Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"It Snowed...."

Oh my gosh..... "Everybody's happy because it snowed last night!"

It snowed EVERYWHERE last night, except for where I live. How did I find out? One word. Technically TWO words. Facebook.

My sister was on Facebook. Christian (not all of you know him... I've known him since I was eight and he goes to Faith's school now) says.... "snow:)". Snow? Where? Maybe it's because he lives fourty-five minutes away.

Sarah (you know her from church) says... "SNOW!!!" So now I'm like, "COME ON!!!" She lives like, ten minutes away!!! There is no way that it's snowing near her and not near me. Her house is ten minutes away. Her school is walking distance from me. There is NO WAY it wasn't snowing here. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

But today... IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like, four feet high or anything, but everybody's happy because it snowed last night! That is why it is the first song on the playlist.

Take note that the song on the playlist, although her voice sounds just the same as on her CD, the guitar at the beginning is supposed to be trumpets, and there's also supposed to be a piano somewhere in there. So I didn't get the original version, but it's still a great song!

"How merry... How bright... a snowfall turns the world into a lovely sight!"

So as you can tell, the playlist no longer has seventy songs on it, it only has nine. Christmas classics you'll love, and maybe some new songs you've never heard before! And guess what? Yesterday, I discovered a not-so-new The Fray song, (you might recognize them from "How to Save A Life" the song) called "You Found Me". It's a Christian song!

"Lost and insecure. You found me, you found me! Lying on the floor. You found me, you found me..."

(You can buy that on iTunes or search it on YouTube !)

So that's a band that I like a bit better than Paramore!!!
New songs!
"It Snowed"-Meaghan Smith
"This Christmas"-Who-Knows-Who-Sings-This?
"All I Want for Christmas"-Mariah Carey
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"-The Ronettes
"Above the Northern Lights"-Manheim Steamroller
"Mary, Did You Know?"-Kutless
"The First Noel"-David Archuleta
"O Holy Night"-BarlowGirl
"Christmas Shoes"-NEWSONG
"Happy Birthday, Jesus"-Brooklyn Tabernacle Childrens Choir

"All I Want For Christmas" (Is You!)
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (although you might've heard Micheal Jackson's version)
"Mary, Did You Know?" (but maybe not by Kutless.)
"The First Noel" (David does this song justice!)
"O Holy Night" (BarlowGirl adds some rock to this classic!)
"Christmas Shoes" (it's TOO sad)

"It Snowed" (Wish upon a star!)
"This Christmas" (We're caroling through the night!)
"Above the Northern Lights" (You just might fall asleep...)
"Happy Birthday, Jesus" (It's SO cute!)

"Wish upon a STAR.... it snows again! To....night!"


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