Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 5

Ahh... Breathe in, breathe out. It was a GREAT, but very hard week. I'll be praying for a very long time, and won't be able to do the things I love again until next year.

What do you think a blog is?

Speaking of today's question, I think it's to have a voice. Show me what it is to you. And, for a fact, this blog has 2, 253 hits. My blog is the probably the most popular kids' blog in my half of Huber Heights. (not to boast or anything.) To narrow it down, my entire street. That's better.

I woke up at Bec's, and after washing my face I prayed that the day would rock and nothing would go wrong.

I had... PIZZA for breakfast??? Okay, so there WERE bagels, but it was 11 a.m. anyway, who DOESN'T want pizza??? I prayed that my dresses I tried on would fit me.

HELLO, it's SATURDAY! I wouldn't have prayed at all if I didn't realize I was doing camp! So I prayed, I just don't remember what I prayed about...

I thanked God that at Kohl's when the censors went off on me, no one thought I was stealing anything! (However, I had to be really careful whatever I did afterwards.)

I tried on a prom dress for the first time and fell in love! I felt so beautiful! I also realized that I look 100% beautiful, even without the lip gloss. And I don't even have to say what I prayed because of that.

We ate tacos, and then I left Bec's house. I had a great time, and thanked God that we all had fun.

Thank you, Jesus! Thanks for protecting me oh so well! While practicing back walkovers, back handsprings, back tucks, and somewhat-aerials, I could have seriously gotten hurt. (and front tucks.) But every time I fell today, you protected me. When I carried my prom dress out of the fitting room to the rack, you protected me from tripping myself and landing on my head and seriously getting a concussion and ending up in the hospital. Prom dresses can kill, LoL!

Jesus, you are my protector and healer forever. I love you, In Jesus' name, amen.

"Give thanks to the LORD, our God and king..."

Colin--- I found out what you'll get, and it's much cooler than before! You won "The Interstate", extended edition with more chapters than ever, WITH a few chapters from "You & Me (and all of the people)".

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