Monday, December 27, 2010

Imagine Your Nation: Prayer Camp Days 61-70!!!!!

Oh my gosh.... today would have been day 71!!!!!! I could have sworn it was day 69!!!!!!! So I went over my amount of days and kept on praying??? Better than ever!!!!

I can't believe I did it!!!! 70 days of no YouTube, no hair mascara, no Twitter, no high heels, (my addiction) no gymnastics, (that one is continuing until Feb.) no makeup products of any kind other than lip balm. Now, it's over!

Dad, you can give me back my lip gloss! You can take it out of hiding!

Mom, I know this isn't the happiest moment for you, because on Sunday, if you don't mind which I know you do mind, I'm wearing your high heel boots! Sorry, but I haven't worn them in nearly a year! I also know you're not so happy that I can wear lip gloss again. But hey... a girl loves her lip gloss!
Imagine YOUR Nation

There's billions of people in the world. We all have our own story. But what do we have in common? One person loves us all and died for us all.

You are only one person. I am only one person. We don't believe in the same things. There are some Buddhists, some Muslims, some Shintoists, some Mormons, some Catholics, some Christians, some Atheists. What is the right choice? Christianity, of course!

If you are only one person, what can YOU do on earth? If you have a blog, what can you blog about? One thing I hate? Typing a URL and ending up at the wrong site. make someone want to stay at your sight. Let them know the true God, and who He is. How will they stay?

Imagine your nation. If you have an imagination, be original. Don't go by the standards of the world. use not-so-matching-colors. Do everything the world says NOT to do. (but nothing that's illegal!) Your imagination is your sweet escape. What sweeps you off your feet. What brings music to your ears. What makes you smile. What smells like flowers.

Write it down. Write your experience in those thoughts and write them down like a list. Look at it, and you can write a story from there. Who knows what you'll come up with, make it Christian, make it a fairytale. Make it beautiful, but don't make it perfect. Perfect is almost unreal. Imperfection is the key to being real. You want your blog/stories to seem so real that the reader can see it in their imagination, almost like they're there. If you can capture a reader's heart, you're sure to get awards. That's the secret to great writing.

I can't say much more. Thank you for reading my blog during this time of prayer, and all I can say is that you mean so much to me!!!

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