Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prayer Camp 26-32

Hansel & Gretel. Roller skating. Volleyball games. Shower mishaps.

Oh my gosh.... WHAT A WEEK! Monday was boring, because Monday is just Mondaine.

Oh my.... this was the WORST DAY EVER!!!! In History class, I had the weirdest headache. Like... it hurt, but it didn't hurt. It throbbed, but it didn't kill. It split, but it didn't split. So weird.

When I got home, I couldn't find my kneepads. I needed my kneepads! But after twenty minutes of searching, I realized that the kneepads weren't crawling back to me anytime soon, and just went without.

But there's a catch... I was NOT going to practice without first shaving my legs! (Don't ask....) So I ran to the bathroom to shave in time for practice, even though it was already 6 o' clock and I was late no matter what. But before I could reach for my pink razor, I had to turn on the shower. When I turned it on... I was like the 'Dumber' in "Dumb and Dumber". I turned on the shower head, while my head was right below it and....


I ran out of the bathroom. "What?" My dad asked. "Why are you wet?" And I was so furious. "Can we just go to practice now??? I'm late as it is." I said.

I went to practice, with a small bit of fury left inside, with damp hair and a wet shirt. But like they all say... the hard spikes really do get the anger out!!! It's better than gymnastics in a way, because if you're angry, you have to hold it in. In volleyball however, you can take it out on the ball. And I have friends who can help cool me down... and dry my hair!

Today was... good. Church rocked.... nothing else to say.

Spike it, girl! Thursday  Game day was fun! My serve got more points than I can count. I've improved greatly! it was our last two games, but not like we won or anything. But I have a new injury to talk about!

I was playing in front right, and the balls kept coming... TO ME!!!!!!! So exciting and fun to have the weight of the team on your shoulders, right? NO!!! One ball even came to me, dropped right by the net, and I had no choice but to spike it. I spiked, I failed, I bent my pinky back. But what was injured? My wrist. But I played on, (we ended up losing) and ended up being "player of the week", in other words, someone who showed a lot of effort.

And my cheerleading background helped a lot to cheer my team on!

Hansel! Gretel! Maria was in a play for the Kettering Childrens Theatre, and this time, her play was "Hansel & Gretel". (Hansel is a boy, but a girl played him. Gretel is a girl.) It was so interesting! I wasn't following it at first, but at the end, it all came together. First, Maria was a bearded LADY dwarf. Second, she was a bratty kid. (Most of the time she was a bratty kid--- in the play.) Then she was a hot pink-haired, black-winged fairy. She did great!!!

It would be so fun if I could do KCT! But I'm not going to because I don't want to copy her or seem clingy. but just saying, it would be so much fun to have the part of Gretel or something like that!

I spent the night at Maria's, and had a lot of fun! In fact, she should be leaving for her next showing in a couple of minutes. Pray for her and wish her great luck! Tomorrow is her last showing! And my wrist is getting better, thank God!
Pray for those who need Jesus as a savior. And my birthday is on Monday! Don't forget to visit YOUR BLOG on November 22!

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