Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Just Doesn't Feel Like Christmas.

I tried to get really excited for the holidays by adding fun Christmas music to my blog, including the 2010 Coca-Cola song, "Shake Up Christmas" by Train. It actually worked!

But Christmas Eve and Day just felt like any other day. Christmas Night was normal. I had no problems sleeping, and I went to bed on Christmas Day. (12:06 to be exact.) in the morning, Charity was in the spirit, but I was like, "Five more minutes..." and usually I like getting up at 6 a.m. for presents, but this year I was like, 'whatever, let's get up'.

I guess it's because I'm getting older and I didn't ask for much... Well, in my eyes I didn't. So I didn't expect much.

This brings me to think: what was the best Christmas that I actually enjoyed??? Christmas 2006. I'd been given a pink acoustic guitar. I'll never forget it. Left-handed version, making it more expensive. LOVED it, because I always wanted to play guitar, most likely because my dad can play all varieties of guitar. Bass, electric, acoustic... You name it.

Last Christmas I didn't exactly get what I want, but Jesus was what made it a happy Christmas. This year, I got the book I wanted, ("Unlocked"... Yay!) a foot spa so I don't have to heat up my own pedi water anymore, sanitizer, nail polish for zebra stripes, some journals, jewlery, and tonight I should be getting some more jewelry... If not that, it's:

"Money money money money, MoNeY!!!$$$$$$$$$$!!$$!!$$!!$$!!$$!!$$"

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