Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmastime Is Here Part 2

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Okay... Well... here's the fun part of Christmas!

We've all seen at least one Charlie Brown classic, I hope. Charlie is so cute! He's been my favorite cartoon since... ever! I love him! I remember just one line from Charlie Brown that I've known since I was five.

It's the part where Linus sticks out his tongue when they're in the snow and he says, "It tastes like sugar"! For some odd reason, I've always remembered that line. Weird, huh?
What does Christmas really mean? Ask Linus anytime.

Charlie Brown has been through it all. These couple days, so have I. So what does he do? He goes to the Psychologist, Lucy. "What's wrong, Charlie Brown?" She asks. (Something like that, at least.) "Well, I feel depressed." He says. Lucy is not the doctor you wanna go to. "Is it ...phobia? That's the fear of *blahblah*." She goes through a huge list of diseases that Charlie doesn't exactly have.

"Well then... what are you afraid of, Charlie Brown?"
"Everything!" He yells.

So what's up with Charlie? He doesn't know the true meaning of Christmas.

He puts on a play, and the kids know they're doomed. They ask Charlie to get a tree for them. So he does as asked. Almost. Him and Linus go get a tree. "But, it's not as festive as the other trees," Linus says about the tiny tree. "Don't worry, we'll decorate it and it will look so pretty," Charlie says.

He takes what is now called the Charlie Brown Tree to the theater, and Lucy absolutely hates it. All of the kids laugh at his tree and leave him alone. The tree with one ornament on it. It's just him and Linus, now.

Charlie is completely defeated. Already not in the Christmas spirit, he gives up, still not knowing what Christmas really means. So Linus takes the floor and explains it to him. The REAL story of Christmas. The story of Jesus.

Charlie all of a sudden becomes happy, with Linus' voice recording again in his head. "Now is born a Saviour."

Charlie takes his tree, places it in front of his house, (even though Snoopy's house is number 1) and gladly smiles as he walks to his house.
What is this telling you? The maker of PEANUTS was most likely a Christian. Another thing? It's one of the few Christmas programs that don't say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry X-Mas". They say that Jesus is the shining star.

"Noel... Noel... Noel... Noel..."

Born is the king of Israel.

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