Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 47-60

Dude... I haven't blogged in EVER! I can't even use the "I've been busy" excuse! It's really that bad! However, with being gone for so long, that means a lot that's happened, a lot of events coming up, and some stuff to show you! And prayer tackles all of that! It'll be a looong post!

Lately, I've been getting headaches and head rushes in the mornings. It's sooo annoying. Some days, the headache lasts all day, making me not in a blogging mood. And if I drink Mountain Dew.... that's a migraine that lasts one and a half days! And my hip (I know this sentence is slightly fragmented...) is killing me again. This morning, I felt like I was gonna collapse. One injury gymnastics has caused that won't ever be the same again. Let's hope I get better, so I can blog and talk even more!!!

Sure is one adorable puppy! We got snowed out this past week or two, and Lexi loves it! She was rolling around and jumping about today... so cute! She digs her nose in the snow and when she comes up, she has a pound of icy powder on her head! If you could see her now...

Yesterday was the Cappuccino Christmas! I liked it! I sang some Karaoke with Mrs. Janette and Becca, and the food rocked! I had nice fun! Yes, I got coffee on my nice dress, (that I am sure to write about!) but so what? Kaitlyn showed up, (she has a blog, but never posts on it.... START BLOGGING AGAIN, KAITLYN!:) and after not seeing her forever, it was nice. I love seeing everyone dressed up and having fun! GO NEXT YEAR!

Ten days.... and Prayer Camp finally ends! God, I love you, but.... I can't wait to wear my lip gloss and lipstick and lipstain! I can't wait to Tweet again! I can't wait to wear my high kicking boots again! 'Tis the season for high-heeled boots! I can't wait to get myself some semi-permanent red hair dye! I really wanna dye my hair! I don't know if my mom will let me, though. After these next ten days, I am a free girl!!!! Yes!!!!
2011 is a greatly planned year! There's books soon to be on the market, giveaways, awards, T-shirts, a new blog to be published in late 2011. More fun to be continued!

My Books on the Market... FINALLY!
I've been procrastinating on publishing my books, but I've realized that the older I am when I publish the first book, the less interesting it'll be. I wanna still be in middle school when this book comes out... let people know that age is nothing big when it comes to writing!

What will it be this time? No one knows, not even me! Participate in Prayer Camp in the last ten days, sign up right here and maybe you'll win! It could be anything... Maybe an entire book of Bible Challenges... who knows?

The Blogspot Awards
You heard me! If the blog can't spot it, it doesn't exist! Everything people love will be nominated... Movies, actors, Health&Beauty products, best blog of 2010, most inspired blog of 2010, books, best social networking of 2010, best clothes, music, and store.

My T-Shirt!
What's a better way to put my blog on the street! Make a tee! SHHH.... No details.....

New Blog for Older Readers!
Next year, I will be turning thirteen, meaning I can make a blog for teenagers and everything else. I can blog about more political things and blog about more serious things than ever! Like... Good Music vs. Bad Music, Problems with Our World, Friends, Dating, and more. Finally, a blog where I can really speak my mind! It will be published after November 22, 2011.
Your to-do list!
-Post on your very own blog TODAY
-Follow @gymnastics1710 on Twitter... in eleven days, she'll follow you!
-Sign up for Prayer Camp and post about it
-You can nominate your own stuff... The Blogspot is readers' choice!

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