Monday, November 15, 2010


Torn between two decisions.

I've always wanted to be a princess. (please don't laugh!)
I've always wanted to be a Fine Arts legend.

I saw Fine Arts (state) and was like, "Man, I'm sooo gonna do this and am soooo going to nationals in Phoenix next year!" Yeah. I'm craaazy upset now, and now I am torn between my two dreams.

There's a next year for Fine Arts, and there WILL be until my last year of high school, and that's a way to go. However, there is no next year to be the princess of my county and get to do this:

Greene County Fair Royalty 2010.jpg
Hello---- they get to ride in the back of a PICKUP truck!!! No way!!!!

This is why I must compete next year to win the title. Not just for me, but for everyone of my ethnicity. From what I've seen, there has not been many African-American 4-H queens and princesses. If I do this, I will be so glad that I did it, even if I lose. (But that would be sooo devastating, since I'm already practicing my interview questions and posture.) And hello--- Pickup truck!!! And I get to wave like a queen!!!

So, this might leave you wondering.... WHY CAN'T I JUST DO BOTH??? If I do amazing in Fine Arts in April, I get to go to nationals in Phoenix. On August 1st through to the 5th. If I win the title of princess on July 27th next year, though, I have to be at the fair every day until August 7th. I will have to completely skip Fine Arts.

I have a passion for BOTH, though. It would break my heart to hear that my friends had a great time competed and hearing a sermon, but it would also hurt my self-esteem if there was a princess--- a princess that wasn't me.

So where am I standing??? My choice so far is the royalty competition, but tell me what you think.

I guess I'll pray, God knows best.

"What would YOU do???"

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