Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prayer Camp Days 12-18

I'm back y'all! I've got great news! I can blog from my iPod now! So wherever there's WiFi, there's a new post!

The focus of my prayers??? That I'd be careful in all I say and do. But today??? Hectic.

Fridays alone are busy. Two birthday parties. One day. Two girls named Autumn. Exact same party times. So what's a girl to do... When she'd like to be at BOTH parties???

I showed up to the older Autumn's party first, which was at the mall in Fairborn. There was a scavenger hunt and we ate at Spinoza's. I missed cake and presents, but it was fun being with all my church friends.

Second, I went to the YOUNGER Autumn's party. It was way out of our way, in Centerville, at a suite hotel. That was SO fun!


However, I nearly lost my purse at Autumn M's party. And I did lose my NEW Neutrogena wash. It was good while it lasted. Prayer camp is going well, but my lips hurt so bad. I need lipgloss! So help me, God!

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