Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year! Do you know what YOUR BLOG's Song of the New Year is????

It will always be "Forgiven"! If I'm right, it was last year's song, too, so I am not gonna do a sermon on it or anything. Here's something that will help you step into the new year. When we stepped into 2010, we had to remind ourselves that 2009 Is Gone.

So if the old has passed away, what can we do to make this the best year?

First of all, for me, this year is gonna bring a lot of change. I'm turning thirteen this year in November, (basically I just turned twelve) my blog will turn two years old, I'm trying to get a book published for real this time, it'll be my first year of Fine Arts, I'm entering the Greene County Royalty competition, I might start helping in JAM, I'll be a junior leader at Missions Extreme, and it might (only might, my fam. isn't sure) be my first year of public school.

So how can a person like me make it the best year?

Some people are naturally moody. Try to lighten up the mood! If your own blog is getting older, try to blog about really cool stuff! Try to raise your grades! Find a sport you like! Enter a competition! Help in church activities! So much you can do!

Try new things. Never been to a spa? Make your own spa! There are many ways to have a spa at home! Aromatherapy, (my favorite) pedicures, manicures, (you can skip the nail polish) facial treatments, foot baths, etc.
Never had a public voice? Write! I encourage everyone to start a blog! If you need help, ask me anytime on my page above, and I'll be so happy to help you get the latest gadgets, the best music players, best templates and designs, and everything. Who said just because you blog, you can't have a little fun?

Happy new year to everyone! I hope that you bring in a great new year! I don't know how you'll spend it, but let it be so fun, you'll know it'll be a great year!

Get Joy,

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