Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prayer Camp Day 6

Yes! I've survived almost a WEEK of this prayer boot camp! If you can pray for me, that'd rock:)

Wake up, America! Say no to the TV! Say yes to church! I didn't exactly... have the time... to pray at home, so at church during worship I prayed there. I prayed that God would light the way for this camp. Yesterday, I was extremely happy. My anonymous friend who has an anonymous blog who's only eight years old decided to do the prayer camp, only for less days and prayers that were already made into her own personal book and different guidelines.

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject: So in church we sang a song that said "He will light the way, he will lead us home..." and I knew that God would light the way and that I'd succeed in this camp. And what's cooler than being able to say that I prayed 7 times a day... for 70 days! I got rid of the things that I made a huge roll in my life, and put other things first, like magazines, books, blogs, and school.

I prayed that service would fly by, even though I didn't eat breakfast, and that I would get SOMETHING out of this message.

We had fellowship time, just to talk or "catch up", and... okay, so maybe I didn't pray AT ALL at that time, but I promise that eventually today it ended up being seven prayers.

After church, I went home and ate a chicken sandwich. (the coldcut kind.) Prayed for the food, and the regular schedule, you know.

I prayed that this week, I wouldn't be the next big failure, but that I'd be revived.

At LifeGroups, we all did prayer requests and such and such and what not, (but what was said in the Speice House, stays in the Speice House.) and my request was all about this camp, again, that I wouldn't epically fail. And when we prayed, they prayed that seven times per day wouldn't just be a routine and headache to remember, but something in my heart. So that's something I gotta keep in mind!

Ugh. Blogging girl is sooo tired. Let's just say three words describing last night:

Lack. Of. Sleep.

So right now I pray to God that I will have a wonderful night of full sleep and that I will be able to wake up at 6:30 sharp tomorrow. And God, please help me to do good for BC3. Because I'm face painting and who knows what condition my hands will be in. You are an amazing God, and I love you so much. I'm sorry for every sin that's been committed. Thanks for listening to my prayers and being patient with me whenever I do wrong.

You Rock,

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  1. Hope I miss you so much. And becca was on a walk and this dude wrote on the sidewalk a bad bad bad word!!!! Becca took her foot and made it go away but anyways yeah I think that people should do somthing anbout bad wording hey i just made up a word but of course they don't.


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