Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 33-39

HeyyyyyOhhhh!!!!!!! Wellp, as I call it, this year is coming to a close. It sure was fun. 2010 was a year that... basically... NO ONE will forget.

And, with that, we have less than A MONTH until Christmas! Are you going to be a Super Santa this year???? (Speaking of which... never mind I'll bring it up later.) If so, WHO, WHO, WHO'S on your list??? Your mom? Your dad? Your grandma? Grandpa? Some friends? Maybe even me?

Wellp, if I really am on that big list of yours, you need to know that there are many items that I really like this year! (Don't expect them to be the cheapest.)

  • "Play" for Her by Givenchy
  • "Dark Kiss" lipgloss---- I got the fragrance, lotion, and shower gel already for my B-Day
  • "Unlocked" (it's a book) by Karen Kingsbury
There's more.... AND, I also really like the WOW Hits CDs, and I absolutely love, love, LOVE any sort of amazing gift card from iTunes, Bath&Body Works, (And if you buy a WOW Cd, PLEASE do not buy the 2010 version--- I don't know ANY of the songs off of it. Buy the 2011 version if anything.) and Books and Company. That's my list.

Who's on MY list?? Well, not too many people to be honest, but only the friends that have either bought me something that I never did in return, or always deserved it as a simple thanks for being my friend. So you just might know who's on MY list... maybe you've found out that it's you!
So... how was your turkey day? Mine was great! It's hot in Cleveland! Okay, so, it was actually kinda cold in Cleveland, cuz you know.... it's right by Lake Erie, which is right by both Michigan AND Canada.... you get it.

This was my fourth time back in Cleveland since Missions Extreme '10... MeMoRiEs.... it was great. I went to Aunt Niecy's house and it was very fun!!! Nobody argued, everyone was happy. My Uncle Dale's chair broke and like, he fell back out of the blue and like, his legs were dangling.... it was hilarious, even though I was worried that he got hurt.

Aunt Niecy (Real name; Denise) has an African staue person in her living room, named Malarke. (Pronounced Ma-*as in Magician*-Lark-*Lark like Bark*-E.*E like Money*.) I was standing in front of it, probably laughing, and made Malarke fall on his nose, straight to the floor. "You made Malarke fall!" She said. And, I scratched her floor when Malarke injured his nose. If you wanna know more about Malarke, you just have to talk to me in person, because I gotta start talking about the prayer stuff!
These last days I have been practicing thinking before I speak. It's working, and God has told me that I can prevent arguements from happening if I'm careful what I say and do!

What's worse than waking up with a cold? Waking up with a cold on THANKSGIVING. I mean, hello, I just got my flu shot.... why now???? And what's worse than that? I got my flu shot on my birthday. But on the bright side, I don't have to catch the swine on my twelfth year!

How do I feel about being twelve now? Honestly, I feel the same, I look the same. But I smell different and my nails will look ten times more sassy and appealing. I got like, everything that smells like "Dark Kiss", and I got sparkly nail polish, gold nail polish, pink nail polish, and black nail polish. And, here's my favorite: AVON cake decorating kit!

My birthday's over. But God will make 2011 the best year for me to turn thirteen, I just know it!

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