Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, Here's My Life...

Totally random, slightly disorganized.... that's my life! Fabulous, fun, full of literature, that's me! How to describe me? Sometimes geeky, in a fun way, sometimes too technical, in Olympic and grammar ways, sometimes the last person to understand a joke. But I have to say, it's fun being me!

Here's a small snippet of my life and how fun and weird it can be being me. Some videos I watch, (not always in English) some photos I like, some things I own.


I LOVE coffee. It's so delicious. I like it with just a little bit of creamer and just barely any sugar. I used to drink it with loads of creamer and barely any coffee, but now that I drink it less, it seems that when I do drink coffee with a lot of creamer, the more I add, the more it tastes like black coffee. So I add a lot less.

This cup is actually my mom's, she got it for Christmas 2009. I love coffee a lot, but I gotta say that I like tea ten times more.

With coffee, you have to refill and refill and refill. With tea, you keep the same old bag and drink more and more and more and more and more.... etc. I am a tea addict.

"I've got to have it, I'm what they call a tea addict, tea addict...."
"Doctor Oh Doctor I've got an emergency I just can't enough of my T-E-A drink!"

So yeah, I wanted to show you my cup. It makes tea taste delicious. You should try it!

This was the 100-day countdown song for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I discovered this song not because I'm an Olympic fanatic, but because it was Chinese and Faith does Chinese instead of Spanish for school! I found out it was Olympic and wasn't surprised, because an Olympic girl knows when something is Olympic! And for you to know, the English translation is at the bottom of the video.

I'm not Sarah's biggest fan, but I love her show. What's really cool? Her intro features our song of the week!! Can you guess who sings it?? If you listen to Christian music, you can guess...

HEY... YA..!

In the video it says I don't own the game. Funny, Faith got the game for Christmas! Real fun!


This song is so fun on JUST DANCE!!!! Did you know that James Brown invented the moonwalk, NOT Micheal Jackson? Bet you didn't know that!

That's enough for 2nite! Luv ya, bye!

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