God, I'll get up BEFORE I start praying!

I didn't eat breakfast, so I prayed on the way to school. Faith's school, that is. I prayed that I would simply have a good day in History class and that I wouldn't injure myself in any dumb ways at volleyball practice.

Okay... so when you're homeschooled, there's no such thing as "between classes". So in my head, I prayed during class that the day would continue to go well... or get better, at least

I prayed for my food, does that count?

I thanked God for the great day I had! It was really fun---even hysterical---and I enjoyed every bit of the day. Thanks, God! Now make tomorrow a good day, too!

I'm done with volleyball, and goodness... boy do I scream A LOT. I got to go down the big slide in the jungle gym next to where I took gymnastics with Jayda, Yasmeen, and Abby. It's HUMUNGOUS and we went backwards. I was screaming my head off! But I seriously had some big fun! I was in a small rush because my dad was waiting outside to pick me up, but SHHH... don't tell mama, LoL!

I prayed that this blog would reach millions of others and that I would do outstanding in volleyball games. I prayed that all of my temptations from lip gloss and YouTube would go away so I would be a more organized Christian who can separate God from the world, and just shut it all out.

I just realized that Grandaddy sounds just like "Santa Claus"! He called, and at the end of the voicemail he left, he was all like "Ho Ho Ho" but I think it was supposed to be "Ha Ha Ha". He rocks! 67 years old and still hammin' at the Hard Rock Cafe. (no, seriously--- he has a membership there. Let's just say he lives really close to Atlanta...)

I was making some tea and I'm just like... "Okay, WHERE'S the honey?"
"If you scream one more time, you're in trouble." (Dad)
"I said: WHERE'S THE HONEY???!!!"

So I was thankful that today was great and prayed to God that tomorrow would be better!

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